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“Link…Look up here!” If you’ve played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you’re familiar with Kaepora Gaebora who speaks to Link as he prepares to head out into Hyrule. The Great Owl, as he’s otherwise known, is quick to give Link encouragement and support as he goes about his efforts to save Princess Zelda.

This huge owl is covered in brown feathers and offers helpful advice throughout many Legend of Zelda games. His first appearance is in Ocarina of Time, but he also appears in other iterations.

Want to know everything about the wise owl that dispenses wisdom? Keep reading our Kapeora Gaebora guide below!

Kaepora Gaebora Guide

Key Details Up Front

Kaepora Gaebora is a large, brown owl who first appears in Legenda of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He offers Link encouragement and advice as he makes his way through Hyrule. This wise owl shows up in several Legend of Zelda games, providing Link with the insight and wisdom he needs to be successful in his quest to save Hyrule.

Kaepora Gaebora Description

Just like the owls you see in real-life, Kaepora Gaebora has the ability to move his head so that it’s completely upside down. What’s interesting is that the markings on his face result in a different face when he turns his head. You might also notice that his eyebrows are very long.

His brown feathers are distinct and make plenty of noise as he speaks to Link. While talking, Kaepora Gaebora rotates his head and spreads his wings. He is typically found perched on a branch or outcropping and is known to give Link a ride when he needs it.

Legend of Zelda Appearances

Link runs into Kaepora Gaebora in many Legend of Zelda games. Here’s a quick rundown of which games you can expect to encounter this helpful owl.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The first time Link meets Kaepora Gaebora is in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Throughout the childhood timeline, Link will have several encounters with his owl friend. For example, when Link prepares to leave the Kokiri and fulfill his requirements as the Hero of Time, he chats with Kaepora Gaebora.

On the Way to the Castle

Kaepora Gaebora On the Way to the Castle

He’s located on a tree branch and tells Link that he must visit Hyrule Castle and speak with Princess Zelda. Once he’s finished speaking, he’ll ask Link if he wants to hear his instructions again. However, Kaepora Gaebora is serious about the instructions he gives to Link.

For example, if Link should deviate from the story line and try to visit a different area before visiting Princess Zelda, Kaepora Gaebora will appear and reiterate that he first needs to visit Hyrule Castle.

This is true whether he’s trying to access Gerudo Valley, Lake Hylia, or Kakariko Village. Kaepora Gaebora will tell Link about the location he’s attempting to access, then gently remind him that the path he needs to take start at Hyrule Castle.

He’ll also explain to Link that when he’s in certain areas – such as Lon Lon Ranch – time stops. However, outside of those areas, time flows normally during game play. Kaepora Gaebora will also tell Link about the Lost Woods, informing him that if he follows the melody he will eventually reach the Sacred Meadow Forest.

When Link learns how to play Saria’s Song on his ocarina, Kaepora Gaebora will show up and tell Link that there are times when he needs to play his Ocarina to progress forward. If this is the case, a musical staff will appear on the screen.

However, there are also times when Link can play his Ocarina that aren’t required by the game. These are used to bring about daytime or nighttime or to make it rain.

Death Mountain

kaepora Gaebora in Death Mountain

Link next finds Kaepora Gaebora on Death Mountain. He’s perched on top of a sign that directs Link the way he needs to go. On Death Mountain Trail, he will tell Link all about the volcano. The peak is surrounded with large white clouds and a Great Fairy fountain is located near the top of the mountain.

Once he’s done talking, he offers to take Link back down to Kakariko Village. He’s also available to give Link a ride after speaking with the Great Fairy on top of the mountain. Taking a ride on Kaepora Gaebora back to Kakariko Village leaves Link on top of Impa’s home.

Zora’s Domain

Kaepora Gaebora Zora's Domain

Once Link makes his way up Zora’s River and stands outside of Zora’s Domain, Kaepora Gaebora appears to dispense his wisdom. Here, the owl will tell him that the Zoras has a very close relationship with the Royal Family, which is a hint on how to open the path inside.

Additionally, if Link visits Lake Hylia as a child, Kaepora Gaebora will ask him if he wants a ride back to Hyrule Castle. If Link agrees, he’ll carry him back across Hyrule Field and set him down on the drawbridge just outside of the castle walls.

Desert Colossus

The last time Link speaks with Kaepora Gaebora in the Ocarina of Time is when he’s an adult. When Link plays the Requiem of Spirit and prepares to enter the Desert Colossus, Kaepora Gaebora will appear and talk to him one final time.

He tells Link that he has grown into a fine adult who no longer requires his wisdom and advice. However, before departing, Kaepora Gaebora can’t help but give Link one last hint.

As he prepares to fly away and leave Link for good, he gives a vague description of how Link can defeat the temple’s final bosses: Kotake and Koume. With his work done, he flies away, but not before he tells Link that he will continue to watch over the Hero of Time.

Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Kaepora Gaebora Majora's Mask

Nintendo had to include Kaepora Gaebora in it’s Ocarina of Time sequel, Majora’s Mask. However, you’ll notice that this version of the wise owl doesn’t have near as much screen time as its Ocarina of Time counterpart.

Link will first run into Kaepora Gaebora on his way to the swamp, which is before the game’s first dungeon. The owl’s last appearance is before Link makes his way to the second dungeon. There are a few other differences between the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask Kaepora Gaebora.

For example, in Majora’s Mask, he doesn’t rotate his head. Instead, he extends his neck when speaking with Link. Additionally, this version of Kaepora Gaebora is less encouraging. He’ll tell Link to just quit if he doesn’t feel as though he’s up to the task at hand.

That’s not to say he wants to see Link fail. He’s just giving Link support when he needs it. Kaepora Gaepora will also teach Link the Song of Soaring, which allows him to access the owl statues scattered across Termina.

He’s also ready to help Link in Snowhead, where he helps Link find the Lens of Truth by leaving his feathers on invisible blocks. This shows Link the way to go to access the cave holding the treasure, which in turn allows Link to see the ghost of Darmani the 3rd.

Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures

Kaepora Gaebora Four Swords

Next, Link will once again speak with Kaepora Gaebora in Four Swords Adventures. In this game he’s more of an advice giver than a character who dispenses wisdom and gives hints. He’ll recently fly in from offscreen to provide Link with hints about what to do next and how to proceed.

In Four Swords Adventures, Kaepora Gaebora will tilt his head from side to side as he speaks. He’ll completely rotate his head every once in a while, but it doesn’t happen very often.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Kaepora Gaebora Skyward Sword

Last on our list is Skyward Sword, but Kaepora Gaebora isn’t actually in this game. I included it because Gaepora, Zelda’s father and the town’s leader, strikes a similar resemblance to Kaepora Gaebora with his round face and long eyebrows.

He’s also quick to dispense with helpful advice and information if Link finds himself in a tough spot. Some suggest the resemblance between the two are merely coincidental, but it’s hard to see how that could be the case for anyone familiar with the history of Kaepora Gaebora.


These are some of the more commonly asked questions about Kaepora Gaebora and his role in the Legend of Zelda series.

Question: How Many Times has Kaepora Gaebora Appeared in the Legend of Zelda Series?

Answer: Kaepora Gaebora has appeared in four games total: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Four Swords Adventures, and Skyward Sword.

Question: In what Ways does Kaepora Gaebora Help Link?

Answer: Kaepora Gaebora has helped Link in a variety of ways throughout the series. He’s given him hints and advice, taught him songs, and even showed him the way to go on occasion.

Question: What is the Difference Between the Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask Kaepora Gaebora?

Answer: The Kaepora Gaebora in Majora’s Mask is less encouraging than the one in Ocarina of Time. He also doesn’t rotate his head, instead opting to extend his neck when he speaks.

Question: Does Kaepora Gaebora Appear in Skyward Sword?

Answer: No, Kaepora Gaebora does not appear in Skyward Sword. However, Gaepora, Zelda’s father, bears a striking resemblance to Kaepora Gaebora. He’s also quick to offer information and advice if Link finds himself in a tough spot.

Question: What is the Relationship Between Gaepora and Kaepora Gaebora?

Answer: Gaepora is Zelda’s father and the leader of Skyloft. He bears a striking resemblance to Kaepora Gaebora, leading some to believe they may be related in some way. However, this has never been confirmed.

Question: How does Kaepora Gaebora Communicate with Link?

Answer: Kaepora Gaebora communicates with Link by speaking to him. In some games, he also uses body language to convey his meaning. For example, in Four Swords Adventures, he tilts his head from side to side as he speaks.

Question: What is the Difference Between Kaepora Gaebora and Other Owls?

Answer: Kaepora Gaebora is unique among owls in that he is sapient and can speak. He’s also much larger than most owls, with some estimating him to be around 3 feet tall.

Question: Do all of the Owls in the Legend of Zelda Series Look Like Kaepora Gaebora?

Answer: No, not all of the owls in the Legend of Zelda series look like Kaepora Gaebora. In fact, most owls in the series don’t resemble him at all. One exception is Owlan from The Wind Waker, who shares some similarities with Gaebora.

A Wise Owl Once Said

While some people find Kaepora Gaebora to be a nuisance, I think he’s there to help Link save Princess Zelda and Hyrule. It would be nice to be able to fast forward through his speech if you’ve previously played the game, but he’s a unique character and is ready to dispense wise words when necessary.

Kaepora Gaebora has been a helpful ally to Link throughout the Legend of Zelda series. He’s appeared in four games and has provided hints, advice, and even crucial information on occasion. He’s a wise owl who knows more than he lets on, and he’s always quick to help out Link when he can.

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