Hateno Village Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever wondered where Link lived before Calamity Ganon hit the Kingdom of Hyrule? Not many ponder on the question, but those who do have theories. Of course, he did not live in the castle with Zelda before the king hired him.

The theories suggest that Link lived in a peaceful village in East Necluda. This village was spared from total destruction largely thanks to the tough defenses of Fort Hateno. It is known as the Hateno Village. There are many places to visit and many things to do there. You can also see an important building here that helps move the story forward.

Most importantly, you can buy a house here where you can sleep peacefully and store your prized possessions. Thanks to the open-world gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can go anywhere you want in any order. So, it might be a good idea to stop by here. Read on to find out everything Hateno Village has to offer.

Bottom Line Up Front

Hateno Village is a village located in East Necluda. It is one of the large settlements that survived Calamity Ganon, thanks to Fort Hateno. Like other villages, it has a shrine: Myahm Agana Shrine. You can visit the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab here, where one of Link’s friends from 100 years ago, Purah, lives. You can also buy a house by the entrance of the village. Below is a list of important locations here.

  • East Wind
  • Firly Pond
  • Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
  • Hateno Pasture
  • Kochi Dye Shop
  • Link’s House
  • Myahm Agana Shrine
  • Shared Cooking Space
  • The Great Ton Pu Inn
  • Ventest Clothing Boutique
  • Village Chief’s House
  • Zelkoa Pond

What is Hateno Village in Breath of the Wild?

Hateno Village Guide
Image from Zelda Fandom

Hateno Village is a Hylian settlement found in East Necluda. As such, most of its inhabitants are Hylians. Around its environment are green pastures, apple trees, and lamps with blue fire. Two large windmills stand proudly among the village’s houses, and several ponds dot around the village’s vicinity. Further west of the village is the fort that protected it from the dangers of Calamity Ganon: Fort Hateno.

There are several shops within the village, making it a significant location on the map. You can buy general goods in East Wind for cooking, dye your clothes in Kochi Dye Shop, rest in The Great Ton Pu Inn, and so much more. You can also buy a house here to sleep in and store your weapons and shields. Once you discover Hateno Village, you can finish the Myahm Agana Shrine to teleport instantly.

East Wind

East Wind
Image from Zelda Fandom

East Wind is a general goods store in Hateno Village where you can buy ingredients for cooking. You can also buy different kinds of arrows here. Behind the counter is Pruce, a busy man who sometimes does not notice a customer. He readies everything in the store first before coming back to the counter. When asked about himself, he will talk about his family and the friendliness of the villagers.

Running the store with him is his daughter, Ivee. She is usually sweeping the ground in front of the store. When you go near her, she will call out for you waving her hand and inviting you to check out East Wind. She will happily answer when you ask her questions, citing her father’s store’s products. She will be shocked at first when you ask her about herself, yet will answer promptly.

Goods in East Wind

Below is a list of the products that East Wind offers.


In-game description


Hylian Rice (x5) “This grain is a favorite among residents of Kakariko Village. It’s grown in regions with a lot of water and is quite versatile. Used as an ingredient in things like risotto and rice balls.” 12 Rupees
Bird Egg (x5) “A fresh bird egg necessary for making dishes such as omelets and crepes. You can snap them from birds’ nests if you’re sneaky. Nutritious and delicious, perfect for cooking.” 12 Rupees
Endura Shroom (x2) “A rare yellowish-orange mushroom. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your stamina limit.” 24 Rupees
Hearty Truffle (x2) “This rare mushroom has a rich scent. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts.” 24 Rupees
Fresh Milk (x3) “This fresh milk comes from Hateno cows and white goats kept in the village. It’s delicious on its own bit can be used as an ingredient in soups and stews.” 12 Rupees
Arrows x5 (x3) “A bundle of five common arrows. The shafts of these arrows were carved from the wood of a sturdy tree.” 20 Rupees
Bomb Arrow (x5) “A powerful arrow designed to destroy monsters. The explosive powder packed into the tip ignites on impact, dealing massive damage to anything caught in the blast.” 50 Rupees
Bomb Arrows x5 (x3) “A bundle of five bomb arrows. The explosive powder packed into the tip ignites on impact, dealing massive damage to anything caught in the blast.” 350 Rupees

Firly Pond

Firly Pond

Below Link’s House is Firly Pond, a tranquil pond with a vile secret. Here, you can find the Horned Statue, a stone figure with wings and a sly smile. The statue will tell you that he was once a person who made a fortune by trading people’s essence. Then, the Goddess Hylia disapproved of his actions and trapped him into the statue.

Speaking with him will initiate the Side Quest, “The Statue’s Bargain.” When you complete the side quest, you can talk to him afterward about exchanging your Health or Stamina for a price. Another thing to note aside from the statue is the Korok hidden beneath a rock on the pond’s eastern side. He will give you a Korok Seed for a particular price of rupees.

Creatures and Items in Firly Pond

You can catch two creatures in Firly Pond, listed below.

  • Armored Carp
  • Sunset Firefly

You can use the Armored Carp to cook something up, while you can use the Sunset Firefly to make elixirs. Additionally, you can find a Rusty Broadsword within the vicinity of the pond.

Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

North of Hateno Village lies the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, where Purah and Symin live. Unlike other inhabitants of the village, they are Sheikah, not Hylian. Visiting the lab will help progress the main quest, “Locked Mementos.” During your first visit, Purah will deceive you that Symin is the director when he is her assistant, and she is the lab director.

During the “Locked Mementos” main quest, Purah will task you to light up the lanterns with a blue flame. Doing so will power up the lab and unlock it as a quick travel point. When you power up the lab, you also power up the guidance stone within, which grants you the camera rune.

Rune Upgrades in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

You can speak to Purah for the side quest, “Slated for Upgrades.” You must take a picture of her for the “Locked Mementos” main quest to trigger this side quest. Then, talk to her again. You can give her ancient materials in exchange for upgrading the tools that you have in your arsenal. I listed the upgrades and the materials needed down below.

Materials Needed



Ancient Screw (x3) Sheikah Sensor + You can search for any item in the Hyrule Compendium using the Sheikah Sensor.
Ancient Shaft (x3) Remote Bomb rune + Enhances the damage to 24 and shortens the cooldown to three seconds.
Ancient Core (x3) Stasis + You can time-stop enemies.

Items in Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

There is not much that you can take from the lab. There are a few sunshrooms around the area by the trees and a torch you can carry and light on fire. You can use a sunshroom as an ingredient for cooking, a material for upgrading clothing, an ingredient for dye, and so much more.

Hateno Pasture

Hateno Pasture is a ranch with an open field full of grass. There is not much-known information about the ranch, except that a female Hylian named Koyin lives there. Koyin is angry about the monsters in Hateno Beach and will post about her frustrations on the village’s board. She will also give you “The Sheep Rustlers” side quest.

When you first meet her by the pasture, she will be on the lookout for monsters who have come up to her from Hateno Beach. These monsters stole her sheep, and she wants you to defeat them. To complete the mission, visit the beach and defeat the seven enemies in the Bokoblin Camp. When you return to her, she will reward you with ten bottles of Fresh Milk since her sheep have calmed down.

Kochi Dye Shop

Kochi Dye Shop
Image from Zelda Fandom

You can dye your clothes in this village through the Kochi Dye Shop. The service is run by Sayge, a Hylian male with red hair wearing a black apron with test tubes full of differently-coloured dye. He lives with his wife Senna and his son Sefaro, although he stays awake to man the shop as it is open 24/7. He is eager to dye your clothes and will do so for a small fee.

Ingredients for Dye in Kochi Dye Shop

Sayge will dye everything you are currently wearing for 20 rupees. So, if you have an article of particular clothing that you want to get dyed, you must wear it first. Then, you must pick your preferred colour, and for each colour, you must gather five ingredients related to it. Below is a list of the 15 available colours to choose from and the corresponding ingredients you can give Sayge to make the dye.

Dye Color

Ingredient type

Flora Fauna Hard Materials

Monster Parts

Blue Blue Nightshade N/A Sapphire Ice Keese Wing
Red Apple;


Hylian Shroom;

Spicy Pepper;


N/A Ruby Fire Keese Wing;


Red Lizalfos Tail

Yellow Mighty Bananas;



Bird Egg Topaz Electric Keese Wing



White Hylian Rice;


Silent Princess

N/A Diamond White Chuchu Jelly
Black Hearty Truffle N/A Flint None
Purple Armoranth;



Swift Violet

Sunset Firefly N/A Bokoblin Guts;


Monster Extract;

Octo Balloon

Green Fleet-Lotus Seeds;


Hyrule Herb;

Stamella Shroom

Hot-Footed Frog;


Restless Cricket

N/A Lizalfos Tail
Light Blue Silent Shroom N/A N/A Chuchu Jelly;


Moblin Guts;

Octorok Tentacle

Navy Blue N/A Bladed Rhino Beetle Luminous Stone N/A
Orange Courser Bee Honey;


Endura Shroom;

Fortified Pumpkin;

Mighty Thistle;

Swift Carrot;

Warm Safflina

N/A Amber Keese Eyeball
Peach Big Hearty Radish;


Hearty Radish;


N/A Rock Salt N/A
Crimson Red Chickaloo Tree Nut;



Tireless Frog N/A N/A
Light Yellow Electric Safflina;


Palm Fruit

Goat Butter Opal Bokoblin Fang
Brown Acorn;



Hightail Lizard N/A Hinox Toenail;


Hinox Tooth

Gray N/A N/A Ancient Core;


Ancient Gear;

Ancient Shaft;

Ancient Spring;

Giant Ancient Core

Bokoblin Horn;


Keese Wing;

Lizalfos Horn;

Lizalfos Talon;

Moblin Fang;

Moblin Horn

Note that the ingredients do not have to be the same. What’s important is that you gather five of them, no matter the type. For example, if you wish to dye your clothes red, you can give Sayge two apples, one ruby, and two red Lizalfos tails.

Non-dyeable Armour in Kochi Dye Shop

Not all clothes can be dyed, as there are some exceptions. If you talk to Sayge when wearing non-dyeable armour, he will tell you that it cannot be dyed. Then, he will ask you to change clothes. Below is a list of the non-dyeable clothes found within the game.




Dark Set;


Fierce Deity Set;

Hero of Time Set;

Hero of Winds Set;

Hero of Twilight Set;

Hero of the Sky Set;

Hero Set;

Phantom Ganon Set;

Phantom Set;

Royal Guard Set;

Salvage Set;

Tingle’s Set

Diamond Circlet;


Ruby Circlet;

Sapphire Circlet;

Amber Earrings;

Opal Earrings;

Topaz Earrings;

Thunder Helm;

Midna’s Helmet;

Zant’s Helmet;

Ravio’s Hood;

Bokoblin Mask;

Korok Mask;

Lizalfos Mask;

Lynel Mask;

Majora’s Mask;

Moblin Mask;

Sheik’s Mask

Warm Doublet;


Island Lobster Shirt;

Nintendo Switch Shirt;

Champion’s Tunic

Link’s House

Link's House

When you arrive at Hateno Village through the entrance, you can spot three people near a house to your right. They are the Bolson Construction headed by the flamboyant Bolson, and with him are Karson and Hudson. Once you initiate a conversation with them, they will mention that they are demolishing the house nearby. However, you can own the establishment and make it your home.

Speaking to them will start the “Hylian Homeowner” side quest. You need to collect 30 wood and 3,000 rupees and give them to Bolson. Wood can be harvested by cutting down trees, which can be done through various methods such as axes or bombs. The 3,000 rupees might sound a lot, but you can slowly work your way there by selling highly-valuable material like gems.

After giving the requirements to Bolson, you will own the house. This is Link’s house, and it is heavily implied throughout the mission that it was his house even before the Great Calamity. It is a white house with a tall chimney, and its interior is spacious. Prior to upgrading the house, there is already a weapon display available.

Upgrades for Link’s House

Once you do own the house, you can upgrade it further. Completing all the upgrades for the house will complete the “Hylian Homeowner” side quest. Each upgrade costs 100 rupees, and there are 14 upgrades in total. So, completing all the upgrades needs 1,400 rupees. The upgrades are listed down below.

  • Gear Displays
    • Weapon Display (x2): Store and mount your weapons here.
    • Bow Display (x3): Store and mount your bows here.
    • Shield Display (x3): Store and mount your shields here.
  • Interior Installations
    • Bed: Rest to full health and wake up to a time of your choice.
    • Lighting: Brighten up the house inside.
    • Door: A house is not complete without a door.
  • Exterior Installations
    • Sign with Link’s name: Let people know it is your house.
    • Plant Flowers: Add some flowers to liven up the mood.
    • Plant Trees: Add some trees to make the environment fresh.

Myahm Agana Shrine

As expected, there is a shrine in this village, which is the Myahm Agana Shrine. Once you have completed its challenge, you can fast travel to this location no matter where you are on the map. The shrine’s challenge is the Myahm Agana Apparatus, where your goal is to shoot the ball within a maze into the hole to its left.

How to Beat the Myahm Agana Shrine

As you enter the shrine, you can go towards a control panel. Using it will let you control a massive platform through the Nintendo Switch’s motion control. On the platform is a maze, and within it is the ball. You must position the maze correctly to let the ball pass through the maze and into its destination. With enough practice, you can complete this task easily.

You can simply let the ball inside the corridor to the left as it will roll down into the hole. Once you have completed your task, you can glide towards the maze and find a treasure chest that contains a Phrenic Bow, a bow with a base power of ten, and a base durability of 45. You can then talk to Myahm Agana sitting on the altar to claim your Spirit Orb.

Shared Cooking Space

The shared cooking space is a location within Hateno Village that you can utilize to cook different meals. You can find it across the stream coming from Zelkoa Pond. There are several containers such as vases, barrels, and boxes that you can break to gather supplies. Sometimes, the furnaces are not lit, so you should light them up if you plan on cooking something.

The Great Ton Pu Inn

Image from Zelda Fandom

If you plan to recover your health to its full potential or rest to pass the time, The Great Ton Pu Inn is the place to go when you are in Hateno Village. You can find it on the northeast side of the town. This large inn is manned 24/7 by its owner Prima, a female Hylian. You can talk to her over the counter or near her side, which is more personal. You can even compliment her on how nice the place looks.

The place is surprisingly big, having two floors. The first floor is where you can find Prima over the counter. There is also a room with two beds and a sitting room with a fireplace. The second floor has three beds that its patrons can rest on.

Services in The Great Ton Pu Inn

When you talk to her over the counter, she will give you two options: sleep on a regular bed for 20 rupees or on an extra-soft downy bed for 40 rupees. The regular bed will replenish all your health, while the other option does the same, plus grants you one yellow Temporary Heart.

Ventest Clothing Boutique

You can shop for some clothes and armour in Hateno Village through the Ventest Clothing Boutique. Since this may be one of the first villages that you will visit throughout the game, the items here are cheap yet have low base defences. You can also find a useful upper garment in this shop that can let you endure the cold.

Supervising the shop is Sophie, a timid Hylian girl who likes standing in the corner of the room. The store is available 24/7, so she is always awake to accommodate you. Outside the store is her father, Seldon, who offers tours to visitors entering the village. When you avail of his service, he will tour you around the shops and will end on this store.

Goods in Ventest Clothing Boutique

Below is a list of everything that you can buy in Ventest Clothing Boutique.


Cost in rupees Base def. Max def. Effect


Hylian Hood 60 3 20 N/A Yes
Hylian Tunic 120 3 20 N/A Yes
Hylian Trousers 90 3 20 N/A Yes
Soldier’s Helm 180 4 28 N/A Yes
Soldier’s Armor 250 4 28 N/A Yes
Soldier’s Greaves 200 4 28 N/A Yes
Warm Doublet 80 1 N/A Level 1 Cold Resistance Yes

Village Chief’s House

Image from Zelda Fandom

Hateno Village has a leader of its own, and you can find his house within. A Hylian male named Reede is the acting chief and mayor, and he lives with his wife Clavia and his daughter Karin. He welcomes you into the peaceful settlement and will comment about how pleasant the area is. He would also tell you to stay for as long as you want.

Outside of his house is a Goddess Statue that you can pray to. You can claim Stamina Vessels and Heart Containers when you have enough Spirit Orbs. On a side note, when you talk to his wife, Clavia, by the dock, she will tell you a secret. This event starts the “Secret of the Cedars” shrine quest, which will guide you to the Tahno O’ah Shrine.

Zelkoa Pond

North of Hateno Village lies Zelkoa Pond, a tranquil pond whose waters fall down into the village’s rivers. South of the pond lies a Rusty Broadsword laying on the floor, which you can pick up. The broadsword is nearby an unlit lantern, an essential landmark for the “Locked Mementos” main quest.

West of the pond is the Ancient Furnace, another significant landmark for the same quest. You can carry a torch with the blue flame and walk around the pond with relative ease. North of the pond is a large tree overseeing the waters, and on top of it is a rock. Lifting it will reveal a Korok Seed.

Creatures and items in Zelkoa Pond

The pond is full of fishes swimming around, consisting of the following.

  • Armored Carp
  • Hyrule Bass

Furthermore, a Rusty Broadsword is near an unlit lantern south of the pond.

Available Quests in Hateno Village

You can find numerous quests in Hateno Village that you can complete. There are no main quests given in the village, but you can complete some of them here. Completing the side quests can flesh out your relationship with the villagers, especially if you plan on living there. You can get a great insight into their personalities as well. Below is a list of the quests, along with their category.


Category Prerequisite quest Quest giver Goal


A Gift for My Beloved Side Quest N/A Manny Assist Manny’s quest to woo Prima through gifts Silver Rupee
From the Ground Up Side Quest Hylian Homeowner Hudson Complete Hudson’s requests in building Tarrey Town in Lake Akkala Diamond (x3)
Hylian Homeowner Side Quest N/A Bolson Collect the materials needed to buy and upgrade the house Link’s House
Robbie’s Research Side Quest Locked Mementos Purah Use the blue light to ignite the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Ancient Arrow (x3);


Ability to buy Cherry’s Ancient Gear

Slated for Upgrades Side Quest Locked Mementos Purah Collect the materials needed to upgrade your runes Remote Bomb+;



Sheikah Sensor+

Sunshroom Sensing Side Quest Slated for Upgrades Symin Take pics of Sunshrooms and show them to Symin Hearty Truffle (x3);


Ability to buy pictures for the Hyrule Compendium

The Sheep Rustlers Side Quest N/A Koyin Beat Hateno Beach’s monsters Fresh Milk (x10)
The Statue’s Bargain Side Quest N/A Teebo; or Horned Statue Exchange your stamina or health for the other Ability to exchange Stamina Vessels and Heart Containers
The Weapon Connoisseur Side Quest N/A Nebb Show Nebb the weapons he requested Red Rupee (x2);


Purple Rupee (x2);

Silver Rupee (x2);

Gold Rupee;


Secrets of Cedars Shrine Quest N/A Clavia Go to Tahno O’ah Shrine Climbing Boots
The Spring of Wisdom Shrine Quest N/A Medda Go to Jitan Sa’mi Shrine and Free Naydra N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Hateno Village Have a Goddess Statue?

Answer: Yes, it does. You can find the Goddess Statue in front of the village chief’s house. Stroll around the village’s main street, and you will eventually find it.

Question: Is There a Horse Stable in Hateno Village?

Answer: There aren’t any horse stables in the village, but there is an area where visitors can place their donkeys and horses. This area is outside The Great Ton Pu Inn, where you can find a Hylian male named Manny standing by. Talking to him will start the “A Gift for My Beloved” side quest.

Question: Where is the Well in Hateno Village?

Answer: There aren’t any wells in Hateno Village either, though numerous ponds and narrow rivers flow through the village. Within the ponds, you can often find fishes, mostly Armored Carps but sometimes Hylian Basses too.

Question: How do I get to Hateno Village on the Map?

Answer: Hateno Village is in East Necluda, on the right side of the map. The village, in particular, can be traversed through the Dueling Peaks. Just pass through it and when you reach a fork after passing the stables, follow the road going right. Eventually, you will reach Fort Hateno, and further, the road is Hateno Village. You can fast travel to the village when you complete the Myahm Agana Shrine.

Question: How do I Buy a House in Hateno Village?

Answer: First, go to the house east of the village’s entrance. You will find three people who will mention demolishing it. Speak to Bolson, the group leader, and he will let you buy it instead. This will start the “Hylian Homeowner” side quest. To complete this, give Bolson 30 bundles of wood and 3,000 rupees. You now have the house for your own, which you can upgrade through Bolson.

Conclusion on Hateno Village

Hateno Village is a peaceful village that has endured the terrors of Calamity Ganon. It is a significant location on the map as there are unique services here. This village is the only place where you can dye your clothes, specifically in the Kochi Dye Shop. It is also the only place to buy a house you can claim as your own. You can store your weapons, shields, and bows here, as well as sleep on the bed.

Hateno Village houses the towering Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, where you can find one of Link’s old friends, Purah. Of course, he does not remember her at all. She can upgrade the various tools in your Shiekah Slate, such as the Sheikah Sensor, the Remote Bombs, and Statis. If you are completing the game, it is nearly impossible to not visit this village.

It is heavily implied throughout the “Hylian Homeowner” side quest that Link owned the house before the Great Calamity happened. Still, having your own place in Breath of the Wild is immensely refreshing. At the end of the day, you can go back to your house in Hateno Village, buy some ingredients to cook dinner with, and converse with the joyful people around you.

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