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Legend has it that the Stalfos were once lively and full of life. They were skilled swordsmen, and even more deadly in combat. However, an unknown event lead to their transformation into undead skeleton-like creatures, doomed to wander the earth for all eternity.

In the Legend of Zelda series, the Stalfos are typically encountered in dungeons and fortresses. They typically wield swords and shields, although they’re not very skilled at handling the shield.

In their two-dimensional form, they’re weak and easily defeated. They will jump when you swing your sword, and might even retaliate by throwing their bones at Link. However, in their three-dimensional form, they’re much stronger and often appear as sub-bosses that carry swords and shields.

Stalfos Guide

Key Details Up Front

Stalfos are common enemies in the Legend of Zelda series. They appear in different varieties and with different weapons in most of the games. They’re usually very easily defeated, but they will sometimes regenerate. You can steal their weapons after defeating them and use them against other Stalfos in the future.

Game Appearances

The Stalfos creatures appear in the following Legend of Zelda games:

  • Legend of Zelda
  • Adventure of Link
  • A Link to the Past
  • Link’s Awakening
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Majora’s Mask
  • Oracle of Seasons
  • Oracle of Ages
  • Four Swords Adventures
  • The Wind Waker
  • The Minish Cap
  • Twilight Princess
  • Phantom Hourglass
  • Skyward Sword
  • A Link Between Worlds
  • Tri Force Heroes

Stalfos in Legend of Zelda

The first appearance of the Stalfos in the Legend of Zelda series was in the original game for the NES. They’re encountered in Levels 1, 3, 7, and 8. Link can defeat them with his sword, and they typically jump when he swings.

Some are equipped with a sword in each hand, but they have little fighting power. Once defeated, they drop a clock, one Rupee, five Ruppes, or a heart.

Stalfos in Adventure of Link

The Stalfos in Adventure of Link are found in Levels 3, 6, and 8. They use their swords and shields to attack Link, and can block his sword swings with their shield. They can also jump towards Link to try and strike him.

After being defeated, they may drop a key, heart, or money. Link will also encounter a variation of this enemy called Parutamu. These creatures look and fight the same, but they wear horned helmets and appear in red and blue.

Stalfos in A Link to the Past

The Stalfos in A Link to the Past are found in dungeons in both the Dark World and the Light World. They no longer have weapons, and their ability to jump and dodge Link’s swinging sword has increased.

They also have different abilities based on the color of their skulls. Stalfos in this game appear with blue, yellow, red, or green skulls.

A blue skull indicates the weakest form of Stalfos. They’re easy to defeat with a sword, espcially when cornered.

Yellow Stalfos can remove their skull and throw it in defense. Link can’t destroy the skulls – he can only deflect them. This variation won’t jump or dodge the sword, so as long as you can dodge their flying skulls, you can crumble them with one hit.

Red Stalfos can jump and throw bones. They’re the most difficult to defeat.

You may also encounter green Stalfos, which are simply floating heads that are easily defeated.

Stalfos in Link’s Awakening

In Link’s Awakening, there are traditional Stalfos, Shrouded Stalfos and Sword Stalfos. Normal Stalfos can jump and may dodge attacks, but the other two will attack and throw their bones.

Master Stalfos is a dungeon mini-boss that appears several times.

Stalfos in Ocarina of Time

The Stalfos in Ocarina of Time appear in the Forest Temple, the Shadow Temple, the Spirit Temple, and Ganon’s Castle. They’re typically found near pits of lava or water, and will jump into it to avoid Link’s sword. They can also throw bones at him as a form of attack.

They often appear as mini-bosses in the game. After being defeated, they may drop a key, heart, or money.

Stalfos in Majora’s Mask

The Stalfos in Majora’s Mask appear in the Stone Tower Temple and the Ikana Canyon. They’re dressed as knights who were once soldiers of the Ikana Kingdom. They behave similarly to their Ocarina of Time counterparts, except they can also jump onto ledges to try and get away from Link.

They’re often found in pairs, and while they’ll crumble with a hit of the sword, they can regenerate. To defeat them, Link must burn the curtains with Fire Arrows to let in the light and then use his Mirror Sheild to direct the light at the Stalfos remains, disintegrating them.

Stalfos in Oracle of Seasons

Much like the Stalfos in A Link to the Past, these Stalfos are identified by their color, which could be blue, orange, red, or green.

Once again, the blue Stalfos are the easiest to defeat while the orange will jump, dodge, and throw bones. The red Stalfos can jump, but they don’t throw bones. The green Stalfos are very aggressive and will jump on top of Link to attack.

Stalfos in Oracle of Ages

Stalfos in Oracle of Ages

The blue Stalfos in this game appears as a mini-boss in the Ancient Tomb.

Stalfos in Four Swords Adventures

There are two types of Stalfos in this game: traditional Stalfos and Big Dark Stalfos. This new variety are larger and they carry a sword that they us to fight like a boss.

Traditional Stalfos can still jump, but they’re easy to defeat if cornered. Big Dark Stalfos are a result of a curse by Ganon on the Knights of Hyrule. There’s also a smaller Dark Stalfos that appear like traditional Stalfos warriers and aren’t the Knights of Hyrule.

Stalfos in The Wind Waker

Stalfos in The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Stalfos carry heavy clubs that they use to execute swinging attacks. However, they’re left vulnerable as they try to lift their heavy weapons. If you attack them enough, they crumble but their heads continue to bounce.

Eventually, they will regenerate unless you continue to attack the head. You can take their clubs once you defeat them.

They’re also easy to defeat if you hit them with a bomb and then crush their skull with the Skull Hammer.

You can find these Stalfos in the Earth Temple, Wind Temple, Savage Labyrinth, Ghost Ship, and Ganon’s Tower.

Stalfos in The Minish Cap

There are blue and red Stalfos in The Minish Cap. The blue can jump and dodge attacks, but will also try to jump on top of Link. The red Stalfos can throw bones. Using the Gust Jar removes their heads so they wander around blindly and they’re easier to attack.

Stalfos in Twilight Princess

These Stalfos also carry swords and shields, but their sides are vulnerable. The best way to defeat them is to perform a Shield Bash, which leaves them open, and then use a Helm Splitter. They will regenerate unless you destroy the remains with a Bomb or Bomb Arrow.

You can also defeat them with a Bomb Arrow while they’re open for attack. The Ball and Chain is another good substitute for Bombs.

You’ll find them at the Cave of Ordeals, Hyrule Castle, and Arbiter’s Grounds.

Stalfos in Phantom Hourglass

Most Stalfos in this game are piles of bones on the ground, but as soon as Link gets close, they rise up and attack by throwing bones. They will also jump away when attacked. A few Jump Attacks will defeat them easily, but you can also use Bombs.

Stalfos in Skyward Sword

Stalfos in Skyward Sword

These Stalfos carry two swords and they’re very talented at blocking attacks and dodging hits. They also deliver powerful blows. Strike them from an angle while their blades aren’t protecting their front. You can also attack them with a Shield Bash or Bombs.

The mini-boss of the Skyview Temple is a Stalfos, as is the mini-boss of Ancient Cistern. You’ll also find them in the Sky Keep and several other quests.

Stalfos in A Link Between Worlds

Stalfos in A Link Between Worlds

While these Stalfos will jump away, they’re a bit more aggressive than previous Stalfos. They’re simply piles of bones in the dungeon until Link gets close. However, the Red Stalfos variety will throw bones.

Stalfos in Tri Force Heroes

Stalfos in Tri Force Heroes

These Stalfos are similar to the A Link Between Worlds Stalfos. However, in this case, both the traditional and the Red Stalfos can throw bones. They also charge Link when they see him. They’ll also jump over Link to avoid attacks, landing behind him and attacking again.

Fire Gloves will deliver minimal damage, but if you corner them, they’re easier to defeat.

The Dark Stalfos in this game are in the Baneful Zone, Shadow Zone, and Desert Zone. They throw dark energy balls which temporarily prevent Link from using his sword.

There’s also a giant Stalfos named Stalchampion who is the boss in the Desert Temple.


Stalfos are a common enemy and these frequently asked questions should help you learn more about them.

Question: Is Hero’s Shade a Stalfos?

Answer: Hero’s Shade is not a Stalfos, but he is similar in that he is undead. He also looks a lot like a Stalfos, with a flowing red eye.

Question: How do I Defeat a Stalfos?

Answer: The best way to defeat a Stalfos is usually to attack it from behind while it’s not guarding. You can also use Bombs or the Ball and Chain.

Question: Can I Pick up a Stalfos’ Weapon?

Answer: Yes, you can pick up a Stalfos’ weapon after you defeat it. You can also use it against them.

Question: Are There Different Types of Stalfos in Later Games?

Answer: Yes, there are different types of Stalfos in later games. The blue and red Stalfos in The Minish Cap, the Shield and Sword carrying Stalfos in Twilight Princess, the jumping and throwing Stalfos in Phantom Hourglass, and the more aggressive Stalfos in A Link Between Worlds. There are also several different types in Tri Force Heroes, including the Dark Stalfos.

Question: Can I Use the Hookshot on Stalfos?

Answer: The Hookshot can stun them and make them vulnerable to attack, but it won’t kill them. You’ll need to use another weapon to finish them off.

Question: What’s the Best Way to Defeat a Giant Stalfos?

Answer: The best way to defeat a giant Stalfos is usually with Bombs or the Bow and Arrow. You can also use the Ball and Chain, but it might be more difficult.

Final Thoughts

Stalfos are one of the most common enemies in the Legend of Zelda series and they can be found in many different games. They vary in behavior, but usually, they’re defeated by attacking them from behind or using Bombs or the Ball and Chain. They can also pick up and use their own weapons against you. There are different types of Stalfos in later games, including the giant Stalfos in Tri Force Heroes.

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