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If you’ve spent any time playing Breath of the Wild or Hyrule Warriors, you’re familiar with Mipha, princess of the Zoras. But what you may not know is that Mipha is much more than just a pretty face. She has incredible powers and abilities that make her a valuable friend and asset to Link. 

Want to learn more about Mipha and her role in The Legend of Zelda? Read on to find out what other Mipha guides won’t tell you.

Key Details Up Front

Mipha is in a handful of Zelda games and is generally soft-spoken and kind, but she is capable of taking down enemies swiftly and with powerful force.


Like other Zora, Mipha has webbed feet and fins. However, she also has red skin and wears a blue sash tied around her waist and over her left shoulder. She enjoys wearing silver jewelry, which decorates her entire body. She owns the Lightscale Trident, which is given to Link in Breath of the Wild.


Mipha Guide

Mipha is very kind and thoughtful. Whether she’s dealing with strangers or addressing her own people, she is sure to treat everyone she comes across with consideration and genuine interest. The Champion’s Ballad cutscene in Breath of the Wild shows her nurturing side as she works with her younger brother, Sidon.

Even though she is typically introverted, courage lies just beneath the surface. Any time Link needs her assistance, she’s ready and willing to help out. This is especially true if it includes stopping Ganon.

When speaking of Mipha’s personality, we must include the fact that she’s in love with the game’s protagonist, Link. In Breath of the Wild, she promises to heal him anytime he is wounded and in Hyrule Warriors, she offers to spend time with him, much like the pair did when they were younger.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

While Hyrule Warriors has many of the same characters you’ll find in Breath of the Wild, the events in the two games are separate. In Hyrule Warriors, Mipha is talking to Link as Zelda meets with Zora King Dorephan. The two are discussing who to select as Champion to pilot the Zora Divine Beast, Vah Ruta.

King Dorephan, Mipha’s father, politely pushes back on Zelda’s suggestion, as he doesn’t want to put his daughter in danger. As Zelda begins to respond, a guard arrives with news that Ploymous Mountain is under attack.

As King Dorephan leads the counter-strike, Mipha searches for Sidon, her younger brother. In the process, she saves him from the Lynel that resides on Ploymous Mountain. After what appears to be victory, the Lynel returns with help, attacking the troops led by King Dorephan.

Just when it looks as though all hope is lost, it is suggested that Divine Beast Vah Ruta be used to stop the enemy. As she pilots the powerful elephant, Mipha pushes back Ganon’s forces, saving her father just as he is about to be defeated by an Electric Moblin. 

Mipha continues to use Vah Ruta to dispel the enemy, including a group of red-maned Lynels. Persuaded by her ability to effectively control the Divine Beast, King Dorephan relents and agrees to let Mipha pilot Vah Ruta in the battle against Calamity Ganon. However, like any caring father, King Dorephan requires that Mipha promises to return safely.

Gathering of the Champions

As the Champions begin to gather, Mipha establishes a brother/sister relationship with Daruk, the Goron Champion. As the group passes through Castle Town, Zelda calibrates the Divine Beasts, specializing them to each Champion. However, under the command of Sooga, the Yiga Clan attacks.

As Mipha and Daruk hold the line, it becomes clear that the attack was a ruse intended to allow Sooga to assassinate Zelda. Fortunately, Link arrives in time to thwart Sooga’s attack, forcing him to retreat.

Master Sword


With the fighting done (for now), Mipha joins the other Champions and Zelda as they make their way to Korok Forest to find the Master Sword. Revali uses Divine Beast Vah Medoh to wipe out a group of enemies, which aids Hestu in his quest to get to the Master Sword.

Unfortunately, Revali is unable to prevent Zelda and Link from getting attacked by Astor, who uses clones – called Hallows – of the Champions, along with Mipha. The Mipha Hollow engages in battle with Link, entangling Link’s sword in the prongs of her weapon, and breaking it in half. 

As Astor prepares to give the command to defeat Zelda, the Master Sword protects her with a radiant light, dispelling the enemy. Link removes the Blade of Evil’s Bane from its pedestal and claims it as his own. This forces Astor to retreat, realizing that the Master Sword is simply too powerful.

Waterblight Ganon

The Champions learn from the Great Deku Tree that they have everything they ended to protect Hyrule. After their talk, they return to Castle Town where Mipha is given her official Champion of Hyrule sash. It is at this time that Mipha requests additional training with Daruk in an effort to be strong when the Calamity arrives.

Afterward, Mipha returns to her home in Zora’s Domain and prepares herself for the coming Great Calamity. In an effort to reduce casualties, King Rhoam evacuates Castle Town and surrounding areas. Troops are dispersed throughout Hyrule in an effort to hold key garrisons when the Calamity inevitably attacks.

From her perch atop the Sheikah tower in the Zora’s Domain, Mipha watches the seal holding Calamity Ganon finally give way. Ganon takes over Hyrule Castle and begins his campaign to take over Hyrule a little earlier than everyone expected. As the tower shuts down and leaves Mipha isolated, she makes her way to Vah Ruta.

Once inside the Divine Beast, Mipha engages in battle against the stronger Waterblight Ganon. Unfortunately, she is quickly overtaken by her enemy and comes to the realization that she may not live to see another day. Mipha braces herself, ready to face death with dignity as Waterblight Ganon prepares to destroy her.

Before she is overtaken, Terrako brings an older Sidon from Breath of the Wild (100 years older to be exact), who arrives in time to aid Mipha from death. Upon his arrival, the pair are able to hold off Waterblight Ganon until Link shows up and destroys the abomination.

The Champions Ride Again

As a result, Mipha maintains control of Vah Ruta, joins the other Champions, and move to defend the Akkala Citadel from the monsters and infected Guardians that surround it. Sidon and Mipha fight their way through Moblins and Lizalfos to provide support to Impa, Terrako, Link, and Zelda.

Prior to joining the fight, Mipha voices her pleasure in how well Sidon has grown up. She tells him she is proud of him as a Zora fighter and as a younger brother. It’s evident Sidon appreciates her praise, but he bows his head and looks away as he remembers his Mipha, who died in the Breath of the Wild.

Soon after, Yunobo and Daruk join the fight in preventing Ganon’s minions from further damaging the Citadel. Once the Citadel is safe, the Champions move on to Fort Hateno, aiding Riju and Urbosa in the process. 

As the Champions make their way to Hyrule Castle, the Zora, Gorons, Rito, and Gerudo are united in a full-scale attack against Calamity Ganon. As Link delivers the finishing blow to Ganon via the Master Sword, future Champions, including Sidon, are returned to their original timelines.

Guardian of Remembrance DLC

Mipha Guide
Image from Zelda Wiki

The Guardian of Remembrance DLC includes additional interactions between Mipha and her brother, Sidon. The older Sidon and his sister are defending Gopanga Village from Ganon’s forces near Zora’s Domain. Mipha is healing a Zora soldier during a break in the fight when an Electric Moblin suddenly attacks her. Fortunately, the younger Sidon shows up to defend her, immediately charging the Moblin.

Even though he initially falls, he is quick to get back up and take aim at the Moblin, doing all he can to protect his sister. Mipha begs young Sidon to flee for his safety, but he will not. As the Moblin rushes in, older Sidon arrives and defeats the enemy before it can harm young Sidon.

Checking to ensure his younger self isn’t harmed, older Sidon expresses his admiration for young Sidon. Mipha is simply relieved that neither of the two are injured. Older Sidon continues to encourage younger Sidon to train hard to protect his big sister, even though it pains him to do so due to losing his Mipha in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild sees Mipha as the daughter of the Zora King Dorephan, the older sister of Sidon, and the crown princess of her tribe. She is friends with Link and it’s clear the two share a bond that dates back to their time playing together as children. Muzu, Mipha’s mentor, has trained her rigorously with her spear, making her a worthy adversary to anyone who crosses her path.

Mipha designed a special suit of armor she intended to give to her betrothed. It is clear the person she plans to gift the Zora Armor to is Link, whom she loves. Due to her losing the battle with Waterblight Ganon, she is unable to give Link the armor. However, her father and brother are aware of her love for Link.

Divine Beast Vah Ruta

zelda mipha

Mipha is selected by Princess Zelda and her father, King Rhoam, to be the Zora Champion. As such, she is delegated with piloting Divine Beast Vah Ruta, one of four protectors of Hyrule. Our of the four chosen Champions, it is Mipha who has the least amount of trouble with her beast.

This comes as a shock to the others as Mipha is typically reserved and introverted. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, she loses the battle with Waterblight Ganon and her spirit remains trapped within the Divine Beast for a century. 

Her family is heartbroken by her death, and it is not until Link arrives and defeats Waterblight Ganon that her spirit is freed. Mipha then shares her healing powers with Link and tells him about her regret of not being able to speak to her father before her untimely death. 

Mipha’s armor and her trident are given to Link throughout Breath of the Wild. When Link reaches Calamity Ganon, Mipha and her Champion counterparts open fire on the game’s final enemy.

Super Smash Bros

In addition to Age of Calamity and Breath of the Wild, Mipha makes an appearance in Super Smash Bros. She is an advance-ranked support spirit who can increase the critical-health stats of a player. In the game, her spirit battle is against Inkling who can heal on the battlefield of the Great Bay stage.


breath mipha

Mipha has the unique ability to heal. This is a power that only she has. No other Zora has this capability. Mipha’s Grace is given to Link when he frees her from Divine Beast Vah Ruta. With this power, Link’s hearts automatically refill anytime they are depleted. 

In addition to healing others, Mipha is also talented with the spear. Her skills are second to none, which are often seen when she uses her own personal trident, the Lightscale Trident.


Mipha has some wonderful quotes throughout Age of Calamity and Breath of the Wild. Here are some of her best:

“Wonderful! I am glad to be doing my part.”

“I am just glad I made it through in one piece.”

“But know this: that no matter how difficult this battle might get….if you-if anyone ever tries to do you harm….then I will heal you. No matter when, or how bad the wound…..I hope you know….that I will always protect you.”

“Once this whole thing is over, maybe things can go back to how they used to be when we were young. You know….perhaps we could spend some time together.”

“This will be our final opportunity. We will not fail!!”


Question: Do Mipha’s Healing Powers Work on Herself?

Answer: When playing Age of Calamity, Mipha’s last attack of her dolpin jump will heal herself for half a heart. This is a great way to slowly heal Mipha when using her.

Question: Is Sidon in Age of Calamity?

Answer: Yes. Sidon shows up as a character you can play in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. His weapon during battle is the Zora spear, which is also used by Mipha. Sidon can also manipulate water and hold two Ceremonial Tridents to perform a powerful attack on his enemies.

Question: Can Mipha Control Water?

Answer: While in battle, Mipha has the unique ability to manipulate water and heal herself. These skills relate specifically to the Zora in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Question: Is Mipha in Ocarina of Time?

Answer: While Mipha is not in Ocarina of Time, she does share similar traits with Princess Ruto, who is. Both have romantic emotions for Link and both wish to marry him someday. In Breath of the Wild, Luto Crossing is a bridge specifically calling back to Ocarina of Time.

Definitely Not a Fish Out of Water

Despite her reserved personality and quiet voice, Mipha is a force to be reckoned with. Her skills with the trident are incredible and she has the moves necessary to take out large swathes of enemies in Age of Calamity.

In Breath of the Wild, she’s kind and giving, bestowing her restorative abilities upon Link when he frees her from Divine Beast Vah Ruta. It goes without saying Mipha is worthy of the title of Champion.

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