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Tears of the Kingdom Best Weapons

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The Upheaval event in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom took more than just Hyrule Castle. Unfortunately, it also caused almost all of the weapons on Hyrule’s surface to decay, leaving them brittle and essentially useless in combat.

These weapons can be saved using the Fuse ability, which allows you to attach any item in the game to your weapons, arrows, and shields to varying degrees of success.

This can make poor weapons less poor but doesn’t necessarily do your strongest items justice. And once you fuse something with your weapon, it can’t be removed unless you destroy it or visit a particular shop in Tarrey Town.

The last thing you want to do is Fuse a Gleeok Horn to a Bokoblin Arm, for example, and have it break after three good swipes. So if you’re feeling a little anxious about fusing your best items willy-nilly, then you’ve come to the right place.

There are several incredible base weapons that you can use to create some absolutely epic masterpieces with the best durability possible. Here, we will show you exactly where and how to get these amazing weapons so you can finally put your strongest items to good use.

Bottom Line Up Front

Most of the weapons you will find around Hyrule are decayed and brittle, with very minimal attack strength. These sorts of weapons rely on Fusion to make them somewhat useful in combat. There are, however, a selection of weapons in the game that are brilliant before they are Fused with anything at all. These are the weapons that you will want to keep your eyes open for.

Most of these weapons are collected as rewards for completing the game’s dungeons, or found in chests hidden within Treasure Caves. None of these weapons come easy, but finding them is definitely worth your time.

10. Zora Weapons

tears of the kingdom zora weapons
Zora Weapons
  • Weapon Types: Zora Sword, Zora Longsword, Zora Spear.
  • Stats: 6, 8, 6.
  • Effect: Attack up bonus when wet.
  • Locations: Lanayru region, particularly around the Lanayru Great Spring.
  • Prerequisites: N/A.

Most of the weapons you find on the surface will be Traveller’s Swords, Sticks, a range of different Spears, and Royal Guard’s Swords.

These are okay, and they do have the potential to create some pretty strong weapons when Fused with the right material, but there are far better weapons to find on the surface. Particularly in the Zora region.

In and around Zora’s Domain in the Lanayru region, you will come across a range of different Zora weapons. There is anything to suit your play style here, whether it be double-handed weapons, spears, or, my personal favorite, single-handed weapons that allow you to make use of your Shield.

Zora weapons still succumbed to the same decay that the other surface weapons did during the Upheaval, but there is still something special about them. Zora weapons double in attack power when you’re wet.

So if you Fuse something into a Zora sword, for example, and create a 32-strength weapon, its attack power will double to 62 whenever you’re caught in the rain or have just taken a dip in a puddle, stream, or ocean.

Zora weapons are very easy to find and require almost no extra steps to get your hands on. And with the added benefit of their attack power doubling when you’re wet, they can create some of the strongest weapons you can build, especially in the early game.

9. Weapons from the Depths

tears of the kingdom weapons from the depths
A Weapon in the Depths
  • Weapon Types: One-handed swords, two-handed swords, spears.
  • Stats: Double that of their surface counterparts.
  • Locations: The Depths.
  • Prerequisites: N/A.

Weapons in the Depths didn’t decay like the ones on the surface did during the Upheaval. This means that not only are they stronger than their surface counterparts, but they are also far more durable.

If you’ve been saving up all of your most powerful Fuse items for a weapon that isn’t going to shatter after one tussle with a Boss Bokoblin, the Depths can provide some excellent equipment.

The weapons offered in the Depths often reflect those which you can find on the surface above. For example, if you want a pristine version of a Zora Sword because you love the Zora weapon’s effect, you can find it in the Depths below the Lanayru region.

It’s also fun collecting weapons in the Depths. Rather than simply finding them or wrestling them from the hands of your enemies as you do on the surface, weapons in the Depths are offered to you by ghostly specters that sit atop rocks.

Not only is getting a weapon specifically handed to you by a ghost much cooler than simply finding one, but it also makes you feel very important. These mysterious spirits are dotted all over the Depths, and emit a greenish glow that makes them very easy to spot.

Weapons offered by the spirits that lurk in the Depths are nowhere near as strong as some others on this list, but there are essentially no story progression prerequisites required to collect them. That makes Depths weapons one of the best options if you’ve only just set out on your adventure.

8. The Savage Lynel Bow

tears of the kingdom the savage lynel bow
Lynel Miniboss
  • Stats: 32.
  • Effect: Shoots three arrows at once.
  • Locations: Loot for defeating a Lynel or found in treasure chests.
  • Prerequisites: N/A.

Sometimes it’s better to keep a safe distance between yourself and a giant murderous beast. If you are more of a long-range attacker, you are probably going to be searching for a good bow rather than a melee weapon.

The best bow you can get in the game is the Savage Lynel Bow. These can be found by defeating a Lynel or in treasure chests on extremely rare occasions.

The Savage Lynel Bow has 32 attack power and the added benefit of shooting three arrows at once, potentially causing 96 damage to your opponent if they all meet their target. And that’s without any Fuse material attached to your arrows.

The Savage Lynel Bow doesn’t have the best range, and the three arrows tend to drift quite far apart when you’re shooting from a long distance, so they are best used at close range. That way, you can ensure you are dealing maximum damage.

If you Fuse a strong item like a Black Bokoblin Horn or a Hinox Toenail to your arrow when you’re using a Savage Lynel Bow, you have the makings for an extremely formidable weapon.

Sadly, you do have to go head-to-head with an extremely formidable foe to collect one, but it makes the prospect of attacking a Lynel instead of just running away from it much more attractive.

7. The Fierce Deity Sword

tears of the kingdom the fierce deity sword
Fierce Deity Sword
  • Stats: 38.
  • Effect: N/A.
  • Locations: Cephla Lake Cave.
  • Prerequisites: All three pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor Set.

The Fierce Deity Sword is one of the best Treasure items you can get in the game, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get it.

The Fierce Deity Sword is unsullied by decay, meaning it still has the magnificent shine and luster that is so rare in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom weapons.

It also offers an extremely healthy 38 damage, making it an incredible force to be reckoned with when Fused with a strong item like a Lynel or Gleeok Horn.

The first step on your mission to receive the Fierce Deity Sword is to head to Cephla Lake Cave in the Eldin region. Outside the cave, you will meet two NPCs that you may or may not recognize from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The two slightly shady characters, Domidak and Prissen, are at it again, following leads that they hope will eventually lead them to the Great Bandit Misko’s treasure haul. Speak to them to begin Misko’s Treasure: The Fierce Deity Side Quest.

Cephla Lake Cave does indeed contain the treasure they are looking for. But unfortunately, the Fierce Deity Sword is hidden behind a locked door that will only open for the Fierce Deity himself.

That means that you need to collect and wear all three pieces of the Fierce Deity Armor Set to reach it.

The Fierce Deity Armor Set is hidden throughout caves in Hyrule. Head to the following locations and make your way through the caves to collect them.

  • Fierce Deity Boots: Ancient Tree Stump Cave – South Hyrule Field (-1093, -0494, 0063)
  • Fierce Deity Armor: Akkala Citadel Ruins Summit Cave – Akkala (3297, 1492, 0304)
  • Fierce Deity Cap: Skull Lake Cave – Akkala (3325, 3423, 0038)

Once you’ve collected the entire Fierce Deity Armor Set, put it on and make your way back to Cephla Lake Cave and stand in front of the stone door. The door will sense the incredible power of the Fierce Deity and open up for you, revealing the chest containing the Fierce Deity Sword.

6. Biggoron‘s Sword

tears of the kingdom biggoron‘s sword
Biggoron’s Sword
  • Stats: 36.
  • Effect: N/A.
  • Locations: Akkala House of Bones.
  • Prerequisites: Must defeat the Stalnox that protects it.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is absolutely choc-full of references to other Zelda titles in the series. One of those is Biggoron’s Sword.

You may recognize him as the massive Goron from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Although you don’t get to meet Biggoron in the flesh in Tears of the Kingdom, you can wield his sword, which is still pretty cool.

Biggoron’s Sword has a base attack stat of 36, and just like the Fierce Deity Sword, has remained untouched by decay. It is, however, guarded by a vicious Stalnox in the Depths.

Biggoron’s Sword is actually pretty close to the location of the Fierce Deity Cap, so you may want to kill two birds with one stone and collect them both at the same time. Instead of the right eye, however, Biggoron’s Sword is in the chasm in the left eye of Skull Lake.

Once you head down there, you will have to clear out a few Stalkoblins before taking on the Stalnox. Stalnox don’t pose too much of a challenge, just hit it in the eye with an arrow to stun it for a moment, then run over and slash its health away with your best weapon.

After defeating the Stalnox in the chasm, the chest will open, allowing you to collect Biggoron’s Sword. Consider Fusing Biggoron’s Sword with the Stalnox Horn you just picked up to create an extremely powerful weapon.

When Biggoron’s Sword inevitably breaks, you can repurchase it from a Bargainer Statue in the Depths for 150 Poes.

5. The Lightscale Trident

tears of the kingdom the lightscale trident
Lightscale Trident
  • Stats: 22.
  • Effect: Attack up when wet.
  • Locations: Zora’s Domain.
  • Prerequisites: Sidon of the Zora and Glory of the Zora quests.

Lightscale TridentThe Lightscale Trident is modeled after Champion Mipha’s weapon of choice from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is an elegant long-range spear with a base attack stat of 22.

This isn’t the strongest weapon in the game by any means, but it is extra durable due to its lack of decay, and it’s also legendary, which gives it extra points. 

The Lightscale Trident can only be found after completing a string of both main and side quests. The first is Sidon of the Zora, where you have to complete the water dungeon.

Once you’ve completed the dungeon, head back to Zora’s Domain and speak to the Blacksmith to trigger another side quest named Glory of the Zora.

Dento, the Blacksmith of Zora’s Domain, is willing to make you your very own Lightscale Trident out of the following items:

  • 5x Flint
  • 3x Diamonds
  • 1x Zora Spear 

These items are relatively easy to come by, especially the Flint. Diamonds can be collected from ore deposits in caves or by defeating Talus, and you can find many Zora Spears around Zora’s Domain by interacting with the monsters there.

You get a Zora Spear from an NPC outside the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower for completing the Mired in Muck side quest, so there’s a good chance you might already have one. 

If you break your Lightscale Trident, the Blacksmith in Zora’s Domain can whip you up another one if you bring him the same items.

4. The Boulder Breaker

tears of the kingdom the boulder breaker

  • Stats: 38.
  • Effect: Demolisher.
  • Locations: Goron City.
  • Prerequisites: Yunobo of Goron City and Soul of the Gorons quests.

The Champion’s weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are among some of the best in the game, and the Boulder Breaker is no exception. The Boulder Breaker has 38 attack power and is only craftable after completing the Death Mountain dungeon.

To get the Boulder Breaker, you must first complete the Yunobo of Goron City main quest. After saving Goron City from the whole Marbled Rock Roast fiasco, head over to the local Blacksmith to begin the Soul of the Goron quest. The Blacksmith will make you a Boulder Breaker in exchange for the following items:

  • 5x Flint
  • 3x Diamonds
  • 1x Cobble Crusher

Unfortunately, the Cobble Crusher isn’t as easy to find as the Zora Spear that the Lightscale Trident calls for. You can only find the Cobble Crusher in chests throughout the Eldin region and only on very rare occasions.

So if you do end up getting your hands on the Boulder Breaker, you might want to use it sparingly. If you’re looking for a Cobble Crusher, you can find one in the Southern Mine Cave and another in the Death Mountain Foothill Cave.

If it breaks, head back to the Blacksmith with the same items you used to make your first Boulder Breaker, and he will whip you up another one.

3. The Great Eagle Bow

tears of the kingdom the great eagle bow
Great Eagle Bow
  • Stats: 28.
  • Effect: Shoots three arrows at once.
  • Locations: Rito Village.
  • Prerequisites: Tulin of Rito Village and Legacy of the Rito quests.

The Great Eagle Bow is the last of the Champion’s weapons and is also the easiest one to craft. It does, of course, require the completion of the Tulin of Rito Village quest, where you help Tulin complete the floating dungeon in the Sky. Once you do, head back to Rito Village.

There, Tulin will have a heartwarming interaction with his father, who gifts him his own Great Eagle Bow. Because Tulin’s father has just given his bow away, he needs to make himself a new one, and offers to make one for Link as well with the following items:

  • 3x Diamonds
  • 5x Bundles of Wood
  • 1x Swallow Bow

Swallow Bows are relatively easy to find, but if you’ve been searching for a while to no avail, try looking around the Flight Range. The Flight Range is a little ways North of Rito Village, at the end of Dronoc’s Pass. There is a Swallow Bow lying in the shack there that respawns every Blood Moon. 

The Great Eagle Bow has an attack stat of 28 and releases three arrows at once, making it an excellent bow for long-range combat.

If you completed the Hebra leg of the Regional Phenomena side quest first, putting the Great Eagle Bow at the top of your to-do list is essential if you want a great early-game weapon. 

2. Scimitar of the Seven

tears of the kingdom scimitar of the seven

  • Stats: 28.
  • Effect: Boosts attack power of Fused item.
  • Locations: Gerudo Town.
  • Prerequisites: Riju of Gerudo Town and Pride of the Gerudo quests.

The Scimitar of the Seven is another one of the Champion’s weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the pattern by now, but just like the other Champion’s weapons, you must complete Riju of Gerudo Town and the corresponding dungeon before you can trigger the quests you need to craft it.

The Scimitar of the Seven is a little more involved than the rest, however, and requires saving the Blacksmith first.

Once you’ve completed the Riju of Gerudo Town quest, head back to Gerudo Town and make your way to the Jewelry Shop. There, you will meet an NPC named Cara, who is fretting about the missing shop owner.

Once you’ve started the Missing Owner side quest, head to the Toruma Dunes in the Gerudo Desert and save the shop owner from a massive Molduga.

Only then will you be able to head back to the Jewelry Shop and begin the Pride of the Gerudo side quest, which allows you to craft the Scimitar of the Seven. To do so, you will need the following items:

  • 10x Flint
  • 4x Diamonds
  • 1x Gerudo Scimitar
  • 1x Gerudo Shield

Gerudo Sheilds can be randomly dropped by Like-Like monsters throughout the Gerudo Desert and Gerudo Highland regions. Gerudo Scimitars are also random drops from Moldugas.

Moldugas are quite hard to defeat, so if you’re not looking for trouble, you can also find a Gerudo Scimitar in the Ancient Prison Ruins Cave

If you ever want another Scimitar of the Seven, bring the above items back to the Jewelry Shop in Gerudo Town, where Isha will craft another one. 

1. The Master Sword

  • Stats: 30.
  • Effect: Shoots beam when hearts are full and does not break.
  • Locations: **See spoilers below for location**
  • Prerequisites: Recovering the Hero’s Sword quest.

This part of the article does contain massive spoilers regarding the Master Sword and how to get it. So if you haven’t reached that part of the story yet and would like to keep it a surprise, scroll down to the next section in three, two, one.

*** SPOILERS ***

As you keep progressing through the story naturally, the game will eventually suggest you head out to collect the Master Sword, but you are actually free to collect it as soon as you land in Hyrule if you wanted to.

There are no story progression requirements to meet other than completing the Great Sky Island tutorial and receiving the Regional Phenomena Quest. There are, however, some other requirements you need to meet.

To get the Master Sword, you need two full Stamina circles. Similarly to the pulling of the Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, pulling the Master Sword is no easy task here either.

But instead of using hearts, it uses Stamina. The total amount of Stamina you need is easier to achieve than the 13 Hearts that were required in Breath of the Wild, though.

You will have to complete at least 20 Shrines to get enough Stamina to pull the Master Sword, and that’s if you totally neglect to get any Heart Containers.

The Master Sword in question is lodged in the head of the Light Dragon. There is a good chance that you may have seen this dragon in the distance throughout your travels and just assumed it was one of the three dragons that were present in Breath of the Wild, but it’s not. It’s a brand-new dragon.

You can find the Light Dragon flying around the Necluda region, and it is most easily accessed by intercepting its flight path by gliding from the Sahasra Skyview Tower.

The dragons don’t seem to operate on a schedule like they did in Breath of the Wild, so the time at which it appears will be different for everyone. But one trick that seemed to work for me is triggering its appearance by heading to the tower and waiting ten minutes.

When the Light Dragon appears and gets close enough. Soar into the sky from the Tower and land on its back. Make your way to the dragon’s head and interact with the Master Sword by pressing A to pull it out.

The Master Sword has 30 attack, which is one of the strongest base attack stats for any of the weapons in the game. It doesn’t break like the other weapons do, but it does need to be recharged after too much use.

It takes ten minutes to recharge. If you press R when you’re at full health, it shoots a beam of light out of its tip to deal long-range damage to your enemies. But the best part is that the Master Sword can be Fused.

The fact that you can Fuse items with the Master Sword and that it doesn’t shatter like the other weapons makes it the best weapon by far.

Getting your hands on the Master Sword as soon as possible is highly recommended, especially since you can actually do it quite early on in your adventure if you seek it out yourself.

Ganon Will Be No Match For You with an Inventory Full of These Weapons 

tears of the kingdom the master sword

There are thousands of weapon combinations you can make in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

But by seeking out the strongest weapons on the surface and in the Depths and combining them with monster parts from the most ferocious beasts Hyrule has to offer, you will easily become the strongest force Hyrule has ever seen. 

None of these weapons come easily, and each has its own trials and tribulations to overcome before you can wield them, but the risks far outweigh the rewards in all of these cases. These weapons are excellent on their own, but when Fused, they can easily reach over 100 attack power.


Question: What is the Best Champion Weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: That will depend on your individual play style and whether you prefer long-range or melee combat. For me, I prefer long-range, and for that, the Great Eagle Bow is excellent. If you prefer close combat, the Scimitar of the Seven Fused with a strong monster part is epic.

Question: What are the Strongest Fuse Items in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: The strongest Fuse item outright would be a White Maned Lynel Horn, which offers +44 attack power, but it doesn’t have the elemental damage that Gleeok Horns provide.

Question: What other Enemies should I Defeat for Strong Items if I don’t Want to Take Down a Miniboss?

Answer: Silver Bokoblin Horns and Silver Lizalfos Horns are excellent Fuse materials, as well as Black or Silver Bokoblin Bosses. Bokoblin Bosses are technically minibosses, but they are much easier to take down than Gleeoks, Talus, or Lynels.

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