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I bought my first gaming console when I was 7 years old. Buying it with my own money (birthdays, chores, allowance) purchased my Nintendo 64 even more special.

I found my footing with gaming fairly quickly as I played Super Mario for hours. One Friday night at Blockbuster (ah, memories) my dad let me rent a new game.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was immediately enthralled, and if you remember renting games, you had them for three days. This definitely wasn’t enough time to even scratch the surface of the LOZ world.

Soon after it was time to turn the cartridge back in, I got my hands on my own copy. From there, I delved into LOZ, and all these years later, I’m still a huge fan.

Getting into any big gaming franchise is hard; I was young when I started playing, and my introduction was a 72-hour crash course in figuring out this whole new world of gameplay.

Granted, I didn’t spend 72 hours playing, but I spent long enough to know that this was going to be a staple in my gaming future. I was either a very wise 7-year-old, or just well aware that my future had joysticks. 

Nowadays, getting into LOZ for the first time is overwhelming, putting it lightly. Games aside, the world of merchandise is enormous.

Have no fear, for I have decades of finding my way through the unique trials and tribulations of the LOZ universe, and I’m here to help. Finding the right merchandise helps as you immerse yourself in a fantasy world that spans generations.

A Quick History Lesson

Legend of Zelda hit the markets on February 21, 1986, the first game being The Legend of Zelda. Since then, there have been 19 new games, a variety of spin-offs, manga, an animated TV series, and several different Nintendo consoles to play the games on.

LOZ is one of the biggest and highest grossing franchises from Nintendo and ranks in the greatest video games of all time. The success behind the franchise comes from consistency in gameplay, with puzzles, action, and an open-world adventure.

The side-quests that are a part of the game have gained such a following that there is specific merchandise tied to them. The magical elements of the game; potions and instruments that cause the time to slow down or conjure up a storm create a never-ending world of wonder. 

Bottom Line Up Front

Merchandise can be tricky. I scour the Internet frequently and have learned the tips to find licensed merchandise, the best prices I can, and where to look for the highest quality gear; it’s all there.

I know this can be daunting, so I’ve broken down the categories of what to look for and where when you’re getting into merchandise for LOZ.

The Heavy Hitters

We’re going to look at apparel, accessories, home decor, collectibles, posters, and a few miscellaneous items. These items are handpicked by me, someone who enjoys shopping way too much, and has the merchandise to prove it. So fear not, new LOZ fan, it’s time to get outfitted for your trips across Hyrule and to the Clock Towers!



Hylian Shield Cuff Beanie 

Hylian Shield Cuff Beanie 

Matching Link in his green tunic, you’ve got a pretty basic beanie that’s easy to spot as a fan of LOZ without any hesitation.

Hyrule Sherpa Beanie 

Hyrule Sherpa Beanie 

Excluding the current season, I live in a cold area and appreciate a warm hat. Tailored to keep your ears toasty, head covered, and match the color scheme of the franchise. Unisex and Comfortable, woven with nostalgia.

Legend of Zelda Adjustable Hat

Legend of Zelda Adjustable Hat

A mesh snapback is an answer to a hot summer day. The Hylian Crest above the brim pairs nicely in silver with a black background and matches the gray mesh in the back.


Note: I recently wrote a piece you can read here about LOZ shirts, but as the franchise continually grows, so do the options. I have a couple of others here that you should consider.

Box Lunch Exclusive: Explore Hyrule 

Box Lunch Exclusive Explore Hyrule

I can’t pass up a 100% cotton, limited edition shirt with a simple design on the chest amplified in the back. Sharing the same color as Links’ original tunic, I love this and had to throw it in there.

Kokiri Forest – The Great Deku Tree

Kokiri Forest The Great Deku Tree

Kokiri Forest is where you get to know Young Link and discover your capabilities as a hero. The Great Deku Tree is one of your first major challenges in Ocarina of Time, one of the best-known and widely regarded games.

The design is flawless and captures a moment in time when you, the player, found your place in the Kokiri Forest.

Regional Map of Hyrule 

Regional Map of Hyrule 

Here we have a vintage look for the retro player that wants a guide with them at all times. This map is a way to show you know your way around, symbolically with the franchise and legitimately within the realm of play. Plus, you’re going to look great. What else can you ask for?


Zelda Quest Gear Array Sweatshirt

Zelda Quest Gear Array Sweatshirt

A must-have for any formidable collection of LOZ merchandise has to have this sweatshirt. I love a crewneck, and this has your key pieces: The Master Sword, Traveler’s Bow, Traveler’s Shield, and the Sheikah Slate. These are mainstays of the franchise and the perfect item for a starter collection.

Links Awakening Force Tree Hoodie 

Links Awakening Force Tree Hoodie 

Each game has essential elements as we see here on this hoodie. Comfortable and cozy with the components you need to know the basics of the game.

Royal Crest Sweatshirt

Royal Crest Sweatshirt

Simple, understated, and 100% recognizable solely from the crest. If you’re looking for the number one sign of LOZ, you’ve found it. Internationally recognized symbol; no question what game you’re playing.

Legend of Zelda Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Legend of Zelda Ugly Christmas Sweater 

Most of us need one at least once a year, so treat yourself and show your LOZ love!


Breath of the Wild Jogger – Black and White

As joggers go, these are a statement pieces and something that will stand out amongst a sea of Triforce logos. A clear theme throughout the franchise is a tale as old as time: good versus evil. There’s something to be said about the opposing hues. Which one will triumph?

Covid: 6 ft Back or 6 ft Under 

I may order a pair of these. A large margin of new players found LOZ throughout quarantine and the other wonders of the Coronavirus outbreak. I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t found these sooner. Leave it to LOZ to find a way to bring timelessness to a timely matter.

Link Costume Sweatpants 

One thing that LOZ is known for? Intense cosplayer commitment. A pair of pants like these can be something to kick around the house in or become half a costume on your way to your next adventure. Endless fun, and as always, verified merchandise. Versatile as well, several cosplay tops can easily be paired.

Sunflower Link Pattern 

A recurring theme, especially in the early days of the game, is darkness. In all fairness, darkness has fallen over Hyrule, and it makes sense, but funding light within the dark of the forest is always a treat. I like these a lot for their pop of color and happy little Link living his best sunflower life.

Self-Explanatory Socks

Triforce Embroidered Crew Socks – 3 Pack  

Triforce Embroidered Crew Socks - 3 Pack  

A simple three-pack of socks at crew length, embroidered with small yet noticeable LOZ logos and symbols.

15 Days of Socks

15 Days of Socks

One of the cutest things I’ve seen in a while; you have a half-month worth of socks picked out for you! The ankle socks come in a smattering of colors and symbols with different patterns, but there’s a choice in the pack for everyone.

Legend of Zelda Video Game Three-Pack Crew Socks 

Legend of Zelda Video Game Three-Pack Crew Socks 

Three colors: gray, blue, and green, the first two with contrasting toe and heel color, adorned with 8-bit Link, a throwback to the roots of the game. 1986 Link still looks pretty great today.

Hyrule Triforce Sock 

Hyrule Triforce Sock 

Black and yellow (kind of like the song, but not at all) crew level, and super comfy.

Triforce Wings Casual – 5 Pack 

Triforce Wings Casual

Contrasting earth tones coming in gray, green, creme, and black. All the colors that make-up Link’s usual attire in a mix and match situation, or if you’re like me, five pairs of socks that match.

Maybe it’s me, but there is something about mismatching socks that drives me crazy. My issue has nothing to do with this set of hosiery but I figure if there’s a moment for us to connect on something, I might as well take it.

Honorable Mention in the Footwear Category

GameStop Exclusive: Legend of Zelda Crest Sherpa Lined Moccasins 

egend of Zelda Crest Sherpa Lined Moccasins 

While these aren’t socks, they are some of the comfiest-looking slippers I’ve ever seen, and I suggest you race to the website to buy them before I get to them. I don’t know how long this exclusive runs for, but you better believe I’m getting them while I can.


Bags and Backpacks

Link Shield Green Canvas Backpack 

Link Shield Green Canvas Backpack

As a modern-day Link, your shield on your back will take on any challenges thrown your way. Canvas is durable with an understated inlaid Z for the perfect color combination.

Mini Navi Backpack

Mini Navi Backpack

Navi is always on your back anyway, nagging you to “hey, listen!” so why not make it official and take her with you wherever you go. The 7×7 mini-pack is polyurethane, it’s durable, and has adjustable straps. The zippered compartment opens to a detailed depiction of the map of Hyrule.

Giant Wallet Shoulder Bag 

Giant Wallet Shoulder Bag 

A replica for your Rupees, this looks like the wearable form of Links’s main method of carrying his money. 

Round Up The Rupees Purse 

Round Up The Rupees Purse 

This pairs nicely with the above product; same concept, different shape.

Gaming Pieces

Nintendo DS Adventurer’s Pouch Carrying Case 

Nintendo DS Adventurer's Pouch Carrying Case 

Store your NintendoDS in a pouch designed like something found on Link’s belt. Depending on your mood of the day, you can choose The Master Sword or the Hylian Shield as your stylus. The pouch comes equipped with a cloth to clean the screen, a Hyrule map, and room for two game cards.

Nintendo DS Hylian Shield Carrying Case 

Nintendo DS Hylian Shield Carrying Case 

The Hylian Shield is protected by Kokiri green. Ample room to hold your NintendoDS, six game cards, and two styli. 

Breath of the Wild Game Traveling Case for Nintendo Switch Lite 

Breath of the Wild Game Traveling Case for Nintendo Switch Lite 

Bring your Nintendo Switch wherever you go with a Breath of the Wild-themed case. The hard shell will keep it safe, and there’s room for two microSD cards and four game cards. Adjustable stand and handle for on-the-go gaming!


Breath of the Wild Collectors Box 

Breath of the Wild Collectors Box 

The ultimate box to aid your Hylian Hero! All licensed merchandise through Nintendo.

The box comes with a Sheikah Slate bento box, a glass water bottle, enamel pins of Mipha, Daruk, Revali, and Urbosa, a messenger bag, a Hylian Crest embossed journal, a Divine Beast pen, and stickers. Each item is unique to Breath of the Wild and is a collectible worth the name.

Majora’s Mask Collector’s Edition 12″ Light Up Replica

Majora's Mask Collector's Edition Light Up Replica

As a game, Majora’s Mask freaked me out when I was a kid, but I now really want to add this resin-based PVC statute to my collection. LED lights with a motion sensor to allow for two functions, both on the base of the statue and compatible should you decide to mount the mask on the wall.

Breath of the Wild Hylian Shield Replica 

Breath of the Wild Hylian Shield Replica 

Link is an icon in his own right, and his tools of the trade are timeless in their appeal. The Hylian Shield is magnetically attached to the base with LED lights to accentuate the statue as it sits on its gold riveted stand. 

Skyward Sword: Link’s Master Sword Replica 

Link's Master Sword Replica 

I like the Temple of Time in Ocarina as much as the next player, but getting the Master Sword out of the pedestal is a one-time event for me.

For safety and cosplay, the sword is made of plastic but doesn’t detract from how elegant and realistic it looks. Measuring in at just over two feet long the replica lives up to the original.

Breath of the Wild: Creating a Champion Hero’s Edition Art Book 

Creating a Champion Hero's Edition Art Book 

Do you like a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite things? Cool, me too. The collector’s edition book comes with original drawings from the game’s creation and developer notes for the inside scoop on how elements of the game have come to life.

The collector’s edition comes with an exclusive cover protected by a slipcase, a cloth map of Hyrule, an art print from Link’s home, and a glass replica of a spirit orb. 

Legend of Zelda Collector Box

Legend of Zelda Collector Box

A huge perk here is that this isn’t specific to one game; it covers LOZ as a franchise. The blanket will guide you to slumber, while the water bottle will display the iconic Triforce symbol. A canvas zip pouch, a statue, and a notebook are everything you need to begin your own hero’s journey.

The Goddess Collection Trilogy

The Legend of Zelda Arts and Artifacts 

The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia 

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition 

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia Deluxe Edition 

Presented as a cartridge within its slipcover the book instantly pays homage to the roots from which it came: cartridge games. These three books come together to show art, character relationships, maps, languages, lore, screen images, exclusive interviews, and so much more. 

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Deluxe Edtion: The Complete Official Guide

Breath of the Wild Deluxe Edtion The Complete Official Guide

Looking for the book to outdo all other books? I may have found it. This is a huge vintage-style hardcover to create a retrospective while containing art pages, two ribbon bookmarks, and a wealth of information.

In addition to boasting complete annotated walkthroughs of the entire game, each puzzle and riddle solved, combat strategy tactics are broken down, a complete reference guide to every facet of the game, and a map poster, what more could you ask for?

Home Decor


Breath of the Wild Framed Wood Wall Art 

Breath of the Wild Framed Wood Wall Art 

The clear-coated gel makes the map’s intricacies pop. Every time you look at it, I dare you to find the same thing twice. 

Songs of the Ocarina Wood Wall Art 

Songs of the Ocarina Wood Wall Art 

Songs are such a facet of the LOZ franchise that not paying homage to the tunes we’ve played ad infinitum to morph the LOZ world to our gaming needs would be foolish.

Clear coated with gel to keep the piece safe and sleek. I recommend putting this near your gaming setup because I can’t keep track of how many times I had to stop what I was doing to try to remember how to play a song just so.

Story of the Hero Framed Poster 

Story of the Hero Framed Poster 

The backstory of Link and Hyrule is laid-out in a newspaper style with some retro flair. I love this piece. I think in part because I’m a writer and a sucker for reading, but also because just look at it. How cool is this? Come on!

The Legend of Zelda Gallop Poster 

The Legend of Zelda Gallop Poster

Find me a more iconic image. I’ll wait. The sprawling fields of Hyrule, the mountains in the background, and Link and Epona race from quest to quest, Navi guiding the way. With the name and logo above, the need for adventure is palpable. 


Legend of Zelda Retro Mug Gift Set 

I can’t pass up a good mug, so should I come across this beauty, it’s hopping in my shopping cart. Consider it a gift from me to me. Ceramic and the perfect size for your first or fifth cup of coffee, this is a must-have for any LOZ gamer.

The Legend of Zelda Drinkware Set 

Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older, but the fact that this four-glass set comes with coasters completely sells me on it. I don’t need my desk looking like a replica of the Olympic Rings, and a coaster on a hot day is just what I need.

The glasses are tall, have noticeable characters (Link, Ganondorf, Zelda, or the logo), and come with Breath of the Wild style coasters. It’s an investment for your beverages and the tables you set them on.

Drink This! 11 oz Mug 

Drink This! 11 oz Mug 

If you know the meme, then you see why this is a must-have for my coffee and tea enthusiasts out there. And hey, it is dangerous to go alone, if alone means under-caffeinated and tired, so please take the coffee. Then, take on the day!

Legend of Zelda Metal Coasters 

It would appear coasters mean a lot more to me than I initially realized. I love these; they’re an understated way to give a shoutout to your favorite gaming franchise while keeping your table clear of rings. Nothing too flashy, but a great way to let out your inner nerd when throwing a dinner party. Do people still do that?

A Cozy Item

A Cozy Item

Gold Cartridge Lightweight Blanket 45×60 

I can’t be alone in this; a nap on the couch far outweighs any midday sleep you get in bed. It’s a hill I’m willing to die on (metaphorically, of course, put down the sword, Link) because it’s just true. Going back to cartridge days to take a nostalgic nap is what I need.

Merchandise You Didn’t Know You Needed… Until Now

Legend of Zelda Monopoly – Collectors Edition

Legend of Zelda Monopoly

Find a new way to argue over a board game with a collectors edition monopoly set. Forget Park Place and Baltic Avenue: you’re now vying for Link’s House and Lon Lon Ranch. Pass Go and keep the party going across Hyrule and into the Temple of Time with custom hotels and houses.

Fight Gannondorf and rising tax rates while simultaneously creating new familial tension; because has anyone ever finished Monopoly without a large fight breaking out?

Legend of Zelda Uno 

Legend of Zelda Uno 

The game you know and love but with new rules and a twist. Players, prepare to make adjustments and be prepared to reverse with whatever LOZ Uno throws your way. Pay attention, because like I said, there are brand new rules!

Ocarina of Time 1000-Piece Puzzle 

Ocarina of Time 1000-Piece Puzzle 

Now that the Monopoly fight has wound down, time to relax with an iconic image coming to life in 1000 pieces. A perfect rainy-day activity or just something to do to pass the time while loading up the next iteration of LOZ that you’re ready to play.

Hyrule Field 500 Piece Puzzle 

Hyrule Field 500 Piece Puzzle 

I’m sure it has become noticeable that I enjoy maps. In art, on blankets, in the game, and now in 500 pieces that needs assembling.

Perhaps because the entire world we delve so far into is laid-out in front of me, but a map is a component in immersing yourself in a new passion. By piecing it together, you’re getting the entire experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where Can I Find Licensed Merchandise?

Answer: The best places to look for licensed merchandise are easiest to find online and winnow down from there. Type in what you are looking for, click Google Shopping remembering to look for the blue checkmark next to the store name.
It will say ‘trusted store’, and make sure you read the reviews to verify. My go-to stores (online and in-person) are Fifth Sun Apparel, Box Lunch, Friday89, BioWorld Merchandising, Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, GameStop, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Sears.
Amazon is a possibility but always remember, it is does not say licensed and does not have one of those companies above that are trusted, don’t do it!

Question: What is the First Game I Should Play when Beginning to Get into LOZ?

Answer: Some will say go in order, but I stray from that philosophy. I started with Ocarina of Time, and I have yet to regret it. There are so many foundational components of the franchise within Ocarina that I suggest starting there and branching out. To each their own, but take it from me, you will be happy you did.

Question: How do I Prevent the Music from the Game from Getting Stuck in my Head?

Answer: If I knew, I would tell you. Right now, I have the tune from North Clocktown on the second day of Majora’s Mask tumbling around my noggin. I wish I had an answer for you, but I do not. Live in the moment with the song stuck in your head, and enjoy the ride.

Final Thoughts

I think it’s safe to say that within the world of merchandise there’s always something new and creative to grab our attention. When first delving into a new fandom or franchise, it’s often scary because there is so much at once.

A guide to help you find the best LOZ merchandise is at your fingertips, something I wish I had when I was a kid first finding my way into the franchise. However, that was many moons ago, beyond the moon in Majora’s Mask that settled itself into my nightmares for a fair amount of time as a child. 

When it comes to finding the right products for YOU, when you see it you’ll know it. Like I said about maps: the entire world is laid out right there in front of you. When looking at the fields of Hyrule for the first time, a tingly feeling lies deep within every gamer about to burst.

The excitement of what will come and where the quests will take you in open-world play is overwhelming but in the best way. Grab your sword and shield, listen to Navi, and enjoy yourself as you find your way along with Link in The Legend of Zelda. 

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