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During my first playthrough of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I found Revali, one of the champions, to be a very interesting character. Thus, I decided to write this article about him.

Revali is the Rito archer from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and one of the four Champions that protect Hyrule. Revali is brash and somewhat arrogant, but he still cares deeply for his people and would do anything to protect them. He’s confident in his abilities but knows well that he could be outmatched by superior foes.

Revali is an expert flyer and utilizes his speed and agility to defeat enemies from afar with volleys of arrows.

Key Details Up Front

Revali is one of the four Champions from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Rito warrior, and his main weapon is a bow, so obviously he can fly. He uses a variety of different arrows to defeat enemies from a distance.

Revali’s personality is very strong and opinionated. He’s prideful in his abilities but doesn’t overestimate himself. He doesn’t believe in luck and thinks that there’s a reason for everything.

Revali Description

Revali Guide

Revali is a Rito, which means he is a humanoid being with varying characteristics from Hylian species. He has brown plumage, which resembles feathers. His head and facial features are like that of a human’s, but with some avian features such as cheek and jawline feathers and an avian nose (a hexagonal shape).

Revali wears traditional Rito clothing: a light brown cloth with a belt. The front of the clothing is open, revealing his torso. On each hand are bracers covering his entire forearm except for joints on each elbow and shoulder. Revali also has two metal guards that cover the sides of both ankles.

The most prominent feature about Revali is his massive blue wings that span from finger to finger when folded up. When he flies, they flap as if powered by magic.

Revali’s Weapon: Great Eagle Bow

Rito warriors don’t carry shields. They instead, rely on their bows and arrows to protect them from enemy attacks. Revali’s bow is said to be a relic passed down through his family for generations. It has the strength of an ancient weapon even though its appearance makes it look like an average bow.

Revali is able to fire several arrows at once, even when not at full health or stamina. His arrows are extremely powerful and can kill most humanoids with only one shot.

Revali also seems to possess great accuracy, as he can shoot an arrow so fast that it nearly clips Link in the shoulder before he has time to jump out of the way, hitting a Bokoblin archer in the eye during one of Link’s memories.

Revali can also shoot an arrow fast enough to deflect a giant boomerang, even when he is being attacked at the same time. With all this power, it makes sense that Revali has no problem attacking larger enemies head-on with his bow.

Additionally, Revali wields the power of lightning. He can summon thunder clouds, which he shoots arrows at to cause a lightning strike. Revali may have also taught Link how to access this ability as Link uses it during his battle against Vah Medoh.

Revali’s Weaknesses


Despite being the best fighter among the four Champions, Revali has some disadvantages. First of all, his arrows only travel in a straight line. Thus, Revali can’t shoot something if it is too close or behind him. Another weakness that makes the Great Eagle Bow difficult to use against larger enemies is that, whenever they are hit by an arrow, they will immediately try their best to destroy Revali so they can get close enough to attack him.

Another disadvantage is that Revali, being a bird-like creature, can’t climb up things like sheer cliffs or anything where his feet are unable to hold onto something.

Revali’s Strengths

Although Revali has some weaknesses, he makes up for it with his speed and agility. He can easily dodge or deflect any oncoming attacks, especially projectiles such as arrows and boulders. When Revali is able to get close enough (with the right equipment such as a bow that can shoot long distances), he defeats his enemies with relative ease.

Revali’s intelligence contributes to his fighting skills. He can figure out how to defeat enemies from a distance and have them shoot down their own projectiles, such as when he takes down Bokoblins’ shields and lets them shoot at each other with the boulders they carry.

Revali’s Special Ability: Revali’s Gale


Reverali’s most powerful ability, which is only accessible when the four divines are revived and their powers combined. It activates by itself whenever Revali begins to fall from a high place or if he is close to death and calls upon the power of the winds and lightning, creating a massive explosion around himself that has enough force to destroy most things within its range.

Revali Arrives

When Link first encounters the injured Rito warrior, Revali can be seen flying into the distance, just before he lands upon a tall mountain that Link cannot yet access.

Not much is known about Revali’s relationship with Mipha at this point, however, it could be inferred that they are best friends by what Daruk says later on. When Revali arrives, Link finds out that he is in search of the evil monster, Vah Rudania.

Revali states that he thought Mipha was supposed to be keeping watch on it, but after not hearing from her for some time, Revali flew over the volcano himself to investigate with his hawk-like eyesight. Link can then inform Revali that Mipha has actually been killed by Ganon.

Despite his initial animosity towards Link, Revali acknowledges the fact that without him, Ganon may have already succeeded in taking control of Vah Rudania. Revali then decides to work with Link to destroy the Divine Beast before it falls under Ganon’s control.

Revali’s Lessons

After helping Link defeat Divine Beast Vah Rudania, the three other Champions are freed from their Divine Beasts. Daruk informs Link that he must speak with each of the four champions before taking on Ganon himself. When Link speaks to Revali however, he doesn’t have much to say. This is most likely because Revali is already well aware of the power that Link possesses.

Regardless, he tells Link that his strength comes from mastering the wind and that if he can complete his training, then he should come to Revali before taking on Ganon. If Link does so, Revali will teach him how to fly in a meditative pose.

Revali’s Pride

As expected, Revali is the most arrogant of the four Champions. When speaking to him after completing his training, he will tell Link that because of his skill with the Bow, he doesn’t need Mipha or Daruk’s help fighting Ganon, as it would be beneath him.

However, he does admit that Link is a worthy ally and promises to support him against Ganon. As a result, Revali is one of the few characters in Breath of the Wild who has no qualms about getting his hands dirty, as he actively participates in taking down Ganon’s forces during the final battle.

Overall, Revali is a character who possesses both negative and positive qualities. His arrogance frequently gets the better of him, but it allows him to be an independent thinker. This also results in his keeping Link at arm’s length during their first encounter, as Revali is generally mistrustful of people.

Even so, he remains loyal to Hyrule and the other Champions, working together to achieve their goal of defeating Ganon. Unfortunately, his strong sense of pride is what ultimately leads to his downfall at the hands of Vah Medoh during the final battle with Ganon.

Revali’s Demise

After Link defeats Divine Beast Vah Medoh, the skies turn dark and stormy. The resulting turbulence cripples Zelda, who falls from her Loftwing in Skyloft. As she slowly glides to the ground, lightning strikes both the Master Sword and Zelda herself.

The next time Link encounters Revali, he is noticeably weakened and no longer has his lightning abilities. Despite this, Revali still remains confident in taking down Ganon without Link’s help.

But when Ganon arrives on the battlefield, Revali is struck by one of his attacks and killed. Just before dying, however, Revali succeeds in killing Ganon’s minion. Link can find his body near the skywriting letters written by Zelda, which read, “The skies our tears.”

Revali is remembered as a hero among his people and the surrounding lands. His death also helps motivate Link to defeat Ganon in his final battle. As such, Revali’s character has made a lasting impact on Breath of the Wild’s storyline.

“Yeah, I can fly! Isn’t it great?” – Revali to Link

“I’m far too prideful to depend on others.” – Revali

“The skies are tinged with sorrow… for you have lost your greatest companion.” – Revali

Other Games

Revali also appears in Hyrule Warriors, where he plays a minor role in the main story. He does not possess any of his unique abilities but is still capable of flight. He also wields a bow and light arrows.

He also appears in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U as an alternate costume skin to Link’s Skyward Sword outfit. However, Revali is only available via a DLC code, which comes with the Master Quest Pack of Hyrule Warriors Legends.


If you’re interested in learning more about Revali and his role in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, these frequently asked questions will help provide you with additional information about this character.

Question: How Old was Revali?

Answer: According to the Hyrule Historia, Revali was 100 years old when he died in Breath of the Wild. His exact age during his first encounter with Link is unknown, but it’s likely that he was between 10 and 20 years old at that time.

Question: What is Revali’s Personality Like in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: During his first encounter with Link, Revali is boastful and confident in both his abilities and talents. He also appears to be rather cold and detached from others. This changes during the final battle with Ganon, as he now has a more humble and calm attitude.

Question: How Many Different Weapons does Revali Use?

Answer: During his first encounter with Link, he is shown to be rather skilled with the bow by disabling the Divine Beast Vah Medoh with an arrow. Despite this, he also carries a crossbow on his back which he uses for long-range attacks like bomb arrows.
Although Revali is not seen during the final battle with Ganon, it’s assumed that he would have had access to his lightning abilities. He also possessed a large glider for aerial combat and used light arrows in both Link’s battles against him and the Divine Beasts.

Question: Why did Revali Turn on Link?

Answer: After returning to the sky, Link finds that he is no longer able to speak with his fellow Champions. Despite this, it’s clear by Revali’s dialogue that he still views Link as a friend and brother. This changes during the final battle against Ganon, where Revali appears to be jealous of Link for being chosen by Zelda as her hero.

Question: What is Revali’s Family Life Like?

Answer: Besides being the ruler of Rito, Revali also has a wife named Uli. It’s revealed that he also has two children that live in Skyloft with their mother.

Question: What Does Revali’s Name Mean?

Answer: Combining the two kanji characters at the start of his name, Reva means “to give thanks” and Ri means “separation.” Combined together, this could be seen as a reference to how distant he is from others. It also echoes his personality, as he is a loner who doesn’t care about how others feel.

There When You Need Him

Although he may be headstrong and egotistical at times, Revali’s true heroic qualities shine through in his dedication to the Rito tribe and its protection. His impressive fighting skills and aerial abilities were vital in helping Link during his battle against Vah Medoh, allowing him to reach the top of the machine with enough time to reactivate it.

His actions during Ganon’s first assault on Hyrule Castle prove that he was a true friend to Link, as well as Zelda. Furthermore, his tragic end during their battle against the beast proves that he truly understood what it meant to be a hero – to give your life for others.

Although Revali may have been a bit conceited and cocky, he was a true hero who died with honor. May we all learn from his example and do the same in a time of need.

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