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The Rito is a proud and fierce race of humanoid birds who excel in aerial fighting. They are found in the Tabantha region in Breath of the Wild, specifically located in Rito Village. Within the village, Link will encounter many characters. Some are helpful, and some are not.

One Rito, in particular, will aid Link in disabling the Divine Beast Van Medoh. But where can Link find him? And what is his role in Breath of the Wild? Read on to find out all about Teba.

Key Details Up Front

Teba is a Rito – a humanoid bird – character in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He helps Link disable the Divine Beast Vah Medoh so Link can access it and free Revali’s soul. First, however, Link must find Teba and prove he is a warrior worthy of his support.


Teba BOTW Guide

As a warrior for the Ritos, Teba stands out. He is a specimen among his people and looks the part. His feathers are white with black tips. He wears the traditional Rito garb, with a brown breastplate and green leg wrappings. His weapon of choice is the falcon bow, which he uses in his attempt to dispatch Divine Beast Vah Medoh before Link’s arrival.

Teba and Revali

Teba and Revali

Compared to Revali – the original Rito Champion – Teba is drastically different. It could be argued that the two are opposites of one another. Where Revali is arrogant and confident to the point of being conceited, Teba is secure, humble, and serious.

Revali views Link as his inferior and isn’t afraid to tell him so. On the other hand, Teba is quick to encourage and compliment Link when it’s warranted. It’s clear that Revali only cares about himself and the accolades he receives, whereas Teba is a family man who cares about others and will do anything within his power to protect those he loves.

This is evidenced by his attempt to dispatch Vah Medoh himself, even knowing how dangerous it would be.

Despite their differences in attitude, Teba and Revali also share some characteristics. For example, both are very proficient in the sky. Additionally, both Teba and Revali can use updrafts to their advantage, and both enjoy archery. Each is adept at using the Falcon Bow and is considered the best archers among their people.

Teba admires Revali and expresses his respect by regularly taking Tulin, his son, to the Flight Range. He does this to train him so that Tulin could one day wear the mantle of Rito Champion and perhaps surpass Revali while doing so. Even though he witnesses Revali’s arrogance toward Link, Teba continues to admire him for his skills and less for his personality. He realizes there is often more to a person than meets the eye.

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

At some point before Link’s trip to Rito village, Harth and Teba attempt to take on Divine Beast Vah Medoh on their own. Unfortunately, Teba is badly injured during their escapade, and the pair are forced to retreat and regather. This is exactly what Teba is doing when Link finds him at the flight range: planning his next attack against Vah Medoh.

Link is told in Rito Village that he can find Teba at the flight range. Once he makes his way to the range, Link meets Teba, who isn’t convinced that Link can help, primarily due to the absence of wings. These are especially crucial as Divine Beast Vah Medoh resides in the sky. However, Teba conditionally agrees to accept Link’s support if he can shoot a certain number of targets in the time allotted.

Once Link does as requested, convincing Teba of his prowess with a bow in the process, he is permitted to aid with dispatching of Vah Medoh. However, Teba suggests that since the temperature that high up is sure to be sub-zero, Link should put on some warmer clothing.

When the formalities are out of the way, the pair make their way to Vah Medoh. Teba informs Link that the Divine Beast is armed with cannons, which will blast them both out of the sky if they are not eliminated. Teba distracts the blasters while Link uses Bomb Arrows to take them out.

Once Link has destroyed the cannons, he can access Vah Medoh. However, Teba is wounded and unable to join him. He wishes Link luck and heads back to the Flight Range after giving him an encouraging thumbs-up. This leaves Link alone as he prepares to subdue Vah Medoh and destroy Windblight Ganon.

Revali’s spirit is freed after Link defeats Windblight Ganon. At this point, he resumes control over Vah Medoh and guides it to its perch that overlooks Rito Village. Once the bird is settled, it emits a laser pointed directly at Hyrule Castle and Calamity Ganon.

With the skies cleared of threats, the Rito tribe rejoices and begins to fly without concern of harm as the Vah Medoh is calm once again. At this point, Teba begins to take Tulin to the Flight Range regularly.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Teba’s role in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity begins when Terrako retrieves him to aid in the ongoing fight against the Great Calamity. He travels 100 years into the past, before Breath of the Wild, to help with Hyrule’s fate.

In his story missions, Teba is a strong combatant who can help Link in the battle against The Imprisoned at Seres Scabland and later on at the Great Plateau Tower. He also appears during Link’s battles against Ganon and can be found fighting next to Revali.

Teba is assigned to the Rito army of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. He has mostly average stats all around but excels in stamina. He is a capable combatant on land and is excellent with bows. His specials include an arrow attack that calls down lightning. He also performs a spin attack that charges his spear with electricity before he thrusts it forward.

Teba is depicted as being very loyal to Revali, nearly worshiping him for his amazing skills in aerial combat. His loyalty leads him to push himself even harder after Revali’s death so that he can live up to his fallen comrade. This is most evident when the player unlocks Teba’s “horde,” in which he receives Revali’s gauntlets.

Teba and Windblight Ganon

During the fight against Windblight Ganon, Teba can catch the monstrosity by surprise through a flank attack. His volley of arrows momentarily distracts the creature as it moved in on Revali for the kill. Teba aids Revali as he resumes his efforts to destroy Windblight Ganon.

The duo continues their attacks but is frustrated when their kill shot is deflected at the last second. However, as Zelda, Riju, Urbosa, Link, and Impa arrive, the group can continue to ward off the enemy. Unfortunately, Windblight Ganon avoids being destroyed. However, Revali and Divine Beast Vah Medoh are safe due to Teba’s efforts.


teba Counterattack

With Vah Medoh safe, Teba joins the counterattack against the Ganon’s forces. Teba soars above the battle, eliminating corrupted Skywatchers as they attempt to take out Revali, who is busy piloting Vah Medoh. As Teba distracts them, Revali shoots them down with his Bomb Arrows.

The battle wages on and just as the tides seem to turn in favor of our heroes, Windblight Ganon returns to wrest control of Vah Medoh away from Revali. However, Teba steps in, and after a difficult aerial struggle, he can finish off Windblight Ganon for good.

With Fort Hateno and the Akkala Citadel secured, Revali and Teba’s presence is requested by the remaining Champions. The various races of Hyrule gather together to form a coalition. With Zelda’s leadership and the support of King Rhoam, the group sets out to siege Hyrule Castle and wrench control of the Kingdom away from Calamity Ganon.

As the battle closes and peace is restored to Hyrule, Teba’s tasks have been fulfilled. He is returned to the Breath of the Wild timeline with Prince Sidon, Yunobo, and RIju. However, before he leaves, he and Revali have one final exchange. Despite Revali’s attitude toward Link, Teba still respects him. With the memories of aiding Hyrule in its time of need remaining with him, Teba and the other Champions are sent home.


If you want to learn more about Revali and hid adventures in Breath of the Wild and Age of Calamity, these frequently asked questions may help you out.

Question: Who are the Champions of Hyrule?

Answer: Teba, Revali, Riju, Mipha, Urbosa, and Zelda are the Breath of the Wild Champions. Link is also considered to be a Champion by some.

Question: Who is Teba?

Answer: Teba is one of the four champions assigned to protect the four corners of Hyrule. He is an aerial fighter, capable of eliminating enemies from above with his bow and arrow.

Question: What are Revali’s Gauntlets?

Answer: When Teba defeats Windblight Ganon in Age of Calamity, he acquires the enchanted gauntlets that once belonged to Revali. This allows him to use the power of wind against his enemies.

Question: What Does Teba’s Horde Weapon do?

Answer: When the player acquires all four pieces of Teba’s horde set, it will upgrade an existing spear into Revali’s gale boomerang. This includes the effects that Revali had in Breath of the Wild.

Question: Where Can I Find Teba?

Answer: To find Teba in Age of Calamity, you must defeat Windblight Ganon. He will appear in the present day after Revali has been taken out during the battle against Windblight Ganon. In Breath of the Wild, he is at the Flight Range, recuperating from the wounds he suffered in his fight with Vah Medoh.

Question: Now that Revali is Gone, How Will the Champions Protect Hyrule?

Answer: The champions are capable of fighting together to use their abilities to counter enemies. When Teba was first assigned to the Akkala Citadel, he would often travel to other corners of Hyrule with Revali. They were both able to use their abilities to counter enemies and would fight together when needed.

Question: Why did Teba get so Upset About Mipha’s Death?

Answer: Teba respected Mipha very much because she was able to wield powers similar to his own. Also, there is a bit of a romantic undercurrent in Breath of the Wild. If you read the diary entries in Zora’s Domain, it is clear that Mipha is very much involved with Link. This is why Teba voices his dislike of Link when he first meets him in Age of Calamity.

A Hero in Waiting

Teba is a strong, charismatic warrior. He values the safety of his people and will go to great lengths to ensure their protection. His skills with a bow are unmatched by any other Rito in Hyrule, which is why he was chosen as the champion by Vah Medoh.

Despite his initial concerns about Link, Teba eventually warms up to him, and the two work together to take down Vah Medoh. It takes Teba a while to realize his full potential, but once he does, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

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