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As Link searches for the sages in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, he eventually makes his way to the Gerudo Fortress. Once he gains the trust of the Gerudo, he must traverse across the Gerudo Desert. He’ll have access to the Spirit Temple when that is successfully completed.

Unfortunately, as Adult Link, you can progress no further. You must travel back in time and visit the Spirit Temple as Child Link. During this timeline, Link will first encounter the Gerudo Thief Nabooru.

Who is Nabooru, and what is she trying to steal? Keep reading as we tell you all about this integral sage in Ocarina of Time.

Key Details Up Front

Nabooru is one of the six sages from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. While she is a Gerudo Thief, she’s opposed to Ganondorf despite being his second in command. Link will find her in the Spirt Temple when he visits the location as a child. She will explain her intentions to him and ask for his help.


Nabooru Guide

Nabooru (pronounced Nuh-boar-oo) is a character Link meets during his adventures in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She is introduced to the game when Link visits the Spirit Temple as a child. Nabooru is openly vocal about her opposition to Ganondorf, even though she was left in charge during his absence.

She has many of the same characteristics shared by the Gerudo in Ocarina of Time, including dark skin, gold eyes, and red hair. When Link finds her in the Spirit Temple, she requests his help in “obtaining” an item.


Even though she is second in command of the Gerudo, there isn’t much that sets her apart from the others. She has red hair and golden eyes. However, she is more mature than her counterparts, so she is left in charge by Ganondorf.

When Link encounters her as a child, she is covered in jewelry. She doesn’t have much covering her top half, only wearing what appears to be a beautifully decorated bra. This piece of clothing covers her chest, which leaves the rest of her bare and showcases her belly button.

Her legs are covered by large pink pants that will have some of us thinking of parachute pants from the 1980s and 90s. On her feet, she wears red shoes with pointed toes. She isn’t large or intimidating from a physical perspective. However, her personality would suggest otherwise.


Nabooru Guide

Despite her behavior as a thief, which is the default for most Gerudo, Nabooru defies the sentiment that “there is no honor among thieves.” Her comments to Link in Ocarina of Time suggest that she does have some level of morals. For example, she’s not okay with taking from children and women who cannot defend themselves.

Additionally, Nabooru disapproves of murdering innocent people since this type of behavior is strictly forbidden by Gerudo customs. By making this statement, she shows that she believes Ganondorf has used his power to lead the Gerudo away from who they are.

Plus, if Link speaks to a specific Gossip Stone, it will talk about Nabooru as the “lone wolf thief.” This stone is saying that since Nabooru prefers to work alone, she’s probably doing so to hold true to her personal send of right and wrong.

Nabooru is unwilling to acknowledge Ganondorf as King of the Gerudo, although the other Gerudo do. She is disgusted by his evil nature. So much so that she is willing to go to great lengths to acquire key items from the Spirit Temple. This is her way of rebelling against Ganondorf and his tyrannical reign.

Despite her rough demeanor, she also appears to enjoy teasing others. This is apparent as she repeatedly calls Link “kid.” However, she also has a respectful side, which is seen when she and Link interact when Link returns to the Spirit Temple as an adult.

Nabooru is quick to compliment how big he has grown and, from then forward, only calls Link by his name. During her conversation with Child Link, she promises to give him a reward if he’ll help her obtain the Silver Gauntlets. However, it’s not clear whether she genuinely intends to reward Link or just tease him. We never get to find out because, by the time Link returns, Nabooru is kidnapped by Kotake and Koume.

Then, when she can again fulfill her promise, she is awoken as the Sage of the Spirit Temple, and both have their hands full with Ganondorf.

Nabooru in the Ocarina of Time

Child Link


Link can only successfully get to the Spirit Temple as an adult. Still, he can’t go any further than the entry chambers. He has to return to the Temple of Time and visit the Spirit Temple as a child to access the bowels of the temple.

At this point, Link will first encounter Nabooru. She is inside the entry room of the Spirit Temple. This is where she’s trying to get deeper into the temple. Unfortunately, she’s unable to do so since the passageway will only allow a child to crawl through.

When Link confirms he’s not doing anything, Nabooru thinks about letting him aid her. Her plan is to steal the Silver Gauntlets, which bestow great strength to anyone who wears them deep within the temple. This legendary Gerudo treasure will give her the strength to take on Ganondorf.

Unfortunately, the gauntlets can only be worn by an adult, so they’re no use to Child Link. Nabooru promises that if Link retrieves them for her, she’ll give him “something great.” However, she never really goes into any further detail about what it means.

Link crawls through the passage and, after navigating one side of the temple, is rewarded with the Silver Gauntlets. Unfortunately, he can never give it to Nabooru, as she is surrounded by Kotake and Koume, two evil witches who protect the temple. Using their black magic, they send her away.

Adult Link

With the Silver Gauntlets in his possession, Link needs to head back to the Temple of Time and use Master Sword to travel forward in time once again. Adult Link returns to the Spirit Temple, using the Silver Gauntlets to access the other half of the temple.

After making his way through the dungeon, he’ll have to fight an Iron Knuckle to access the boss chamber. However, this Iron Knuckle is different. It’s bigger than previous Iron Knuckles, has more endurance, and has stronger armor. Once Link defeats the Iron Knuckle, the armor will fall off. Inside is Nabooru, brainwashed by Kuome and Kotake to fight Link.

She appears disoriented and unaware of where she is. After a brief conversation, the witches surround her and send her away to brainwash her a second time. When Link defeats Twinrova, he enters the Chamber of Sages, where the Sage of Spirit is revealed to be…Nabooru!

Sage of Spirit

Sage of Spirit

Nabooru gives Link the Spirit Medallion and speaks to him about his success in defeating Twinrova and the Spirit Temple. She tells Link that had she known Link would grow into such a handsome man, she would have been sure to keep the promise she made to him when he was younger.

When Link attempts to access Ganon’s Castle, Nabooru is quick to help create a bridge that allows him to cross the moat of lava. Link sees Nabooru again when he defeats the Spirit section of Ganon’s Castle.

Finally, after Link defeats Ganon, Nabooru combines her powers with the other sages to seal him away for good. She is then seen on Death Mountain with the other sages during the post-credits scenes.

Other Legend of Zelda References

The Wind Waker

Link encounters Nabooru in the Wind Waker when she makes a quick cameo in the Master Sword chamber. This is directly under Hyrule Castle, and if you don’t pay attention, you can miss it. She’s clearly seen in a stained glass window, using the same pose as the one she used to seal away Ganon at the end of Ocarina of Time.

While she doesn’t appear in person in The Wind Waker, her image on the stained glass windows reminds her role in defeating Ganon. She and the other sages are all enshrined in windows in an effort to honor their heroics.

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Nabooru does not appear in Breath of the Wild; however, the great Gerudo Leader is referenced two times throughout the game. The first time she is mentioned, Urbosa offers a quick prayer before her when divine beast Vah Naboris is defeated by Link.

She is a legend among the Gerudo, and it’s clear that both Mount Nabooru and the Divine Beast Vah Naboris are named after her. It is also made very clear that after sealing away Ganon, Nabooru positively impacted Gerudo culture. They now live by a specific code, are no longer viewed as thieves, and are ruled by female Chieftans.

Her influence can also be seen in the Gerudo’s successful economic trade with other regions. The Gerudo are also known as enemies of Ganon, who himself was a Gerudo once upon a time, a fact confirmed by Urbosa. The Gerudo have developed diplomatic relationships with the Royal Family and are known as close friends and fierce protectors of Princess Zelda.


Nabooru is a unique and interesting character in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As such, there are plenty of questions about her. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions regarding Nabooru and her role in Ocarina of Time:

Question: Who is Nabooru?

Answer: Nabooru is a Gerudo and the Sage of Spirit in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She’s a strong and independent woman who fights against Ganondorf’s evil reign.

Question: What is Nabooru’s Role in Ocarina of Time?

Answer: Nabooru is a sage who helps Link seal away Ganon at the end of the game. Before that, she’s brainwashed by Kotake and Koume and fights against Link as an Iron Knuckle.

Question: What Happened to Nabooru after Ocarina of Time?

Answer: After Link defeats Ganon, Nabooru is seen with the other sages on Death Mountain. It’s assumed she went back to her life as normal after sealing away Ganon.

Question: Is Nabooru in Any Other Legend of Zelda Games?

Answer: Nabooru makes a quick cameo in the Wind Waker and is mentioned in Breath of the Wild. She’s a legend among the Gerudo in both games.

Question: Who are the Six Sages in Ocarina of Time?

Answer: Throughout his adventures in Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, the six Sages that Link unlocks are Rauru, Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and Nabooru. They each control a different part of Hyrule and help Link seal away Ganon at the end of the game.

Question: What is Nabooru’s Relationship with Ganondorf?

Answer: Nabooru is one of the many Gerudo who was tricked by Kotake and Koume into thinking that Ganondorf was evil. When she finally realizes the truth, she wants nothing to do with him and helps Link defeat him.

The Unlikeliest of Sages

Link does not encounter Nabooru until much later in the Ocarina of Time. Most of the other sages, Impa, Ruto, Darunia, and Saria, are introduced to him during the first part of the Young Link timeline. However, Nabooru doesn’t appear until those temples are defeated, and Adult Link makes his way across the Gerudo Desert. At this point, he must travel back in time, return to the Spirit Temple, and finally meet Nabooru.

Even when he meets her, she’s a thief trying to steal something from Ganondorf. Sure, she’s on Link’s side, but she’s hardly Sage material. That’s why it’s a bit of a surprise when she’s revealed as the Sage of Spirit. It just shows that you shouldn’t just a book by its cover.

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