Alex Scowen

Born to a pair of proud nerds, Alex has been an avid fan of everything from video games to books to anime since early childhood. You'd be hard-pressed to find her without a book or a controller in hand, and if so, she's probably at the computer typing out what she hopes will be the next best-seller. Having started with a baby's first PS2, complete with a custom pink controller, she's evolved into a fully-fledged nerd with a collection of gaming titles, including The Legend of Zelda, Persona, and Fire Emblem, and a boasts a manga library of well over 200 volumes.

Zora Hall Guide

Zora Hall is the home stage and rehearsal place of the Indigo-Gos, a famous Zora band in Majora’s Mask. The band’s five members are veritable superstars around Termina, and the Zora gathered at the stage are all excited about their upcoming gig at the Carnival of Time being held at Clock Town in three days. …

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robbie botw

Robbie BOTW Guide

Aside from Link, only three other Hylians in Breath of the Wild remember the Calamity: Impa, Purah, and (most importantly for us) Robbie. 100 years ago, Robbie was one of the top Sheikah researchers employed at the Hyrule Royal Palace, and he’s continued his work in the wake of the apocalypse. Now that Link’s woken …

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Malon Zelda Guide

Malon Zelda Guide

Sometimes, a character in a series will make a big impact despite not having a big role to play. I argue that one such character is Malon, first seen in Ocarina of Time. A little girl with a big heart, a lovely singing voice, and a fervent love of animals. Despite not having a major …

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