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Rito Village BOTW Guide

The Legend of Zelda franchise has always presented players with rich worlds full of exciting towns and locations. However, in particular, Breath of the Wild didn’t pull its punches. Each community you visit, big or small, is a respite from the solitude you face in your adventure, and no place in this era’s Hyrule feels more like a breath of fresh air than Rito Village.

Rito Village is, unsurprisingly, the home of the Rito in Breath of the Wild and is one of the most important, fleshed-out places in the game. Located at the center of Lake Totori and reaching up to the sky to look out over the alpine woods of the Tabantha Frontier, Rito Village provides a place of natural tranquility in a world overrun by calamity.

There’s a lot to do and see in Rito Village, so let me don my tour guide cap and show you everything you need to know.

Rito Village

Located: Tabantha Region, Lake Totori
Key Characters: Teba, Revali, Kass, Kaneli
Key Quests: Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Recital at Warbler’s Nest, The Ancient Rito Song, The Bird in the Mountains
Korok Seeds: 10

Rito Village is in the Tabantha Region. You can reach it either from the Great Tabantha Bridge to the south or the Tabantha Village ruins in the Hebra Region to the east.

The surrounding area is cold and mountainous, much of it covered by snow and inhabited by monsters. Despite the danger, or perhaps helped by it, the game manages to recreate some of the natural beauty we see of these landscapes in real life.

Rito Village itself is built around a rock spire rising from the middle of Lake Totori, found in the north of the Tabantha Frontier. The spire’s top is shaped like a bird’s head, the beak extending out as a perch for Vah Medoh.

The village expands upwards, a staircase wrapping around the rock with roosts and flight landings spread all the way up. The buildings are all wooden, and the whole place has a cozy, rustic feel that distinguishes it from the rest of Hyrule.

For a community of bird people blessed with the gift of flight, this vertical construction only adds to the immersive world, with platforms for the residents to launch from and land on in ways a Hylian couldn’t. The village is surrounded by powerful updrafts, too, so even Link can explore with his paraglider.

As the home of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Rito Village is essential to the main quest, alongside Goron City, Gerudo Town, and Zora’s Domain. 

The Residents

rito village botw the residents

Despite its size compared to the other communities of Hyrule, there are a lot of people inhabiting Rito Village. Every one of them serves a purpose in the game, whether as quest givers or store management, which isn’t always the case in Breath of the Wild.

However, this doesn’t mean they’re all worth calling out individually. I’ll get to the others later, but here are some of the more notable NPCs you’ll meet here.

Teba, Saki and Tulin

If we judge importance by an NPCs involvement in the main story, Teba would be the most important by a margin. Teba is your companion in your quest to calm Vah Medoh; without him, you wouldn’t have a hope of reaching the thing, let alone boarding it.

After defeating Windblight Ganon, you’ll usually find him at the flight range with his son, Tulin, or at home with his wife, Saki.

Elder Kaneli

A large, round bird with a jovial attitude, Kaneli is the oldest of the Rito and their leader. Kaneli is the one who asks for your help in defeating Vah Medoh and, afterward, presents you with the Great Eagle Bow, once wielded by the Rito Champion Revali. He recognizes your sheikha slate and mistakes you for your own descendant.

This is why he asks for Link’s help in particular. However, while he doesn’t appear to figure it out completely, if you have the master sword when you speak to him at the end of the quest line, he’ll rethink his impression of you.


Harth is a friend of Teba’s, a fellow warrior, and an expert bowyer. Before you meet him, he injured himself trying to take down Vah Medoh. He’s gruff, like Teba, and a little standoffish but is grateful for what you’ve done for the village after Vah Medoh has been dealt with.

Once you’ve been given the Great Eagle Bow, if you break it, Harth will rebuild it if you bring him a Swallow Bow, five bundles of wood, and a Diamond.

Kass, Amali, Kotts, Notts, Genli, Cree and Kheel

rito village botw kass

That’s a lot of names, but this is a big family. Kass, his wife Amali, and his five daughters are notable characters in Rito Village. Kass is a Rito Bard who you can encounter all across Hyrule, searching for the songs of the ancient hero.

He’s left his family behind to fulfill the life wish of his late teacher. As such, if you visit Rito Village, you can see his large family.

Like Kass, his family also has a shrine quest to offer you, which is necessary to complete if you want Kass to return to Rito Village. Once he has, you can find him playing music with his daughters during the day.


It may be a stretch to call Revali a resident of Rito Village, considering that he’s been dead for 100 years. But in life, Rito Village was his home and is the only place you encounter him outside of memories. He’s one of the most important NPCs, not just in Rito Village but the entire game, so it seemed wrong to leave him off this list.

A hundred years ago, Revali was the Rito Champion and pilot of the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. He was an exceptional archer in both speed and strength.

He also invented the unique ability to create his own updrafts dubbed ‘Revali’s Gale,’ allowing for unparalleled mobility. Unfortunately, this greatness went to his head, as he was arrogant and proud.

This led to his antagonism toward Link. He’s insulted that, in the face of his years of hard work and honing his craft, Link was chosen to be a hero because a magical sword declared him one.

Despite your history, Revali puts aside his pride to help defeat Ganon, readying Vah Medoh for the moment of attack. He also gifts you Revali’s Gale, which I would argue is the most useful ability in the game.

Places to Visit

From the general store to the flight range, there’s plenty to see in Rito Village. I will list them in order of their placement throughout the village, starting from the bottom.

Rito Stable

Outside the village is Rito Stable, the only stable without a dedicated shrine. As Rito Village is a midpoint between the Great Tabantha Bridge and Hebra, being able to take out a horse at this point is handy. It’s much like any other stable, including its beds for hire, which is a little strange when Rito Village has its own inn.

Swallow’s Roost

rito village swallow's roost

The inn of Rito Village, Swallow’s Roost, is the first building you encounter after arriving. It’s run by Verla and Cecili and offers two beds to stay in: a normal bed or a Rito down bed. Rito down beds are stuffed with Rito feathers to make them extra soft. Sleeping on them will provide three extra hearts of health and a full wheel of bonus stamina.

A normal bed will cost you 20 rupees, and a Rito down bed will cost you 80.

Slippery Falcon

The Slippery Falcon is the Rito Village general store, run by Misa and her son Fyson. They sell a handful of cooking ingredients and arrows.

You can also find Misa’s recipe book here, which includes Apple Pie (6 hearts), Nutcake (3 hearts), and Fried Bananas (3 hearts + attack boost). Each recipe uses at least two items from the general store, so making them is convenient if you’re already in the area.

  • Slippery Falcon Inventory:
    • Tabantha wheat — 12 rupees
    • Cane Sugar — 12 rupees
    • Goat butter — 12 rupees
    • Bomb arrows x5 — 200 rupees
    • Normal arrows x5 — 20 rupees
    • Sunshrooms — 16 rupees

Brazen Beak

Aside from defeating Vah Medoh, visiting the Brazen Beak is the main reason you’ll want to visit Rito Village. The Brazen Beak, run by Huck and Nekk, is the village’s clothing store. They sell the Snowquill Armor, which provides resistance to the cold. Wearing two pieces of the set will allow you to withstand the most frigid temperatures.

The Snowquill set bonus also provides the unfreezable perk. All three items will cost you more than two thousand rupees, but it is worth it.

  • Snowquill Headdress — 1000 rupees
  • Snowquill Tunic — 600 rupees
  • Snowquill Trousers — 550 rupees

Communal Kitchen

You can use the communal kitchen if you need a place to cook during your stay in Rito Village (maybe you want to try out Misa’s recipes). Also, the cookpot never extinguishes, so it’s free to advance time there if you don’t want to use the inn.

Akh Va’quot Shrine

This shrine serves as the teleport point for the village. It’s about halfway up on a grassy spire connected to the main staircase by a bridge. Past the shrine is the platform where you find Kass after he’s returned to Rito Village.

The shrine challenge is simple: you must rotate fans until a grid of switches are triggered simultaneously. In theory, you don’t need any gear to finish the shrine; your runes are enough. Although a sword to hit the switches will be more convenient than bombs. 

There are three chests in this shrine. One, containing an ancient core, is locked up behind the entrance. There’s a long pool of water with a fan at the end, which you need to turn. Using Cryonis along this pool, you can reach two additional chests hidden in the wall containing a Sapphire and a Feathered Spear.

Revali’s Landing

botw revali's landing

This landing was named after the Rito Champion Revali in the wake of his passing a hundred years ago. It’s the most helpful launch point in the village, allowing you a direct path to most of the land surrounding Lake Totori. Most notably, if you jump from the northern-facing take-off point, you can follow it straight to the Flight Range.

This platform is also where Link recovers his memory of Revali during the main quest line.

The Flight Range

North of Rito Village, you can find the Flight Range. This is a deep, circular pit with strong updrafts used by the Rito to practice aerial combat. A ladder leads to a small hut with a cookpot inside and a launch deck branching from it.

This is where you will usually find Teba before and after Windblight Ganon is defeated. Before you board Medoh, you must play a minigame at the Flight Range to prove to Teba that you’re a capable archer. This requires you to hit 5 targets in 3 minutes.

After Vah Medoh has been freed and you’ve spoken to Teba in his own home, you can find him and his son Tulin at the Flight Range during the day. Teba will ask you to help teach Tulin archery.

If you talk to Tulin, you can play a minigame where you have to break as many targets as possible within a time limit, an extension of the original game. You can win rupees if you hit a lot of them.

The Flight Range is also the location of one of the challenges in the Champion’s Ballad DLC. You must hit four targets in one go, which requires a lot of stamina.

Related Quests

Of course, the most important quest you’ll encounter in Rito Village is the main quest ‘Divine Beast Vah Medoh,’ which sees you boarding the beast, solving the puzzles inside, and finally defeating Windblight Ganon. But there are plenty of other quests in Rito Village, both side quests and shrine quests.

The Ancient Rito Song

“The pride of the Rito, Pillar in the sky,
its heart lights up when the sun is high.
The heart shines upon a path not whole,
but a warming flame can stir its soul.”

This is a shrine quest. If you talk to Bedoli on Revali’s Landing, she’ll tell you about a song she’s been singing. She’ll sing you the first two lines of the song but then forgets the rest of the words. Whoops. But if you want to learn the rest, you can ask her sister, Laissa.

Laissa is still willing to teach you the rest, but only if you’re serious about this. She asks that you recite the first half of the song to her first, and you must pick from a list of options for each lyric. Do so correctly, and she’ll reveal the rest of the song, completing the clue. Now you just need to unlock the shrine.

If you look at Rito Village from the right angle, you’ll notice a large hole in the rock. When you look at the village’s shadow, that hole looks like a heart. As the sun moves across the sky, that heart will cross over an ancient pedestal that lights up as they overlap. You’ll unlock the shrine if you light a fire on top of the pedestal when it’s activated.

The Bird in the Mountains

botw the bird in the mountains

Harth’s daughter, Molli, is running around the village, and if you talk to her, she’ll tell you a story from her grandpa. Once, while he was in the Hebra mountains, he stopped by a tree, looked northwest, and saw a large white bird in the mountains.

As he flew over it, he saw something important in its belly. But… she doesn’t remember that important thing, and her grandpa isn’t around anymore to tell her. However, she does know where the tree he stopped at is and points over to it.

So, time to venture into Hebra. You’ll need something to ward off the cold, and you’ll also want to put a waypoint at the tree so you can find it. This tree is at the very top of Talonto Peak.

Once you’re there, if you look towards Biron Snowshelf on a clear day (or at least when there’s sufficient lighting), the land looks like a bird. If you glide over there, as the perspective changes, you can see Mozo Shenno shrine underneath the snowshelf.

Once you’ve found the shrine and registered it to your map, you can return to Molli to tell her what you saw. You’ll recount to her what happened, and she’ll finally have an end to her grandpa’s story.

If you talk to her again, she’ll tell you the story with the new ending. Now, the hero uses the power of the shrine to save the princess, defeat the bad guys, and live happily ever after.

Curry for What Ails You

Lester at Rito Stable longs for some curry rice to warm him up. He has plenty of hylian rice but no goron spice. Alas, he can’t leave the stable, at least not for so long to make it to Goron city.

So, Lester asks you to trade him some goron spice. When you give him some, he’ll reward you with a purple rupee (50 rupees), and if you have more spice, he’ll trade it to you for rice. 

Goron spice can be purchased from the general store in Goron City, the Goron Gusto Shop, for 16 rupees. The hard part of this quest is reaching Goron City, which is in the middle of Death Mountain, a volcano. You’ll need flame-resistant (not heat-resistant) gear or elixirs to get there. You can buy elixirs from Gaile at Foothill Stable if you need to.

The traveling merchant Yammo sometimes sells Goron Spice too, and she’s found traveling between the Snowfield, Serenne, and Tabantha Bridge Stables. 

Face the Frost Talus

The Rito guard Gesane patrols the bridges by Rito Stable. If you talk to him, he’ll tell you that he saw a frost talus while taking a walk near Coldsnap Hollow.

Considering it’s in the middle of the Hebra mountains, it seems like an odd place for a walk, but to each their own. He hightailed it out of there before he got hurt, but he bets a Champion could have defeated it.

Well, that sounds like a challenge.

Coldsnap Hollow is west of Hebra peak; you can find it on your map. It sinks far below the mountain, and the frost talus is right at the bottom.

Fighting a frost talus is much like fighting any other talus, except that touching it while it’s glowing blue will freeze you. You can combat this problem with unfreezable gear (Snowquill set bonus or Zant’s Helmet from the DLC) or fire and bomb arrows.

Once you’ve defeated it, you can return to Rito Village and tell Gesane all about it. He’ll be surprised that someone so small was able to best that thing but will compensate you a silver rupee (100 rupees) for your good deed.

From the Ground Up

rito village botw

This quest requires you to travel to all the major towns in Hyrule, so naturally, it brings you to Rito Village. Hudson in Tarry Town wants you to find someone to run the general store and thinks a Rito merchant would be the best fit.

This person’s name must also end in the -son suffix. Well, the son of the Slippery Falcon is called Fyson, and he wants to open his own store! He’s sitting on the platform near the Goddess Statue at the entrance to Rito Village.

This quest is long and has a lot more detail than this. If you’re interested in learning more, check out this article.

The Spark of Romance/The Apple of My Eye

This is the story of a doomed romance. Honeymooners Jogo and Juney are visiting Rito Village. Juney, however, is bored and cold. She’s threatening divorce already and will only be satisfied if she gets her hands on a baked apple. Frankly, she’s blind, and Jogo deserves better, but he’s determined to make her happy.

You can find Jogo at the inn. He’ll ask you to sell him some flint so he can make baked apples for his wife, starting ‘The Spark of Romance’ quest. Juney can be found sitting on a landing platform at the very top of the village.

She’ll ask you to sell her a baked apple, starting the ‘The Apple of My Eye.’ Both will pay a silver rupee (100 rupees) for the flint and baked apple and will continue to pay if you bring them more of each item.

Recital at Warbler’s Nest/Find Kheel

This quest revolves around Kheel, the youngest daughter of Amali and Kass. She’s disappeared to Warbler’s Nest, a ceremonial music stage, to practice for an upcoming recital with her sisters. Her mother is worried about her whereabouts, but her sisters haven’t turned up for practice yet! In all, it’s a mess.

There’s quite a lot to this quest and the larger set of quests it’s a part of. If you want to know more about this, you can look here for a detailed guide on completing it.

Korok Seeds

korok seeds rito village

Of course, with any location in Breath of the Wild comes a slew of korok seeds to find and trade to Hestu for more inventory space. While there are plenty more than this in the Tabantha Region, I’ll limit the ones I detail to those immediately around Rito Village and Lake Totori.

Otherwise, we’ll be here all day. So, here are the 10 korok seeds found around Rito Village:

  1. There’s a balloon target in the hole at the top of the Rito Village stone pillar.
  2. Under a rock on a spire to the left of the village entrance. It’s across a small bridge and at the very top.
  3. A large and small statue are at the top of the tallest rock spire in Lake Totori. Place an apple in the basin in front of the small statue.
  4. On the smaller spire beside the previous one is a race pedestal. Glide down to the target before time runs out.
  5. Over by Warbler’s nest is a pentagon of rocks. The missing rock is just north of the pentagon, nestled in the cliff.
  6. Still at Warbler’s nest, behind the large tree, is a yellow flower. The trail of flowers will lead you up the ridge behind Warbler’s nest.
  7. A well and a metal boulder on a chain are south of the Flight Range. Use magnesis to put it in the well.
  8. On top of the hut at the Flight Range
  9. In a tree with a very thick trunk a little east of Rito Stable.
  10. Under a rock northeast of Lake Totori. Directly east of an enemy camp.

Rito Village BOTW:FAQs

Question: How Do I Get to Rito Village?

Answer: Rito Village is in Tabantha, west of the Ridgeland and Hebra regions. You can access it by crossing the Great Tabantha Bridge in the Ridgeland region and following the path through the mountains.
Or you could reach it from Hebra, following the trail west from the Snowfield Stable. Both routes have enemies, but the road past the bridge is significantly more dangerous, with two flying guardians and a talus along the path. However, unless you have cold-resistant equipment, you’ll freeze in Hebra. 

Question: Should I Go to Rito Village First?

Answer: This depends on your preferred playstyle. Revali’s Gale, the reward for completing Vah Medoh, is the most helpful tool for anyone trying to explore every nook and cranny of Hyrule.
However, this can make exploration too easy for some people. Windblight Ganon is also arguably the easiest of the four bosses to defeat. So, for beginner players looking to ease themselves into the Breath of the Wild experience, Rito Village is an excellent early stop on your adventure.

Question: Where is Coldsnap Hollow?

Answer: Coldsnap Hollow is in Hebra, west of Hebra Peak. It’s labeled on the map before you visit, so if you’ve activated the Hebra tower, you should find it easily.

The Pride of the Rito

Rito Village is a charming place in Breath of the Wild, obviously designed to feel believable as the home of a race of bird people. It has a very different atmosphere than Dragon Roost Island, the home of the Rito in Windwaker, a far cry from a post office at the very least.

There’s plenty to do and see, and all of it is entertaining and beautiful, with details that make you appreciate the visual design that much more.

Whether you’re there for the quests or to take a relaxing break from adventuring, visiting Rito Village is always a treat. 

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