baked apple botw guide

Baked Apple BOTW Guide

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ve probably had a few times when you just needed a quick snack but didn’t really have the items to cook up more than a single thing. In this scenario, it might be more beneficial to you to roast your fruit over a flame and eat that instead of a full meal.

By throwing an apple over a fire, you can get a Baked Apple instead, making it restore an extra fourth of a heart. If you want to know more about why you’d go through the time of doing this and how to do it without ending up with nothing but ashes, then read on.

How to Find Apples

Apple Tree Breath of the Wild
Image by Monica Phillips

To bake an apple, we need to get apples in the first place. Apples can be commonly found on many trees in Hyrule, and you’ve likely come across quite a few just on the Great Plateau. Namely, there are a few just on the leadup to speaking with the Old Man for the first time, and you can easily acquire them by either climbing the trees or chopping them down.

The better option here would be to cut the trees down, so grabbing a woodcutter’s axe isn’t a bad idea. It can chop down trees in just two hits and easily allow you to hold all the apples that fall. These will enable you to set fruits alight and make anything but an apple pie.

In fact, right by the campfire where the Old Man is sitting is a freshly baked apple for you to take for yourself however you please, with only a mild scolding. If you only really want a single baked apple (because surely, having multiple would make you too powerful), then this is probably where you’ve already found them.

How to Bake Apples Without Burning Them

How to Bake Apples Without Burning Them Breath of the Wild
Image by Monica Phillips

Now that you’ve gotten your apples, it’s time to bake. While you could throw your apples on fires willy-nilly, it’s better to know the exact science behind cooking an apple and the right time to take it off the fire. You don’t want to go and have a pile of nothing but ash and dust, do you?

First, grab the apples from your inventory using X; you can hold as many as you’d like, as it will be relatively easy to set multiple on fire immediately. You can then walk up to any fire of your choosing, drop the apples on there, and watch them burn.

You might have wondered, “Really, any fire of my choosing?” and, in fact, yes! You can set just about anything you can think of on fire, which will light the apples in turn. Be that a forest fire, grass fire, torch fire, wooden weapons on fire, or a red chuchu jelly explosion. All of these will work as long as the apple gets lit.

To ensure success, watch the flame on the apple carefully, and ensure a nice medium-rare roast by waiting for the apple to turn brown. If the apple incinerated into dust, you’re probably not getting it back, so please be sure to pick it up after this. God, I’m so tired.

How to Consume a Baked Apple

Baked Apple In Inventory Breath of the Wild
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Finally, at the end of this, the apple can now be eaten by going to the food menu in Link’s inventory, where you can promptly scarf it down and get a slight boost over getting a regular apple. About a quarter of a heart extra, and considering baked apples also stack, there is no reason not to bake them over eating them normally.

The only reason to keep your apples unbaked is to use them as an ingredient later, the only issue being that apples kind of suck. They’re one of the more common, and thus lesser fruits in Breath of the Wild, having no alternate effects and mainly being filler to give some extra hearts to a meal that might not heal as much.

Baked Apple BOTW Guide: FAQs

Question: Why should I make Baked Apples in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Baked apples heal a quarter heart more than regular apples and are easy to make in large quantities.

Question: Do I ever need a Baked Apple in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: A character named Juney will provide Link with a little side quest that requires one baked apple, with the reward getting higher the more baked apple Link brings her.

Question: How do I bake a ton of Apples in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Placing down a ton of logs, then lighting them with red chuchu jelly will create a massive, long-lasting fire where you can mass-roast apples.


Baked apples have very little use in Breath of the Wild besides trading a hundred of them to Juney for 1200 rupees. Generally, you should keep your apples uncooked to add them to whatever wacky meals you cook.

That doesn’t mean baked apples have absolutely 0 merits; if you have a massive fire going and seek opportunities, then sure, go for it. However, I think you should cook something better than the sum of its parts than take a pitiful quarter heart increase.

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