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Shrine quests in Breath of the Wild can vary a lot. Sometimes you need to solve a puzzle etched into the side of a cliff. Other times you need to take a dragon’s scale and throw it into a spring. And sometimes, you need to help gather materials to get a woman passed out in the middle of the desert a cocktail.

Noble Pursuit is the drink at the center of the shrine quest, ‘The Perfect Drink.’ The Misae Suma shrine is out in the middle of the Gerudo Desert.

While finding it is easy enough, finishing the quest and unlocking the shrine can be a headscratcher if you don’t know where to look. Read on for a detailed guide on how to get your hands on a Noble Pursuit. 

The Perfect Drink

This shrine quest is for the Misae Suma shrine, found in the Gerudo Desert. Since this shrine is in the desert, it can’t be accessed until after you’ve defeated Thunderblight Ganon and calmed Vah Naboris.  The Divine Beast roams the desert kicking up sandstorms and shooting lightning at anything it doesn’t like, so you have to get it out of the way first. 

Finding the Misae Suma Shrine isn’t that hard. You won’t have to navigate any sandstorms, and the journey won’t put you in the path of a Molduga.

So getting to and from it is just a matter of hitching a ride on a sand seal and turning on your shrine sensor.  The shrine is, however, at the very south of the map, southeast of Gerudo Town, so it’s a bit of a trek. The map shows the shrine between the Southern Oasis and the East Barrens.

While the direct route to the shrine won’t put you in danger, heading too close to the southern oasis will throw you in the way of the Molduga that lurks around there, so try to stay on track. 

When you reach the shrine, there’s a Gerudo collapsed over the shrine’s activator. This is Pokki, who is mumbling in her dehydrated delirium. She says she wishes for one last taste of an ice-cold Noble Pursuit. Talking to her will activate the shrine quest ‘The Perfect Drink.’

Unfortunately, since she’s barring you from registering the shrine to your slate, you won’t be able to teleport back here later when you inevitably return.

What is the Noble Pursuit?

misae suma shrine botw

The Noble Pursuit is a cocktail served at the Noble Canteen in Gerudo Town. The Noble Canteen can be found through the archway on the right of the entrance to town. A staircase leads up to the door, and you can see the open-air dining area above the bar’s sign.

Head inside and talk to the owner of the Noble Canteen, Furosa. She’ll try to ward you away, thinking you’re too young to frequent her bar. The drinks she serves are… different. Aka, alcoholic, but they also have ice! A rare treat in the middle of the desert.

Ask her about the Noble Pursuit, and she’ll reveal it’s their signature drink. She needs a lot of ice for it, and she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to serve it to you; it’s very strong. But once you explain that it’s for Pokki, she’ll agree that she’d like to help. Pokki is her best customer, after all.

Unfortunately, she still needs a large amount of ice to make it, and getting out to the icehouse is hard on Furosa’s legs. So, as you always do, you offer to get it for her, and she accepts your help.

Furosa tells you the icehouse is to the north of town. She also mentions that the Gerudo who guards the icehouse for her, Anche, goes to bed early, so you’ll have to see her when the sun’s still out.

This is an important part of the quest, so the game wants to make sure you’re doing this under the right conditions. We’re going to be hauling ice across the desert; it wouldn’t be much of a challenge if we were doing it at night when the desert is so cold you need protection.

But before you go, Furosa stops you and says she won’t expect you to bring it all the way back to town. If you get the ice ‘to the entrance to the ruins,’ she’ll handle it from there. These ruins are the path that leads from the icehouse to town and is the setting for the challenge.

The Icehouse

noble pursuit botw

You’ll be able to locate the icehouse on the map thanks to the ruins that Furosa mentions. They’re clearly visible on the map, north of town, leading to a big rock. You’ll know you’re there because the game will inform you, flashing up ‘Northern Icehouse’ as it registers the location to your map.

Head on over, and you’ll find some stairs leading down into the freezer where Anche is guarding the ice. Explain what’s going on, and she’ll give you permission to take some of the ice but makes a point to warn you of the extreme heat. It won’t matter whether you’re wearing your vai disguise or not.

Once you’re carrying the ice, it’s time to take it to the other end of the ruins. Of course, this isn’t going to be easy. The ruins are infested with enemies, and the sun will shrink your ice block the whole time. My biggest tip? Don’t engage with the enemies. It’s mainly bokoblins of varying strengths (with a Lizalfos or two thrown into the mix), and they will try to attack you.

You could dispatch the enemies, but your ice block is melting all the while, so you’re on a time crunch. Expect to take damage and maybe even drop the ice block a couple of times. But it’s best to move on as quickly as possible. Knowing that you will be taking damage might also inform your clothing choices. The Gerudo Vai clothes will keep you cool in the heat, but they only provide the minimum protection of 3.

On the other hand, the Gerudo Voe Armor will provide at least 9 at minimum. Of course, you could use a heat-resistance elixir or food instead and wear whatever you want. For speed, stay away from the sand where possible. You walk slower in the sand (unless you have the sand shoes), so enemies can catch up to you quickly if you’re slogging through it.

Also, stay in the shade when possible; the ice block doesn’t melt as fast when you’re walking in the shade. As such, it also makes sense to do this quest early in the morning when the shadows will be longer than they are at midday. I don’t actually know if this helps, but I also try to equip an ice weapon. I don’t know if this slows the speed at which the ice melts, but I do know the ice will melt faster if you have a fire weapon equipped.

So don’t do that, and if you have the option, it might be worth holding onto an ice rod or something. Although I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way to get one before starting the quest. Once you reach the other end of the ruins, Furosa is waiting for you to take the ice back to town. If you aren’t in disguise, she’ll brush it off, not caring as long as she gets her ice.

With that done, Furosa can finally make a Noble Pursuit. She asks you to go fetch Pokki and let her know that a drink is waiting for her. Back to the shrine it is!

Back to Pokki

pokki noble pursuit botw

Return to the Misae Suma shrine, and Pokki is still there. This girl is stubborn. She’s still moaning about how she’ll rot at this shrine… until you tell her about her drink.

She runs off immediately. The pull of alcohol is too much for her to resist. Once she’s returned to Gerudo Town, you’re free to finally enter the shrine. The Misae Suma shrine is, thankfully, a blessing. Although, despite it working as a game mechanic, it doesn’t make a lot of sense within the logic of the game.

Pokki was, you assume, not meant to be there. Oh well, I’m not going to complain. Inside this shrine is a lovely diamond for your trouble (which translates to 500 rupees if you feel like selling it). You can return to Gerudo Town to check up on Pokki and see her get her hands on that promised Noble Pursuit. She’s decided to give up on the shrine altogether, having found the work dull.

She’s much more suited to alcoholism. Furosa will say hello to you too, although she still won’t sell you any drinks. Little does she know just how old Link actually is, but it’s not like she’ll believe him.

And with that, you’ve finished the quest. Congrats!

Age of Calamity

Unfortunately, in Breath of the Wild, you are never allowed to taste a Noble Pursuit. Little Link is too young to drink one. You can’t craft one, either. But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a consumable item in the franchise. In the spin-off game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, the Noble Pursuit is a consumable item, the recipe for which is obtained by completing the level “Urbosa: The Gerudo Chief.”

Using the Noble Pursuit upon entering a stage will increase your damage by 7%. To make this item, you will require 3 each of palm fruit, hydromelon, voltfruit, and rock salt.

However, instead of being the super boozy cocktail we’ve been promised, the flavor text in the game confirms that it’s merely a mocktail. A shame, but if Link’s too young to indulge during Breath of the Wild, he was definitely too young 100 years ago when this game takes place.

There’s Nothing Quite Like an Ice Cold Drink

botw noble pursuit


Question: Can You Get a Noble Pursuit in Botw?

Answer: No, you can’t get a Noble Pursuit for yourself in Breath of the Wild. Having been put into the shrine of resurrection when he was 17, Link is technically underage, and the barkeep, Furosa, will not serve him. 

Question: How Do You Complete The Perfect Drink Shrine Quest?

Answer: After you’ve found the Misae Suma shrine in the Gerudo Desert, you need to return to Gerudo Town and visit the Noble Canteen. Talk to the bartender, and she’ll agree to make a noble pursuit to help Pokki, the Gerudo blocking your way into the shrine.

To do this, you’ll need to get her some ice from the icehouse north of Gerudo Town and carry it back through some ruins without it melting.

You’ll have to get past a hoard of enemies on your way and do it quickly enough to have any ice once you reach the bartender. After you’ve succeeded, you must return to Pokki, and she’ll run back to Gerudo Town in search of her drink. 

Question: What are the Ingredients for Noble Pursuit?

Answer: There are no ingredients for a Noble Pursuit in Breath of the Wild as it isn’t a craftable item. To get a Noble Pursuit for the shrine quest ‘The Perfect Drink, ‘ you must help collect the ice for a bartender, who will make the drink but not give it to you.

However, Noble Pursuit is a craftable item in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. In that game, you need 3 palm fruit, hyrdomelon, voltfruit, and rock salt (that’s 12 ingredients total). This item will increase your damage in a level by 7%.

Final Thoughts

To wrap us up, let’s have a little TL:DR.

The Misae Suma shrine is attached to the quest ‘The Perfect Drink.’ This drink in question is the Noble Pursuit, which is served at the Noble Canteen.

To get the Gerudo Pokki to move from the shrine so you can enter it, you must help the bartender bring ice to Gerudo Town across the desert. This challenge will have you working against monsters, time, and the sun itself to carry this block of ice to town. 

Like most things in this game, this quest is small but still quaint. And the reward of a diamond really isn’t too shabby. It’s definitely a quest worth checking out, and maybe a drink worth inventing too.

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