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While the main quest in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is amazing, one of the coolest things about the game is the side quests for those that want to explore Hyrule even further.

Link can play cupid and help bring couples together. He can play archaeologist and capture images of ancient bones. Heck, he can even buy and make improvements on his own house.

However, one of the most involved side quests in Breath of the Wild is From the Ground Up. This laborious quest involves helping build and develop an entire town in the Akkala Region of Hyrule. What does it take to get the job done? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you!

Key Details Up Front

From the Ground Up is one of many sidequests available as Link explores Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The quest focuses on helping Hudson ( a member of the Bolson Construction Company) as he builds Tarrey Town and searches for love.

Getting Started

To kick off the From the Ground Up sidequest, you have to first purchase a home. Head to Hateno Village and find the Bolson Construction company. They’re in the process of demolishing a house.

However, the owner of the company is willing to share it for some materials and money. 3000 Rupees and 300 bundles of wood, to be exact. Once you have enough money and wood, head back and speak to Bolson, who will sell you the house.

With that done, speak with Bolson once again. This time, he and his co-workers are hanging out around a cooking pot with nothing to do. After you talk to Bolson, chat with Hudson.

As you speak with him, he’ll tell you about his plans. He’s leaving Hateno Village and headed to Akkala. This region is north of Hateno, beyond Zora’s Domain.

Finding Hudson

From the Ground Up BOTW Guide

Once he heads out, make your way to Akkala. But not just anywhere. You’re looking for Lake Akkala. If you need help getting there, just look at your map. Just follow the road straight south from the East Akkala Stable.

The place you want to go is an island in the middle of the lake with a small path that connects it to the mainland.

You’ve arrived at the future site of Tarrey Town. This is where Hudson and the team are going to develop and build the town itself. Hudson will be waiting for you with plenty of tasks to perform. Chat with him, and he’ll get you started.

Gathering Wood

Hudson will tell you that he needs ten bundles of wood to begin. If you don’t have ten bundles of wood, you can chop down the trees that line the outer rim of the island. However, you’re going to continue to need to gather bundles of wood for Hudson, so gather as much as you can to save time in the future.

Once you’ve gathered wood for the first time, Hudson will have another chore for you. This process will repeat several times and requires Link to travel many places in Hyrule. Don’t worry, though. We’re going to tell you exactly where you need to go.

Someone to Smash

First up on Hudson’s list of helpers is someone strong enough to help him destroy the rocks around the area. Naturally, that certain someone is a Goron.

Fast travel to Goron City and follow the path toward the Southern Mine. Wait until night (or sit by a fire until nightfall), and you’ll find Greyson sitting near a cooking pot, resting from a hard day’s work.

Chat with Greyson and tell him what Hudson is up to in Tarrey Town. He’ll choose to head out and help Hudson, taking his little son along with him in the process. Head back to Tarrey Town, and you’ll discover that the town has grown. Plus, Greyson’s son is in charge of a small shop that offers gemstones.

Gathering More Wood


Once you get back to Tarrey Town, speak to Hudson again, and he’ll send you out to gather more wood. This time, he’ll ask for 20 bundles, and there are fewer trees than there was the first time, so you might have to leave the area to get the wood you need. When you have 20 bundles, speak to Hudson again.

Someone to Stitch

This time, Hudson will ask you to find a person who can do some work as a tailor. Fast travel to either the shrine nearest to Gerudo Town or the shrine nearest to Gerudo Canyon Stable. From either of those locations, head toward the Kara Kara Bazaar, which is located in the Gerudo Desert.

Beneath a canopy out front of the building, you’ll find a Gerudo woman named Rhondson. Be sure you don’t have the clothing you wear to get into Gerudo Town, and the two of you will have a pleasant discussion about Tarry Town. Link will tell her about the growing town, and she’ll be excited to offer her services.

Follow her to Tarrey Town, and you’ll find that Rhondson is now operating a clothing shop. She’s selling Gerudo clothes specifically designed for men. This armor set is an excellent alternative to the female Gerudo clothes you receive during the main storyline.

Gathering Wood… Again

Time to speak to Hudson and gather wood again. This time he’ll request 30 bundles. As the town continues to grow, Hudson needs more supply to meet demand. Gather the bundles as requested to find out who he needs you to track down next.

Someone to Sell

Next, you need to find a merchant for Tarrey Town, and Hudson has someone specific in mind. He’ll ask you to find a Rito whose last name ends in -son and convince them to come sell their wares in Tarrey Town.

Fast Travel to the Rito Village to find the person you need. You can get there by warping to either the Akh Va’quot Shrine in the middle of Rito Village to Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Either one will work.

Wander through the village, and eventually, you’ll run into a Rito with blue feathers sitting down on a deck. You’ll find him on the lower levels of the village. He’ll complain to Link about his parents, which creates the perfect opportunity to tell him about Tarrey Town.

Fyson is eager to get away, and the idea of opening a shop in a faraway town excites him. He’ll quickly leave Rito Village. Follow him back to Tarrey Town, and you’ll find that he has opened a store selling arrows. It’s a great place to restock when you’re running low.

Wood for the Last Time

From the Ground Up

Speak to Hudson once again, and he’ll ask you to get wood for him. Fortunately, this is the last time you’ll have to hand bundles of wood over to him. The bad news is that he’ll want 50 bundles of wood. Gather the wood and bring it back to him, and he’ll task you with another chore.

Someone to Speak

During the tie you’ve spent gathering good and telling people about the exciting opportunities in Tarrey Town, Hudson has been spending quite a bit of time with Rhondson. As a matter of fact, the pair are engaged and ready to get married. The only thing they need is a priest, which Hudson asks you to find.

Fortunately for Link, Rhondson, and Hudson, there is a Zora priest who is ready to perform the ceremony. Warp to Zora’s domain, then follow the paths up to the area above the Ne’ez Yohma Shrine.

There, you’ll find an elderly Zora looking lost, deep in thought. Speak to him, and you’ll find that he’s an ex-priest willing to perform the ceremony.

It’s Wedding Time!

After the priest leaves Zora’s domain, head back to Tarrey Town once again and speak with Hudson. Fortunately, your wood gathering duties are complete. However, he’ll ask you to visit Hateno Village and invite his ex-boss and co-workers to his wedding. These are the gentlemen who helped make improvements to your house.

Fast travel to Hateno Village and speak with them. Extend them an invitation to Hudson’s wedding, and be sure to follow them once they’ve made their way to Tarrey Town.

After waiting a day, the wedding commences. Enjoy the beautiful cutscene as Hudson and Rhondson are joined in matrimony by the Zora priest. Once the ceremony concludes, speak to Hudson one more time, and he’ll give you an incredible reward for bringing the love of his life to Tarrey Town: three diamonds.

Of course, you’ve also created a bustling town that has plenty of shops and an inn if you need to get some rest. You can buy arrows, gemstones, and armor when you need them. But wait, there’s more!

Introducing Grante

Introducing Grante

With Tarrey Town finished, a new merchant will appear, but not in the Town Square where the other sellers are. You’ll find Grante on top of a building selling hard-to-replace items.

He’s on the building on the left-hand side as you leave Tarrey Town. What’s interesting is that Grante is Robbie’s son. Robbie is the Akkala Ancient Tech scientist and his son is out selling his wares.

The items Grante is dealing are things you can only find one time. Unfortunately, if you break them, you can never get them again. Thanks to Grante, this is no longer the case. For example, if you lose or break your Hylian Shield, Grante has another one you can buy.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Grante can only sell items that you’ve discovered in the game. If you haven’t found it, he can’t sell it. And second, the items he sells are not cheap, so be sure you have enough money when speaking with him. Otherwise, he’s a great resource for replacing lost or broken equipment.


From the Ground Up is an involved quest that requires a lot of traveling around Hyrule to find the right people to populate Tarrey Town. As a result, there are plenty of questions about the quest. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the quest:

Question: Where Do You Go to Begin From the Ground Up?

Answer: To kick off the From the Ground Up quest, you’ll have to speak to the construction workers near the Myham Agan Shrine in Hateno Village. Talking to Hudson, Bolson, and Karon will unlock two sidequests in Breath of the Wild.

Question: Who is the Rito Link Needs to Find for Tarrey Town?

Answer: When you visit Rito Village, you’ll find a Rito standing on a deck, looking out to the east. He’s by himself and laments that he is stuck in the village and longs to explore the world. This Rito’s name is Fyson, and when Link extends an invitation to Tarrety Town, he quickly relocates to sell his wares.

Question: Which Gerudo has a Name that Ends in Son?

Answer: The Gerudo with an -son last name is Rhondson. You can find her in the Kara Kara Bazaar, located between the Gerudo Canyon Stable and Gerudo Town in the Gerudo Desert.

Question: Where Do You Find Greyson the Goron for Tarrey Town?

Answer: If you’re looking for Greyson for the From the Ground Up quest in Breath of the Wild, you’ll find him at the Southern Mine. You can only speak to him in the evening when he takes a break from crushing rocks.

We Built This City

While Tarrey Town is a far cry from a city, it’s still pretty cool to help build a town, something Link has never been able to do before. Plus, he brings together Hudson and Rhondson, who we can only assume are still blissfully married to this day.

It takes some time to gather the wood for Hudson and find the necessary people – especially since their names have to end in -son. However, the payoff is worth it as Link earns three diamonds and a town full of merchants to visit anytime his stock is running low.

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