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Sheikah Slate is an item that serves as your main tool throughout the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Although it has some self-aware personality, its purpose is to act as a guide for you by providing information on enemy stats and holding two key items (one mandatory) in order for you to progress through the game.

Sheikah Slate History

The Sheikah Slate was created by the ancient race of people known as the Sheikah. They were a highly advanced race and served the Hyrule royal family, specializing in magical technology. The Sheikahs aided the Kingdom of Hyrule with their knowledge and intelligence that they used to create powerful weapons such as the blasters and bows that Link uses in the game. They also created the Guardians that roam around Hyrule and act as a security system for important areas.

In Breath of The Wild, Ganon’s control over the guardians is weakened because Link defeated him 100 years ago. This forced him to create his own army of corrupted machine-like guards known as automatons. The Sheikah Slate holds the map used to defeat Ganon and Link uses it through his journey.

Sheikah Slate Functions

Sheikah Slate Guide

Upon awakening in the Shrine of Resurrection, you are given the option to name your Sheikah Slate. Once named, it will act as an interactive map that can be used at any time by pressing – or +, allowing Link to view areas of interest and search for Shrines he hasn’t yet found. Your surroundings are displayed with pinpoint accuracy using both topographic information and real-time location data.

You are also able to upload photos onto your Sheikah Slate, which is useful if you want to keep track of places you visit throughout Hyrule. The Sheikah Slate can be upgraded at any time by visiting a Great Fairy Fountain close to the Akkala Citadel Ruins. The Sheikah Slate will allow you to perform many other functions, such as uploading Runes and Dragon parts so they can be analyzed by the computer.

Sheikah Slate Navigation System

The Sheikah Slate features a built-in motion sensor-like feature which allows Link to find his way back to places he’s visited before. The Sheikah Slate has a built-in map that allows you to see the surrounding area in real-time while also showing your bearings and cardinal directions, making it an essential item if you’re lost in the wilderness.

The Sheikah Slate includes a language translator feature that can decipher Ancient Hylian text, seen throughout the land of Hyrule. This proves extremely helpful when trying to understand the language’s hieroglyphics-like writings that appear on Guardian Stones, Shrines, and Sheikah Towers.

Sheikah Slate Navigation System Tips

When you go into a shrine or tower from your map, you will automatically take the shortest route there, so don’t worry about getting lost. However, if you want to avoid enemies along the way, use your map to plan a route that will take you past any potential threats.

Sheikah Slate Applications

The Sheikah Slate also features a compendium of sorts, which allows Link to keep track of enemy stats and materials needed for cooking recipes, and you can also register them and their materials in your compendium for quick reference. You can also upload pictures that you take onto the Sheikah Slate so they’ll be saved onto your device.

The Sheikah Slate can be used to find Shrines, towers, and treasure chests throughout the land of Hyrule. If you open up your map, you can press to search for specific points of interest. If you’re looking for a Shrine, it will highlight the shrine’s location using a red circle, while treasure chests are denoted by a purple spot, and towers are marked with blue squares.

The Sheikah Slate also acts as an interactive walkthrough for Link, who can use the Sheikah Slate to see where he’s been, plot a path to any discovered Shrines and towers, mark pins for undiscovered Shrine locations and treasure chest locations, and find his way back to places of interest (e.g., towns and stables).

Also notable on the map is an orange flame icon on the top right-hand side; this is a ‘hot spot,’ which is the location of an undiscovered Korok seed that needs to be found and activated.

If you look closely under the map symbol on the top left-hand side of your screen, there are two numbers – one displaying a value of 19 and another next to it with a value reading 08. The number 19 refers to the number of Shrines that have been discovered, while 08 is a counter for the number of towers you have activated.

Sheikah Slate Applications Tips

In order to unlock more functions on your Sheikah Slate, you need to activate certain towers and Shrines and complete side quests and heart-warming (side) missions.

The Sheikah Slate can be used to pinpoint shrines, towers, and treasure chests on the map, along with tips for finding them. Some undiscovered locations will have a glowing light to make it easier for you to quickly track those down. If an explored location is outside the bounds of your current map, Link will write ‘map name’ on the Sheikah Slate map for you.

The Sheikah Slate can be used to take pictures which you can then upload onto your device so they’ll be saved in an album. To unlock this function, Link needs to complete all four of Zelda’s Shrines and find a total of at least 120 Shrines.

There are also certain side quests that will allow you to upload pictures on the Sheikah Slate. A specific quest involves Link taking a picture of his companion, Pikachu or Eevee, depending on your choice, who will thank you for the photo with their own picture being uploaded onto your device.

The Sheikah Slate has an interactive map that displays your location in the world, important locations in Hyrule, and active side quests.

The Sheikah Slate has a compendium with four sections that can be viewed when you activate a Shrine or when inspecting certain items. The first section is the Creatures Compendium which allows you to see information on all the monsters encountered throughout your adventure. The second section is the Materials Compendium which allows you to see what materials can be found by defeating certain enemies. The third section is the Quest Compendium which gives you information on all side quests and shrine quest objectives, while the fourth section is the Key Item Compendium which displays items that are not monsters but still have a use.

Activate Towers to Light the Way


There are 120 Shrines hidden throughout Hyrule, each with its own unique challenge. Challenging Shrines like these also act as fast-travel spots allowing you to quickly transport across the map if you’ve discovered them.

To discover new Shrines, you need to activate Towers first, which can be done by following the Sheikah Slate marker. In order to activate a Shrine, you’ll often need to solve a puzzle involving finding collectible items. The puzzle is usually solved by utilizing your Sheikah Slate in unique ways or using a new ability that will be unlocked after completing a small task.

Tower Locations and Activation

To activate a tower, Link needs to climb a large structure and place his Sheikah Slate on it. This will activate a beam of light directly below the Sheikah Slate which is then followed by an eye symbol appearing on your map. These towers act as fast-travel points once they are activated. There are 15 towers across Hyrule but only four of them are needed to activate shrines.

Some of these towers are easier to unlock than others, but they are great ways to pin quick travel points for the rest of your journey.

Great Plateau Tower

Great Plateau Tower

The first tower that needs to be activated is the Tower located in the Great Plateau. You can find this tower close to where you wake up after gaining control of Link.

Rohta Tower

The next tower that needs to be activated is Rohta Tower. To easily get here, you can use your Sheikah Slate to pinpoint the location on your map. This tower is located in the north-east region of Eldin so it should be easy to find once you are there.

Lanayru Tower

The next tower that needs to be activated is Lanayru Tower which can be found in the centre of Hyrule. Use your map on your Sheikah Slate to easily pinpoint its location.

Zelda Tower

central tower

The final tower that needs to be activated is Zelda Tower which is located in the north-western region of Hyrule. Use your map on your Sheikah Slate to easily pinpoint its location.

Once all four towers have been activated, a beam of light will shine from each one into a large bird statue in Hyrule. This bird statue is located in the south-western region of Hyrule close to Kakariko Village.

Activate Shrines

After activating the four towers, shrines across Hyrule will be revealed with an eye symbol on your map. There are 120 shrines that need to be completed before Link can face Calamity Ganon.

Each shrine contains a unique puzzle that has to be completed in order to gain access inside. The puzzles are usually designed to test Link’s ability with the Sheikah Slate but may also involve environmental puzzle solving where items need to be collected or used in specific ways.

For example, if you see an object with a blue laser pointing towards it, you’ll need to use Magnesis and move the object out of its way.

There are four trials in each shrine: a main trial, a treasure chest, a hidden shrine mini-boss and a treasure chest. Each shrine contains at least one puzzle that is required to progress through it. The first three puzzles can be completed as many times as you want but only the first time will reward you with a Spirit Orb. The final trial is an extremely difficult test that ends with Calamity Ganon which isn’t required for Link to complete in order to finish the game.

Sheikah Slate Design and Functions


The Sheikah Slate is a puzzle-solving device that contains a map, a compendium, and several other applications. Once you collect it from the Shrine of Resurrection, you will be able to view your map, allowing Link to find important locations as well as undiscovered Shrines and fast-travel towers. In addition to this, the Sheikah Slate also has three sections that can be accessed by pressing the square.

The first section is your compendium which displays information on items, monsters, and quests that you come across throughout your journey. The second section is your map, where you can view important locations as well as markers for Shrines, fast-travel towers, and undiscovered locations. The third section is a camera that you can use to take pictures of your surroundings as well as specific points of interest, including villagers, animals, and enemies.

Sheikah Slate Compendium

The Sheikah Slate’s compendium is split into four sections that display information on materials, creatures, quests, and key items. There are two other compendium sections that can be unlocked by purchasing them with rupees at any time during your adventure or visiting Shrines.

Materials Compendium

The first section is the Materials Compendium which displays all the materials you’ve come across during your adventure. By pressing the square on the materials section, you can view all the materials gathered thus far, as well as how many of these items are owned by other players over the internet.

The Materials Compendium displays information on how much material is worth, which is indicated by an icon beside its name. The different types of icons indicate if that material is common (circle), uncommon (octagon), or rare (diamond).

To add materials to the Materials Compendium, hold the square when standing over them and press the add button on the Sheikah Slate. To add a monster to the Creatures Compendium, aim at it with your scope and press the add button.

Creatures Compendium

Creatures Compendium

The second section is the Creatures Compendium which displays information on all the monsters that can be found throughout Hyrule. This section allows you to see what enemies are roaming the land at any given time, their level, and their location.

The Creatures Compendium also shows how many players have already defeated the monster. To make this list more accurate, defeating a monster yourself will also place it on your Creatures Compendium marking its defeat as “Owned.”

To add a monster to the Creatures Compendium, aim at it with your scope and press the add button.

Key Items Compendium

The third section is the Key Items Compendium which lists all items that can be used with your Sheikah Slate outside of potions and materials. This includes items like the Korok Mask, which you find early on in the game. There are also two additional compendium sections that can be unlocked by purchasing them with rupees at any time during your adventure or visiting Shrines.

Quests Compendium

The fourth section is the Quests Compendium, where you can view all of your quests and side quests. Accessing a quest will display a short description of the quest as well as its own compendium detailing monster locations. Finding all the parts required to complete a certain quest will indicate this with an ‘Owned’ tag beside it.

Key Areas

There are four key areas you may want to mark with the Sheikah Slate. This makes them easier to return to later in the game. These areas contain the four divine beasts, which will help you when you have to take on Ganon later in the game. These giant, mechanical animals are your best friends when it comes to defeating your enemies.

You can also mark other areas of the game, like your home or the location of a particularly useful weapon.

Vah Ruta

Vah Ruta

Vah Ruta is an easy first choice. This elephant-like machine is located in the northeast of Hyrule. You should probably take note of this first as it will be really useful for getting other parts of the map. Follow the waypoint north to Zora’s Domain to find Vah Ruta.

Vah Medoh

Vah Medoh is in the northwest of Hyrule in the Tabantha Tundra region. You can follow the waypoint to find it or alternatively, its location is just south of Rito Village which you’ll pass through during your adventure.

Vah Naboris

In the west of Hyrule is where you’ll find Vah Naboris. Head to Gerudo Town if you want to mark it on your map and follow the waypoint southwest from there.

Vah Rudania

Vah Rudania

Finally, Vah Rudania can be found in Death Mountain towards the east of Hyrule. It’s one of the more difficult divine beasts to find, and the ability it awards isn’t the best, so it’s best to save this one for last.


Breath of the Wild is the only Zelda game in which the Sheikah Slate is present, so if you haven’t played it, you may not know much about it. These frequently asked questions should help.

Question: What is the Sheikah Slate?

Answer: The Sheikah Slate is a gadget that Link uses to solve puzzles. It has an inbuilt compendium, map, and scope.

Question: What Do All of These Features do?

Answer: Your map allows you to see important locations as well as fast-travel towers. Your scope can be used to take pictures of enemies, animals, and villagers. Your compendium displays information on materials, creatures, quests, and key items.

Question: Where do I Find the Sheikah Slate?

Answer: The Sheikah Slate is given to Link by a mysterious old man who wakes him up in the Shrine of Resurrection after he has been asleep for 100 years.

Final Thoughts

The Sheikah Slate is Link’s iconic gadget in Breath of the Wild. The information it gives you during your adventure allows you to make better decisions about how to complete your quests and defeat enemies.

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