Legend of Zelda Botw All Memory Locations

Legend of Zelda Botw All Memory Locations

One of the many ways Breath of the Wild stands out is its story and how the player uncovers it. The story isn’t presented to you as a matter of playing the game. Instead, the player is tasked with exploring the world to find it themselves.

As you travel through Hyrule, you help Link reclaim his lost memories, slowly uncovering how Hyrule Kingdom fell and how Link wound up in the Shrine of Resurrection.

But finding the memories can be notoriously difficult for first-time players, with the clues not always sufficient if you aren’t intimately familiar with the map. This is particularly true of the final memory. So let’s look at where you find each memory and how to get there, including all the dangers you’ll face all in this Legend of Zelda Botw All Memory Locations guide.

Relearning Your Past

There are 18 memories in the base game and an additional 5 in the DLC, but only 13 of them are found across the world. You uncover the memories by tracking the places Princess Zelda took photos on her travels 100 years ago. Through clues in the images, like landmarks and the shape of the landscape, you have to figure out where to go. Once you’ve found the correct location, the ground will light up, and you’ll be prompted to “reclaim” the memory.

The remaining five are reclaimed through story progression. There is one for each of the four champions, obtained as you do the quests to defeat the divine beasts. As you follow the story, helping to save the four towns threatened by the rampaging divine beasts, Link unlocks memories of their pilots from a hundred years ago.

These memories showcase each of their unique abilities, which are granted to Link upon defeating the blight-ganons and freeing their spirits. The final memory is unlocked when you retake the Master Sword from its resting place in the Lost Woods.

However, you can’t just jump off the Great Plateau and immediately search for the memories. You need to do a few things before they even show up.

The memories are regained by locating images restored to your Sheikha Slate. As such, you must get your hands on those images before you can look for them. You’ll do this naturally by following the game’s main quest, making your way to Kakariko Village, and later to Hateno.

In Hateno, Purah will help you fix the Sheikha Slate and recover the photo function, which will unlock the gallery feature. This gallery is where the memory photos are kept.

Return to Impa after this, and she will send you on a quest to visit those locations and recover the memories. This is important since this is how you obtain the Champion’s Tunic, the strongest armor in the game. Once you’ve regained at least one memory, you can return to Impa, and she’ll reward you with the tunic.

From here, you can go on to find the 12 memories found across the world.

meeting pikango zelda
Meeting Pikango at the Outskirt Stable


If you’re struggling to find the memories, there’s an NPC you meet at the stables who will tell you where to go. He’ll take a look at your gallery and tell you the general location of the closest photo to where you currently are.  This is Pikango, the traveling painter. He’s distinguishable by his bizarre appearance, his hair shaped like a paintbrush, presumably to represent his profession.

You first encounter him in Kakariko Village, and until you’ve met him there, he won’t show up at the stables. He says he wants to paint an image of a Great Fairy Fountain and leads you to where he thinks it is. It’s a steep climb, though, and Pikango gets tired partway up. He asks that you draw a picture for him when you see the fountain so that he might see it too. Of course, this means taking a picture with the slate. 

Show him your photo, and he’ll be disappointed at how underwhelming it is, but thank you nonetheless. He’d like to repay the favor and, as a seasoned traveler, asks if there’s anywhere you’d like to know about. You show him your Sheikha slate, and he’ll recognize the Lanaryu Road – East Gate image, telling you it’s nearby. 

You can talk to Pikango in Kakariko again, but from here, you’ll be able to find him at the stables. When you meet him, he’ll ask if there are any other pictures you wish to show him and point you to the nearest one. These are helpful directions for first-time players, although activating his help is a little tedious.

Memory Locations

Now for the main event. Below are all the locations for the memories. I’ve listed them in the order they turn up on the camera gallery, from left to right, and named them by the text that shows up after seeing the cutscene.

I have also noted the name and number of the memories in the Adventure Log. These numbers are chronological, with memory #1 being the first to happen and #18 the last. You’ll notice that numbers 2, 4, 6, and 10 are missing.  These are the four memories of the Champions that are unlocked through story progression instead of being found. 

hyrule castle zelda
Looking up at Hyrule Castle from the Sacred Ground Ruins

Sacred Ground Ruins

  • Memory: Subdued Ceremony #1
  • Tower Region: Central
  • Closest Landmark: Hyrule Castle

This memory is found in the center of a ceremonial ground in front of Hyrule Castle. This is one of the easier images to match, thanks to the landmark of the castle. The problem with this memory is that, since it’s found in Central Hyrule, the area is overrun with guardians.

There are two Guardian Stalkers in the immediate vicinity, one of which is very difficult to avoid. Bringing anti-guardian equipment or learning to parry guardian beams will make finding this a safer task.

lake kolomo zelda
Lake Kolomo, Dueling Peaks in the far distance

Lake Kolomo

  • Memory: Resolve and Grief #3
  • Tower Region: Central
  • Closest Landmark: Kolomo Garrison Ruins

Lake Kolomo is located just north of the Great Plateau in the Central Tower Region. In the photo, the Kolomo Garrison Ruins are visible in the middle of the lake and, behind that, Dueling Peaks. The cloven mountain is the landmark that, while far away, allows you to figure out where the photo was taken from.

Finding the exact location is annoying if you don’t already know what you’re looking for. The memory is just behind a grassy rock on the west shore of Lake Kolomo, just past the dead-end path leading to the lake.

tabantha tower zelda
The view from the ancient columns. In the background is the Tabantha Tower and Vah Medoh perched atop Rito Village

Ancient Columns

  • Memory: Zelda’s Resentment #5
  • Tower Region: Tabantha
  • Closest Landmark: Tabantha Great Bridge

This image has lots of landmarks to help locate it. You can see Vah Medoh and Rito Village in the distance, plus a shrine in the foreground. Thanks to this, you can tell it’s in Tabantha.

This memory is at the top of a cliff just past the Tabantha Great Bridge. Entering the Tabantha Tower Region from the south, you can make your way up to the ruins after passing stone pillars patrolled by flying guardians. That may sound daunting, but they’re easy to run past.

There’s a path to guide your climb up to the columns and the memory, although enemies block your way. Once you see the Tena Ko’sah Shrine, you’ll know you’re there.

kara kara bazaar zelda
Kara Kara Bazaar, across the oasis from the inn and market

Kara Kara Bazaar

  • Memory: Blades of the Yiga #7
  • Tower Region: Wasteland
  • Closest Landmark: Gerudo Town

In the middle of the path leading from the Wasteland Stable to Gerudo Town, you’ll run into Kara Kara Bazaar. This is one of the simpler memories to find; if you’re trying to complete the main story, you’ll run into this memory organically.

Of course, you’ll need resistance to either heat or cold to reach it, depending on the time of day, but the bazaar itself doesn’t experience extreme temperatures. The memory is across the oasis from the inn and market. 

woodland tower zelda
The view from the Eldin Canyon memory, you can see the Woodland Tower below the cliffside

Eldin Canyon

  • Memory: A Premonition #8
  • Tower Region: Eldin
  • Closest Landmark: Woodland Tower

This memory gave me the most grief the first time I found it. Despite having prominent landmarks in the photo, actually reaching this point of Mount Doom is annoying if you approach from the inside of the volcano. You find this memory on the very outskirts of the Eldin Tower Region, overlooking the Military Training Camp in which the Woodland Tower is located.

You can see the rear of Hyrule Castle and a portion of Lake Mekar in the photo, the angles of which (especially the lake) will direct you to the exact location it was taken from. You’ll know you’re in the right place if you’ve also found an incomplete circle of rocks, a Korok puzzle, and it also shows up on the map. 

You can reach this by starting at Goron City and walking out of the volcano. But I recommend walking towards the volcano from the general direction of the Woodland Stable. You won’t need any fire resistance, and the land slopes in a spiral, so you can reach the area by walking.

the irch plain zelda
The Irch Plain, angled so you can see more landmarks in the distance, including Vah Naboris

Irch Plain

  • Memory: Silent Princess #9
  • Tower Region: Woodland
  • Closest Landmark: Serenne Stable

Find this memory to the northwest of Hyrule Castle on the Irch Plain. The tree that takes center stage in the photo will be your best landmark for finding the exact location. You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s also a shallow pond behind where it’s been taken from, which you can use to find it on the map.

If it helps, this spot is also immediately southeast of the Monya Toma Shrine, which acts as a waypoint for Serenne Stable in the Woodland Tower Region.

irch plain zelda
West Necluda, you can see the Bridge of Hylia and Lake Tower. The Deya Village Ruins are behind the camera

West Necluda

  • Memory: Shelter from the Storm #11
  • Tower Region: Dueling Peaks
  • Closest Landmark: Deya Village Ruins

This one is just west of the Deya Village ruins, north of Lake Hylia. You can see the Bridge of Hylia in the picture in front of the Gerudo Highlands.

The tree and statues in the foreground will indicate that you’ve found the correct place. It’s one of the memories that’s easy to reach when you know where you’re going but tricky to find if you don’t.

deya village zelda
The bridge to Zelda’s Study, patrolled by a flying guardian

Hyrule Castle

  • Memory: Father and Daughter #12
  • Tower Region: Central
  • Closest Landmark: Princess Zelda’s Bedroom/Study 

Probably the most difficult for your average player to reach. This memory is smack in the middle of the final boss area, Hyrule Castle. You can find this memory on the bridge between Zelda’s bedroom and her study. Like everything else in this area, locating Zelda’s Bedroom is difficult as the map is obtuse to read. Thankfully, Zelda’s room does stick out on the map and is easier to find than somewhere like the Lockup or Guard’s Chamber.

You can tell it apart from everything else as it’s a tower sticking out from the central mound of the castle. When looking at the interior map (colored orange), you can see that it’s floating, disconnected from everything else. It goes without saying, but you’ll face a lot of guardians on your way to this location. There’s even a flying guardian circling the tower, and it casts its sight over the exact location of the memory.

You should bring some protective equipment for this one. Your best (and cheapest) bet is a handful of ancient arrows. A critical hit with one of those will kill a Guardian instantly.

memory in the spring of power zelda
The memory in the Spring of Power, the goddess statue glows at the center of the spring

Spring of Power

  • Memory: Slumbering Power #13
  • Tower Region: Akkala
  • Closest Landmark: Ordorac Quarry (East Akkala Stable)

The Spring of Power is in the Akkala Region, west of the East Akkala Stable, and neighbors the Ordorac Quarry. You can see it on your map as a small circle of water surrounded by cliffs. You have two options to reach it: through the quarry or dropping in from the top of the cliff.

Dropping in from the cliffs is much safer than entering through the quarry, even though it’s not the intended method of entry. There’s a specific entrance to the shrine through the quarry.

However, the quarry is infested with flying guardians and can be daunting to pass through. That said, avoiding flying guardians is shockingly easy; they only see where their clearly indicated sights scan and have a habit of flying away after they’ve fired a single shot at you.

If you choose to enter through the quarry, the spring is to the right of the entrance. Darting right over will likely let you avoid the guardians.

Of course, the spring is significant regardless of this memory, as it’s where the goddess of power, Din, is connected to Hyrule. If possible, I recommend picking up a scale from the dragon Dinraal beforehand so you can unlock the Tutsuwa Nima Shrine while you’re there.

spring of power zelda
The view across Hyrule Field from the Sanidin Park Ruin, the reverse of the memory photo

Sanidin Park Ruins

  • Memory: To Mount Lanayru #14
  • Tower Region: Ridgeland
  • Closest Landmark: Satori Mountain

This is one of those memories you’re likely to stumble upon without intending to find it. The Sanidin Park Ruins are on the path that leads north through the Ridgeland Region east of Satori Mountain.

The park itself is hard to miss, thanks to the giant horse statue overlooking Hyrule Field, and if you let your own horse follow the road, you’ll pass by it.

sanidin park ruins zelda
The memory at Lanayru Road – East Gate, Mount Lanaryu towers in the background

Lanayru Road – East Gate

  • Memory: Return of Calamity Ganon #15
  • Tower Region: Hateno
  • Closest Landmark: Mount Lanayru

Lanayru Road is, surprisingly, the road that leads up to Mount Lanayru. The west gate of Lanayru Road is found behind Kakariko Village, a little beyond the Great Fairy Fountain, and you can follow it through to the east. This opens onto the Lanayru Snowfield and is the location of the memory. But be careful, if you stray past the gate, you’ll run into both a Lynel and a Hinox.

Lanayru Road is inhabited by Bokoblins of varying strength, so don’t think the journey to collect this memory will be easy. However, the road will run straight through, and if you’re careful, it’s easy enough to take out most of the enemies before reaching them.

lanayru road - east gate zelda
Hyrule Field, this memory is hidden in a cluster of trees along the Hylia River

Hyrule Field

  • Memory: Despair #16
  • Tower Region: Central
  • Closest Landmark: Bottomless Swamp

I always get the location of this one confused. The photo shows a forest with a path passing through it, so you might be mistaken in thinking that this memory is across the edge of Batrea Lake. However, it’s quite a bit north of that.

Northeast of the Bottomless Swamp is a cluster of trees bordering the Hylia River. This is where the memory is, right in the middle of this cluster. Following the west shore of the Hylia River will lead you to this location if you’re having trouble finding it.

The Last Two Memories

These last two memories aren’t found the same way as the others. You need to reclaim memory #17 to get the game’s true ending after defeating Calamity Ganon, which can only be found after the 12 I’ve listed.

Memory #18, the last memory chronologically, is found when you draw the Master Sword in the Lost Woods. Uniquely (to the base game), it doesn’t feature Link, only Zelda.

zelda memories locations
Impa showing Link the final photo, directing him to the final memory

Blatchery Plain

  • Memory: Zelda’s Awakening #17
  • Tower Region: Dueling Peaks
  • Closest Landmark: Fort Hateno, Dueling Peaks Stable

Once you’ve found the first 12 memories, return to Impa in Kakariko Village, and she’ll congratulate you for finding them all. Then she will stand and direct you to an image on her wall depicting the location of one final memory.

If you want to find it on your own, I suggest screenshotting the cutscene instead of taking a picture later, as the lighting makes the image clearer. This is a photo of the Blatchery Plain, the field between Fort Hateno and Dueling Peaks Stable. It’s shockingly hard to tell what’s going on in the image.

Despite Fort Hateno being in the picture, it’s almost impossible to make out, and the surrounding mountains aren’t distinctive enough to indicate where the memory is.

And even if you realize this is a photo of Blatchery Plain, finding the memory is also difficult. The field is expansive without many distinctive features. Not to mention, not all of the Guardians are deactivated, so you might get a nasty surprise while searching.

zelda blatchery plain
The final memory on the Blatchery Plain. Fort Hateno is very faint in the background

The memory is smack in the middle of the field, equidistant from the Dueling Peak Stable and Fort Hateno, in the middle of Ash Swamp. The trick to finding it is the guardians across the swamp. If you look closely, many of them face the same direction. For reasons you’ll understand after seeing it, this direction is the memory.

Once you’ve reclaimed this final memory, Zelda will beckon you to Hyrule Castle to defeat the Calamity.

zelda the master sword
The Master Sword, waiting in the Lost Woods to be drawn once again by Link

The Lost Woods

  • Memory: The Master Sword #18
  • Tower Region: Woodland
  • Closest Landmark: N/A

This memory is obtained when you pull the Master Sword from its resting place in the Lost Woods. To do this, you need at least 13 heart containers (10 additional hearts to the starting health), or else Link will be killed from the effort.

Once you do, you’ll reclaim this last memory of when Zelda returned the Master Sword to the woods after Link was placed in the Shrine of Resurrection. This is a memory of the sword rather than of Link. As such, this memory is unique from the other memories in the base game since Link doesn’t feature in it. 

The Champion’s Ballad DLC

zelda the champion's ballad dlc
Approaching Vah Ruta to confront the memory of Waterblight Ganon in the DLC

Breath of the Wild’s second DLC added five additional memories to the game. As the name of the DLC suggests, these memories focus on the four champions from 100 years ago and give us greater insight into their histories and personalities. For example, you see Mipha’s relationship with her younger brother, Sidon, and we learn that Daruk is comically afraid of dogs.

In the DLC, you’ll work through the trials the champions faced to earn the right to pilot their divine beasts. Each set of trials is capped off with a rematch against the blight-ganons.

These fights are illusions, and you must fight them with limited resources and weapons, which makes them incredibly challenging. As a reward for defeating them, you will unlock a new memory of the day Princess Zelda asked them to pilot the divine beasts.

These four memories, like the Master Sword memory, do not include Link. While they’re labeled as ‘EX Recovered Memories’ in the adventure log, these four are actually explained by the game as images conjured by the songs composed by the Rito bard Kass.

The fifth memory is unlocked at the end of the DLC once you’ve defeated Monk Maz Koshia, the final boss. It’s the only one that features Link and rounds off the entire quest line. Once you’ve finished the DLC (and collected everything in the guide above), you’ll have collected all 23 memories in the game.

A Lost History

The memory collection in Breath of the Wild is a brilliant mechanic that encourages players to explore the world thoroughly, paying attention to the lay of the land instead of just watching the minimap. And involving the player in an active search for the story goes far to get the player invested in what’s going on, excited to find the next piece of the puzzle.

While finding the memories can be tricky, the payoff is rewarding. Witnessing both Link and Zelda’s developments as people and companions is touching and reminds you of the stakes if you fail your quest.  If you have had trouble tracking any of these down, I hope this guide has helped you tick that last memory off your list.


Question: What is the Point of the Memories in BotW?

Answer: The memories in Breath of the Wild unveil the story of the rise of Calamity Ganon 100 years ago. Through these memories, you witness the companionship between Zelda and Link, eventually leading up to how Link was put in the Shrine of Resurrection.

You also learn more about the four Champions and Link’s relationships with them. Uncovering the memories also leads to several gameplay bonuses, such as obtaining the Champion’s Tunic. It encourages the player to further explore the world, going to locations they may not have.

Question: Which Memory should I Do First in Botw?

Answer: This will depend on what your goal in memory collecting is. If you want to get the Champion’s Tunic as quickly as possible, I recommend getting the Lanayru Road – East Gate memory, as it’s the closest to Kakariko Village.
If you want an easy one to start your adventure, the Kara Kara Bazaar, Sanidin Park Ruins, and Hyrule Field memories are easy to reach and don’t require you to fight enemies.

Question: Why can’t I Find the Memories in BotW?

Answer: There are two obvious possibilities. The first is that you may be in the wrong place. Please refer to the article this question is attached to for more information on that. The other possibility is that you haven’t yet unlocked the camera feature on the Sheikha Slate at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
If you’re replaying the game and want to jump right into collecting the memories again, you can’t do this. You must first recover the gallery with Purah and then return to Impa.

Question: How Do I Get the Champion’s Tunic?

Answer: Impa will give you the champion’s tunic after you’ve recovered at least one of the memories. Once you’ve found one (the nearest to Kakariko Village is Lanayru Road – East gate), return to Impa to collect your reward.

Legend of Zelda Botw All Memory Locations: Conclusion

These are the best FNAF Roblox games for a reason. They offer new experiences FNAF will appreciate. These games are fantastic whether you want a leisurely or intense experience. The games also provide new ideas that FNAF developers should consider when making their next game.

Create your Roblox account and download the games, starting with the excellent Forgotten Memories.

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