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Midna is one of the main characters in the Legend of Zelda game, Twilight Princess. She teams up with Link to battle the great evil that has permeated the land of Hyrule, an evil that she can’t defeat on her own. The pair must explore Hyrule and defeat the vile Zant and treacherous Ganondorf together.

Twilight Princess is a bit of a departure from typical Legend of Zelda games in that it has a darker theme and doesn’t feel as upbeat. It also gives Link the ability to turn into a wolf, which gives the game an interesting twist.

Key Details Up Front

In Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Link teams up with Midna, a member of the Twili race. This mischievous character guides and aids Link as he aims to purge Hyrule of the Twilight that has impeded upon their land.


Midna has a dark sense of humor which is tied to her cynical character. She’s playful, but in the same sense that cats are playful with mice. Like all her Twilight Realm counterparts, Midna cannot stand the light. Anytime she and Link are traversing the Light World, she’s quick to take refuge in Link’s shadow.

When she and Link enter the Twilight, she’ll take on her physical form. However, later in the game, she can exist in the light once she is healed. She can take on her physical form while the pair are in the Light World, however, she prefers to stay in Link’s shadow to maintain a low profile.


Midna Zelda Guide

Midna has several forms, which we’ll get into later. One such form is described as “imp-like.” This is when she and Link are in the Twilight areas. She’s a small creature with a mask that covers her head. Sticking out from beneath the mask is her orange-ish-colored hair. She uses a barrette at the end of her hair to keep it out of her face.

She has swirled-shaped markings across her body and a single, visible, yellow eye. The other eye is hidden by her mask. She has large eyes that often regard Link with curiosity or sympathy, and a small mouth and nose. When Midna removes her mask, it is revealed that something brown sits atop her head.

In her true form, Midna looks like a human woman. There are tribal markings around her body and she has long, flowing orange hair. She uses the same barrette she had in her imp body to keep her hair in place. Her skin appears to have both a light side and a dark side, which could simply be the clothes she’s wearing.


Midna is a member of the Twili, a people who descended from a race capable of using evil magic. This race was sent to an alternate universe by the Golden Goddesses because of their misuse of magic. When Twilight Princess picks up the thread, Midna has been chosen to be their ruler.

Angered by the decision of Midna as their ruler, Zant – a Royal Twili Family servant – makes a bargain with Ganondorf. Zant believes Ganondorf to be a god, which is strengthened when Zant is imbued with some of Ganondorf’s magic.

Zant uses this power to turn his people into monsters referred to as Shadow Beasts. These beasts invade the palace and corner Midna, cursing her and turning her into the imp-like creature that works alongside Link. Embarrassed and horrified, Midna flees that palace and leaves Zant in control of the Twilight Realm.

Not long after fleeing, she realizes that she can recover parts of the Fused Shadow to defeat and remove Zant from the throne that rightfully belongs to her. With a piece already in hand (the mask she wears), she heads to Hyrule to look for the remaining three.

Once there, she learns that Zelda has given control of Hyrule over to Zant in exchange for keeping her people safe. When Midna sees Link change into a wolf when he enters the Twilight, she realizes that her plan may work. At this point, Midna decides to approach Link and use him to take back her kingdom.

Midna and Link

When Link is abducted and thrown into the Hyrule Castle prison, Midna introduces herself. She aids his escape while making a deal with him. She’ll help him find his friends if he will help her find the three Fused Shadows needed to reclaim her throne.

As their journey begins, Midna isn’t so sure that Link is capable of defeating Zant. She makes playful yet bossy and snide comments toward Link. However, as they continue on their quest, her attitude begins to change as Link continues to defy the odds and come out victorious against his enemies. She even goes so far as to apologize to him.

When the two of them finally get the last piece of the Fused Shadow, Zant overpowers them and takes the pieces. As he prepares to defeat Midna using a Shadow Crystal, Link sacrifices himself and jumps in front of it. Unfortunately, this means Link must remain a wolf for the foreseeable future.

Zant Part One

Zant attempts to persuade Midna to join his efforts, but she is quick to refuse. This indicates that even though she says she disdains the World of Light, perhaps she has grown somewhat attached to it. Zant quickly realizes that Midna is not going to help him and forces her into the Light despite her Twilight form.

The Goddess Lanaryu takes Wolf Link and Midna and returns them to Hyrule. After she leaves them, Wolf Link and Midna visit Princess Zelda in hopes that she can break the curse and restore Midna. First, Zelda explains to Link that to return to his Hylian form, he must retrieve Master Sword, which is located in the Sacred Grove. Unfortunately, the same is not true for Midna.

Realizing that her death is imminent, Midna requests that Zelda give Link the Mirror of Twilight. With it, he can defeat Zant on his own. Understanding that it will take both Midna and Link to save Hyrule, Zelda gives her soul to Midna, despite her protests.

The Mirror of Twilight

The Mirror of Twilight

Midna explains to Link that to defeat Zant, they need the Mirror of Twilight. This mirror allows them to access the Twilight Realm. The pair locate the mirror in the Gerudo Desert. Unfortunately, it is shattered. However, one shard remains. Hyrule’s Ancient Sages explain to Link and Midna that Zant broke the Mirror of Twilight, which gave Zant the power he need to take over the Twilight Realm and Hyrule.

Unfortunately, this is a result of the sages sealing Ganondorf away in the Twilight Realm. Midna later explains to Link that Gant cannot destroy the mirror since he is not the true ruler of the Twilight Realm. Link and Midna travel across Hyrule to gather the broken shards and restore the Mirror of Twilight.

A Change of Heart

As Midna and Link return the shards to the Mirror of Twilight, the Sages explain that Mida is the true Twilight Princess. As such, Midna tells Link that initially, her only goal was to save her people. She did not care what happened to Link or Hyrule as long as her kingdom was returned to its previous glory.

However, along the way, she had a change of heart. She saw how selfless Link and Zelda were and felt that it was her duty to help save Hyrule as well. As a result, Midna and Link agree to restore both the Twilight Realm and Hyrule to their previous states.

Zant Part Two

Midna and Link head to the Palace of Twilight to confront Zant once again. The pair pursue the villain relentlessly. Eventually, Midna can get her hand on the Fused Shadows. Unfortunately, it does not change her back to her original form. Zant explains that the only way to lift the curse is to defeat Ganondorf.

Angered by his betrayal and enraged at these lies and deceit, Midna stabs Zant with her hair, incapacitating him. Upon returning to the Light World, she turns herself into a massive spider-like creature and destroys the barrier protecting Hyrule Castle and Ganondorf.


With the barrier gone, Midna and Link can now take on Ganondorf. The pair battle possessed Zelda and Ganon in beast form, which results in Zelda’s soul returning to her body. However, as Midna and Zelda reunite, Ganondorf interrupts. With the Fused Shadows in hand, Midna warps Link and Zelda out of the castle and into Hyrule’s field. She then turns into a beast again and prepares to battle Ganondorf.

Zelda and Link watch helplessly as Hyrule Castle is destroyed by Ganondorf, who was successful in defeating Midna. He crushes her mask in his hand, showing that he did destroy her. Link, with assistance from Zelda, defeats Ganondorf. With him out of the picture, the Light Spirits restore Midna’s soul and remove Ganondorf’s evil curse.

The Twilight Princess Revealed

When Midna’s true form as the Twilight Princess is revealed, Link is momentarily stunned, which causes Midna to ask, “Am I so beautiful that you have no words?” Midna then leaves Zelda and Link behind, returning to the Twilight Realm through the Mirror of Twilight. As she leaves, she causes the mirror to shatter, which destroys the only path through which the two worlds are connected.

The Forms of Midna

Here are the forms Midna takes on throughout Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Cursed Form

This is the form Midna takes during the majority of Twilight Princess. She is in the form of a small imp, but still has some of the powers she had as a Twili. Unfortunately, her powers are weaker than normal. In her cursed form, Midna can create Twilight Portals or turn into a shadow to hide in the World of Light. She can also breathe underwater and transform into other people.

Eldritch Form

With the Fused Shadow, Midna can transform into a massive beast, capable of taking on massive enemies. While her power is strong enough to smash through the barrier protecting Hyrule Castle and defeat Zant, it’s not as strong as the power Gandondorf wields. This is because his source of power comes from the Triforce of Power.

Twili Form

Link sees Midna’s true form once Zant and Ganondorf are defeated. She is a female Twili, possessing the power necessary to destroy the Mirror of Twilight. She is the one and only ruler of the Twilight Realm and is much more powerful in this form than in her cursed form. In this form, she no longer succumbs to the light in the Light World. However, it is not known if this is because she already had this power, if she absorbed it from Princess Zelda, or if it was given to her by Lanaryu.

Twilight Princess Gameplay

Twilight Princess

While the two are not the same, Midna serves a similar purpose to Navi from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. In this way, Midna is a guide who aids the player in learning how to control Link. However, unlike Navi, Midna will not give Link information on how to defeat enemies. She also only provides small clues on how to move forward or fight a boss.

When Link is playing as a wolf, Midna will ride on his back. As he fights enemies, she’ll assist him, using a dark energy field. This allows Wolf Link to charge his enemies and eliminate them. If her icon appears while Link is a wolf, she’ll help him with jumps he wouldn’t be able to perform otherwise.

Midna also gives Link the ability to teleport between areas in Hyrule using Twilight Portals. Upon claiming Master Sword, Link will have the ability to turn into a wolf anytime he wants – unless there are people around (Midna doesn’t want to cause a riot). When riding Link, Midna’s hair can turn into a hard, which allows him to reach locations he might not be able to reach. It will also catch enemies and open doors for Wolf Link.


There is plenty to know about Midna and her role in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. These are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Question: Is Midna’s Role in Twilight Princess?

Answer: Midna helps Link throughout his adventure, providing guidance and assistance when needed.

Question: How Does Midna Help Link?

Answer: Midna helps Link by riding on his back while he is a wolf, giving him guidance, and helping him to defeat enemies.

Question: What is Midna’s True Form?

Answer: Midna’s true form is a female Twili. She is the only ruler of the Twilight Realm and is much more powerful in this form than in her cursed form.

Question: What is the Significance of the Fused Shadow?

Answer: The Fused Shadow is a powerful item that allows Midna to transform into a massive beast. It also gives her the power to smash through the barrier protecting Hyrule Castle and defeat Zant.

Midna: The One and Only Ruler of the Twilight Realm

Midna is a valuable asset to Link as he makes his way through Hyrule, attempting to save his land from Zant and Gannondorf. While her motives are selfish at first, she eventually comes to see that the people of Hyrule are innocent and that there are those willing to sacrifice themselves in order to protect their world.

Over time, she agrees to help Link defeat both Zant and Gannondorf, saving Hyrule and the Twilight Realm in the process.

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