Kara Phillips-Ashman

After spending most of her childhood diving into the wonderful world of gaming, Kara is raring to share her passions and expertise through her writing. She studied journalism at university and has hosted radio shows, podcasts, and has written for a number of publications such as GamesRadar+. Additionally, she is a massive fan of titles like The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing - but won’t shy from an intense game of Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Terrako Guide

The Legend of Zelda is home to hundreds of loveable and incredibly unforgettable characters who join us on our adventures through Hyrule. Of course, everyone has a favorite character, from personalities as prominent as Daruk to sizes as small as Makar. But some of these characters still slip through the cracks, despite their importance to […]

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Kokiri Guide

It’s safe to say that the land of Hyrule is incredibly rich in its history. This includes an extensive range of species and races, all of which reside within its vast environments. However, to a new player, this history can be incredibly overwhelming. Therefore, it’s essential to learn what you can from the beginning, especially

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Navi Zelda Guide

The Legend of Zelda is known for all its fascinating characters. No matter which game you play, you’ll meet someone you love. Hyrule has someone (or something) for everyone. Unfortunately, where there’s love, there are characters that you will struggle to tolerate. When a character is annoying, they are impossible to forget. I have met

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