tears of the kingdom lucky clover gazette guide

Tears of the Kingdom Lucky Clover Gazette Guide

While the main story in Tears of the Kingdom is important, what makes open-world games like it special are the side quests that bring life and flavor to the world. Tears of the Kingdom is chock full of side adventures to get immersed in, and one of my favorites is to do with the newly established Hyrulean newspaper, the Lucky Clover Gazette.

However, the quests associated with it can get complicated as there are a lot. Whether you’re stuck on one of these many quests or aren’t even sure what the Lucky Clover Gazette is, let’s go through it all in detail to see what you’re dealing with on your trip into the world of journalism in this Tears of the Kingdom Lucky Clover Gazelle Guide.

tears of the kingdom lucky clover gazette
Lucky Clover Gazette HQ, Traysi is busy at work

What is the Lucky Clover Gazette?

If you played Breath of the Wild, you might remember the volumes of Rumor Mill you could find in stables across Hyrule and their author Traysi. In Tears of the Kingdom, Traysi has moved up in the world and established her own newspaper: The Lucky Clover Gazette.

At each stable in the game, you’ll find someone sitting and reading a copy of this newspaper, and they’ll tell you about the headlines when you talk to them. These stories change as you progress through the game, reflecting your accomplishments. They even mention some of the side adventures you complete along the way.

But the Lucky Clover Gazette isn’t just a part of the worldbuilding flavor. Once you start your search for Zelda, Purah ushers you in Traysi’s direction so you can work with the reporters to find clues about Zelda’s whereabouts.

Where is the Lucky Clover Gazette

You can find the Headquarters for the Lucky Clover Gazette in the old Rito Stable, which Traysi bought when it went out of business. You can ride a horse straight from Lookout Landing, through Hebra or over Tabantha Bridge, and up to Traysi’s front door.

When you arrive, she’s been expecting you and will pair you up with her reporter Penn to canvass stables across Hyrule in search of the Princess. Penn doesn’t know you’re the Hero of Hyrule, but Traysi thinks you should keep it that way.

Finally, as a little added incentive, Traysi says she’ll give you the Froggy Armor set as a reward for working through the leads. However, she won’t give them to you all at once. You’ll receive them a piece at a time. This is well worth pursuing as the Froggy Armor increases your slip resistance when climbing slippery surfaces and will eliminate slipping altogether as a set bonus.

So with such an enticing incentive, you’re ready to start your new life as a reporter.

tears of the kingdom froggy suit
The froggy armor, provides slip resistance

Potential Princess Sightings

The main quest for the Lucky Clover Gazette is called ‘Potential Princess Sightings.’ This quest sees you traveling across Hyrule to each of the stables and following up on different leads found by your partner, Penn.

Penn is a Rito who looks like a white pelican wearing aviator goggles. He’s physically different from the rest of the Rito, taller and differentiated by his larger beak. So he stands out when you’re looking for him. He’s boisterous and a little slow, but he has a strong passion for journalism.

At most stables across Hyrule, you’ll find Penn either talking to someone or looking around. 

tears of the kingdom penn at new serenne
Penn outside of New Serenne Stable

The two exceptions to this are Lakeside and East Akkala stables. Penn isn’t at Lakeside Stable, as it’s part of a two-stage quest. While you do run into him at East Akkala stable, he hasn’t found any news about the Princess in that area, so he leaves without inciting a quest.

When you find him, talking to Penn will start the quest for that stable, and he’ll give you a rundown of the situation with the Princess. These scenarios vary wildly from a few missing goats to a ransom note from the Yiga clan. 

Only one of these quests requires you to go far away from the stable to complete it.

Each time you finish a quest, Penn will hand over Traysi’s payment for your work, which increases each time. There are 12 in total. 

The rewards are as follows:

  1. Purple rupee
  2. Purple rupee + Lucky Clover Gazette cloth
  3. Purple rupee + Red rupee
  4. The Froggy Sleeve
  5. Silver rupee
  6. Silver rupee
  7. Silver rupee + Red rupee
  8. Silver rupee + Red rupee
  9. Silver rupee + the Froggy Leggings
  10. Silver rupee + Purple rupee
  11. 2 Silver rupees
  12. Gold rupee

The total is 1360 rupees plus the extra goodies Traysi throws your way. 

You are given the first two parts of the froggy gear through Penn, plus a cloth design for the paraglider. However, you have to collect the headpiece of the armor set from Traysi in person after you’ve finished your 12th quest.

If you don’t know where to find Penn next, you can return to Traysi at headquarters. She’ll tell you one of the stables Penn is currently investigating and what lead he’s following up on. Now, if you’re having a bit of trouble with any of the quests, here’s a rundown of all 12 Lucky Clover Gazette side adventures

The Beckoning Woman — Outskirt Stable

Penn is talking to a blonde man about a strange woman asking for someone to help her friend. He tried to follow but lost track of her. Penn wonders if this friend could be the Princess and says you should check it out.

Go and find the woman, Ralera, at the intersection. She needs your help as her friend is in danger. This friend is hiding, and you need to go to her without enemies following you. So you need to ‘follow’ the woman across the area while being attacked by various monsters. She’ll meet you at each destination; you don’t have to protect her.

She’ll guide you down the road, to the top of a ledge, and finally across onto the Great Plateau. Once you find her on the plateau, she’ll reveal that she is a Yiga clan member! They’ve been trying to lure Link to kill him using Zelda as bait.

Defeat the Yiga member, and Penn will meet you on the plateau. He’s shocked that this was all a trap laid by the Yiga and laughs at the idea they thought you might be the hero. At least you managed to fight them off. 

He’ll hand over your payment and take off, concluding the quest.

Gourmets Gone Missing — Riverside Stable

Find Penn standing under a tree. Some chefs are expected at the stable but are yet to arrive. They’re carrying a recipe shared with them by the Princess. Penn will direct you to Gotter, the stable’s chef, who’s been waiting for them to arrive.

Gotter is down by the river, watching the bridge. He says they’ll pass over it when they arrive but is worried since he still hasn’t seen them. You must follow the path across the bridge and into the forest beyond. The chefs have stopped at their camp, keeled over from sickness after eating a bad meal. 

You’ll find the recipe for a Meat and Rice Bowl on a table in the camp. It calls for meat, Hylian rice, and rock salt.

You need to fetch the ingredients for this yourself. Rice is the hardest ingredient to come by, but it’s much easier to buy some than farm it around Lake Floria. Feed the meal to the gourmets, and they’ll heal up, right as rain. Now that they’re healthy, the chefs replace your ingredients and make their way to Riverside Stable. 

Penn catches up to you to gather the details of the lead and hand over your reward.

The Beast and the Princess — New Serenne Stable

This is the only Lucky Clover Gazette quest that requires you to go far from the stable you find Penn. You get the quest at New Serenne Stable on Hyrule Ridge, but to complete it, you must travel to Lakeside Stable in the far south.

Penn tells you he’s heard rumors of the Princess riding around on a terrifying beast. They say this thing is as tall as a mountain and with monstrous tusks. 

You might have already encountered talk of this beast if you’ve been talking to NPCs around stables; some have a painting of it on the wall. Penn’s little birds have heard the sightings are appearing more frequently in the subtropical south of Hyrule, so you should check there.

dondons tears of the kingdom
Dondons, feed them luminous stone to receive gemstones

Head to the Lakeside Stable on the way to Lurelin Village. An older man is standing near the river, looking over the other bank. He tells you about these creatures called Dondons being cared for across the river by a woman named Cima. 

Jump across the river and ask Cima about the Dondons. This place is a protective enclosure for them. The Dondons are gentle and friendly creatures that the Princess discovered. She’s heard these rumors about Zelda riding terrible beasts but thinks they just saw the Dondons.

At this point, Penn shows up, and you recount the facts to him. Penn expresses his surprise at how wrong the rumors were and hands over your payment before he leaves.

Zelda’s Golden Horse — Snowfield Stable

At the Snowfield Stable, they keep a golden horse that belongs to Zelda. A little while ago, the Princess showed up, but when she approached the horse, it started to thrash. In the end, it got loose and ran out into the snowfield. 

The stablehand, Harlow, wants to go after it but says there’s a monster flying around stopping her.That flying monster is a frost gleeok. This is a brutal fight, even with twice upgraded rito armor and plenty of fire fruit. The good news is that you don’t have to fight it if you don’t want to.

The golden horse has joined a herd in the middle of the North Tabantha Snowfield, the expanse directly north of the stable. You can walk around the gleeok’s territory without it seeing you.

This horse is particularly skittish, so you’ll need to be careful on the approach, and it will require calming down once you’ve mounted it too. For this, you’ll either want stamina-enhancing food/elixirs or a few stamina upgrades. I did this quest with a full second ring of stamina and found it was enough.

tears of the kingdom golden horse
The golden horse

Ride the horse back to the stable. Penn and Harlow are pleased to see you back and in one piece. Harlow rewards your deed with a stamina elixir. Penn thinks the horse has taken a shine to you, and Harlow agrees, so she lets you take the horse with you. With any luck, you’ll find the Princess on your journeys and reunite the horse with its mistress. 

Penn then hands over your reward from Traysi, and you can register the horse at the stable. Besides looking fancy, the golden horse is a good mount. Its base stats are all high, with level-four speed. And, unlike other rare horses, it can wear the towing harness and be customized.

White Goats Gone Missing — Tabantha Bridge Stable

white goats tears of the kingdom
Chork and his goats

Penn says a herd of white goats has gone missing, and he insists it has something to do with Zelda. He suggests you talk to Chork, who was looking after the goats. 

Chork is distressed that his herd has disappeared. He was even feeding them from the recipe Princess Zelda gave him, which he lost and is now making from memory. He insists it required whole, uncrushed Hylian pine cones.

All that’s left of the goats now is a trail of pine cones. To find them, you follow that trail. It leads down the road into the Seres Scablands, where you inevitably find the goats munching on the grass alongside the missing recipe.

Chork catches up when you find them and realizes, oh, he was meant to crush the pine cones into a powder. The herd must have fled because of the awful food. Chork thanks you and takes the goats home. 

Penn then joins you. He thinks that the goats went out in search of the recipe, and that’s why they were found with it. Either way, he hands you the payment from Traysi and is off to do the write-up.

For Our Princess! — Foothill Stable

Find your way to Foothill Stable, and you’re be greeted by the Zonai Research Team… in their underwear. Well… Everyone at the stable is uncomfortable with it but they insist they’re doing this on Zelda’s orders: “Prepare your mind and body, and explore in your underpants!” 

Penn directs you to a monster cave the researchers are exploring down the road into Eldin.

Follow it to the den, and you’ll find two researchers psyching themselves up to do as their Princess ordered them to. But they’re afraid; if only someone could show them how. You volunteer! But you have to do it in your underwear. Surrender all of your equipment, all of it, and enter the cave.

This is one of those challenges where you must defeat several enemies without any starting gear. The cave has a few bokoblins and a moblin inside, plus some equipment you can steal.

Thanks to the fuse feature, you can make a stronger weapon and wipe everything out as soon as you’ve killed something off. It isn’t nearly as tricky as Eventide Island, and many of the proving ground shrines are more challenging than this. Just be patient and play it smart.

Once you’ve finished, return to the researchers, who are thrilled with your victory. They give back your belongings and tell you to join them back at Foothill Stable. 

There, however, one of the researchers reveals something important. Zelda did not tell everyone to explore in their underpants but rather to ‘explore all other paths.’ It’s a clunky one, but it’s a quirk of the localization from Japanese. The researchers are all a little bummed out at having embarrassed themselves for nothing, but they finally put on some clothes.

Penn thinks this shows how much Zelda inspires her subjects as a leader. He hands you the payment and is off.

The All-Clucking Cucco — South Akkala Stable

At South Akkala Stable, Penn’s stuck for leads on the Princess, but has heard about a fortune-telling cucco on the hill behind the stable. Sounds… fishy, but it could be interesting.

Up on the hill, there really is a talking cucco. It knows Link and what his quest is, but the cucco needs Link to prove himself as a hero before it can bless him. You must complete two trials. First, reach the top of the stable within 40 seconds. Second, bring 3 tree logs up the hill within 90 seconds.

However, once you’ve passed the second trial, the cucco is revealed as a Yiga clan ploy the whole time! The Yiga ambush you, and a fight breaks out with 3 Yiga clan goons.

After the Yiga clan retreats with its tail between its legs, Penn finds you and asks what happened. Unsurprised that it wasn’t a real talking cucco, he hands over your payment.

The Missing Farm Tools — Wetland Stable

At this stable, rumor has it Zelda’s been stealing tools from the workers here. That doesn’t sound much like Zelda, so it’s worth investigating. The workman Izra says the Princess borrowed some tools and took them downstream, but since she disappeared, she hasn’t returned them. 

He’d go check himself, but his raft isn’t strong enough to steer him down without crashing. So it’s time for you to step up as chauffeur. Zonai devices, including batteries, a steering stick, and a fan, are lying around the area. Attach them to the raft, and you can ferry Izra across the river, with him giving you directions as you go. 

Once you arrive, Penn joins you to see what you’re up to, but you’re interrupted by Magda, the scary flower lady from Breath of the Wild. She’s been upkeeping this flower sanctuary that the Princess built, but she doesn’t know how to use the tools, and without the Princess, she’s stuck.

Izra offers to help her, happy to know what’s happened to his tools, and she accepts the help a tad forcefully. Oh well, Penn’s glad to see that it’s all been resolved and hands over your payment.

Princess Zelda Kidnapped?! — Dueling Peaks Stable

Penn at deuling peaks tears of the kingdom
Penn on top of Dueling Peaks Stable

You find Penn looking out from the top of Dueling Peaks Stable. You need to use Ascend to join him. He informs you the Yiga clan has sent the Gazette a ransom note saying they’ve kidnapped Zelda! 

Their note says they’re holding her in ‘the carved out heart of the towering twins,’ and Penn has linked the twins to Dueling Peaks. You need to find her as quickly as possible!

This one’s a little obtuse to figure out and reach, but it’ll be easier if you’ve been exploring the skies. There’s a dip in the south side of the Dueling Peaks mountain top, forming a little gorge right at the summit. There’s a cage holding the Princess in this gap. You can reach it by climbing the mountain or dropping in from the West Necluda Sky Archipelago.

Inside the cage is someone who looks just like the Princess. Of course, it’s just a trap from the Yiga clan to lure Link out and defeat him. You’re immediately beset by the ruffians and have to fight them off.

After you claim victory, Penn drops by and is disappointed, if not surprised, to hear it was all a trap. Although he says that you’re a little full of yourself to think it was laid just for you. He waves you off and hands over your payment.

An Eerie Voice — Highland Stable

The rumor here says that, at night, people can hear the Princess’s voice echoing across the Fural Plain, the large field in front of Highland Stable. Penn tried to investigate it himself and could only make out vague mumblings. He was too frightened to explore further, not that he’ll admit it to you. Instead, he proposes the two of you investigate together.

Meet Penn outside the stable at night to begin the investigation. Follow the voice to the Haran Lakefront Well out in the field. The voice sounds like it’s saying, ‘leave the arms, leave the arms, for if not I’ll do you harm.’ Strange and threatening, but you just find a young woman after jumping inside.

This is Sagessa. She’s a traveler who comes to this well at night to practice her singing; she likes how her voice sounds down there. The song goes, ‘seek the storm, seek the storm, fear it not you will stay warm,’ which is significantly less frightening. The acoustics of the well have been warping her voice and freaking out passers-by. 

I think this is another localization quirk; to my ear, they don’t sound remotely similar. But they tried.

Penn is surprised to hear the truth of what’s going on and is glad to have solved another mystery. He hands you your payment and is off once again.

The Blocked Well — Gerudo Canyon Stable

Gerudo Canyon Stable may be closing down, but there’s still a lead here. Apparently, Zelda shut off the stable’s well and declared it off-limits. Without this well, especially in the volatile weather of the Gerudo Canyon, the stable couldn’t hydrate the horses or its patrons. And this has contributed to the stable closing down. Why would the Princess do this

Unfortunately, Penn is too large to fit down the well himself. But Link isn’t. You’ll find breakable rocks at the bottom of the well, behind which is a small band of Lizalfos and a Like Like. Take them all out and return to Penn. 

Looks like the Princess shut the well off to keep everyone safe from the monsters but disappeared before she could deal with the problem. With that, he hands over the payment and bids you farewell.

Serenade to a Great Fairy — Woodland Stable

By the stage outside Woodland Stable, you’ll find Penn interviewing two members of the traveling band, the Stable Trotters.  After getting worried for the Great Fairy and going to check on her, they were accosted by a mysterious blonde woman. The encounter spooked their horse, and their cart was broken in the panic.

Penn thinks this mysterious woman could be Zelda, so it’s worth asking the Great Fairy about this. She’s been frightened back into her fountain, but she’ll come out for the music of the stable trotters. 

Use the nearby materials to fix the cart and then take them up the hill with your own horse. Once you’ve pulled them close enough, the stable trotters will play for the Great Fairy Tera, and she’ll be drawn out of the fountain.

The stable trotters rejoice, and Penn shows up to talk to the Great Fairy. With that, Penn rewards your work and leaves, and the Stable Trotters follow suit. Before you leave, you can have Tera upgrade some of your armor if you have the materials and money.

Finishing Up the Quest

Once you’ve finished up your 12th quest, return to Traysi at HQ. She thanks you for all your work but knows what you’re here for, so she hands over the Froggy Hood. You may not have found the Princess, but you’ve done good work and solved some mysteries. Although if you’re interested, she would be willing to hire you on as a reporter after everything’s calmed down.

She told Penn that he should say a final word of thanks to you now the work’s finished, but he grew flustered and flew off in a hurry. She says he was determined to do some training, although she can’t quite remember where. Wassa’s something. Some sort of bluff? This is Washa’s Bluff, north of Mount Satori. 

Penn at Washas bluff tears of the kingdom
Reuniting with Penn at Washa’s Bluff

Head over and to the top of one of the tall tree things, the tallest one with the small hut on top, and you’ll find Penn.

He’s contemplating his position on the Lucky Clover Gazette team. While he found all of the leads, the truth never would have been uncovered if it weren’t for you, and he’s not happy saying he pulled his weight.  This is where a famous bard once perfected his craft, so he’s going to train here too, while Traysi’s given him this break. You have to love this reference to Kass, even if it’s a shame he isn’t here himself.

You don’t get anything for following Penn to Washa’s Bluff, but it’s a sweet moment for you and your reporting partner to close out the quest line.


Question: Where is the Lucky Clover Gazette?

Answer: The Lucky Clover Gazette is based in the old Rito Stable building, right outside Rito Village. To get there, follow the path up through Hebra or across the Great Tabanatha Bridge. Although you can’t easily access Rito Village until the bridge is fixed, the newspaper headquarters is unblocked.

Question: How Many Lucky Clover Gazette Quests are There?

Answer: There are 12 quests associated with the Lucky Clover Gazette and Potential Princess Sightings questline.

Question: How do you get the Froggy Armor?

Answer: The Froggy Armor is the reward for completing the Potential Princess Sightings quest. Traysi, the quest giver, will award you pieces of the set as you finish the 12 quests. You receive the Froggy Sleeve after 4, the Leggings after 9, and the hood at the end. You have to visit Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette HQ to get it.

Tears of the Kingdom Lucky Clover Gazelle Guide: Soar Long!

The Lucky Clover Gazette is a fun addition to the Kingdom of Hyrule, giving you more excuses to travel and explore every nook and cranny of this expansive world. It even introduces you to important game functions, such as the Great Fairy Fountains and well exploration. Not to mention the armor you get as a reward.

If you haven’t taken your first steps into the world of Hyrulean journalism, what are you waiting for? Get out there and search for the Princess!

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