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The Legend of Zelda series has been out for over three decades now, and as such, there have been a lot of enemies throughout the games. These enemies range from minor foes such as Bokoblins to epic bosses like Bongo-Bongo. This article will focus on all sorts of enemies that Link encounters, how to defeat them, and what weapons to use.


Moblin Zelda Enemies Guide

One of the most common enemies Link has to face throughout the series is the Moblin. This half-bull and half-man monster has appeared in nearly every Zelda game and is always a weak enemy early on in the game. Moblins usually attack with their spears but will also sometimes throw them as well. They are best defeated with Link’s sword, but more advanced players may fight them bare-handed.


Another common enemy in the Zelda series are the bubbles. These enemies come in many forms but for the most part they all attack or defend similarly, so they can be fought or ignored in much of the same way.

Bubbles often appear in caves or dungeons and are usually a nuisance towards Link. However, there is one bubble that helps rather than harms Link. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there is a Great Fairy trapped inside the Bubble enemy.

If you hit these enemies with your sword they will split into two smaller versions of themselves, but after defeat, they will combine again to form the full Bubble. For the best way to defeat these enemies simply use your shield and deflect their attacks back at them for an easy kill.

Cow Moblin

During his quest, Link will often face many cow-like enemies. While most are powerful foes there is a Moblin that is cowardly and weak. This variation of the Moblin may look just like any other, but it wears a wooden mask over its face making it easier to defeat. The best way to kill this foe is with your sword or boomerang, as arrows will glance right off its tough hide.


One of the most common enemies in this series is the Stalfos. Throughout the games, Link will encounter many of these skeleton warriors who attack with a sword and shield. Stalfos are usually found in dungeons and may also be a mini-boss enemy.

They can be defeated with Link’s sword or simply avoided as they usually guard doorways that lead to other rooms in the dungeon. These foes can also be fought by finding its leg bone and tossing it at another enemy for an easy kill.


Image from Zelda Wiki

Another common enemy in this series is the Tektite. This spider-like creature has appeared since the first Zelda game and generally acts as a basic enemy that can be easily defeated with a sword.

Tektites are found in many different areas and will attack by leaping towards Link. When it lands, it can cause some damage so try to avoid its jump when it lands. Defeating these enemies doesn’t take much effort though, just slash them with your sword or shoot arrows at them.

The best way to kill a Tektite is to simply jump up and take down its soft underbelly where its eye is located. However, Tektites can be a nuisance in some Zelda games where they swim and attack from the water.


Zolas are a common enemy found in all Zelda games that have water. These enemies look like a cross between a fish and an octopus and come in many shapes and sizes throughout the series.

Link finds these enemies in watery areas and they usually attack by squirting ink or acid at him. Both of these liquids can be deadly if hit, so the best way to beat Zoras is with arrows. The trick is shooting them when they are not attacking, as it will stun them for a few seconds.

These enemies do appear outside of the water from time to time, but they usually aren’t a threat due to their slow movements. Once inside the water, though they turn into a powerful monster that can give even the most experienced players trouble. It’s best to defeat them when they are on dry land because in the water they will be hard to hit and defeat with Link’s sword.

Moblin Spearman

Moblin Spearman
Image from Zeldapedia

Another common enemy throughout many games is the Moblin Spearman. These enemies are very simple, as they only attack by throwing spears at Link. While this is pretty basic, these enemies can be very annoying while fighting other foes.

They are found in many different areas and usually appear in large groups with regular Moblins. The best way to defeat them is to use bombs or arrows on them from afar so they won’t get the chance to throw their spears at Link. If you do get hit by a spear, it will cause some damage so try to avoid them when possible.

The best way to kill these enemies is with the use of arrows and bombs because they can be hard to defeat if grouped with other Moblins. If there is only one Spearman in the area then simply sneak up on him and slash him with your sword or force him into a corner where he can’t get away.


The Octorok is found in most Zelda games that have water. This enemy looks like an octopus with a single eye, but it shoots rocks out of its mouth at Link instead of hunting for food. These enemies are only found inside caves and may exit the water to attack if either it is night or there isn’t enough water around them.

These enemies aren’t that difficult to defeat and can be done with the use of either the sword or ranged weapons. However, in some games like Ocarina of Time, they will shoot bombs out of their mouth after one is thrown at them.

Octoroks are very easy to defeat but can be a nuisance when near water because they become more powerful. In the original Legend of Zelda, these enemies can be defeated by standing on a raft and shooting them with arrows as you float toward them.



Keese are the most basic enemies in this series and appear many different areas. These bats look like regular house bats but have one eye and large teeth. They attack mostly by swooping down towards Link, where they must be shot with arrows to defeat them or attacked by whatever weapon you may be using currently.

These enemies are very simple to defeat and can be defeated with a single arrow or slash from Link’s sword. However, in some games, the Keese has been known to come in larger groups which can cause some problems for players who don’t have any ranged weapons on them.

These enemies are more powerful when they fly around armor suits because they will slowly drain your health if you get hit. The best way to defeat these creatures is with arrows or sword because they are extremely fast and hard to get close to without getting hurt.


Armos are guardian statues that were built by the ancient people of Hyrule. They come in many different forms and attack Link by shooting rocks at him with their eyes. These creatures can be found throughout many dungeons and usually protect something valuable like a switch or key item.

These enemies are more powerful than Keese, as they take multiple hits to defeat and will shoot more rocks at Link before dying. They have been known to come in many different sizes as well with some being able to move from floor to ceiling or wall to wall.

These enemies are not difficult to defeat but they can be a problem when fighting them with other creatures around because of their ranged attacks. In most cases, it is best to deal with the other enemies around the Armos before defeating them.



Gibdos are mummy creatures that have been cursed with a terrible fate by an evil power. They appear as mummies wrapped up in bandages and attack with their mouths usually after screaming at Link first. In most cases, these enemies must be defeated by using the Fire Rod to burn away their bandages so they can actually be killed.

These enemies are very simple to defeat but some come in larger groups which can make things difficult for players. They also take multiple hits with your current weapon before dying, so be careful around them.

These enemies first appeared as Stalfos in the first Zelda game and have been some of the most powerful types of enemies throughout the series. They can breathe fire and have a protective shield that must be destroyed before they can actually be hurt.

These enemies are extremely difficult because of their high health and attack power. They often take a lot of hits before dying which is the biggest problem when fighting them. In other games, these creatures have been known to regenerate after being defeated so watch out!

Like Like

Like Likes are very strange enemies that appear as huge blobs with one eye and a mouth. They will eat any shield or tunic Link has on him and can’t be killed by normal attacks. These creatures must be defeated by first throwing bombs into their mouths, where they explode and damage the body.

These enemies aren’t too difficult to defeat because they take only a few hits before being defeated. However, they are often found in dangerous areas where other enemies are also present so be careful around them.

These creatures have been introduced as one of the first, basic types of enemies in the entire series. They will suck Link inside of their bodies if he gets too close which will cause him to lose his shield or tunic. Once inside, Link must use bombs or other weapons on the creature to open it up again and escape safely.



Wizzrobes are typically magician creatures that can cast magic spells on Link or summon other enemies to attack him. They will teleport around the area and appear for short amounts of time before disappearing again. These creatures must be defeated by using arrows or another ranged weapon on them because they are very fast when teleporting away.

These enemies are fairly difficult to defeat because they can easily dodge regular sword swings and take multiple hits. They are very fast and will often appear and disappear quickly, making them a challenge for players.

These enemies have been in nearly every Zelda game so far and typically appear as wizards which use magic spells on Link. It is easy to tell when one of these creatures is around because they often laugh after casting their spells. These creatures must be defeated by either slashing them with your sword or using another weapon against them.


These enemies are known as knights that have been transformed into monsters by a dark power. They wear a lot of heavy armor which increases their defense but makes them more difficult to defeat. These creatures can attack with their many weapons and shields, including spears and swords.

These enemies aren’t too difficult to defeat since they don’t have very much health. However, they are often found with other enemies so watch out!

These knights have been around since the first Zelda game. They will block all of Link’s attacks with their shields so he must find some way to defeat them without getting too close. There is also a stronger variant of this enemy known as the gold darknut which has more health and is easier to defeat.



Ganon is the main villain of most Zelda games that must be defeated by Link to save the land he has cursed. He appears as an evil-looking version of Ganondorf in almost every game and can transform into a boar-like creature called Ganon at will. He uses magical attacks on Link but can also attack with his large swords.

While other enemies aren’t too difficult to defeat because they don’t have a lot of health, Ganon has an incredibly large amount of health and can take up to 50 hits before dying!

Helmasaur King

Helmasaur King is a large, mechanical creature that wears a lot of armor. He shoots balls of energy at Link and moves around very quickly. He appears in A Link to the Past and is the final challenge in the Dark Palace.

Hefairly difficult to defeat because, although he doesn’t have a lot of health, he moves around quickly. It is easiest to use ranged weapons to avoid getting hit. He is extremely powerful compared to other enemies.



Stalblind appears in A Link Between Worlds. He can only be defeated by using Link’s new ability to merge with objects. Link must merge with Stalblind’s shield to confuse him, enabling Link to hit him in the back.


Clayk is a large, crab-like creature that crushes Link, and can only be defeated by firing an arrow as Clayk is rushing. There are also times when Link must fight this boss while Clayk is invisible, which means coordinating Link’s position with what Clayk can see to determine where he is.



Koloktos is a tall, wooden creature that wields two large swords and crashes them down onto Link. It appears in Skyward Sword and must be defeated with careful timing of attacks after parrying its blows.


Mazaal’s design is inspired by Aztec statues. He appears in The Minish Cap. Link must first hit weak spots in the statue’s hands and then shrink to go inside the stone and weaken it from within.



Stallord is a large, skeletal creature found in the Arbiter’s Grounds in Twilight Princess. It appears to be the undead monster of one of his former dungeon masters and serves as an obstacle for Link when he must ride on a spinner through sand surrounding Stallord.


It’s important to be prepared for enemies and know how to defeat them if you want to play any Legend of Zelda game. These frequently asked questions will help you out if you need more information on a specific enemy or type of enemy.

Question: What are the Most Common Enemies in the Zelda Franchise?

Answer: In nearly every Zelda game, there are basic types of enemies such as Bokoblins and Stalfos which appear frequently throughout the entire series. These creatures usually have low health but can be found in dangerous areas with other types of enemies. There are some creatures such as Like Likes and Darknuts which also appear frequently in the games and have a lot of health, but aren’t too difficult to defeat.

Question: What is the Easiest Enemy Type?

Answer: Probably the most common enemy type throughout all of the Zelda games would be basic Bokoblins because they are easy to defeat and don’t have very much health. They take several hits with the sword to defeat, but they aren’t too difficult to kill.

Question: What are Some of the Hardest Enemies?

Answer: Some of the most challenging types of enemies in the Zelda franchise are bosses that must be defeated at specific points in the game. These creatures often have several phases and lots of health making them difficult to defeat. It’s important to be prepared for these enemies because they often have very high levels of attack and defense.

Question: What are the Best Ways to Defeat Each Enemy?

Answer: It’s important to kill any enemy in a Zelda game using whatever weapon fits their type best. For example, it would be pointless to use arrows against Stalfos because their defense is higher than other enemies. Try using different weapons against each type of enemy until you find the one that fits them best for an easy victory!

Are There Any Types of Enemies I Should Stay Away From?

There are some types of enemies in the Zelda franchise which are more difficult to defeat than others. Some of these enemies include Darknuts and Lynels because they have a lot of health and high levels of attack and defense. If you encounter one, it’s best to try and avoid these creatures in favor of ones that aren’t too difficult to defeat.

Final Thoughts

Zelda games are full of interesting enemies that can give Link a difficult time if they’re not taken care of quickly. Knowing how to defeat different creatures is important for success in all of the Zelda games, and hopefully, these tips will help you out with your next game!

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