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As you play through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll find yourself in some precarious situations. Some of the most dangerous and challenging areas involve defeating guardians. Those powerful, roving monstrosities can cause significant damage.

Fortunately, there is a way to counter these giant metal beasts. Deep in Akkala lies a tech lab run by a scientist named Robbie. With his technology, you can purchase weapons and armor designed specifically to defeat guardians.

So, if you’re tired of getting blasted by these challenging, multi-legged enemies, read on to learn more about how to unlock the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

Key Details Up Front

Located deep in the Akkala region, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab has the weapons and armor you need to take out dangerous guardians that Link will inevitably encounter. Visiting Robbie gives you access to the tools you need to successfully defeat those irksome robots.

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Guide

When you’re ready to get serious about defeating guardians, then head to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. It’s here that you’ll find Robbie, one of two Sheikah researchers throughout Hyrule. Robbie is the older of the two and resides in his tech lab, located in the far northeast reaches of the Akkala region.

The lab itself is perched on a hill, overlooking the sea to the north and east. If you’ve found the East Akkala Stable, you just need to keep following the road. It leads straight to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Also nearby is the Katosa Aug Shrine.

Upon approaching the lab, you’ll notice that the furnace doesn’t have a flame, much like the furnace in front of the Hateno Village Tech Lab, run by Purah. If the lab doesn’t have a flame, then it can’t create the armor and weapons you want. Until you get that furnace going, you’re not going to be able to purchase anything from Robbie.

Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Design

The building itself has the look of an old lighthouse that has undergone significant modifications. However, its looks are deceiving. Hidden within the building is a high-tech lab capable of creating items that use advanced technologies. The lab was established by Robbie to replace the Royal Ancient Tech Lab, which was destroyed by the Great Calamity.

About Robbie

The scientist in charge of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, Robbie, chose to build his lab in a run-down lighthouse. He left the Royal Ancient Tech Lab, along with Purah, during the Great Calamity. Although it pained them to do so, the pair chose to go their separate ways, ensuring one of them would be alive to aid Link in his efforts to defeat Ganon.

On the way to his new lab, Robbie is ambushed by guardians. However, due to his years of experience, insight, and knowledge into these intimidating enemies, he can take advantage of their weaknesses and easily subdue them.

Thanks to the number of discarded and broken guardians in the Akkala region, Robbie has the necessary materials to dive deep into his research. He can develop ancient Armor and weapons, ideal for quickly dispatching guardians. The goal is to aid Link in his fight against these dreadful creatures.

Love and Science

The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab runs on the same blue flame used in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. He uses this flame for the furnace in his lab, which allows him to create ancient gear and weapons. There are several differences between the Hateno Ancient Lab and the Akkala Ancient Lab, but the most glaring may be the Guidance Stone.

In the Hateno Lab, the Guidance Stone is similar to the ones you find when you access a tower or shrine. You simply place your Sheikah Slate into the slot and let the stone do the rest. However, Robbie has retooled his and named it Cherry.

Cherry is named after the first woman Robbie loved. With only his research to keep him company, Robbie grew lonely and attempted to remodel Cherry so she could talk to him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to complete his work and was forced to put his modifications on hold.

Around the time Robbie turned 90, a visitor arrived. Jerrin, a young Sheikah, was sent by Impa and Purah to assist Robbie with this research. It didn’t take very long for Jerrin to prove her worth to Robie as his assistant. She even went so far as to finish Robbie’s efforts to modify Cherry.

Robbie was so impressed with her skills that he married Jerrin, even though he’s 50 years her senior. Unfortunately, their marriage ran into trouble. Jerrin’s work with Cherry proved to be too good. Robbie would rely on his modified Guidance Stone so much that Jerrin soon became jealous of their relationship.

Fortunately, Robbie sees the impact his interactions with Cherry are having on his marriage. As a result, he chooses to modify Cherry once again, this time making her speak more like a robot and less like a person. Robbie also begins to refer to Cherry as his “Ancient Oven.” He does all this to save his marriage and put his wife at ease.

Years before Link awakens, the couple has a boy, which they name Grante. The three live in harmony and happiness until Zelda is no longer able to contain Ganon. At this time, Grante chooses to leave home and explore the world, while Robbie and Jerrin remain at the lab to continue their research.

Unlocking Akkala Ancient Tech Lab

The storyline involving Robbie’s marriage and child all takes place before Breath of the Wild. Playing along the main story arc of Breath of the Wild, you’ll first go visit Impa, who lives in Kakariko Village. Once you talk with her, she’ll direct you to see Purah at the lab in Hateno Village.

After you talk with Purah (and get some sweet Sheikah Slate upgrades), she’ll send you off on a quest to find Robbie, who is in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the Akkala Region. Enter the Quest menu in your Sheikah Slate and set Akkala Ancient Tech Lab as your destination.

The Road to Akkala

Your Shiekah Slate will take you NorthEast out of Kakariko Village, toward Akkala. The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is in the uppermost corner of the map, so you’ll want to be sure to load up on weapons, shields, food, and you’ll need a torch upon arrival.

Before you get to the lab, be sure and stop at East Akkala Stable and Katosa Aug Shrine. This will give you a place to warp to any time you want to visit the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

As you make your way from East Akkala Stable up to the lab, keep your eyes peeled for a guardian on the side of the ride. It’s stationary, so it can’t chase you, but just one hit from its laser-powered eye could end your game if you don’t proceed with caution. You’ll have to walk up this road later, so if you can, get rid of it.

Link Meets Robbie

Open the door of the lab and you’ll be greeted by an eccentric-looking scientist. He’ll explain that his name is Robbie and he wants to hook you up with some legit swag. Unfortunately, his furnace went out and he needs someone to relight it. Your Sheikah Slate will update the location of the blue fire you need to light the furnace for Robbie.

Head out, use your glider to float across the creek, light your torch, and get ready for a fight with just about every enemy in the nearby vicinity. With your torch lit, Link can’t fight, glide, or sprint, so you’ll have to use a bit of logic to get this part done.

The way back to light the furnace is windy and challenging. You’ll regularly encounter bokoblins, moblins, and other enemies intent on keeping you from achieving your goal. Plus, you’ll have to get past the guardian again if you didn’t take care of it earlier.

If you lit the Hateno Lab furnace, then you know exactly what to expect. Follow the lamp posts, lighting them as you go so you don’t have to return to the source of the blue flame every time you fight an enemy. If it starts raining, you’ll have to wait it out to go find something else to do. There’s a Lynel not too far away if you’re up for it.

If you’re feeling froggy, you can try to use a bow and arrow to shoot the flame into a post. Of course, if it’s raining you’ll have to do this quickly. However, doing so could let you skip a few lamps, which means you’ll have to fight fewer enemies.

Once you’ve followed the lamps far enough, you’ll find yourself back in front of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Light the furnace, then you’ll have a warp point. Head inside and talk to Robbie again to wrap up your quest.

Items Available at the Akkala Tech Lab

Once you’ve successfully lit the furnace for Robbie, you can exchange your ancient items for weapons and armor. These pieces are Ancient Armor and weapons, designed specifically to combat guardians. For example, Ancient Shields will send the laser beam from a guardian right back at it while Ancient Arrows can gill a guardian with one shot.


There’s a lot to know about the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here are the answer to some frequently asked questions so you can get more out of your adventure.

Question: Where is the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

Answer: The Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is located on the upper-left corner of the map in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Be sure to head there soon after upgrading your Sheikah Slate, since you won’t be able to get into the lab until then.

Question: What is at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

Answer: Robbie will ask you to light a furnace for him to upgrade your Sheikah Slate. In exchange, he’ll let you buy some new items from him once you do so. You’ll need some ancient parts and some fire from a blue flame to upgrade your Sheikah Slate. Where can I get ancient parts?
You’ll have to fight enemies and explore the map to find ancient parts. They look like orbs of ancient energy, but they may be found in different shapes and sizes based on how powerful they are. You can also buy them from certain vendors or find them in treasure chests.

Question: What is the Blue Flame at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

Answer: The blue flame at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is very volatile, but it has one purpose: to light the furnace for Robbie. You’ll need to use your torch (or some other method of lighting) to bring this type of flame from one lamp post to another to get it back to the lab.

Question: Where can I Find Ancient Weapons and Armor at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

Answer: Ancient Weapons and ancient armor can be purchased from Robbie once you light the furnace for him at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. You’ll need ancient parts to purchase them.

Question: What is the Purpose of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab?

Answer: Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is where Robbie works on his research. He wants to upgrade your Sheikah Slate so you can get a special map that allows you to see enemy and guardian health bars. To do so, you’ll have to retrieve some ancient parts to power his furnace.

Question: What Happens if it Starts Raining?

Answer: If it starts raining, you’ll have to wait out the rain until you can go meet Robbie at Akkala Ancient Tech Lab so he can light the furnace. However, lighting the furnace in this state will only give you a warp point for when it is lit, not light the furnace. You’ll have to play it safe and go get Robbie when it’s not raining.

Question: What Happens if I Light the Furnace Before Talking to Robbie?

Answer: If you try to light the furnace before speaking with Robbie, nothing will happen other than creating a warp point for later. Once you talk to him after upgrading your Sheikah Slate, he’ll ask you to light the furnace again. This time it will upgrade your Sheikah Slate so you can access the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

Take it to the Guardians

If you’re having trouble in certain areas heavily populated with Guardians, visiting the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab is a must. Once you light the furnace for Robbie, he’ll give you access to a range of ancient weapons and armor. With these items equipped, Link can quickly and easily dispatch any Guardians he comes across.

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