Golden Bugs Guide: Catch them All to Be the Belle of the Bug Ball

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If you’ve played any Legend of Zelda game within the past decade, you know that most of them are littered with side quests that Link can complete to gain additional items. One great example of this is the Golden Bugs quest in Twilight Princess. Collect them all, and you’ll be rewarded with larger and larger wallets until you have the biggest one in the game.

Of course, finding them all isn’t as simple as running around in your front yard and picking up brightly colored Easter eggs. Some work is involved with completing this quest, which is why I created a guide on how to find all the Golden Bugs in the game.

Bottom Line Up Front

One of the side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the collection of Golden Bugs located throughout Hyrule. These bugs can be tough to locate if you don’t know where to look. Link is looking for 24 Golden Bugs in total: 12 male and 12 female. Once Link has them all, Agitha will reward him with a Giant Wallet, which holds 1,000 Rupees.

Golden Bugs Guide

To kick off the Golden Bugs guide, you need to visit Agitha in Castle Town. Here’s how to find her and how to get started.

Agitha’s Ball

Once you’ve opened up Hyrule, head to Castle Town. In the southeast corner, you’ll find a huge mansion. However, this home has only a single resident. Inside this mansion is a girl named Agitha. She’s an eccentric young lady who has two loves: parties and bugs.

To Agitha’s chagrin, the guests she’s invited to “Agitha’s Ball” have yet to show. She’s convinced they were unable to find her residence and somehow got lost en route. In her state of sadness, she requests that Link find her a pair of every kind of bug to attend her party as guests.

Gathering Bugs

Find some bugs on the list below and bring them back to Agitha. The first one you bring her will result in her giving you the Big Wallet. The Big Wallet will hold 600 Rupees, which is a significant upgrade from the wallet you start with.

Once you’ve gathered and delivered all 24, you’ll get the Giant’s Wallet, which holds 1,000 Rupees and allows you to buy some of the more expensive items in the game. If you bring her a bug without its match, she’ll pay you 50 Rupees, and you’ll get 100 more for every pair you deliver.

While you’re looking for bugs, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, no matter what type of bug you’re searching for, they all emit light during the night. Because of this, you should have an easier time spotting them. Additionally, you can hear a loud chirping noise when you get near one, which should help you locate them as well.

The last thing to remember is that both the male and female versions of a bug can be found in the same general vicinity.

Kakariko Village – Ants

Golden Ants
Image From Zelda Fandom

Head toward the rear of Kakariko Village is the Kakariko Graveyard. At night, you’ll see roots around the tree trunk. This is where the male ant is located.

Find Barne’s Bomb Shop on the west side of the village. Go through the front door, and you’ll find the female ant crawling on the floor.

Eastern Hyrule Field – Butterflies

Golden Butterflies
Image From Zelda Fandom

If you leave Castle Town to the east, you’ll want to head south to the field. The male butterfly can be found on the left side of the path in a patch of flowers.

To find the female, go northeast from the Castle Town east entrance. On the left is an ivy-covered ledge. You’ll have to wait until you have the clawshot to get up on the ledge, but once you do, you’ll find the female butterfly.

Western Hyrule Field – Grasshoppers

Golden Grasshoppers

When you leave Kakariko Village, look to the northeast. This is where you’ll find the male grasshopper. He’s hopping around the southern portion of the Western field. Look in a patch of brown grass close to the east wall. This bug is one of the more difficult to catch. If you’re having trouble, use the clawshot or the Gale Boomerang to grab him.

The female grasshopper is in the northeast of Western Hyrule Field. Like the male, you might have trouble grabbing her, so bust out your boomerang or clawshot to capture her.

Southern Hyrule Field – Beetles

Golden Beetles
Image From Zelda Fandom

Look in the center of Southern Hyrule Field. In the middle of the Faron Province, you’ll see a group of hills. Near there is a tree. That’s where you’ll find the male beetle.

The female is on a tree in the same area. Look to the west, and you’ll see a tree residing on a ridge. Look for her at night, as she’s very difficult to spot during daylight.

Northern Hyrule Field – Stag Beetles

Stag Beetles

In Northern Hyrule Field, you’ll see a tree next to a small river. Find it, then look on its branches, and you’ll locate the male bug.

To the north of the river is a rocky patch near a path that splits. Follow this path to the south, and you’ll come to a cave with a large boulder in front of the entrance. Above the boulder to the right is the female Stag Beetle.

Kakariko Gorge – Pill Bugs

Golden Pill Bugs
Image From Zelda Fandom

Head to the bridge over Kakariko Gorge, then look down. If you look to the southeast, you’ll see the male Pill Bug rolling around on the ground next to the path.

From Kakariko Village, go to Kakariko Gorge and head to the right. You’ll run into a wall of rock, which you’ll follow until you wind up near a group of flowers in a small grove of trees. Look down at the flowers, and you’ll see the female Pill bug. If you don’t see her, try cutting down some flowers.

Bridge of Eldin – Phasmids

Bridge of Eldin - Phasmids
Image From Zelda Fandom

The male Phasmid is on the Bridge of Eldin, crawling around on the southern arch. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding him, but you’ll probably need the clawshot or boomerang to retrieve him.

Head over to the north side of the bridge to find the female Phasmids. To the northwest is a rock ledge. Clawshot up on there to find the bug and head to the next location.

Lake Hylia Bridge – Mantises

Golden Mantises

Check inside the northern arch of the Great Bridge that runs across Lake Hylia. You’ll see the male Mantis flying around inside. He’s pretty tough to see, though, so you might want to wait until nighttime to look for him. Use your clawshot or boomerang to reel him in.

At the southern end of the bridge, you’ll see a copse of trees close to a smaller bridge. The female Mantis is found on the wall to the southeast. You’ll have to look up to find her. Once you locate her, grab your boomerang and add her to your collection.

Zora’s River – Dragonflies

Golden Dragonflies

Make your way to Zora’s Domain and look for the waterfall in the river. In the hilly area below the waterfall, you’ll see the male Dragonfly. If you see the mother and child rock, make your way to the west side, and you’ll be able to grab him.

The female dragonfly is flying near Iza’s boat rental store, hovering over the river. Break out your boomerang if you’re having trouble getting her.

Sacred Grove – Snails

Golden Snails
Image From Zelda Fandom

Once you’ve made your way to the Sacred Grove, look for the room with the statue puzzle. Look to the southwest corner, and you’ll see an alcove. Inside the alcove, you’ll see the male Snail crawling around up in the corner.

Inside the Temple of Time is where you’ll find the female Snail. In the entrance area, you’ll find the staircase to the dungeon. It’s in the southern part of the room. On the west side of the stairs, you’ll see her. Grab her to share with Agitha.

Gerudo Valley – Dayflies

Golden Dayflies

Head to the desert and go south. In the southern part of the desert, you’ll see a rift. This is where the male Dayfly is located. It’s tough to spot him during the day, so you might want to wait until night to try to grab him.

The female Dayfly is west of the warp area. She likes to fly back and forth between the two trenches, so you’ll want to check out both of them. Again, she’ll be tough to see when it’s daylight, so look for her at night.

Hyrule Field – Ladybugs

Golden Ladybugs
Image From Zelda Fandom

Use the southern Castle Town exit to find the male ladybug in Hyrule Field. Go down the steps, then look to the west. You should see a huge stone sitting in the field. Near the stone is a patch of flowers. Look in the flowers and grab the male ladybug.

His female counterpart is also to the south of Castle Town. Look around for a courtyard. Within the courtyard is a pool. Look to the east, and you’ll see a grouping of trees. The female should be flying around the trees or nestled within one of them. It shouldn’t take you long to find her and add her to your collection.


Here are some commonly asked questions about Golden Bugs in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Question: How Many Golden Bugs are There?

Answer: There are 24 Golden Bugs in the game. 12 of them are male, and 12 of them are female.

Question: Where can I Find all of the Golden Bugs?

Answer: You can find them in a variety of locations throughout the game world. Check out our guide above for specific locations.

Question: What do I get for Finding all of the Golden Bugs?

Answer: If you give all 24 Golden Bugs to Agitha, the insect-obsessed girl in Castle Town, she’ll give you a Big Wallet that can hold up to 1000 rupees.

Question: What are Some of the Other Benefits of Collecting Golden Bugs?

Answer: In addition to the Giant Wallet, collecting all of the Golden Bugs will also earn you an entry in the Twilight Princess Bestiary. This can be helpful for keeping track of all the enemies and creatures you’ve encountered in the game.

You Can Be Golden!

Obviously, collecting all the Golden Bugs in Twilight Princess isn’t required to complete the game, but it can make things easier. Once you have the Giant’s Wallet, you’ll be able to buy anything you need during gameplay. Plus, you’ll make a lifelong friend in Agitha. What more could a hero ask for?

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