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One of the hardest enemies Link has to face in Breath of the Wild is the Lynel. These ferocious foes are difficult to defeat unless you are a very good player. Fortunately, there are some options available that make them easier to beat. One option is to collect and wear the Barbarian Armor set.

With the Barbarian set, Link’s attack power is increased, which means he hits harder and deals more damage. If you want to have the full Barbarian set, you’ll have to find the Barbarian Helm, Barbarian Armor, and Barbarian Leg Wraps. You’ll find each piece in shrines scattered throughout Hyrule.

Key Details Up Front

To increase Link’s attack power when fighting difficult enemies, equip the Barbarian Armor set. This set consists of the Barbarian Helm, Barbarian Armor, and Barbarian Leg Wraps. You’ll find the pieces to this set in the Tu Ka’loh Shrine, the Dila Maag Shrine, and the Qaza Tokki Shrine, respectively.

What is it?

Barbarian Set BOTW Guide
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The Barbarian Armor is a set of three pieces of armor you can wear in the game. The pieces to this set are found by completing Shrines, one on Mount Hylia, another near Hyrule Garrison Ruins on the way to Gerudo Town, and a third at Tu Ka’loh Shrine in the Taobab Grasslands.

These shrines are each located within a labyrinth. Link must navigate the maze to find each shrine and earn a piece of the Barbarian Armor set. It is said that the Barbarian Armor was once worn by the warriors from the Faron region who belonged to an ancient warlike tribe.

Barbarian Helm

The Barbarian Helm is a skull with two horns protruding from it that sit atop Link’s head. If that’s not intimidating enough, two of the teeth protruding from the bottom of the helm are elongated and sharpened. It is said that this helm lets our your inner animal, increasing your battle prowess and attack power in the process.

You’ll find the Barbarian Helm in the Lomei Labyrinth Island, which is located in Akkala, just northeast of North Akkala Beach. This maze is home to several guardians, so if you plan to search for the Barbarian Helm, be sure to take your Ancient Arrows and equip your Ancient Armor.

Upon arriving at the labyrinth, a voice will tell Link that he’ll receive the blessing once he finds the shrine within the maze. He is then given the “Trial of the Labyrinth” quest. Across the courtyard, Link can see the shrine, but it’s situated behind a portcullis, which prevents him from reaching it.

As a result, Link has to navigate the labyrinth. Doing so, he will encounter plenty of enemies, including Keese, Fire Chuchus, Electric Chuchus, and Guardian Stalkers. There are also plenty of weapons to find, including a Knight’s Broadsword and Shield, a Knight’s Bow, a Thunderstorm Rod, and a Great Flameblade.

When Link finally reaches the center of the labyrinth, he’ll find the Tu Ka’loh Shrine, which will reward him with the Barbarian Helm.

Barbarian Armor

Barbarian Armor

The Barbarian Armor fits over Link’s chest when equipped. It is said that it was once favored by a warlike tribe that hailed from the Faron region in ancient times. Your attack power and fighting spirit are bolstered by the war paint that adorns the armor.

When you’re ready to go searching for the Barbarian Armor, you’ll need to head to the Gerudo Desert. The South Lomei Labyrinth is located to the east, residing at the base of Daval Peak.

There are two Black Bokoblins waiting for Link to prevent him from accessing the maze. Once you dispatch of them and enter the labyrinth, you’ll hear a voice. This voice gives Link the “Desert Labyrinth” quest. When the quest is completed, Link will receive a blessing (aka the Barbarian Armor).

In the middle of the labyrinth lies the shrine, but it is located under a gate in the floor, which prevents Link from accessing it. As Link makes his way through the maze, he’ll come across Malice along the walls, as well as Stalmoblins, Stalkoblins, and Stalizalfos.

He’ll also find a Golden Claymore, a Silver and Gold Rupee, a Gerudo Shield and Scimitar, and a Golden Bow. Once link finds his way to the Dila Maag Shrine, he’ll be given the Barbarian Armor as a reward.

Barbarian Leg Wraps

Like the Barbarian Helm and the Barbarian Armor, the Barbarian Leg Wraps are said to be favored by a long-ago war tribe that resided in the Faron region. These leg wraps have traditional designs and markings that increase your fighting capabilities.

When you’re ready to get the Barbarian Leg Wraps, head to the North Lomei Labyrinth, which is northeast of Snowfield Stable. As with the other two labyrinths, when Link enters the North Lomei Labyrinth, he will hear a voice telling him about the blessing he’ll receive when he finds the shrine within.

This kicks off the “Trial on the Cliff” quest. In the center of the maze, Link can see the shrine but can’t access it as it lies behind a portcullis. Link must navigate the Labyrinth while avoiding Malice, Lizalfos, and other enemies. To aid him, there are treasure chests scattered throughout the maze.

Within these chests are rupees, a Knight’s Shield, a Hunter’s Shield, a Knight’s Bow, Ice Arrows, and more. When Link finds his way to the center chamber and the Qaza Tokki Shrine, he’ll be rewarded with the Barbarian Leg Wraps.

Upgrading Barbarian Armor

Barbarian Armor Set

If you really want to get the most out of your Barbarian Armor set, think about upgrading it. To do so, you’ll need to visit one of the four Great Faries while taking various items from throughout Hyrule with you.

For the first upgrade, you’ll need a Lynel horn. Perhaps you’re thinking, “That’s it?” Don’t worry, the next three upgrades are a little more challenging. The second upgrade requires three Lynel horns and two Lynel hooves for each piece. Still not too bad, right?

The third upgrade is where it gets challenging. You have to have four Lynel hooves and one Lynel guts for each piece of your armor. Finally, for the fourth upgrade, things get really challenging.

To upgrade your Barbarian Helm for the fourth time, you’ll need two Lynel guts and a shard of Dinraal’s horn. For the Barbarian Armor, you’ll again need two Lynel guts, but this time you’ll have to have a shard of Farosh’s horn. Finally, the Barbarian Leg Wraps require two Lynel guts and a shard of Naydra’s horn.

Time to get to work!


If you’re interested in learning more about the Barbarian Armor in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, these frequently asked questions might help.

Question: Where Do I Find the Barbarian Helm BOTW?

Answer: You can find the Desert Labyrinth shrine in the Faron region, which is southeast of Komo Mai. There’s a shrine located inside a maze to the northeast of Lake Hylia as well as another located inside another labyrinth to the north-northeast of the Lake Tower.

Question: Where is the Barbarian Armor BOTW?

Answer: The Barbarian Armor can be found at the North Lomei Labyrinth, which itself is located northeast of Snowfield Stable. It’s in a shrine inside a maze to the north of Corrun Frit. Finally, it’s inside another labyrinth to the east-northeast of the Ridgeland Tower.

Question: Where are the Barbarian Leg Wraps in BOTW?

Answer: It’s inside a shrine at the North Lomei Labyrinth, which you can find northeast of Snowfield Stable. It’s also located in a shrine inside a maze to the east of Outskirt Stable, and another inside a labyrinth to the north-northeast of the Great Tree.

Question: Where Do I Find Lynel Parts?

Answer: Lynels can be found all throughout Hyrule. To get a Lynel horn, you need to defeat the enemy. If you’re having trouble defeating them, try using bombs or arrows that are either fire- or ice-based.

Question: Where Do I Find a Shard of Dinraal’s Horn?

Answer: You’ll need to climb Mount Lanayru to find it. It’s located between the Ridgeland Tower and the Spring of Wisdom where you’ll need a paraglider to access it.

Question: Where Do I Find a Shard of Farosh’s Horn?

Answer: You’ll need to climb Mount Lanayru again, this time climbing up to Lake Siela and the Spring of Courage. It’s located north of Ridgeland Tower near some trees (simply look for a path with lots of trees).

Question: Where Do I Find a Shard of Naydra’s Horn?

Answer: You’ll need to climb Mount Lanayru again, this time climbing up higher to the Spring of Power. It’s on the southern peak on the way up the mountain, so look for a path on your map once you’ve climbed high enough.

Question: Where Do I Find Lynel Guts?

Answer: Lynels drop them when they’re killed. You can also obtain it from killing a Blue-Maned Lynel or a White-Maned Lynel, but it’s rare.

Release Your Inner Barbarian

If you’re looking for the best offensive armor in Breath of the Wild, it’s going to be tough to beat the Barbarian Armor set. When fully upgraded, your attack is pushed from 3 to 11, making Link a very formidable force.

Acquiring the Barbarian Helm, Armor, and Leg Wrappings isn’t easy. Neither is finding all the items you need to completely upgrade the set. But once you do, you’ll notice a significant upgrade in Link’s offensive strength.

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