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If you’re a gamer, you’ve heard of Legend of Zelda. The franchise made its grand debut in 1986 and has produced 29 video games, including iterations of original titles and collections. With a successful franchise comes the desire to show off your love for LOZ outside the confines of your TV screen. What better way to do that than with a shirt? 

I love graphic tees, but I’m also a fan of a button-down print or a statement sweatshirt. That said, I figured I’d cross the Internet as Link does on Epona across Hyrule Field: with vigor and enthusiasm… and stopping intermittently because something interesting was happening off to the side and needed investigating. 

Bottom Line Up Front

I’m a firm believer in most t-shirts and sweatshirts being unisex. As I went through my picks, it’s clear that anyone can wear something LOZ-themed and make it pop as they like. My top pick, the Skull White Longsleeve t-shirt can be worn by anyone. I could honestly see myself ordering this soon because a shirt with this amount of game crossover with a tattoo stencil-style graphic is too good to pass up. Attention to detail is huge for me, and if it is for you, let’s share this favorite together.

Selection Criteria

First and foremost, I like to keep cost a consideration. Gaming on a whole is an expensive endeavor, but there are ways to get your gear without breaking the bank. I went about finding my picks by price and licensed merchandiser. Both are equally important factors to consider when finding new clothing from a franchise as big as LOZ. Variety is the spice of life, right? There’s more than t-shirts to show off your LOZ love. I wanted to find a smattering of pieces that I would wear and to give you guys some options other than just t-shirts. Button-down shirts, sweatshirts; I’m trying for year-round options. I also wanted to make sure that my picks are the comfiest clothes I can find, so materials are a big component to look at. Everything I’ve found is made from soft materials; typically 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. As always, I went looking for unique and different options than standard symbols from the franchise. Overall, I wanted a collection I’d want to wear, but also pieces that would suit anyone: from the seasoned gamer to the first-time player.

For the Adults

1. Windwaker Woven Button-Up 

Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Woven Button-Up - BoxLunch Exclusive Interesting Zelda Shirt Ideas

Hawaiian shirts are making a comeback, and honestly, I’m here for it. There is nothing quite like showing your love for something in a bold print, and LOZ has jumped at the chance to embrace the return of bright button-ups. From the color palette to the design we first got to know on GameCube, this will be a go-to party shirt in no time.

2. Breath of the Wild Hawaiian Shirt 

See? I wasn’t kidding. Hawaiian shirts really are making a comeback. I love this one because it’s not only sized true to form with polyester and spandex, but it follows the same color palette as the game. I’m a sucker for continuity, and one thing that I’ve always enjoyed about the LOZ franchise is the attention to detail. The games are well known for their recognizable colors, and keeping that alive is key.

3. Triforce Pattern Hawaiian Shirt 

If you’re looking for the one I’d wear if I could pull off a Hawaiian shirt here it is. The Triforce is universal, but in a spark of subtly, from far away you can’t tell I’m wearing LOZ merchandise. The Starry Night vibes are real here, and it looks comfortable.

4. Legend of Zelda Ocarina Hawaii Shirt 

Any LOZ fan knows that the ocarina is the backbone of Link’s success story. If he was unable to play an invocation of songs to summon various entities, we wouldn’t get anywhere. Find someone who can play a song to slow down time and tell me they aren’t the coolest kid on the block. This shirt is a quirky take on the ocarina, as it’s long looked like a small submarine. Amongst fish, it’s cute and funny, a nod to the game, and beach-ready.

5. LOZ Symbols Pattern Grey Hawaiian Shirt

I love a monochromatic look for the occasions where I’m feeling funky but in a funk. A good shirt can drag you out of the doldrums; this fits the bill. The most well-known symbols of the franchise are in full print on this button-down, and it’s a conversation starter because, unlike most Hawaiian shirts, this one isn’t the entire color wheel.

6. Zelda Cherry Blossom Black and White 


The next shirt after this is the counterpart to this unique piece. I can safely say I haven’t seen a design like this before that goes along with another button-down shirt. This has a calming vibe; perhaps the black and white with the pop of color for the cherry blossoms… I’m not quite sure why. However, I do know it’s quite the statement when paired with the piece below.

7. Link Cherry Blossom Black and White  

See? I told you the counterpart was right here. My best guess here is these shirts were made for the ultimate gaming couple, twins, or are the missing puzzle pieces for two long-lost lovers that met one day in the Deku Forest and hadn’t seen each other again. They wore the shirt that was missing its other half and… you know what, never mind. This is a fun matching set with no novella backstory. Moving on!

8. Ocarina of Time Periodic Table 

Nintendo Men's Nintendo Legend of Zelda Ocarina Periodic Table Pull Over Hoodie

Are you into science? LOZ? Ever thought of combining the two? Until now, neither had I, but here we are! I love a cozy hoodie, and this doesn’t disappoint. Representing the major characters, and using the correct styling for how the table is laid out with the crest at the top, you’re looking at a snuggly must-have.

9. Lon Lon Ranch T-Shirt  

I love this graphic T-Shirt because it looks like a legitimate business, and Lon Lon Ranch was one of my favorite pit stops when I was young and exploring the open-air world of Hyrule. I thought it was hilarious that I could win a bottle of milk from catching chickens, but more importantly, it’s where we meet our trusty companion, Epona. I now have the song that plays at the ranch (Epona’s song, but slower and played on the harmonica, if you were wondering) stuck in my head, and I’m convinced it’ll be there for a while.

10. Link Playing Card Black T-Shirt 

I like the unique design here. Playing a card game is a timeless activity, and adding it to the timelessness of the game. A print that isn’t overtly in your face and attention-grabbing, but a subtle homage to our Hylian Hero. This shirt shows a darker side of the franchise, not that it’s been hidden, but so many options highlight the good. Plus, I’m sure there’s a metaphor about playing the cards you’re dealt or something. 

11. Legend of Zelda Triforce T-Shirt 

Men's Nintendo Legend of Zelda Triforce T-Shirt

Tried and true, quick and to the point, your run-of-the-mill graphic t-shirt with no frills or fluff. Simple green like Link’s original tunic with the Hylian crest across the front. No questioning what franchise it’s from and the Triforce is synonymous with any LOZ games. Perfection in simplicity.

12. Epona T-Shirt 

Epona T-Shirt

Ah, Epona. Our buddy, our pal, how we can leap over obstacles that would otherwise prevent us from moving forward in the game; she deserves a round of applause. While this may not be a clapping audience, this detailed silhouette t-shirt is a nice touch. Make sure you play her song, as we all know that if you don’t, no amount of sprinting is going to help you catch her. Epona is sensitive. Be nice.

13. Link Suit Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

Link Suit Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

Ever wanted to look like you’re wearing a tunic with a belt and ready to fight medieval crime? Be honest, it’s crossed your mind. Well, now you can! This short-sleeve shirt can be an everyday talking point or a last-minute Halloween costume that is just enough to get some candy thrown your way without spending much time getting ready. Plus, we love a cotton graphic tee.

14. Navi Hey Listen Graphic Tee 

Men's Nintendo Legend of Zelda Navi Hey Listen Graphic Tee Black 5X Large

Even if you’ve only invested a generous ten minutes of gameplay into LOZ, you know of Navi. She is your favorite little guide (or maybe Link’s conscience, who can say) in your ear with an ever-present warning to look, listen, watch out, and generally get our attention. This shirt is a tribute to the winged blue orb and our dwindling ability to listen to her words.

15. Legend of Zelda Vintage T-Shirt 

The Triforce is the epitome of the franchise, and this shirt is a relaxed fit display of how much action and adventure can be packed into a small space. If you think about it, the entire storyline of a world-spanning three decades and millions and millions of players fits neatly into those triangles. What a wonderful world.

For the Kids

1. Legend of Zelda Stained Glass T-Shirt 

Legend of Zelda Stained Glass T-Shirt 

Remember the windows in the Temple of Time? So do I. Young Link kneeling before the altar, preparing to play the Song of Time to fast forward seven years to a new world harbors such nostalgia for me. It’s a cute shirt, with an eye-catching array of colors that contrast against the black background and the Hylian etchings.

2. Who Rules?

I love a good laugh when I see a shirt. Is it a dad joke? Yes. Did I laugh anyway? Of course, I’m not made of stone. This is a sweet option for the little one who maybe doesn’t totally get the game yet, or even why it’s funny, but it’s a crowd-pleaser. I mean, it probably is. I haven’t yet conducted the necessary research to find out, but check back later for results.

3. Breath of the Wild 

Simple and straight to the point, hyping up one of the games in the franchise. A scoop neck looks good here, allowing the design flow to work well with how the shirt is designed. I’d wear it, and I’m usually not a scoop neck gal. Or a child, so the chances of me fitting into this are pretty slim, but hey, I’d try.

4. Camp Hyrule 

As someone who has been a camper, a counselor, and enjoys the outdoors, I find this simple shirt simply wonderful. The idea of Camp Hyrule is conceptually hilarious to me; imagine a bunch of kids running around the villages and exhausted counselors imploring them to “stay off of Death Mountain!” What a trip. I love the color gradient on the black backdrop and a nod to when the franchise started with the small but noticeable “est. ’86”

5. Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks T-Shirt Blue 

As the story goes, Princess Zelda is in a predicament, she needs some help, and our main man, Link is on his way to do what he can. This shirt brings the action without too much to distract you from the main idea. A comfy shirt with a cute design, sweet and fun to wear. Start ‘em young, right?

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that LOZ is a favorite of mine for a reason. Every time I play, I find something different, every time I look around a village I’ve searched a thousand times has something new or a caveat to a section I’ve played. Losing whole days to the games while wearing the merchandise comes as part of the franchise experience. I’ve lived it, loved it, and will continue to do so. I invite you to come along wearing your new LOZ threads. 

The best part of the game is that there is something for everyone in each of the games. Something is relatable in some way, even if you have to search for it. That’s why my top pick the Skull White Longsleeve T-shirt was a no-brainer as my favorite. There’s so much packed into a small design, and while I love a grandiose conceptualization, simplicity frequently wins my heart. I brought up simplicity a few times throughout your read above, and I can’t stress it enough. A franchise like LOZ has so much going on that there isn’t always enough time to get into why you like the niche-specific thing that you do, but if a picture is a thousand words, a graphic on a shirt has to be worth so much more. So much packed into too little. There’s something poetic in there, and once I find it, I’ll let you know.


Question: How can I Tell that my Shirts are Legitimate Merchandise?

Answer: Great question, because in my search I found the number one indicator of an unlicensed, fake design: misspellings. The trick is to know where to look, and that’s what I’m here for. A knock-off generally will spell the name right. Look at the graphic, something may be resized just enough to not notice it upon a glance, but the biggest red flag is the spelling. Your brain is the ultimate autocorrect, and frequently we read what we logically know should be where we’re looking. That said, if something seems off, it probably is. In that vein, read everything over a few times, and if it feels wrong, don’t buy.

Question: Where can I buy Licensed Merchandise?

Answer: Places like Target and Walmart are your go-to stores because they have just about everything, both in-store and online. Other well-known retailers include Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears, Hot Topic, and GameStop. Especially for Legend of Zelda, I highly suggest Fifth Sun Apparel, BioWorld Merchandising, Friday89, and Box Lunch. A tip to Google Shopping: always look for the verified blue check mark that says “Trusted Store” next to it. All great, reputable, licensed companies for merchandise. 

Question: Are there Legend of Zelda Pants?

Answer: That is for me to know and for you to find out, my friend. And if there are, I can guarantee I’ll have the best guide for you to get them.

My Top Picks

Best Hawaiian Shirt: Triforce Pattern Hawaiian Shirt

Best Sweatshirt: Ocarina of Time Periodic Table

Best Graphic Tee: Lon Lon Ranch T-Shirt

Best Costume Tee: Link Suit Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Best Joke Tee: Who Rules?

Best Kids Tee: Camp Hyrule

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