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One of the things I like most about Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is the way Link interacts with horses. It’s no longer about one specific horse, but rather about any horse you can mount, tame, and register at a stable.

In my personal opinion, this makes the game more fun as you have to put in the effort to get the horse you want.

Another cool aspect the game designers through in is the ability to customize your horse. This doesn’t mean you can change the color of your horse, but rather, you can equip your horse with certain bridles and saddles. Breath of the Wild offers a range of saddles and bridles, which gives you a way to personalize your horse.

Key Details Up Front

Horses help Link travel from place to place in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before a lot of the shrines are unlocked for fast travel. For those purists who prefer not to use the shrines, their horses can be customized with certain bridles and saddles. However, many of these sets require some action on Link’s part before he can use them.

Bridles and Saddles

BOTW Horse Gear Guide

There are a total of seven different bridle and saddle sets available in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, Link only gets the Stable Bridle and Saddle by default. Let’s go through each of these sets and how to obtain them so you can customize your horse any way you want.

Ancient Bridle and Saddle

To find the Ancient Bridle and Saddle, you have to have the Champions Ballad for Breath of the Wild. If you do, visit the Highland Stable, where you’ll find the Super Rumor Mill v3. This book gives you hints on where you can find the Ancient Bridle and Saddle.

The Rumor Mill tells you that the Ancient Bridle is located south of Hyrule Ridge. It is found under a cherry blossom tree on a mountain where various creatures assemble. The Ancient Saddle is located near a spring where a mysterious horse spirit lives.

Finding the Ancient Bridle

If you’re found the Lord of the Mountain, then finding the Ancient Bridle won’t be much of a challenge for you. On the other hand, if you haven’t, open up your map and find Satori Mountain. It’s just west of Nima Plain. Head up there and you’ll find Mogg Latan Shrine.

North of the shrine is is a path that cuts through the mountain. Follow it, and you’ll find a pond under a cherry blossom tree. Buried in the roots of the tree is an EX chest that contains the Ancient Bridle. Use Magnesis to pop it out of the ground. Open it up and add the Ancient Bridle to your inventory!

Finding the Ancient Saddle

Like the Ancient Bridle, you may have already visited the location of the Ancient Saddle. If the hint wasn’t enough of a clue, you can find it at the spring where the Horse God Malanya resides. From Highland Stable, take the road to the west. You’ll go past Haran Lake, then turn left.

Cross the Horse God Bridge, which will lead you to Malanya Spring. Near the back of the canyon is a chest in the ground. If you’re having trouble finding it, use Magnesis to highlight it. Pull the half-buried chest out, open it up, and grab the Ancient Saddle.

Extravagant Bridle and Saddle

BOTW Horse Extravagant Bridle and Saddle

To get the Extravagant Bridle and Saddle, you’ll need to be adept at riding your horse. These items are obtained by competing in the horse obstacle course at Highland Stable. There’s a man standing next to the cooking pot. Talk to him.

He’ll tell you about the obstacle course and allow you to run it. If you’re able to complete the course in less than one minute, thirty seconds, he’ll give you the Extravagant Bridle. If you can do it in less than one minute, fifteen seconds, he’ll reward you with the Extravagant Saddle.

However, he won’t give you both if you run it in less than one minute, fifteen seconds on the first try. You have to complete the course twice if you want both items.

Knight’s Bridle and Saddle

Similar to the Extravagant Bridle and Salle, Link gets the Knight’s Bridle and Saddle for getting a certain score in a given task. And just like the Extravagant Bridle and Saddle, you have to complete the course and get the required score two times.

The Knight’s Bridle and Saddle are available at the Mounted Archery Camp. This camp is west of the Highland Stable, so fast travel there (or use your horse) and follow the path to the west until it ends. When you get to the end of the trail, you’ll find Jini, who runs the Mounted Archery Camp.

To participate, Link has to have at least one bow and a horse, of course. If you don’ have any arrows, don’t worry. Jini has some Link can buy.

Ride your horse and complete the drill. If you can pop 20 balloons within the one-minute time limit, Jini will reward you with the Knight’s Bridle. For popping 23 balloons, you’ll earn the Knight’s Saddle for your horse.

Monster Bridle and Saddle

BOTW Horse Bridle and Saddle

To get the Monster Bridle and Saddle, you just have to buy them from Kilton. If you’re not familiar with Kilton, he’s a fanatic of all things monsters and owns the Fang and Bone shop.

Through his shop, he peddles monster-related items. He is first found in Skull Lake, which is located in Deep Akkala. After that, you’ll find him outside of certain towns like Kakariko Village or Gerudo Town.

The Monster Bridle is available through Kilton for 399 Mon. Mon is a form of currency Kilton gives Link in exchange for monster parts. Link can also purchase the Monster Saddle, which only requires 299 Mon.

Both the Bridle and the Saddle were hand-made by Kilton. While you can display them on almost any horse Link can tame, Kilton does say that he made the items with a more monstrous horse in mind.

Royal Bridle and Saddle

To obtain the Royal Bridle and Saddle, you’ll first need to visit Outskirt Stable. This stable is near The Great Plateau and west of the Coliseum Ruins. Once you find the stable, speak with Toffa to kick off the quest.

Toffa tells a story about how his grandfather spoke of a white horse that belonged to the Royal Family. It could often be seen grazing near Safula Hill.

He tells Link that some of his customers have recently reported seeing a White Horse on that very small hill. To find out if the rumors are true, Toffa will request that Link find the white horse, tame it, and then return it to Outskirt Stable.

Follow the path north out of Outskirt Stable. It will wind around and eventually take Link to Safula Hill. You should be able to see the horse grazing in the field on the east side of the path. This horse is powerful, so Link will need to have additional stamina to tame it.

Sneak up on it, mount it, and tame it. Once you do, take the horse back to the stable and speak to the stable owner to register it. When that is done, talk with Toffa once again.

He will be excited to see that you’ve tamed the horse. In exchange for bringing it to him, he’ll give you the Royal Bridle and the Royal Saddle. When Toffa is done speaking, the bridle and saddle are automatically displayed on the Royal Family Horse.

Stable Bridle and Saddle

BOTW Horse Ancient Bridle

There’s not much to getting the Stable Bride and Saddle as these are the default options given to Link’s horses when registering them at a stable. Tame a horse, visit a nearby stable, pay the stable manager the fee, and he’ll give you the Stable Bridle and Saddle. That’s all there is to it!

Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle

The Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle cannot be earned through regular gameplay like the others on this list. Players can only get these when scanning the Link Rider Amiibo. When the treasure chests drop after using the Amiibo, one should contain the Traveler’s Bridle and the other one should have the Traveler’s Saddle.

Like the other bridles and saddles, once the Traveler’s Horse Gear is in Link’s inventory, he can equip them at certain stables. Players like to have the Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle because they appear in some of Link’s memories. These memories occur when Link is Princess Zelda’s bodyguard.

Unfortunately, these cannot be acquired through the completion of quests, tasks, or competitions. You can only get these if you use the Link Rider Amiibo.

Customizing Your Horses

BOTW Horse

When you and your horse show maximum bond, take your steed to a stable that will let you customize your horses. These stables include Foothill Stable, Highland Stable, Outskirt Stable, South Akkala Stable, and Woodland Stable.

Speak to the person feeding the horses and they’ll let you customize your horse’s saddle, bridle, and mane.

While this works with most horses, there are a few horses you can’t customize. For example, if you’re able to tame the Giant Horse, you can’t change its saddle, bridle, or mane, even if you do have the maximum bond with the animal. You also can’t saddle other creatures you can mount, like bears, deer, or the Lord of the Mountain.


Horse bridles and saddles are a fun part of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about them.

Question: Why Can’t I Get the Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle?

Answer: You can only get the Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle if you scan the Link Rider Amiibo. These items are not available through regular gameplay.

Question: Do I Need the Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle to Complete the Game?

Answer: No, you do not need the Traveler’s Bridle and Saddle to complete the game. They are simply a cosmetic item that gives your horses a unique look.

Question: Can I Get the Royal Bridle and Saddle without Taming the White Horse First?

Answer: No, you cannot get the Royal Bridle and Saddle without taming the White Horse first. The White Horse is a required quest item.

Question: Can I Customize Any Horse with Any Bridle or Saddle?

Answer: No, you can’t customize any horse with any bridle or saddle. You can only customize horses at specific stables. These stables include Foothill Stable, Highland Stable, Outskirt Stable, South Akkala Stable, and Woodland Stable.

Question: Can I Change My Horse’s Mane?

Answer: Yes, you can change the color of your horse’s mane at any stable that allows you to customize your horses.

Question: Do I Need the Royal Bridle and Saddle to Call My Horse?

Answer: No, you do not need the Royal Bridle and Saddle to call your horse. You can summon your horse at any time by whistling.

Saddle Up!

While horse riding isn’t necessary to complete Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it definitely makes the game more fun. There are players who have played the entire game without fast traveling between shrines, which means they’re using their horses to quickly get from one place to another.

Plus, it’s fun to earn different bridles and saddles for your horses and make them look exactly how you want. So what are you waiting for? Get up on that horse and get going! You won’t regret it.

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