tears of the kingdom stable guide

Tears of the Kingdom Stable Guide

Stables are an integral part of the Tears of the Kingdom experience. While they were in Breath of the Wild before it, this game took them and fleshed them out more with a reward system, a slew of new quests, and even more reasons to explore the sights of Hyrule.

Let’s take a closer look at the renewed significance the stables have in Tears of the Kingdom and how to make the best out of these rest stops on your journey to save the Princess.

The Stable Association

stable Tears of the Kingdom
A stable, they’re shaped like a horse and stand out as landmarks. Image by Alexandra Scowen

Since the fall of the Calamity, the stables across Hyrule have come together to form The Stable Association. They now work collectively to bring their customers a better experience across the kingdom.

Some stables have also moved around or closed down (or are in the process of closing). The stables are more prominent than ever in Tears of the Kingdom. They’re the hub for several major side adventures and even the Great Fairy Fountains.

They’ve also implemented a rewards system for using the stables called pony points, incentivizing you to spend more time around the rest-stops than you might have before.

There are 14 stables in total (1 fewer than in the previous game), where you store and withdraw the horses you collect during your travels. Each stable also has a cookpot for crafting healing items and an inn to restore all of your hearts and advance the day.

There are other neat things around stables too, such as unique recipe cards on the interior walls and dogs hanging around who, if befriended, will find goodies for you.

Pony Points

pony point card Tears of the Kingdom Stable
The pony points card in the inventory, tells you how many more points you need. Image by Alexandra Scowen

The most notable thing added to the stables is the “Pony Point system.” Pony points are a loyalty point program implemented after establishing the Stable Association. When you approach the desk at your first stable, the guy behind the counter will explain your loyalty card (which you can view in your inventory) and sign you up with the association.

You can earn pony points by using stable facilities like staying at the inn and registering new horses. You also receive a pony point each time you reach a stable for the first time. Sometimes, you also earn pony points for completing quests for the stable hands.

There are some really cool rewards to be earned through the pony point system, like new saddle and bridle sets, additional slots to register horses (for a total of 10), and even half-price on all stable facilities.

Here’s a list of all the rewards you can earn from the pony point system:

3 — Towing Harness
5 — Horse God Cloth
7 — Malanya Bed
10 — Extra horse registration
13 — Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle
16 — Mane restyling
20 — Extra horse registration
23 — Knight’s Saddle and Bridle
26 — Extravagant Saddle and Bridle
30 — Extra horse registration
35 — Extra horse registration
40 — 50% off all stable fees
45 — 5 sleepover tickets
50 — 3 endura carrots

Once you hit 40 pony points, the rewards stop being unique. You’ll continue to earn rewards for pony points, but it will alternate between 5 sleepover tickets and 3 endura carrots ad infinitum.

Stable Facilities

Several base facilities are available at all stables, and they change depending on which counter you’re standing at.

Boarding and Registration

At the outside counter, you can board and withdraw any horses you already own for free. You can register horses for a fee of 20 rupees per registration.

Taking out a horse doesn’t require that horse, or any other, to be in the stable. If your horse is stuck at the top of Death Mountain and you’re in Faron, you can still take that horse out from the stable or board it.

Once you’ve unlocked the ability, you can also customize your horse with different equipment and hairstyles. Remember, not all horses (namely Epona and the large horses) can be changed or wear the towing harness.


From the inside stable, you can use the inn by sleeping in a bed. The bed will replenish your health and advance time to morning, noon, or night.

The basic bed will cost 20 rupees, but this fee can be waived if you have a sleepover ticket. Once you’ve unlocked it, you could instead use the Malanya bed for 50 rupees, which grants additional bonuses. See the next section for further details.

Sleepover tickets let you use a stable bed for free but will not net you a pony point. You also can’t use sleepover tickets for Malanya beds.


You can find miscellaneous supplies like apples, berries, and bundles of wood around each stable, which are free to take. Each stable also has a water well out back which contains ore deposits, lizards, frogs, and mushrooms. The contents and size vary from stable to stable.


A mainstay at every stable is the merchant Beedle. He wanders outside the stables when the weather is good and sits inside the stable at night and when it’s raining.

He sells various items, and his stock varies between stables. This can include butterflies, lizards, and other foodstuffs, and he will always sell arrows.

As convenient as he is, all of Beedle’s prices are marked up from the general stores in towns and even from other merchants you meet on the road. However, some of his wares, like butterflies, are rare and worth the extra cost.

Beedle is also fond of rhino beetles and will be able to detect if you’re holding any. You can trade them to him for food and elixirs.

Malanya the Horse God

malanya Tears of the Kingdom Stable
Malanya the Horse God. Image by Alexandra Scowen

You’ll hear this name a lot around the stables. As the god of horses, he’s significant to those who look after them, especially the people of East Akkala stable.

Once you accumulate 7 pony points, you can use the Malanya beds instead of the regular beds. They cost 50 rupees instead of 20 but will grant you three extra hearts of health, an extra stamina wheel, and may result in a premonition from the horse god himself. This will consist of him asking for food if you’ve already met him and a beckoning to his resting place in northern Akkala if you haven’t.

Malanya’s fountain is located northeast of Hyrule, near East Akkala stable, and west of the old Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Feed him an endura carrot, and the bud will open so you can talk to the horse god. In exchange for cooked food, Malanya can increase your horse’s abilities and even bring back your horses from the dead if they fall victim to a stray lizalfos.

The Great Fairy Fountains

The stables are now also home to the great fairy fountains, the locations at which you can upgrade your armor. Instead of opening the fairy fountains with donations of rupees in increasing amounts (to a frankly ludicrous total), Tears of the Kingdom presents you with quests to unlock them.

These quests revolve around a band of traveling musicians called ‘The Stable Trotters.’ The four great fairies adore their music and will reveal themselves if you can help them to perform at the fountains.

You can first find the Stable Trotters at the Woodland Stable, after which they will go to Outskirt, Snowfield, and finally Dueling Peaks stables.

Check out our guide for detailed information on the Stable Trotters and the Great Fairy Fountains!

Potential Princess Sightings

The stables have yet another series of quests associated with them. These ones revolve around the Lucky Clover Gazette, based out of what used to be the old Rito Stable.

Since the fall of the Calamity, a newspaper has started, and they’re ready and willing to help Link search for Princess Zelda. The editor, Traysi, sends you and her field agent Penn to canvass the stables across Hyrule for any leads you might find.

Each of these leads is a quest where you investigate rumors Penn has picked up about Zelda in the area. There are 12 in total, and your reward for finishing them is the Froggy Armor.

There’s a lot to know about this quest, so you can check out our guide if you want more information about it.

A Painting for a Stable

The final set of quests revolving around the stables is the photo quests. The Stable Association has outfitted each stable with a brand new painting frame to fill with an image that will bring a bit of life to the place. The stable owners know what they want to put in the frames but are so tied up with work they can’t go to the locations to make their paintings.

If only they had a detailed reference to work from!

Each stable wants a different image for their painting, and you must go out and capture it with the Purah Pad. You’ll need to upgrade the Purah Pad to have the camera function first, though.

These requests vary from simple landmarks to photos taken at a specific time and place.

When you capture the picture and bring it back to the stable, the owner will thank you and put your image into the frame. You’ll then be rewarded with a pony point and whichever dish or elixir is on that stable’s recipe card. If you take another picture of the same thing, you can change the painting anytime.

This is a fun distraction in the game, best picked up as you’re journeying across Hyrule for other reasons. However, some of the pictures are specific and difficult to find, so here’s a list of all the photographs you’ll need to take and the dishes you receive in thanks.

Outskirt Stable

cherry blossom Tears of the Kingdom Stable
Cherry Blossom tree near Rito Village. Image by Alexandra Scowen

As the stable closest to Satori Mountain, the owner wants a picture of the great cherry blossom tree at the peak of it. However, he’ll accept any cherry blossom tree around Hyrule, as there are now 8. You can find a map of all the locations on the stable wall next to the painting frame

Your reward is an egg tart.

Highland Stable

great white stallion Tears of the Kingdom Stable
Putting up the picture of the great white stallion. Image by Alexandra Scowen

Highland stable used to be where the Horse God Malanya resided, over the Lake of the Horse God, before it moved to Akkala. However, if you go to that same lake, you’ll now find the fabled Great White Stallion.

The stable owner wants a picture of this horse for his frame. You can tame and register this horse if you wish, but you only need to take a picture of it to complete the quest.

If you’ve already tamed and registered the stallion, you can take a photograph of your new friend with him wearing the saddle.

As a reward, you will receive honey crepes.

Lakeside Stable

floria falls Tears of the Kingdom Stable
The floria falls hanging in Lakeside Stable. Image by Alexandra Scowen

The owner of Lakeside Stable wants to display a landscape of Floria Falls, the waterfalls neighboring the stable.

It frequently rains in the area, and he reasons that visitors shouldn’t miss the spectacular view while the sun is out just because the weather took a bad turn. So you must capture this painting while it isn’t raining. You can snap this one from the bridge leading down to Lurelin Village.

You are rewarded with tough tomato seafood soup.

Dueling Peaks Stable

This one requires a bit of a trek. The owner of Dueling Peak Stable wants to put a truly breathtaking image in his stable’s frame. He hears from travelers that the best view in Hyrule is the sunset from the top of Tuft Mountain, which overlooks Lurelin Village.

The road to Lurelin Village branches off and up this mountain, which is both named on the map and distinguished by the heart-shaped lake at the top of it. Set up a campfire and sleep until morning, then whip your camera out and grab a photo of that sunset. The stable owner isn’t wrong; it is an image that shows off just how gorgeous this game can look.

You receive hasty apple pie as thanks.

Gerudo Canyon Stable

This stable is on the brink of shutting down, but the owner wants to fill the picture frames before he leaves to let this be a happy end. Unlike the other stables, Gerudo Canyon Stable has two frames to fill and two different photos to take.

snow sword Tears of the Kingdom Stable
The giant sword in the Gerudo Highlands. Image by Alexandra Scowen

The first is a photo of the giant sword lodged in the side of the mountain in the Gerudo Highlands. This sword actually belongs to the 8th maiden found deep in the mountains. The sword is guarded by a Frost Gleeok, although you can snap your picture without fighting it if you’re sneaky. It’s a bit north of the tower.

smiling rock Tears of the Kingdom Stable
Spectacle rock as seen from above, it looks like a smiling face. Image by Alexandra Scowen

The second photo is of spectacle rock, which you can see on the map, as seen from above so it ‘looks like it’s smiling.’ This description of the photo is confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Make your way up to the East Gerudo Sky Archipelago (just above the tower) and look down at Spectacle Rock. From a specific angle, you can line up a floating piece of ancient debris beneath the rocks to look like a smiling face. This is what the quest is after.

You will receive a Spicy Mushroom Risotto for each picture you bring.

Riverside Stable

At Riverside Stable, the owner wants to display a photo of one of the Great Goddess statues found around Hyrule. By this, he means the giant ones that tower over you.

This doesn’t include the statues at the Goddess Springs, but rather the statues in the Temple of Time (the one on the plateau instead of in the Garden of Time) and the Mother Goddess Statue in the Forgotten Temple.

To take a photo of the mother statue, you’ll need to repair it first, as it has been toppled. This requires a pilgrimage to all three Goddess Springs and claw fragments from the dragons. As such, I highly recommend you go to the Great Plateau instead unless you’ve already restored it.

Your reward is an energizing crab stir fry.

Wetland Stable

For Wetland Stable, you must take a picture of the Ring Ruins that have fallen around Kakariko Village. You can see them from the stable, far in the distance, but you’ll get a clearer picture if you take the photo from inside Kakariko.

The easiest photo to take is the giant intact ring looming far over the village, rather than the smaller fragments scattered around.

As a reward, you are given an electric elixir.

Foothill Stable

daruk Tears of the Kingdom Stable
The statue of Goron Champion Daruk in Goron City. Image by Alexandra Scowen

Foothill Stable wants to display a picture of the giant statue of the Champion Daruk from up in Goron City. Now that Death Mountain has gone dormant, it’s much easier to make your way up there, and the statue of Daruk has been upgraded too, with gemstones where the eyes are.

Your reward is a fireproof elixir.

South Akkala Stable

The owner of South Akkala Stable wants a picture of the Unity Bell sitting at the center of Tarrey Town nearby. His daughters are taken with the romantic tales surrounding the bell, and he thinks it would make them happy to put a painting of it up in the stable.

Once you bring the picture back, you receive a prime meat stew.

East Akkala Stable

octorok lake Tears of the Kingdom Stable
Octorok Lake during rain, it looks like its namesake. Image by Alexandra Scowen

The owner wants a picture of the nearby Octorok Lake while it looks like its namesake. When the lake’s water level is high, it looks like an octorok, and the owner hopes it might scare off nearby monsters that see it.

To get this photo, you’ll need to take it while it’s raining and from above. You could get this photo in multiple ways, but I used a hover stone and a rocket to get the vantage.

Your reward will be a meat and rice bowl.

Woodland Stable

Since Death Mountain fell dormant, Woodland Stable has become the new major stop on the way to Goron City, so the owner wants a painting of the lovely hot springs up the mountain. However, thinking they may be a bit dull on their own, he wants a picture of a Goron having a soak in them.

There are many hot springs across death mountain thanks to the recent absence of lava, but not all of them will have a Goron inside. The Goron relaxing in the Goron Hot Springs along the road from the city is the easiest to find.

It’s a little south on the map, but you reach it by following the road north, which circles over the bridge spanning the city.

Your reward is a vegetable curry.

Snowfield Stable

snowbird Tears of the Kingdom Stable
The snowbird as seen from Talonto Peak. Image by Alexandra Scowen

If you haven’t played Breath of the Wild, this one is a little difficult to explain. The owner of Snowfield Stable wants a picture of the giant snowbird as seen from Talonto Peak.

This was part of a shrine quest in the previous game, so returning players will know what to look for.

For those who don’t, there’s a place in Hebra called Talonto Peak. It stands out as a mountain peak with a single tree at the top. If you stand by this tree and look across the Biron Snowshelf, the land looks like a giant white bird in flight. This is what you need to photograph.

As a reward, you are given a spicy meat stew.

New Serenne Stable

New Serenne Stable is right on top of one of the geoglyphs that have popped up across the kingdom. The owner would like a picture of the geoglyph as seen from above.

If you do this quest while Impa is still around, you can use her hot air balloon to take this picture, but otherwise, you’ll need to find another way into the sky. I suggest using a hover stone with a balloon or rocket, as it will hold still while you try to take your photo.

As a reward, you’ll receive a bright tomato mushroom stew.

Tabantha Bridge Stable

ancient columns Tears of the Kingdom Stable
The ancient columns at sunrise, the game flexing how pretty it is. Image by Alexandra Scowen

The owner of Tabantha Bridge Stable wants a photo of the ancient columns at sunrise. If you played Breath of the Wild, you might remember this place as the location of a memory.

This landmark is at the top of the mountain across the Great Tabantha Bridge. You need to climb up as the path has collapsed, and you can’t take a horse up there anymore. You’ll find the columns at the top, but be careful because there’s a flame gleeok guarding the area.

On the bright side, not only can you avoid the flame gleeok with a bit of sneaking, but if you see it, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Throw down a campfire and wait until morning to take the picture as the sun rises.

You’re given a hasty elixir as thanks.

Finishing Up

Once you’ve captured all the photos and taken the last one back to the stable, the owner will mention that all of the paintings across Hyrule have now been filled, thanks to you. To thank you for all your work, you’ll receive a final reward of a diamond and 5 enduring carrot cakes.


Question: How many stables are there in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: There are 14 stables in Tears of the Kingdom. There is also one additional mini stable on the road between Outskirt Stable and Gerudo Canyon Stable. However, the mini stable has limited facilities.

Question: How much does it cost to register a horse TotK?

Answer: Registering a new horse at a stable will cost you 20 rupees. From there, boarding and withdrawing that horse is free. You can register up to 10 horses after earning all the pony point rewards.

Question: What are all the pony point rewards TotK?

Answer: To get all the relevant rewards from the pony point system, you will want to earn 40 pony points. You get a towing harness, the horse god fabric, use of the Malanya beds, mane customization, and eventually 50% off stable fees at 3, 5, 7, 16, and 40 points, respectively. You earn additional slots to register new horses at 10, 20, 30, and 35 points.

Finally, you get three saddle and bridle sets at 13, 23, and 26 points. Past earning 40 points, the rewards will alternate between 5 sleepover tickets and 3 endura carrots.

Tears of the Kingdom Stable Guide: A Break on Your Adventure

Tears of the Kingdom has improved on its predecessor in so many ways, and the stables are no different. By adding so much more to these hubs of travel, it makes your journey across Hyrule feel more populated and involved. The places you move between are alive, but so are routes and places you stop at along the way.

So next time you stop by a stable to take out a horse, take a moment to stop and look around. You might pick up a new recipe, hear some news, or take a rest and recharge. Or maybe you’ll just be given a lot of carrot cake, who knows?

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