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Moblins are a race of violent pig-like creatures who have appeared in several games throughout the Legend of Zelda series. They are usually depicted as soldiers or guards for more powerful villains, wielding spears and wearing heavy armor. Throughout the iterations of the series, they have continually evolved and developed as enemies with greater strength, resilience, and intelligence.

This guide is intended to tell you all about Moblins, what they’re like, how they behave, and how to defeat them.

Bottom Line Up Front

Moblins are large pig-like creatures who are usually seen armed with spears or axes. They can be quite dangerous, especially when fighting in groups or paired with other enemies that can help them surround Link. Although they rely on brute force, Moblins will sometimes use their agility to dodge attacks and get around Link’s defenses.

When dealing with a Moblin, it’s important to try and use ranged attacks whenever possible. If they are able to close the distance between themselves and Link, he’ll have a much harder time dodging their attacks. Regular sword slashes or direct stabs with the Master Sword will prove effective against them.

Moblins are usually found in small groups or as part of an army led by a powerful overlord. Moblins are often used as soldiers or guards for more dangerous, intelligent enemies like witches and wizards.

Moblin Variants

Moblins come in many shapes and sizes, sometimes varying even between games set in the same worlds. They have grown stronger and smarter throughout their incarnations, even learning how to use weapons like shields and bombs.

While Moblins are usually depicted as pig-like creatures with pointed noses, there have been variations within the creature’s design over time. Some examples of these include:

Tribe Moblin

These bulky grey pig-like creatures are the most basic variety of Moblin, usually appearing as basic grunts and soldiers. They wear pelts of fur or rusted metal armor, wielding spears and axes. Blue Moblin These blue-skinned Moblins are seen in several games throughout the series, such as Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Their skin is a deep shade of blue, and they are often portrayed with helmets or other head apparel. They are usually more aggressive than their brown counterparts.

Possessed Moblin

This variant is found in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, where several Moblins have been possessed by creatures known as Shadow Beasts. They are similar to the basic Moblin design, but their pelts are dark red and have glowing eyes.

Moblin Archers

Moblin Archers

These Moblins appear in Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, wielding large bows that can fire arrows long distances. They don’t use the typical spears or axes that most other games depict them with, making them more difficult to defeat from a distance.

Moblin Knights

These stronger variants of Moblins appear in the original Legend of Zelda, and several other titles sometimes referred to as Iron Knuckles. They wear plate armor and can deal much more damage than their lesser counterparts. Some even carry spears or shields, which they use to defend against Link’s attacks.

Desert Moblin

Desert Moblin

These pig-like creatures appear in games such as The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild. They wear different types of armor depending on where they are found, including rusted metal or leather. In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a large variety of these Moblins have been cursed by Ganon, turning them into monsters.

Moblin Armaments and Weaponry

Moblins are usually equipped with a weapon, be it a spear or an ax. They wield these weapons with great skill, occasionally using them to shield themselves from Link’s attacks by holding the shaft/handle directly in front of their body.

In many cases, Moblins are seen carrying large bombs, which they will throw at Link if he is out of their line of sight. These bombs may be attached to chains or ropes so that the Moblin can pull them back.

Moblins have also been known to use shields in combat, blocking attacks from Link’s Master Sword and other weapons for a short time.

Moblins have been known to use a variety of other weaponry, which usually depends on the Moblin’s rank or type. For example, there are some Moblins who use bows and arrows instead of a spear and those who carry shields and double-sided axes/swords. They also, at times, wear different types of headgear or helmets, depending on their rank.

Moblins who are seen wearing greater amounts of armor tend to be stronger and more difficult for Link to defeat than those with less protection. When a Moblin is wounded, they will sometimes discard any weapons they were carrying so as not to allow Link a chance to take them from the fallen Moblin.

Moblin Strength

silver mobilin

As typically depicted in the Legend of Zelda titles, Moblins are more difficult to defeat than other earlier enemies Link faces. They tend to be more skilled in combat and usually deal greater damage to Link than Goombas, or Deku Babas do. Some Moblins have even been known to deflect arrows back at Link, further making them formidable enemies.

Moblin Weaknesses

Moblins, like most other enemies in the game, are weak against fire damage. Red Moblins are especially susceptible to fire and can be dealt with more easily if Link ignites their bodies or equipment using a Fire Arrow or torch/brazier. Depending on the game and which type of Moblin is being fought, they may also be weak against other elemental attacks.

Moblins are usually more difficult to defeat than most enemies that appear early on in a Legend of Zelda title. They can deal greater damage and have better defenses than some bosses Link faces throughout the game. However, once a Moblin’s armor has been eliminated, they become far weaker, and Link can easily defeat them.

Deploying a Moblin

silver mobilin 1

Ranged units such as archers or mages are very effective at dispatching mobs of these large foes. Due to their boar-like snouts and tusks, Moblins cannot attack from the rear and must attack from either the left or right. This makes armor classes such as knights quite effective against mobs of these brutes.

However, Moblins are extremely strong and resilient, capable of taking multiple blows from even a knight’s maximum strength. As such they should be put down quickly before they can deal any significant damage to your forces.

Moblin Appearance in Games

Moblins have evolved throughout their iterations in the games, becoming much more dangerous than when they first appeared. Although initially depicted as pig-like humanoids who wore little armor, they quickly became boar-like beasts with shaggy hair and bony plates that covered most of their body. This evolution coincides with them also gaining greater intelligence, developing in parallel to Link’s own growth.

The First Battle with Moblins

Moblins first appeared in the game The Legend of Zelda, acting as the footsoldiers to Ganon. Though they were not very strong and could be taken out by one strike from Link’s sword, they quickly became iconic for their violent nature. They wore primitive armor and wielded wooden spears, but these were no match for Link’s strength.

The Moblin King

The Moblin King

Moblins quickly evolved throughout the series gaining new abilities, intelligence, and power all to keep up with Link as he grew more powerful. The Moblin King first appeared in the game A Link To The Past as a large and powerful leader for a group of Moblins. He was strong enough to wield a large wooden sledgehammer, which he used to decimate the forces that tried to stop him from invading Hyrule Castle.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Moblins didn’t appear again until The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, where they acted as Hyrule’s soldiers in serving under Ganondorf. Although they were again not too difficult to defeat, this iteration of Moblins wielded massive spiked clubs, which could be deadly if struck directly.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Moblins made another appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and had evolved vastly since their last appearance. They could now carry massive spears that, if struck by, would cause Link to be thrown back and wore much more advanced armor. The Moblins were also far more intelligent than before capable of hunting for their own food and using traps to lure prey such as Link into ambushes.

These dangerous creatures make excellent fodder to use against your foes. Their high strength and resilience will keep them useful for a long time, but you should always be careful to protect your more fragile units from being attacked by these brutes. Keep your ranged units close at hand, ready to strike down any Moblin that draws near.

Defeating Moblins

Defeating Moblins

As powerful as these foes are, they can be quickly put down by almost any unit. A few blows from even your most basic infantrymen should kill any Moblin in one strike if it connects. This makes archers and mages very effective at dealing with mobs of this foe due to their ability to strike without being attacked themselves.

Close-quarters units such as knights and warriors will also do very well at dispatching mobs of Moblins due to their ability to strike from either side. Although they may be able to deal a significant amount of damage, the more intelligent Moblins will dodge your attacks more often than before, requiring multiple blows to take down.

Moblin Technology

In some iterations of the games, Moblins are depicted as using crude weapons such as clubs and spears. However, in others, they use more advanced weaponry such as crossbows and bombs. This means that if you encounter a Moblin with a ranged weapon, it is best to approach them cautiously and attempt to flank them so as to prevent them from dealing significant damage.

Moblins also seem to be capable of learning and adapting as the series progresses, becoming smarter and stronger as the games continue. In some games, they are depicted as even using cavalry units such as boars, complete with armored saddles. As such, it is important that you use ranged units or those immune to cavalry charges if you wish to deal with these foes.

Moblin Strategy

Although it would be easy to dismiss their low intelligence, do not underestimate the Moblins even if you outnumber them greatly. They have high resilience and deal significant damage, so never attack them with anything less than your strongest units. If you are faced with a large grouping of these brutes, call on some archers or mages to soften them up before sending in your more durable units to finish them off.

Moblins are incredibly durable creatures but can be easily defeated if you know-how. They are best off matched with more intelligent foes that are less likely to charge at them head-on without backup or ranged attacks of their own. Use your ranged attackers and mages to take down these enemies before they have time to react.

Close-quarters units like knights provide the best solution for dealing with these foes, but their tendency to dodge will require multiple strikes before you can take this enemy down. They are very tough and dangerous enemies; be sure to use your strongest units when facing these foes, or you may be in for a nasty surprise.

Weapons that Work Against Moblins

There are quite a few weapons that prove effective against Moblins.



Close-quarters units such as knights and warriors will do well at fighting these foes due to their ability to strike from either side. Although they may be able to deal a significant amount of damage, the more intelligent Moblins will dodge your attacks more often than before, which requires multiple blows to take down.


It is easy to forget that Moblins have low intelligence and can be easily distracted by ranged attackers. Both archers and mages are effective at dealing with mobs of this foe due to their ability to strike without being attacked themselves, but keep your units clustered together so as not to leave anyone vulnerable.


master sword

These weapons are only effective against the Moblin’s basic club. However, even if you outnumber them greatly, do not underestimate their high durability and deal significant damage.

Similar Enemies

Moblins are somewhat similar to other enemies such as ogres and trolls in that they have high durability and deal significant damage. However, compared to these foes Moblins lack intelligence and rely mostly on brute force to dispatch their foes.

Ogres and trolls can be easily distracted but lack the durability and high damage output of Moblins, so they should be attacked from range with mages and archers.

Moblins are best fought by using a combination of magic and melee units such as knights to defeat them quickly. Keep your ranged attackers close together in case their flanks are assaulted. However, even if you outnumber them, they can deal significant damage and are not to be underestimated.

If you meet a pack of these brutes, call for ranged backup immediately before engaging them directly with your melee units. However, do not underestimate these foes even if you do have the numbers on your side; they are dangerous opponents that may surprise you.


If you want to learn more about Moblins, these frequently asked questions may help.

Question: What is a Moblin?

Answer: A Moblin is an enemy found in The Legend of Zelda games that resembles a pig/boar-like monster with long, crooked teeth and horns. They are generally large and powerful enemies with some intelligence, but their strength lies in their numbers rather than individual prowess; they will attack in packs and often retreat once their leader is defeated.

Question: How do you Beat a Moblin?

Answer: Moblins can be difficult to defeat, but there are several ways you can dispatch them safely. They lack intelligence and rely on brute force rather than tactics or strategy; use numbers if possible by surrounding this enemy and attack in stages so as not to create any weaknesses.

Use long-range units such as archers and mages to distract this foe while your close-combat units attack from behind or in a flanking maneuver for the most effective results. Keep your melee fighters clustered together so that their flanks are not left vulnerable to ambush by another Moblin.

Question: What Weapons Work Best Against Moblins?

Answer: Spears are effective against these foes, as are close-quarters units such as knights and warriors. However, these enemies will dodge your attacks more often than before, which requires multiple blows to take them down. Ranged attackers are also effective due to their ability to strike from either side of the enemy without fear of reprisal; be sure to keep your units clustered together so as not to leave anyone vulnerable.

Question: Where are Moblins Found?

Answer: Moblins are found in both The Legend of Zelda games and the Monster Hunter series, most commonly within forests or caves due to their affinity for darkness. They also appear throughout Hyrule in the original game, where they often ambush Link from behind doors or walls.

Question: How are Moblins Different From Other Enemies?

Answer: Moblins are similar to ogres and trolls in that they have high durability and deal significant damage. However, while ogres and trolls can be easily distracted by archers or mages, they lack the intelligence of Moblins, who will attack in packs of two or more with little regard for their own safety.

Question: What do Moblins Look Like?

Answer: Moblins are generally large pig-like creatures with ape-like arms and sharp claws, an unusual trait in pigs. They have a symbiotic relationship with the bokoblins, who often follow them when they make nests or camps within dungeons or other areas. Generally speaking, they are larger than their more common cousins with a hunched back and long, curved tusks.

Moblins have thick plates on their shoulders, chest, tail area, and face, which helps protect them from damage. They also have large tusks sticking out of the sides of their mouth, which can be used to impale.

Question: How Big are Moblins?

Answer: Moblin height can range from 1.3 meters to 2.7 meters depending on the game, while their length ranges from 0.5 meters to 1 meter in some cases. They have thick skin, which can be 5 centimeters thick according to The Legend of Zelda wiki, while Monster Hunter gives it a more generic 10 centimeters.

Question: What is the Best Way to Kill a Moblin?

Answer: The most effective way to defeat these foes is by using either spears or ranged attackers such as archers and mages. They are difficult to dodge so you can hit them with multiple attacks before they have time to respond; however, be sure your close-combat units are clustered together so that the Moblin cannot attack anyone else.

Question: Who are Good Allies to Have When Fighting Moblins?

You can use cavalry or knights with spears to effectively defeat these foes, while archers and mages are effective for distracting them until your melee units can get in close enough to attack. Be sure not to leave any weaknesses open, or this enemy will exploit them.

Moblins are a dangerous foe that should be engaged from a safe distance with ranged units while also keeping your melee units clustered together so as to not leave any flanks open for attack. They can provide a challenging fight due to their high durability and aggressiveness, but there are strategies you can use against these enemies for maximum results.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Moblins are one of the more versatile and advanced races you will encounter in battle. They can easily cut down even your most powerful units if you are not careful; be sure to make good use of ranged units, armored knights, assassins, and other units.

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