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Eldin Canyon Guide

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Eldin is one of the largest places on the map in Breath of the Wild, and one of the most treacherous places to be. Not only can the Lizalfos, Moblins, Igneo Talus, and Guardians that patrol the region kill you, but Eldin itself can kill you.

It is one of the few places in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild where you need special gear to enter certain parts safely due to the extreme weather conditions. Eldin Canyon is in the heart of the Eldin region, which is, of course, home to Death Mountain. AKA, a giant volcano. So as you can imagine, it’s pretty hot.

You may be feeling a little anxious to head into the Eldin region, which is understandable. Although it can be one of the first places you head off to on your journey in Breath of the Wild, I found it to be one of the hardest.

But with a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, Eldin Canyon can be as easy to traverse as a stroll through Hateno Village. And luckily for you, I am about to share all the tips and tricks I picked up throughout my explorations in the region.

I will also give you instructions on how to climb the tower, complete every Shrine and side quest the region has to offer, and lead you straight to Captured Memory #5. So put your flameproof boots on, and let’s get started with my Eldin Canyon guide!

Key Notes Up Front

Eldin Canyon is a location in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is the main entry point that you go through to reach the Eldin Mountains and Death Mountain itself. Eldin Canyon is dangerously hot and requires some sort of head protection to explore, whether it is elixirs or the Flamebreaker Armor set.

There are four side quests, two Shrine quests, and eight Shrines throughout Eldin Canyon, as well as Foothill Stable, Eldin Tower, and Captured Memory #5.

Places of Interest

  • Foothill Stable
  • Cephla Lake
  • Lake Ferona
  • Lake Intenoch
  • Maw of Death Mountain
  • Goronbi Lake
  • Broca Island
  • Mandingo Pool
  • Goronbi River
  • Darb Pond
  • Gorko Tunnel
  • Gorko Lake
  • Gotram Cliff
  • Goron Hot Springs
  • Goron City

About Those Flameproof Boots…

If you’ve never been to Eldin Canyon before, you probably don’t have flameproof boots, but you are definitely going to need them. Almost everything in Eldin Canyon requires flame protection, even climbing the tower. And while you could just sprint past the sections of boiling hot lava to reach the tower, it’s definitely just easier to gear up before you head in.

But of course, it’s not as easy as simply buying a Flameproof Armor set and setting off immediately. The only place you can buy one, ironically enough, is in Goron City. And you would be dead long before you got there if you tried to go without any protection. Thankfully there are several other ways out of this pickle.

The first is to make a hoard of Fireproof Elixirs. These can be brewed with a Fireproof Lizard or a Smotherwing Butterfly, along with any other monster part. That’s the base recipe for a Fireproof Elixir, and in theory, it is all you will need. But throwing in some extra monster parts will make your elixir’s effect last longer.

If you don’t have any Fireproof Lizards yet, you can purchase some from our good friend Beedle at the South Akkala Stable. Making your own elixirs is a cheaper way to bulk out your supply to get you through to the Southern Mine and further into Goron City, but if you can’t be bothered, I do have another solution for you.

Gaile from the Foothill Stable
Gaile from the Foothill Stable / Image by Laura-May Randell

An NPC at the Foothill Stable named Gaile will sell you Fireproof Elixirs. Gaile sells one elixir for 60 Rupees, two for 110 Rupees, or three for 150 Rupees. She also strongly encourages you to buy three, and I agree with her. It’s also a bit of a bargain that’s 60 Rupees cheaper than buying three individually, so why not?

Climbing Eldin Tower

Now that you have your Fireproof Elixirs in tow, you are all set up to head to Eldin Tower. The best place to depart from is Foothill Stable, which is right on the side of the road that you need to travel. So if you’re not there already, fast-travel to Mo’a Keet Shrine.

You can take a horse with you if you want since it’s only for the last leg of your journey that you will have to leave it behind. But if you do, be careful because the road is full of fiery monsters, camouflaged Lizalfos, and Guardians.

Maw of Death Mountain
Maw of Death Mountain / Image by Laura-May Randell

Whether you’re on horseback or on foot, head out of Foothill Stable and turn right to take the road to the North. Shortly after entering the Maw of Death Mountain, you will notice that the scenery begins to change. The grass no longer grows there, and the lakes start to give way to lava.

Once you pass through Lake Ferona and Lake Intenoch, the monsters start to appear. The first you will come across is a massive Guardian. There are one million and one ways to take down a Guardian, and you can just wail at it with your strongest weapon until you defeat it. But the easiest and fastest way to take down a Guardian is by parrying.

Hold your shield up as the Guardian is readying its laser. As soon as the laser turns white and starts to form in the Guardian’s eye, press A to reflect it back toward the Guardian with your shield.

The timing can be tricky to get right. But once you do, it makes any Guardian a breeze. Three good parries and the Guardian will be out of your way, and you will be free to continue up the road.

Shortly after you destroy the Guardian, you will reach a cavern. This is filled with Fire Keese and Fire Chuchu, both of which are incredibly irritating. You can just run past them or take them out. The choice is yours.

Death Mountain Track Marker #2
Death Mountain Track Marker #2 / Image by Laura-May Randell

Once you have come out of the other side of the canyon, you will find the second Death Mountain trail stop. This is the point where things will start heating up. The way is blocked by a rocky ledge that you have to climb, forcing you to leave your beloved steed behind. If you haven’t taken your first Fireproof Elixir yet, this is the point where you want to do so.

Climb the ledge and keep moving past the pools of lava. Another Guardian is hanging around this area, so parry its laser back in its face another three times, and be on your way. There are also a few camouflaged Lizalfos here.

These gave me trouble the first time I attempted to climb the tower because I had an irrational (or not so irrational) fear of Guardians, so I just snuck past it. The Lizalfos then alerted it to my appearance, and I became incredibly overwhelmed very quickly.

The best way to approach the tower is to destroy the Guardian, then crouch down and sneak up on the Lizalfos. There are plenty of metal boxes around. Metal boxes are your friends on Death Mountain. If you pick one up and smack the Lizalfos with it, you can destroy them extremely easily. Metal boxes are one of the strongest weapons in the game so use them whenever you get the chance.

Once the Lizalfos are over and done with, you have pretty much achieved your mission. The tower is waiting for you just over the peak to the left. Climb the small peak to reach the highest point and glide over to begin your climb to the top.

Eldin Canyon Side Quests

Like any place in Breath of the Wild, Eldin Canyon is brimming with awesome locations to explore. And what better way to explore than by traveling around seeking out all of the great side quests in the area? There are four side quests in total to complete in Eldin Canyon.

Fireproof Lizard Round-Up

Now that you have successfully climbed Eldin Tower, you are going to want to get your hands on some more permanent flameproofing. But no, you don’t have to get all the way to Goron City to get it. You only have to go as far as the Southern Mine.

Southern Mine map marker
Southern Mine map marker / Image by Laura-May Randell

The road to the Southern Mine is just a little further up the road you traveled to get to Eldin Tower. Fast travel to the top of the tower and turn to face the North. If you glide from there, you can make it pretty far down that road and skip most of the enemies, depending on how much stamina you have.

There is one big, fiery roadblock waiting for you when you land, though, a giant Igneo Talus. Igneo Talus may seem extremely intimidating at first, but just make sure you have some ice arrows in your inventory and extinguish the Talus’s body with them.

Once you do that, the beast will smash its giant rocky body into the ground allowing you to climb up on top and start to beat away at the ore deposit on its head. Rinse and repeat that enough times, and boom. Igneo Talus defeated. Collect your bounty of ores and climb the rock face to continue on your way.

Once you defeat the Igneo Talus and climb the rocky face, you are more or less safe, from monsters at least. You still need to get your hands on that Firebreaker Armor, so continue over the bridge and further into the mine.

Kima from the Southern Mine
Kima from the Southern Mine / Image by Laura-May Randell

Once you’re there, look for a Hylian named Kima. He shouldn’t be too difficult to find. He is the only Hylian there, so he sticks out like a sore thumb. Kima is looking for 10 Fireproof Lizards in exchange for the Flamebreaker Armor. He sadly doesn’t provide you with the helmet or the greaves, but you will get more than enough protection with the armor alone to make your way through to Goron City and pick up the rest yourself.

This side quest is super easy and will probably only take you a total of five minutes. The area is absolutely swimming with Fireproof Lizards, so just crouch down and approach them slowly so you don’t scare them off. They also hide under rocks in the area.

Once you’ve bagged yourself the Flamebreaker Armor, just continue up the road and into Goron City.

The Jewel Trade

There are two side quests to find and complete in Goron City. The first of which is called The Jewel Trade. To trigger this side quest, head to the Inn. There you will find a Gerudo named Ramella, who is searching for some precious ore.

Ramella from Goron City
Ramella from Goron City / Image by Laura-May Randell

She wants 10 Amber in exchange for 500 Rupees. If you don’t have 10 Amber already, it really shouldn’t be hard to find. Eldin Canyon is the best place to find ore, and there is plenty waiting for you in the Southern Mine we just came from.

She will also purchase other gems from you for a higher price point than you can get elsewhere, but she only buys in bundles of 10 which is a little inconvenient.

The Road To Respect

Head to the armor shop called Ripped and Shredded to purchase any other Flamebreaker items you may want and trigger the next side quest. Next to the shop, you will find a Goron named Fugo furiously working on a sword.

Fugo wants you to earn his respect by defeating the Igneo Talus by Darunia Lake. It’s a bit of a big ask considering he only gives you 100 Rupees as a reward, and the quest was far more dangerous than Remella’s who gave us 500. But I digress.

Make sure you stock up on plenty of ice arrows before you go, or purchase both the Flamebreaker Helmet and Flamebreaker Greaves. That way, you can get the Fireproof set bonus which renders you immune to the Igneo Talus’s fiery body.

Death Mountain’s Secret

The following side quest can only be done after you’ve completed the Divine Beast Vah Rudania on Death Mountain. Once you have, head to the Goron Hot Springs. You can either get there by following the road up through Goron City that you were traveling on before until you cross Stolock Bridge or climb one of the giant cliffs in Goron City and glide towards the Springs.

Dugby from the Goron Hot Springs
Dugby from the Goron Hot Springs / Image by Laura-May Randell

Once you arrive, speak to the Goron child named Dugby. Dugby gives you a cryptic riddle that you need to solve. Not cryptic in the sense that it is a difficult puzzle, but because he is talking underwater and it is really hard to understand what he is trying to say.

Dugby says: I bid a tweasure binteen gear an ba Bridge of Eldin! Iz an abazing schtick! Beely bool! If boo bind it…. Iz boars!

It is difficult to make out. But what Dugby is probably trying to say, is that he hid a treasure between the Goron Hot Springs and the Bridge of Eldin, and if we find it, we can keep it.

Dugby’s treasure map marker
Dugby’s treasure map marker / Image by Laura-May Randell

Just beside the two soaking Gorons, you will find a minecart. You can ride this minecart almost all the way there with two bombs. Once you reach the end of the track, turn right and climb up the mountain. At the top, there is a bombable wall. Break it to reveal the tweasure.

It’s a Drillshaft, which is an okay weapon. It only has 14 attack, but it does respawn every Blood Moon. So if you are ever in the market for another Drillshaft, you know where to go.

Eldin Canyon Shrines

There are eight Shrines in Eldin Canyon, two of which have their own shrine quest to complete beforehand, so we have a lot of work to do in order to find and complete them all. For the sake of convenience, I will order the Shrines from South to North, as you could theoretically approach them while you’re making your way up Eldin Canyon and toward Death Mountain.

Mo’a Keet Shrine

Okay, I just specified ordering the Shrines from the bottom up, but that is with the exception of Foothill Stable’s Shrine, Mo’a Keet. It will make sense why in a moment.

All of the stables in Breath of the Wild have a Shrine nearby that acts like an extremely convenient fast travel point. Since they are all so close to the stables and they do serve the purpose of being a fast travel point, they are usually very out there in the open. This makes them some of the easiest-to-spot Shrines in the game, and all you have to do to find this one is make your way up the road.

It is a bit of a hike, so the best place to start would be Woodland Stable. From there, take out your favorite horse and take the road to the South East, and turn left at the fork by Lanayru Tower. Once you hit the stable, the Shrine can be easily spotted nestled in the hills behind it.

Tah Muhl Shrine

This is the Southernmost Shrine in Eldin Canyon, but it is one of the ones that comes with its own side quest. And to trigger that side quest, you must inspect a painting that hangs on the wall in Foothill Stable.

The painting depicts a scene in which you can see an unopened Shrine, and it is your mission to locate that Shrine in Eldin Canyon. Thankfully, it is not too far away. Just outside Foothill Stable, you can find a small pathway between the rocks that line the road. It isn’t a well-established path and is quite subtle, but to the well-trained Zelda gamer’s eye, it’s just asking you to go down it.

Tah Muhl Shrine
Tah Muhl Shrine / Image by Laura-May Randell

Travel down the pathway until you come across a Bokoblin camp. Kill them or just run past them, whichever you would prefer. Once you round the corner, you will see a hole in the rock wall to your right. Head in there and continue up the small cavern to the back to reach the Shrine.

Qua Raym Shrine

This Shrine is located on a small island sitting right in the middle of Goronbi Lake, which just so happens to be a boiling lake made out of lava. So you are going to need your Flamebreaker set on before you head out to this Shrine.

Qua Raym Shrine
Qua Raym Shrine / Image by Laura-May Randell

This Shrine is very easy to get to. Just fast-travel to the top of Eldin Tower, turn right and glide towards the lake. The Shrine is somewhat hidden behind a rock, but the island itself it is pretty hard to miss.

Sah Dahaj Shrine

The Sah Dahaj Shrine is hidden on the banks of Cephla Lake. This one is also within gliding distance from Eldin Tower, if you have enough stamina, of course. Fast-travel to the tower and look toward the Akkala Tower to the East.

Sah Dahaj Shrine
Sah Dahaj Shrine / Image by Laura-May Randell

Jump off the edge of the tower and glide over Lake Intenoch and through to Cephla Lake. There is a big community of Bokoblins hanging around, but they can be easily ignored. The Shrine is quite hidden, so you most likely won’t see it until you’re right on top of it. When you do spot it, drop down and head into the Shrine.

Rinu Honika Shrine

This Shrine is part of Daruk’s Song in the Champion’s Ballad DLC, so if you don’t have the DLC, don’t go looking for this one. The quest brings you to Darb Pond, which is almost directly North of Eldin Tower. When you get there, you will see three Gorons standing on a ledge in front of a blue circle in the middle of the pond.

All you have to do to reveal the Shrine is complete the quest by landing in the circle. The only problem is that it is in a pool of lava. Head down to the shores of the pond and use Magnesis to lift up one of the metal boxes. Place the box inside the circle to create a platform you can stand on, then climb up to the ledge and glide in. The Shrine will appear just behind the ledge you jumped off.

Kayra Mah Shrine

The Karya Mah Shrine is part of a larger Shrine Quest called A Brother’s Roast. Take the road to the left as you enter Goron City, and cross the small bridge. Walk into the first hut you see and speak to a grumpy Goron named Bladon.

Bladon is concerned because his brother, Gonguron, went looking for the Hero’s secret and never came back.

Gorko Tunnel and Gortram Cliff map markers
Gorko Tunnel and Gortram Cliff map markers / Image by Laura-May Randell

The first part of your mission is to find Gonguron, who is passed out from hunger inside Gorko Tunnel. The easiest way to get to Gorko Tunnel is to take the road up to the Goron Hot Springs. Keep going past the Hot Springs until you reach a forked path. There is a road sign there pointing you toward Gorko Tunnel, which is down the track to the right.

Once you find Gonguron, Bladon appears again and gives you the second part of your mission. Gonguron needs a Rock Roast to awaken from his slumber, and, of course, you have to go get it.

The Rock Roasts are right at the bottom of Gortram Cliff. Thankfully, it is pretty close by. You just need to turn left when exiting the tunnel and continue further down the hill. The track is filled with enemies, which will make your returning trip far more difficult, so clear out as many as you can on the way down.

Once you get to the bottom, pick up one of the Rock Roasts and start to carry it back up the hill. They are really heavy, so making your way back up the cliff takes a very long time. There are also boulders falling everywhere, threatening to destroy both you and Gonguron’s delicious Rock Roast.

Hopefully, you have already cleared out most of the enemies, so you just have to worry about the boulders. Either way, make your way up the hill and give Gonguron his Rock Roast to complete the quest and reveal the Shrine.

Shae Mo’Sah Shrine

The Shae Mo’Sah Shrine is the closest one to Goron City, making it a great fast-travel point whenever you want to go hang out with the Gorons. It’s not really hidden at all, and you will easily be able to find it by simply continuing up the road you took to get to Goron City in the first place.

Once you hit the Shae Mo’Sah Shrine, keep traveling up the road to reach Death Mountain.

Captured Memory #5

The last significant thing you can come across during your travels throughout Eldin Canyon is the fifth Captured Memory. This one is on top of one of the peaks in Eldin Canyon, so it can be a real pain to get there if you don’t know a good route.

Captured Memory #5 map marker
Captured Memory #5 map marker / Image by Laura-May Randell

The best way to reach the peak to find Captured Memory #5 is by using Eldin Tower as your starting point. Then you can glide in the direction of Gorko Lake. Run along the shores of Gorko Lake until you reach around about the halfway point, then climb around the back of the peaks.

The memory is right on the edge of a peak with a large circular formation on it, which makes it relatively easy to spot. The formation is a Korok Seed puzzle, so pick up the two nearby rocks and place them with the others to complete the circle and collect another Korok Seed.

Captured Memory #5 Location
Captured Memory #5 Location / Image by Laura-May Randell

One of the rocks is almost directly in front of Captured Memory #5, so you can kill two birds with one stone here. Press A on the glowing spot to recall Zelda tending to Link’s wounds and predicting the rise of Calamity Ganon.

Eldin Canyon Guide: FAQs

Questions: How many Korok Seeds are in the Eldin region?

Answers: There are 32 Korok Seeds in Eldin Canyon and 44 throughout the entire Eldin Region.

Questions: Where else should I explore in Eldin Canyon?

Answers: The side quests and Shrine quests take you throughout most of Eldin Canyon, but some other notable places explorers should go are Goro Cove, Broca Island, and Mendingo Pool. They are all pretty cool places, and there is a Korok Seed to be found at each of them as well.

Questions: Do I need all three pieces of the Flamebreaker Set to explore Eldin Canyon?

Answer: No. You only need one piece of the Flamebreaker Armor set to get enough heat protection to comfortably explore, but all three pieces render you completely immune to fire. It isn’t necessary but certainly makes dealing with the elemental enemies around the area far easier.

Is It Getting Hot In Here, Or Is It Just Eldin Canyon?

After exploring all of the nooks and crannies throughout Eldin Canyon you will be equipped with everything you need to explore the Eldin Mountains and head toward Death Mountain itself.

Eldin is the region I left for last throughout my play-through because I found it intimidating, partly because of the heat and partly because of the grueling trip up Death Mountain. If there is one more tip I can give you to help you on the next leg of your journey up the Mountain, it would be to make use of all the metal boxes you can.

The path is scattered with Guardian Scouts, which are next to impossible to kill with regular weapons since they are such high-moving targets, but using Magnesis to hit them out of the sky with the metal boxes destroys them in about two hits. But this is an Eldin Canyon guide, not a Death Mountain guide, so I will leave the rest for you to discover.

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