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Link encounters a lot of different enemies during his adventures. Some are slow and plodding, some are strong and sturdy, others are efficient and methodical. Perhaps the most agile and quick enemy Link faces are the Lizalfos.

These human-like lizards can jump over Link in a single bound, forcing Link to quickly turn around before he is hit. And some of them have mace’s attached to their tails!

To learn more about these swift, strange creatures, keep reading our Lizalfos Guide.

What are Lizalfos?

Lizalfos Guide
Image from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wiki

Lizalfos are humanoid-like creatures that resemble walking lizards. Although most Lizalfos are not intelligent, they do possess an amazing sense of hearing and can even assume a bipedal gait to aim bow and arrows with lethal precision.

Some Lizalfos will guard key points such as bridges or certain paths and will attack anyone who draws near. Others still will actively hunt for prey, and can be seen hunting in packs with other species of lizard such as Deku Baba or Moblins.

When faced with a threat that they cannot overcome by fighting individually, Lizalfos usually form together into a massive charge and attempt to trample their opponents. If they are fighting on open ground, this can be effective; however, in close quarters or places where the terrain helps protect their flanks, it is much less dangerous to attackers.

When not hunting, patrolling their territory or fleeing from danger Lizalfos enjoy sunning themselves and dozing off for short periods of time. When they are not active, they are typically found sleeping in areas where the sun can reach them.

These lizard-like enemies vary greatly in size depending on their specific sub-species. For example, there are some that are less than 3 feet tall, while others could carry an adult Hylian on its back.

Lizalfos skin colors range from dark red to turquoise and they have a variety of bony crests on their heads. Their feet end in sharp talons that are capable of ripping flesh away from the bone, and all Lizalfos have long whip-like tails that can be used as a weapon or simply as a way to keep balance.

They are not overtly magical creatures, but they can use magic in certain situations. For example, some sub-species of Lizalfos are capable of breathing fire or creating whirlwinds to sweep up enemies and hurl them away from the battle.

Fighting Lizalfos

Note that the sword and shield combo does not work on Lizalfos. If you try to attack them with a sword and shield, their tough scales will block your strikes unless you lighten the load by holding your shield with one hand.

In general, however, over-reliance on weapons that are not effective against Lizalfos should be avoided, as it may make it more difficult to defeat them. Instead, try using torches, the Hookshot, bombs, or your Bow and Arrow on them instead.

The easiest way to kill a Lizalfos is to take advantage of its lack of endurance and fight it with a weapon that drains its strength. Lizalfos tend to have a slight build, making them very light compared to other species such as Moblins or Gorons.

If you chose to fight a Lizalfos using a sword and shield, wait for it to attack, dodge the attack by running around behind it, and then deliver a fatal blow.

If you are using other weapons or magic attacks against it, dodge its charge first by standing still for a moment until it begins to prepare its whip-like tail, then start strafing to one side while aiming your shots. This will allow you to avoid its attacks while landing your own in return.

If you are fighting multiple Lizalfos at once, try standing on a higher ground instead of fighting them on the same level. This will make it more difficult for them to surround you and attack from both sides or with their horns in unison.

Types of Lizalfos

Lizalfos 1

There are several sub-species of Lizalfos, each with different abilities and fighting styles. Some species of Lizalfos can breathe fire or use their tails more effectively, while others may simply be larger versions that hit harder but lack the same speed as smaller ones.

A more powerful variant can also use both hands to hold onto their weapons, making it more difficult to disarm them.

These humanoid lizards are named for exactly what they are. Lizal is the Hylian work for lizard, which fos translates to folks. Thus, lizard folks turns into Lizalfos. While these creatures can be taller or shorter than your typical Hylian, they always have a long tail.

While Lizalfos were typically green in some of their early iterations, Breath of the Wild saw the introduction of various types of these bipedal lizards. Regardless of their skills or color, most are agile and excellent fighters. Link may come across a Lizalfos wielding a spear, a sword, or any other type of weapon.

Here are some of the types of Lizalfos Link might run into as he races to save Hyrule.

Fire Lizalfos

Making their homes in the volcanic regions of Hyrule, these Lizalfos have learned how to breathe red-hot fire, which they don’t hesitate to use anytime they run into Link. Even though they’re immune to fire-based attacks, an ice weapon will dispatch of them quickly.

Ice Lizalfos

These ice-breathing lizards have adapted to cold and snowy regions, which gives them the ability to freeze Link if he gets too close. While they are impervious to any ice-based attacks, one hit with a fire weapon typically takes care of them.

Electric Lizalfos

Electric Lizalfos
Image from Zelda Dungeon Wiki

While fire and ice-breathing are tough to deal with, at least you can defeat them with their elemental opposite. Electric Lizalfos deal damage with electric fields they generate using their horns. When fighting them, keep in mind that if you hit their horns, they may accidentally release a burst of electricity, so don’t get too close.

Dark Breath Lizalfos

Dark Breath Lizalfos are black and have a crest that looks like a mohawk. These creatures breathe dark smoke, which puts a temporary curse on Link, keeping him from using the Master Sword.

Legend of Zelda Appearances

Lizalfos have become a staple in several Legend of Zelda games. While you won’t find them in every iteration, you’re likely to come across them in the following Legend of Zelda versions.

Ocarina of Time

Image from Zelda Wiki

In Ocarina of Time, you’ll discover that the Lizalfos don’t have armor, but typically have short swords. They’re quick and agile, able to jump away from Link’s sword attacks and over his head in the blink of an eye. If they do, be sure to turn around quickly as they like to strike when your back is to them.

Lizalfos first show up in the Dodongo’s Cavern. They’re the sub-bosses Link has to defeat in the dungeon. Even though there are two of them, Link doesn’t have to fight them both at the same time. They take turns attacking Link while the other retreats and watches.

There aren’t many other Lizalfos encounters in Ocarina of Time, although there are additional ones in the Spirit Temple. Just remember to be quick when you encounter them.

Twilight Princess

There are two types of Lizalfos in Twilight Princess. The first type uses an axe connected to its tail, while the second uses the mask of a skull. Link can quickly defeat them with a Bomb Arrow or the Mortal Draw Hidden Skill. Plus, when he’s Wolf Link, he can leap defeat them by biting at their throats.

Lizalfos show up much more often in Twilight Princess than they do in Ocarina of Time. Link will see them in Hyrule Field, and in various dungeons, including the Temple of Time, City in the Sky, Lakebed Temple, the Cave of Ordeals, and Hyrule Castle.

Skyward Sword

In Skyword Sword, Lizalfos are enemies equipped with arm guards. They are quick and agile, just like in previous games, which makes it a challenge to successfully predict how and where they’re going to move. You’ll have to be just quick if you want to defeat these swift creatures.

Link first encounters Lizalfos in the Earth Temple in Skyward Sword and comes across them more often than in Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. They also appear as a due as the Earth Temple’s sub-boss. Defeating them earns Link the Bomb Bag.

Their forearms carry iron gauntlets, which Lizalfos can use for either defense or offense. These gauntlets prevent Link from knocking them over with basic attacks. Lizalfos can also dodge simple sword strikes, then quickly retaliate with the maces attached to their tails.

The best way to defeat Lizalfos is to use Link’s stronger attacks, like the Spin Attack. Once they’re knocked to the ground, Link can use his Fatal Blow attack to kill them. In addition to the Earth Temple, Link will encounter Lizalfos in the Pirate Stronghold, Volcano Summit, and the Lanayru Shipyard.

Breath of the Wild


Breath of the Wild took things to a whole new level with Lizalfos. These lizard-like enemies use camouflage to blend in with their surrounding environment. Then, they’ll wait until Link gets close enough and ambush him.

Link encounters a variety of Lizalfos in Breath of the Wild. These include Black Lizalfos, Blue Lizalfos, Silver Lizalfos, Ice and Fire-Breathing Lizalfos, and Electric Lizalfos. Plus, if you decide to play in Master Mode, you’ll meet the very difficult to defeat Golden Lizalfos.

Most Lizalfos will use the weapons available to them, like Lizal Spears and Shields. Although there are also times when they’ll wield Hylian weapons like Knight’s Swords. Lizalfos drop Lizalfos Tails, Talons, and Horns, which can be useful for elixirs or simply sell them for Rupees.

Lizalfos are found throughout Hyrule, although specific types reside in certain areas. For example, Electric Lizalfos are located in Gerudo Desert. Similarly, Ice Lizalfos are usually in cold, snowy areas, while Fire Lizalfos live in hot climates like Death Mountain.

Breath of the Wild also has Stalizalfos, which are undead skeletons that come out and attack Link at night. Defeat them the same way you do living Lizalfos. Just remember that they’re wily, so you’ll have to be quick.


If you’re interested in learning more about Lizalfos and their role in the Legend of Zelda, these frequently asked questions might be helpful.

Question: What’s the Difference Between Lizalfos and Dinolfos?

Answer: Not much, but it hasn’t been explicitly stated if they’re separate races or sub-species. Some fans think that they may be one and the same.

Question: What are Their Weaknesses?

Answer: In Ocarina of Time, Link can either shoot them with his Fairy Slingshot or use the Bomb Flowers found nearby. In other games, you can use bombs or other ranged weapons to defeat them from a safe distance. However, if they’re equipped with gauntlets, you’ll have to use a different method to defeat them.

Question: Do Lizalfos Appear in Other Games Besides Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Yes, they’ve appeared in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword as well.

Question: Why Does Black Lizalfos Spit Fireballs in Ocarina of Time?

Answer: To be honest, this is a question with no real answer. Some think that they just like to spit things at their prey. However, the more widely accepted explanation is that there’s some sort of chemical reaction between their saliva and the Deku Sticks carried by Link.

Question: How do you Defeat Yellow Lizalfos in Twilight Princess?

Answer: Use your Gale Boomerang to pull off its metallic gauntlet, then attack the creature’s tail with your sword. Q: How do you kill Electric Lizalfos in Breath of the Wild? A: Hit their tails with an arrow, then immediately run up and attack them.

Question: Which Versions of Lizalfos are Best to Fight Against?

Answer: Most fans agree that Dinolfos is the hardest version of Lizalfos because they throw their clubs like boomerangs. They can also perform heavy combos if you try to fight them up close. The same goes for the Golden versions since they’re fast and can shoot bursts of fire at you. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use ranged weapons like bows and arrows against them.

Quick and Agile

I’ve mentioned these two words throughout our Lizalfos Guide, mostly because it directly applies to how these creatures fight. They move around swiftly and are adept at avoiding Link’s attacks. They’ll even revert to jumping over him to cause more chaos and confusion.

With patience (and some long-range weapons) you can dispatch of these enemies no matter when or where you encounter them. Just remember to stay on your toes and strike when an opening presents itself.

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