Zora Hall Guide

Zora Hall is the home stage and rehearsal place of the Indigo-Gos, a famous Zora band in Majora’s Mask. The band’s five members are veritable superstars around Termina, and the Zora gathered at the stage are all excited about their upcoming gig at the Carnival of Time being held at Clock Town in three days.

Unfortunately, a lot has gone wrong in this part of Termina. In Zora Hall, everyone’s a little riled up doing sound tests and fretting about the band being in disarray. The lead singer, Lulu, can’t sing, the lead guitarist, Mikau, is missing, and the rest of the band has no idea what’s happening.

There’s a lot to do and discover about and around Zora Hall, and we can’t have the player as confused as the rest of the Zora. So let’s get the sound checks done and the band smoothed over.

Zora Hall

  • Location: Zora Cape
  • Masks: Zora Mask
  • Quests: A Zora Swan Song, Gimme a Break, Playing Paparazzi, Deku Scrub Scramble
  • Rewards/Treasure: Rupees, 2 Pieces of Heart
  • Characters: Lulu, Mikau, Evan, Toto, Japas, Giant Turtle

Zora Hall is a large building shaped like a fishtail pointing out from a berg of land in the middle of Zora Cape. It’s surrounded by islands dotted with palm trees, and the waters around it are infested with dangerous Skullfish and Like Like.

It has two entrances. One can be accessed by using the hookshot to jump between palm trees and circle around to the back. The other is underwater and can only be reached while wearing the Zora Mask, swimming underneath and inside the front of the structure.

The interior of Zora Hall is a grand theatre with a stage and dressing rooms. The stage itself is shaped like a clamshell with golden speakers on either side and backed by a waterfall. The auditorium is a pool of water instead of seats, which is probably more comfortable for the Zora concertgoers.

Behind the stage are four dressing rooms, one for each of the remaining band members, and you can find three of the Indigo-Gos in their rooms. The lead guitarist Mikau, who dies and becomes the Zora Mask, shares a room with the drummer, Toto.

To the right of the entrance is a long passage that leads to a balcony overlooking the stage. The rear exit and a door leading to a small store are at the other end of this passage. This store sells red potion, arrows, and replacement hero shields in case yours gets stolen.

Around the back of Zora Hall, you find Lulu, the lead singer of the Indigo-Gos. And once you’ve advanced the plot, you’ll also find the Giant Turtle there. Use the hookshot on the trees on the Giant Turtle’s back, and it will take you to the Great Bay Temple.

On the beach in front of Zora Hall, two Zora are standing near five pedestals with vases. They’ll challenge you to a game if you talk to them as Mikau (wearing the Zora Mask). Beyond them is a gorge leading to a Like Like pond and the home of the beaver brothers.

A Zora Swan Song

zora hall zora cape

Aside from the main storyline of Majora’s Mask, this quest is the main reason you would visit Zora Hall.

This quest revolves around the remaining members of the Indigo-Gos and the music they’re working on in preparation for the Carnival of Time. Upon completing this three-stage quest, you’ll be rewarded with a piece of heart.

A Forgotten Hint, a New Song

The first part of this quest is finding and reading Mikau’s diary. Mikau was staying in the dressing room closest to the hall’s exit, which he shared with the drummer, Toto. You can only enter the dressing rooms while dressed up as Mikau, as the guards at the front of the doors won’t let you in as Link. They have to protect the stars from rabid fans, after all.

Once you’re inside the room, you’ll need the hookshot to reach the diary. It’s on the room’s upper level, which is only accessible by using the hookshot on the tree growing to the left.

You find the hookshot by infiltrating the Gerudo Pirate fortress, and you can’t do this quest until you’ve got it. You can also talk to Toto for a bit of flavor text about the state of the band and why Lulu lost her voice.

You’ll need to put the Zora Mask back on to read the diary, as Link can’t read Zora script. Reading the diary will tell you about Mikau’s progress in songwriting with the bass player Japas, and he writes down what he came up with during their jam sessions.

You’ll receive half of two songs, which will be noted in the bomber’s notebook once you finish reading the diary. For convenience, here are the parts of the new songs:

N64: A ↓ → A // ↓ → ← ↓

3DS: L R Y L // R Y X R

With these song parts in hand, you want to move on to the next dressing room.

Session with Japas

zora hall session with japas

Japas, the Indigo-Go bassist, is staying in the room next to Mikau and Toto, and he’s itching to get a jam session in.

Talk to him, and he’ll ask what’s going on with the band; Mikau disappeared, their songwriter Evan holed himself up in his room, and Lulu isn’t speaking anymore. He’s worried the band won’t be ready to perform at the carnival if you guys don’t get to rehearsal.

Well, sounds like it’s time to play some music. Pull out Mikau’s guitar, and Japas will perk right up. Time for a jam session! He tells you to try and follow a piece he’s going to start. This is where you play the songs you found in Mikau’s diary.

Play the two parts in order, and you will begin to jam out, playing this basic but pretty cool tune. I like how the music in the different parts of Termina feels distinctly different, and the Zora music is no exception. And the other Zora in the area like it too, as they gather outside the dressing room door to listen in.

Once finished, Japas will say that jam was great, but he doesn’t think their composer, Evan, would be willing to hear it out. He’s so proud that he might not even let them try the piece as a group if he knows the two of them came up with it.

He suggests Mikau finds a way to tactfully get Evan to listen to their music. This will all be added to the bomber’s notebook, including the notes for the song.

Session with Evan

Evan’s pride kicks in if he finds out that Japas and Mikau came up with the song. So, we have to find a way to make him listen to it from someone else. Luckily, despite all appearances, we aren’t Mikau, we’re Link.

Evan’s dressing room is next along from Japas’ room and is right behind the stage. He’s busy playing his keyboard, which is a very fancy instrument with two levels of keys made from fishbones (the logistics of which we’ll gloss over).

He’s been looking for Mikau and is glad to see him. Evan knows that the Gerudo Pirates stole Lulu’s eggs and asks if you’ve found them. If you have them on your person and show them to him, he’ll tell you to take them to the research lab in the Great Bay.

But we don’t want to talk to him as Mikau; we want to talk to him as Link. Pull out the Ocarina and play through the entire song that you played with Japas. This can be a little annoying to memorize, so while you can jot it down from your notebook, here’s the full song for your reference:

N64: → → ↓ A A ↓ → A // ← ← → ↓ ↓ → ← ↓

3DS: Y Y R L L R Y L // X X Y R R Y X R

Once you’ve played it all through, Evan will grow excited, latching onto the song and adding more. A cutscene will play of him finishing the piece before he turns to you and compliments your sense of rhythm. His new song is great, and he’s decided that the band will play it at the Carnival of Time.

Although he doesn’t want you to think that he stole your song, so gives you a piece of heart to keep quiet. And with that, the quest is finished! If you finish the game after completing this quest, the Indigo-Gos will play it at their performance during the carnival.

If you try to play the song while still wearing the Zora Mask, Evan grows angry and accuses you and Japas of writing songs behind his back. However, this won’t block you from playing it again as Link and getting your reward. It seems he’s so proud he refused to even listen to what Mikau was playing.

That’s it for the main quest in Zora Hall, but two others are also found here. Neither reward you with a piece of heart, but will still further fill out the bomber’s notebook.

Playing Paparazzi

zora hall playing paparazzi

Of all the band members, Lulu is the most popular (as is usually the case with lead singers). This is evident by her fans hanging around Zora Hall. When you first arrive, there’s a Zora crouched by the door of Lulu’s room, trying to peek through the keyhole and get a look at her.

Talk to him as Link, and he’ll shoo you off, but if you’re wearing the Zora Mask, he’ll freak out and run away to the balcony overlooking the stage.

Following him up doesn’t do much; he’ll yell at you to leave him alone. But there’s someone else on the balcony of more interest. He’s Lulu’s biggest fan and envies that Mikau can see her lovely face whenever he wants to.

Since Mikau gets to see Lulu, the Zora asks if Mikau will sell him a pictograph of Lulu. This is creepy, but it is a quest to fill out in the notebook and nets you a red rupee. You can find Lulu out back of Zora Hall, where you can take her photo with the pictograph. Bring the picture to her fan, and he’ll thank you, saying that he’ll buy any more photos you have for him.

Gimme a Break

zora hall

On the beach out front of Zora Hall are two Zora standing on either side of a set of pots. The Zora on the left will tell you about the bottle you can win from the Beaver Brothers, who live on the other end of the gorge to the right, but the other Zora apparently knows Mikau personally.

He asks if Mikau’s going to do that thing he used to do to break all of these pots at once and that if he does so, something good will happen. That ‘something good’ is money.

This thing Mikau does is a dual boomerang attack unique to Link’s Zora form. To execute this move, you need to attack and hold the button. After a moment, Link will raise his arms and prepare to throw his boomerang fins. These projectiles shoot out before spinning off in opposite directions, curling around until Link catches them.

If you watch the shape of their arc, you can guess where you need to stand to break all five pots at once. The pots are arranged in two rows, two at the back and three in front. You want the boomerangs to hit the middle jar, then fan out at the peak of their arc to strike the rear two before smashing the remaining two pots on the return.

It requires precise aim and some trial and error, which isn’t helped by each attempt costing 10 rupees so the jars can be replaced. I recommend bringing 100 rupees or so to be safe; with so many shots lined up, you can adjust your position little by little until you’re in the perfect place.

That place might be further away than you expect it to be, and if you’re missing one of the back pots on your throws, try moving a little in the direction of that missing pot when adjusting.

If you do it correctly and break all the pots in one go, the Zora will cheer for you and reward you with 100 rupees, or rather 90, as he needs to deduct 10 to replace the pots. This will cross off the ‘Gimme a Break’ quest in the bomber’s notebook.

Business Scrub Scramble

zora hall zelda

There’s one more quest of interest in Zora Hall, although you’ll need to do a lot of legwork to reach the point that you can do it. Across Termina are Deku Flowers inhabited by business scrubs.

The first one you meet in Clock Town, and you must acquire the title deed to his flower to reach the top of the clock tower. This deed can then be exchanged with other scrubs in a long trading quest that takes you to the four corners of Termina.

One of the stages of this quest, “The ocean Deku Flower,” can be found inside Zora Hall, specifically Lulu’s dressing room.

If you talk to the scrub in her room wearing the Zora Mask, it will offer to sell you green potions for 40 rupees a pop. But, speak to it while wearing the Goron mask, and while he can’t do business with you, he mentions how he’s always wanted to do business in the mountains where the air is clean and fresh.

If you’re holding the Mountain Title Deed, when the game prompts you to, you can offer to show it to the scrub. He’ll ask to exchange his deed for yours, giving you access to the flower.

Once you have the deed, you can shoot to the upper level of Lulu’s room and collect the piece of heart that is otherwise out of reach. These pieces of heart are available at each stage of this long questline. The Ocean Title Deed can then be sold to a business scrub over in Ikana Canyon.


Question: How Do I Get Into Zora Hall?

Answer: There are two entrances to Zora Hall. Wearing the Zora Mask, you can swim in through the underwater front entrance. However, you’ll need to be careful of the Skullfish and Like Like enemies as you swim.
The second entrance is around the back. You can swim there as a Zora or use the hookshot as Link to swing between grassy platforms with palm trees. This rear entrance also acts as the entrance to the Great Bay Temple.

Question: How Do You Break All Zora Pots?

Answer: You must use the unique projectile attack Link can do when wearing the Zora Mask. These projectiles are boomerangs. You want the boomerangs to hit the middle jar, then fan out at the peak of their arc to strike the rear pots before smashing the final two on the return.

This sounds simple, but lining yourself up correctly can be tricky. You’ll need to stand back so #the arc of the projectiles doesn’t overshoot the back two pots, and then you have to make sure you aren’t standing too far to either the right or left. Doing this will cause you to miss one of the rear pots while hitting the other.

Question: Where is the Zora who Laid the Eggs?

Answer: This Zora is Lulu, and she can be found past the rear door of Zora Hall. This exit inside the hall is next to the shop to the right on the map. You’ll need to play her the New Wave Bossa Nova to unlock the Great Bay Temple. There is also a teleport point right next to where she’s standing.

Question: What is there to Do in Zora Hall?

Answer: There are a handful of quests to complete in and around Zora Hall. The foremost is that Zora Hall is the entrance to the Great Bay Temple, so you must complete part of the main questline there.
Other than that, you can tick the quests ‘A Zora Swan Song’, ‘Playing Paparazzi’, and ‘Gimme a Break’ off in your Bomber’s Notebook. The fifth stage of the quest ‘Business Scrub Scramble’ is also achieved here. For more information on these quests, consult the rest of this article.

Zora Hall: A Watery Sound Check

Zora Hall is a very charming location in Majora’s Mask, even if it isn’t as busy as other locations in the game. The area is designed to help you get the best use out of the Zora Mask and involve yourself with Zora culture, making your way around the band, learning about their struggles and interpersonal relationships, and even getting to jam out with them.

The area is confusing to navigate, and the ‘A Zora Swan Song’ quest can be unclear in how you both start and proceed with it. If you were struggling with any of this, I hope you’ve found the answers you were looking for and can now get back into saving Termina. After all, the show must go on.

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