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Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been addicted to collecting plush toys. I’ve had hundreds over the years, in all shapes and sizes. Now I’m an adult; the addiction is only intensifying. So for every game, I fall in love with, my first call for merch is to see if there are any plushies available. There are endless opportunities for a franchise like Zelda to adopt one of these critters in your collection.

Companies are creating plushies of unexpected characters even outside the protagonist we have known to love, which is excellent for anyone with obscure taste! I remember visiting a game shop a few years ago and being bewildered by how much variation there was in Zelda plushies. So if you’ve been looking for a new pal, now is definitely your time to buy since there is a big decision for you to make.

Bottom Line Up Front

Every collector or fan is bound to add a plush toy to their display at some point. I’ve collected plushies since a young age – and I’ve had several corresponding to my favorite games. But as I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that finding the perfect plush toy isn’t a grab-and-go process. There is careful consideration taken into account when you go to buy your newest addition. The best plushies are always detailed and high-quality. They need to be true to their character whilst remaining soft and cuddleable.

When it comes to all things Nintendo, San-ei are one of the most reliable plushie producers. They’ve created a cuddly companion for several popular Nintendo franchises, and all of which have been extremely high quality. I have several of their products so I can say from experience that these plushies are perfect for any collector. If you’re looking for one to hug, then they may be a little on the small size. But they are 100% worth adding to your display!

The Selection Criteria

Best Zelda Plush Guide

As I already mentioned, finding the perfect Zelda plush toy isn’t a grab-and-go process. You don’t just settle for the first one you see. For me, there are several factors I look for in a good soft toy.

Here are some things to take into consideration while you shop:

  • Size and purpose – is it for display or to hold for an intense gaming session?
  • Materials – which relates to the purpose reason. You don’t want to cuddle something hard or scratchy.
  • Who made it? – As you begin to collect, you’ll learn which companies products you love and those you don’t. The same will go for plushie collecting.
  • Likeness to character – sometimes simplified features make a character cuter. But if you’re looking for something with more detail you’ll need to carefully consider who you’re buying from.
  • Is it officially licensed? – I always search for the Nintendo seal of approval when it comes to merchandise. If it is, you know you’re guaranteed a high-quality product. But sometimes, a bootleg toy can look great online and completely different once it arrives!

What Makes a Good Legend of Zelda Plushie?

Many things go into finding a good plushie for any video game, and it’s far from just buying the first one you see. If you’re a bit of a plushie collector like me, you’ll know the struggle of inspecting every plush toy you even consider buying. It’s a right of passage when you find a good plush toy of your favorite character; you can’t just settle for the first one you find!

When shopping for Zelda plushies, there is a wide variety of styles and designs. Everyone has their favorite games, so it’s essential to find a plushie that accurately depicts that. Plushies need to be accurate in their details, and they need to be a precise representation of the character they’re trying to show. The Legend of Zelda, in particular, is a franchise with several variations of characters that have been made into soft form, meaning there is something to appeal to everyone.

Best Zelda Plush

It’s also essential to think about why you’re buying the plushie. If you’re looking for something to display, you can be a bit more lenient with your expectations. But if you’re looking for something to sit and snuggle, you’ll need to consider more things like material and size. Of course, the design still matters, but once you’ve found a cuddly version of your favorite Zelda character, you’re good to go.

Which Companies to Look Out for?

Nintendo has licensed several companies to produce Zelda-themed plush toys over the years. However, only a few consistently deliver high-quality, super cute merchandise. One of which being San-ei, Nintendo’s most reliable plush toy distributor.

I adore San-ei and have been a customer of their plush toys for longer than I like to admit. Although my entire collection isn’t entirely Zelda, San-ei is still the leading distributor for most of my Nintendo plush toys. They’re incredibly high quality and consistent in detail. Not to mention how soft they are! They can be a little on the small side for cuddly friends, but that’s not to say they aren’t huggable at all.

My second favorite company is Club Mocchi-Mocchi, which Tomy created. Tomy is one of the best toy distributors, even outside of plush toys – it’s just a huge benefit that plush toys are also on the menu! Their Mocchi-Mocchi collection is the pinnacle of soft toys. The entire brand pride itself on having super-sized, super-squishy versions of your favorite gaming characters, and they don’t plan on ceasing production any time soon.

But these two companies aren’t the only ones creating high-quality Zelda-themed plush. Several other businesses are creating cuddly characters – these are just my favorite! If you can’t find something you like from these two companies, there are always smaller licensed businesses with their doors open to eager fans! There are so many potential cuddle-buddies to join your gaming sessions.

But to save you the stress of sifting through pages of potential candidates, I’ve done the research to find and recommend the best of the best to accompany the Hero of Hyrule. So here are my top picks for all things Zelda plush.

Mocchi-Mocchi Korok, Octorok & Hylian Shield

Club Mocchi- Mocchi- The Legend of Zelda Korok Mega Plush Toy

Mocchi-Mocchi plushies are a must-have for intense gaming sessions. These plushies are almost cushions rather than just soft display toys since they are so big. They’re perfect for squishing and relaxing, adding nerdy decor to any couch or setup. I love Mocchi-Mocchi plush toys because they allow characters that usually wouldn’t have merch made a chance to shine!

There is currently three Legend of Zelda-themed Mocchi-Mochhi plush toys, the Korok, Octorok, and Hylian Shield. All of which are super-soft and also super adorable! They are accurate to their inspirations while maintaining the cute nature of a mochi plush.

My personal favorite of this collection has to be the Korok. I fell in love with these critters when I first played Breath of the Wild. So having a huge, squishy one to hug since I can’t jump into the game and do it that way is an appropriate substitute. Plus, I can’t imagine embracing a real Korok would be as soft as these plushies.


– Extra large so perfect for using as a pillow.
– Super soft and squishy.
– Unusual characters to see merchandise of.


– A little on the expensive side.
– Takes up a fair amount of space due to their size.

San-ei Toon Link & Toon Zelda Chibi Plush

Sanei The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Plush

My first experience with the Zelda franchise was through Toon Link in Spirit Tracks, so his cartoonish design alongside chibi Zelda will always have a special place in my heart. However, as much as I love the design of Link in every other Zelda game, the cuteness and broad features of Toon Legend of Zelda are a winner in my eyes.

Both Toon Link & Zelda make perfect plush companions. I own both of these plushies and adore them. For any Zelda fanatic, these plushies are essential to add to your collection. They’re small enough to fit any display or desk without covering too much space, and their 20cm height means they’re just big enough to cuddle. They’re also perfect travel companions for gamers on the go!


– Adorable due to their toon design.
– Super-soft fabric!
– A more affordable option.


– Too small to get a good cuddle out of.
– Light-weight and more susceptible to fall over on display.

San-ei Breath of the Wild Zelda & Link


However, if the Toon versions aren’t for you, San-ei released a pair of Breath of the Wild-inspired plushies to match their cartoon counterparts. The Breath of the Wild couple of plushies is far more detailed than the chibi edition, but that’s expected since BOTW is a more graphically detailed game.

These plushies stand taller at 24cm and are perfect for any BOTW fan. I think they’re a great gift idea should you know someone who adores this game. Just remember, you can’t have one without the other!


– One of very few BotW plushies to be released.
– Very detailed for their size.
– Always for sale on the official Nintendo Store.


– Minimal facial features, yet very detailed plush make them look slightly odd.
– Same weight as their toon counterparts, so quite hard to display without leaning on something else.

San-ei Breath of the Wild Bokoblin

Sanei The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Bokobline Plush

Bokoblin’s are potentially one of the many fascinating species in the Zelda universe. They’re a recurring enemy that jumps to attack in many games. But with this, they have also faced a multitude of designs. Some are simple and less than scary; however, Bokoblin’s has also had several truly terrifying designs depending on the game. One of which was selected by Nintendo to be embodied in cuddly form.

In Skyward Sword, they had more humanoid features. They have razor-sharp teeth and large round noses, with a pair of two black horns on top of their relatively egg-shaped heads. Clad with brown leather and a skull-shaped pendant, these enemies were far from intimidating compared to other designs. Such as Twilight Princess Bokoblin’s, which were genuinely nightmare fuel.

On the other hand, their revamp in Breath of the Wild made their species more alien and pig-like. So rather than having their oddly humanoid features, the Breath of the Wild Bokoblin has a hog appearance with a large snout and empty blue eyes.

From dancing around a fire to grooming one another like monkeys, they just live their best lives until we interrupt. So in a way, they’re pretty sweet. However, the closer you get, the more grotesque their design becomes. But in a way, this design is by far the cutest of the lot, which is why I believe San-ei chose this design to make a plushie out of.

San-ei has done a great job capturing their charm in the soft-toy equivalent, as odd as these critters are. It features every element of a Bokoblin’s personality, from their wooden clubs to the skull-shaped necklace they wear with such pride. Standing at about 21cm, I’d say that this plushie is one of my all-time favorites.


– Extremely detailed and game-realistic.
– Super soft material.
– A good size for a cuddle too!


– I love this plushie so much I have no complaints whatsoever.

San-ei Tingle

Sanei The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker Tingle Plush

I know what you’re thinking. Why would anybody want a plush toy of Tingle? I was in the same position as you once. He’s not everyone’s favorite character from the franchise; I find it quite hard to believe Tingle could be anyone’s favorite Zelda character. But this plush toy is rather charming once you look past its odd disposition.

Ever since I was first introduced to Tingle in the franchise, I found something charming within him. But I never expected to love his character enough to buy merchandise.

I visited Nintendo New York a few years ago, and within the entire wall of Zelda plush toys, Tingle stood out the most. He sat proudly with a handful of twin figures on my shelf the next thing I knew. So now I’m the proud owner of a Tingle Shrine – and I don’t hate it.


– Unusual character to find merchandise of.
– Perfect for an old-school Zelda display.


– Doesn’t really look like Tingle unless you know the character well.
– Top heavy, since he has a conical head and a teeny tiny body.
– Quite small so also difficult to cuddle.

8-Bit Large Plush by San-ei

Sanei Groudon Plush

Even though San-ei are known for their adorable, small plush toys, they have changed their pace a little with a collection of 8-Bit style cushions. Compared to the other plush toys San-ei has produced, this collection is much larger in scale and reminisces the traditional style of Zelda games, which is why they deserve a place on a ‘best of’ list.

The 8-Bit Zelda collection by San-ei currently includes:

  • Link with shield
  • Hylian Shield
  • Triforce
  • Link with Triforce

Each cushion comes with a golden Legend of Zelda title embroidery on the back. The Hylian Shield even comes with a strap on the back for your arm to slide in so that you can become the true hero of the pillow fight.

I love these plushies since 8-Bit Zelda merch is hard to come by. Unfortunately, at least now, since the style is considered vintage, the price tag is enormous. However, I hope to add this entire collection to my home soon, as these cushions would make excellent decor. Their materials are also incredibly soft (though still not as smooth as Mocchi Mocchi, nothing is!), so they will make a perfect gaming nest when Breath of the Wild Two is finally released.


– A homage to everything old-school Zelda.
– Adorable addition to home decor.
– Great selection of designs to choose from.
– Good size for price as well.
– A rare find due to limited availability!


– More of a pillow than a plush toy.
– Slightly more on the expensive scale than a plush toy.

Electronic Korok Talking Toy by ThinkGeek

The Legend of Zelda Electronic Talking Korok Plush Toy

You’re probably aware of the great 900 Korok hunt if you’ve played through Breath of the Wild. I’m about 250 in, and I’ve slowly made my way through for around three years now. It’s safe to say I don’t think I’m anywhere near close to finishing.

But if you’re like me, and love these critters down to their very roots, then adding this talkative tree to your collection is a must-have. Sure, it may not be the plush, cuddly Korok you’d expect since it’s programmed to recite the only phrase it knows, but it’s definitely worth featuring!

Giving this tiny guy a cuddle will recite in a ‘Ya ha ha!’ which I’m sure I’ll get sick of eventually. But it’s cute at the start!


– A wonderful Korok addition to your collection! (I hope you have 900 of these)
– A very cute plushie to display and true to the character it’s based on.


– Electronic toy so has a hunk of plastic in the middle.
– Repeats the same phrase which may be a test of sanity.
– Very small, almost palm-sized, so quite difficult to cuddle.


Question: How do I Know if a Product is Licensed?

Answer: Companies selling officially licensed Nintendo products will always explicitly state that they are officially licensed. If you’re unsure and buying from a website outside of the Nintendo Online Shop, then double-check the product description. This will state whether the product is licensed or not.

Question: Where’s the Best Place to buy a Zelda Plushie?

Answer: My first stop shop for Zelda plushies is the official Nintendo website. They stock the San-ei plush toys mentioned in this guide, and you’re guaranteed a genuine and high-quality product if you buy directly through the site! Of course, you’re also supporting the company, which is a plus since they gave us Zelda in the first place!

Question: How Expensive are Zelda Plush Toys?

Answer: It depends on where you’re buying from and which plushie you’re buying. For example, the San-ei plushies start at $12.99, but the Club Mocchi-Mocchi ones go up to $35. Both prices reflect the size of the plushie rather than the quality since they are both made by fantastic companies. How much you spend on a plushie depends on which plushie you want to add to your collection. But before you know it, you’ll be down the plushie rabbit hole like me!


As I mentioned already, I own a few San-ei branded plush toys. They are absolutely fantastic, but they can be a little on the small side. Out of this list, I definitely want to add the entire Zelda Mocchi-Mocchi collection to my home. They are so soft and cute, not to mention how hard it is to find officially licensed Korok plushies. They’re easily my favorite Zelda plush, so it would be rude for me to not eventually buy them!

I think the Bokoblin deserves a special mention to. Since he’s by San-ei, you can expect an incredibly detailed and high-quality product if you find yourself adding him to your cart. I know I keep singing their praises, but San-ei seriously know what they’re doing when it comes to plush toys. I own Toon Link and Tingle, and they are such a charming pair whilst sat together on display. I can only imagine the Bokoblin follows this pattern.

I love Bokoblins but it has always been so difficult to find any sort of merch for them. Despite them being such a consistent and integral part to Zelda enemies, they’re very hard to come by. I’ve only seen this plushie once, and it was a few years ago in Nintendo New York. So their elusive nature in merch is definitely a repeated pattern!

Remember, this is just a list of the best of the best Zelda plush toys. Outside of this list is still an extensive collection of Zelda merch to fill all your needs. Trust me; there will be something that you fall in love with, even if it is unexpected. I never expected to love my Tingle plushie as much as I do – but now I can’t imagine my collection without him in it!

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