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A particular red fish-like character in Breath of the Wild captivated the hearts of many gamers due to their enchanting design and immense charisma. Soon after, they reappear in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity as playable characters. They have a sincere look in their eyes and a comforting smile that would make you feel safe.

The character I have been gushing about is Sidon, also known as Prince Sidon, son of Zora Domain’s leader, King Dorephan, and Mipha’s younger brother. Since Breath of the Wild is an open-world game where you can go anywhere you like at any time, you may encounter him during your travels. If you are headed to the Zora Kingdom, the chances of meeting him become higher.

If you have not met Prince Sidon yet and wonder why many people are talking about him, this handy article will guide you on the essential details. He is a crucial character in Breath of the Wild and may even reappear in the sequel coming out later this year. This article will also help you with the necessary information about his gameplay in Age of Calamity.

Who is Sidon from Breath of the Wild?

Sidon is a red and white Zora, a prominent aquatic race you can find in Breath of the Wild and even in previous games. He is the prince of Zora Domain, being King Dorephan’s son and Mipha’s, the Zora Champion’s younger brother. Depending on your game’s progress, you can spot him in Breath of the Wild’s many locations.

The most probable location that many players spot him in maybe Inogo Bridge, as players may encounter some Zora while traveling through the Lanayru Wetlands who would insist that they should visit it. He favors using tridents and spears as his weapon, as seen in Age of Calamity, wherein he can use a Fishing Harpoon, Silverscale Spear, and Ceremonial Trident.

Despite being part of the royal family of his race, he does not push the title to everyone he meets, and he does not make it affect his personality. He has a positive attitude to dire situations, even smiling through the disaster that the Zora Domain is plagued with. He loves his sister Mipha, and he protected her in an alternate timeline from dying, as showcased in Age of Calamity.

What Does Sidon from Breath of the Wild look like?

Image from Fandom

Sidon is a Zora, a bipedal aquatic race with fish-like appearances and features. He mostly has red skin along his back, arms, legs, and head, while his face, torso, thighs, and ventral side of his arms are white. He has an appendage behind his head that looks like a dolphin’s body with fins and a tail. His forehead has a hammerhead shark-like appearance, with two flaps going down to his shoulders.

Blue-colored fins with yellow tips hang on the side of his hips beneath a flap of red skin reaching to his knees. These fins are also present on his shoulders beneath red shoulder plates. Stylish blue fins with yellow tips and a red frame protrude from his elbows. He has yellow eyes and a scar on the red flap hanging towards his left cheek.

There are gill-like marks on his torso, which the Zora probably use to breathe underwater. However, they can also live on land. He dons a metallic neck accessory with a white handkerchief on his breast. The accessory extends towards his shoulders, where metallic shoulder plates are present styled with blue gems. Golden chains connect from the accessory on his chest towards his right shoulder.

He wears a blue sash going from his right shoulder to his left hip. He also has a metallic accessory on his head adorned with blue gems and a dark feather. He has a metallic belt with a blue gem in the middle of it, and he dons metallic braces on his wrists.

Many sources state that he stands at 6’9” or 205.74 centimeters. However, some gamers over at Reddit calculated their heights using real-world objects and pointed out that Sidon’s height is 11’ (329.05 cm). He is exceedingly smaller in height yet retains most of his bodily features as a child.

Where to Find Sidon in Breath of the Wild

Depending on where you are in the game, you can find Sidon in many areas in Breath of the Wild. However, the most common method of finding him would be to head to Inogo Bridge, leading you to the Zora Domain. Other ways to get there, such as climbing the surrounding cliffs and mountains, will be a challenge, as it is continuously raining.

It is hard to climb on surfaces when it is raining, so if it is your first time visiting Zora’s Domain, pass through Inogo Bridge. Also, if you travel along the Lanayru Wetlands, you may encounter numerous Zora who will tell you to head there because Sidon is looking for a strong Hylian to help solve their problem.

Sidon at the Inogo Bridge’s entrance

Sidon at the Inogo Bridge’s entrance

The easiest and most convenient way to the Zora’s Domain is by passing through Inogo Bridge. You can find its starting point on the northern side of the Lanayru Tower. Sidon will greet you when you arrive at the bridge, as he is waiting on a nearby outpost.

He will introduce himself as Zora’s prince and ask for Link’s name. He will remark that the name sounds familiar, wondering if he has heard of it before. Nevertheless, he will urge you to visit Zora’s Domain and help it out from its problem.

The area is plagued with perpetual rainfall caused by one of the Divine Beasts known as Vah Ruta. He will warn you that enemies are present up ahead, and they will use electric-based attacks. However, he still trusts you, thinking that you can get past the challenging route.

Sidon Along the Inogo Bridge

Sidon Along the Inogo Bridge

As you make your way through the path to reach Zora’s Domain, you will occasionally see Sidon, who will encourage you to keep going. He will also warn you about enemies up ahead the road you meet him on. In his first appearance, he mentions that monsters lurk around and that you should be careful. His second appearance occurs near the Bank of Wishes to which he will encourage you to go on.

In his third appearance after crossing the Oren Bridge, he will warn you once again that there are enemies along the path. Your conversation during his fourth appearance at Luto’s Crossing is cut short as a Blue Moblin appears and attacks you.

Sidon at Zora’s Domain’s Entrance

Sidon at Zora’s Domain’s Entrance

Three different scenarios can occur upon reaching the entrance at Zora’s Domain. First, if you interact with Sidon at the Inogo Bridge’s entrance, he will welcome you to Zora’s Domain and states that he wants to introduce you to his father, King Dorephan.

The second scenario will occur if you have not talked to Sidon before at the Inogo Bridge’s entrance. Upon arriving at the throne room, Sidon will be beside his father’s throne. He will ask who you are and states that the king is not expecting visitors. However, he will invite you once he realizes that you are a Hylian.

Lastly, the third scenario occurs if you interacted with Sidon at the Inogo Bridge’s entrance, yet you went through a different path other than along the bridge, such as taking the perilous approach of climbing up the surrounding cliffs and gliding your way there. He will be waiting at the Zora’s Domain’s entrance and will be surprised when you talk to him, wondering how you snuck up to him behind his back.

Sidon at Zora’s Domain’s Throne Room

Sidon at Zora’s Domain’s Throne Room

When you talk to King Dephoran at the Throne Room, he will recognize you as Link, the Hylian Champion that existed a hundred years ago. The king’s recognition of you will cause Sidon to identify you as well. The king will talk about his daughter Mipha, but Sidon will change the conversation to the current problem Zora’s Domain is facing.

Muzu, the king’s aid, strongly opposes the idea, but Sidon will step in and state that he invited Link to help their people out. He will also say that they need an outsider to do the job they cannot do and reminds Muzu that the three of them discussed this plan beforehand and reached the same conclusion.

Sidon tells you that Seggin, an elderly Zora who you used to be a sergeant for the Zora Royal Guard, is slightly resistant to electric shock and managed to hit Vah Ruta using Shock Arrows. This move slowed down the rain for a while, yet the problem returned. The Zora is an aquatic race, so they have difficulty dealing with electric attacks.

Thus, Seggin had difficulty dealing with enough electricity to stop Vah Ruta. As such, Sidon searched for a Hylian to do it and found you. Sidon will ask you to use Shock Arrows and hit the orbs on the Divine Beast to slow it down. He also states that he will help out whenever possible.

When the king gives you the Zora Armor that Mipha handcrafted herself, Muzu will strongly object to the idea, saying that Mipha intended the gift to someone she swore to marry. According to Muzu, Link and Mipha do not have that kind of relationship and will storm off. Sidon will follow him while telling you not to worry so much about Muzu.

Sidon at Zora’s Domain’s Main Square

Sidon at Zora’s Domain’s Main Square

You will find Muzu and Sidon talking to each other in front of a statue of Mipha located at the main square. In the conversation, Sidon tries to convince Muzu that Link knows Mipha and that she loves him, to which Muzu strongly disagrees. He states that it is impossible for Mipha to fall in love with a Hylian and that Link does not even remember who she is.

As Link gazes at Mihpa’s statue, a memory comes back to him wherein Mipha is healing Link’s wounds atop Vah Ruta while talking to each other. Link tries to explain the memory to Muzu, but he does not believe him. Muzu asks for proof so that his opinion will change, and Sidon says that they have evidence. He will then ask you to put on the Zora Armor King Dephoran gave you.

When you put on the armor, Muzu is shocked to see that it fits you perfectly. Sidon explains to him that Mipha handcrafted the armor for Link to wear and that she did not tell Muzu how she felt for Link since she knew Muzu distrusts Hylians.

Muzu then tells you to travel up Ploymus Mountain and face a Lynel, as there are some shock arrows around the area. Sidon will also encourage you to head to the mountain to find these shock arrows and then tells you that he will be waiting at the East Reservoir Lake.

Sidon at the East Reservoir Lake

Sidon at the East Reservoir Lake

After your conversation with Sidon and Muzu, you can find Sidon waiting for you at the East Reservoir Lake. He states that he is happy to see that you are ready and asks if you have your Zora Armor and sufficient Shock Arrows to appease Vah Ruta’s rampage for a while. Sidon will jump in the water when you confirm that you are prepared.

He will explain to you that you need to shoot the glowing pink orbs on Vah Ruta using your Shock Arrows. He will also explain that you can climb up the waterfalls produced by Vah Ruta using your Zora Armor.

He will then tell you to get on his back, and if you are ready, he will carry you closer to the Divine Beast. After successfully appeasing Vah Ruta, he will lead you to its entrance, tasking you to defeat Waterblight Ganon. He will then return to Zora’s Domain and wait for you.

Sidon, after shutting down Vah Ruta

Sidon, after shutting down Vah Ruta

After shutting down Vah Ruta, you can find him in Zora’s Domain. He will express how indebted he is for the work you have done in saving the domain. He is thankful for your efforts when you talk to him, and his opinion of you will not change or falter no matter how many times you speak to him.

Sidon in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Image from Fandom

Winning Smile. The Zora prince from the future and younger brother to Champion Mipha. He is unwaveringly positive with a strong sense of duty. He fights for Hyrule and to save his sister.” – in-game description.

Sidon returns in the 2020 hack-and-slash game Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity as a playable character. The timeline in this game takes place a hundred years before the events of Breath of the Wild, and it creates an alternate timeline wherein everyone defeats Calamity Ganon successfully, preventing its takeover of Hyrule Kingdom.

In this game, Sidon appears as a child. He traveled to Ploymus Mountain to challenge a Lynel, but thankfully, Mipha, Link, Zelda, and Impa rescued him from danger. Mipha scolds the young prince for his reckless plan yet praises him for his courage.

They take Sidon back to Zora’s Domain while fighting several monsters on the way. He is present in the domain’s throne room as King Dorephan gives his approval to let Mipha control Vah Ruta.

Later on in the game, The Diminutive Guardian, known as Terrako, summons Sidon as an adult from the “Breath of the Wild” timeline. Terrako summons the adult Sidon to defeat Waterblight Ganon and save his sister from potential death. He will exclaim that he will not allow her sister to die again. After the battle, he will explain that he comes from the future.

Mipha admires how his little brother became a fine and strong soldier, and she feels proud of him. In the finale, he will aid Link and the Champions of Hyrule in defeating Calamity Ganon. Once the battle is done, he will say his goodbyes to Mipha, saying that she will always be in his heart.

How to Unlock Sidon in Age of Calamity

How to Unlock Sidon in Age of Calamity

Sidon joins your roster of playable characters during the events of Chapter 5’s second level, known as Water and Fire. He arrives in the cutscene titled “Rescue Across Time: Water and Fire,” wherein he saves Mipha from a devastating attack from Waterblight Ganon. He is then playable after you defeat the enemy and head to fight Fireblight Ganon.

What are Sidon’s Weapons in the Age of Calamity?

Below is a list of weapons that Sidon can use in the game, along with vital information about each of them.


Base Attack Hidden Seals (Level 25)

Hidden Seals (Level 30)

Fishing Harpoon 34 Attack Speed +4% Dash-Attack Damage +20%
Silverscale Spear 45 Fusion Material EXP +400% Auto-Critical Hit after Combos
Ceremonial Trident 70 Regular-Attack Damage +7% Damage to Locked-On Target +10%

What are Sidon’s Combos in Age of Calamity?

Sidon can perform regular attacks and unique attacks, and he has a unique action known as Boundless Optimism.

Sidon’s Boundless Optimism in Age of Calamity

Sidon’s Boundless Optimism in Age of Calamity

His unique action makes certain combos much stronger as long as the right timing is employed. Often, you might see a circle appear during a combo, and when you press ZR during that time, you can gain knockback resistance. When used alone and not in combos, Boundless Optimism will gather the enemies in one location while damaging them.

Sidon’s Regular attacks in Age of Calamity

His flurry of regular attacks completes after seven presses. Below is a guide for each stage of regular attacks.

Regular Attack Stage

Button Press


1st Y Sidon will perform a slash to the left.
2nd Y > Y A slash to the right follows the previous stage.
3rd Y > Y > Y A weapon thrust forward follows the previous stage.
4th Y > Y > Y > Y A slash going outwards on each side follows the previous stage.
5th Y > Y > Y > Y > Y A spin in the air with weapon slashes follows the previous stage.
6th Y > Y > Y > Y > Y > Y A mid-air flip slash follows the previous stage.
7th Y > Y > Y > Y > Y > Y > Y A dive towards the ground causing a splash ends the combo.

Sidon’s Strong Attacks in Age of Calamity

His strong attacks occur by pressing X after a certain number of regular attacks. Below is a guide for each combo of strong attacks. Note that the Y presses will result in the regular attack being executed and will end with a strong attack after the X press.

Button Press


X Sidon will perform a large double slash outwards, creating a splash in front of him. If you activate Boundless Optimism at the right time, this move will have a larger area of effect.
Y > X Sidon will create a spinning water vortex in front of him, which is followed by a double slash going upwards. If you activate Boundless Optimism at the right time, he will deploy a water shark during the slash upwards, which erupts upon its landing.
Y > Y > X Sidon will perform a series of thrusts forward with his weapon, followed by a large slash. If you activate Boundless Optimism at the right time, the area of effect of the last hit becomes larger and more damaging.
Y > Y > Y > X Sidon will create a pulse of energy radiating from his body which damages enemies, followed by a spinning dash forward. If you activate Boundless Optimism at the right time, four water creatures will appear and move in the same direction as Sidon and damage enemies along their path.
Y > Y > Y > Y > X Sidon will perform a series of slashes in front of him, followed by a spinning projectile moving forward. If you activate Boundless Optimism at the right time, three spinning shots appear, which combine at the end and create a significant water tornado.
Y > Y > Y > Y > Y > X Sidon will perform a slash to the left, then right, then left, then right again. The move finishes off with a jump and a slam upon landing, creating a splash. You can activate Boundless Optimism with four different inputs, and the finishing move will produce five water tornadoes.

Sidon’s Dash Attacks in Age of Calamity

Sidon can perform a regular and a strong dash attack. You can perform a regular dash attack by pressing Y while dashing. This move will cause Sidon to jump from the water creature he is riding on and throws it at his enemies. You can perform a strong dash attack by pressing X while dashing. This move will cause Sidon to dive in front of him alongside his water creature. Sidon can dash again after the move finishes.

Sidon’s Midair Attacks in Age of Calamity

Sidon’s Midair Attacks in Age of Calamity

You can perform aerial attacks when jumping and in the air. To perform a regular midair attack, press Y while in the air. This move will result in three front flips summoning three water tornadoes that damage enemies in a wide area.

To perform a strong midair attack, press X while in the air. This move will make Sidon plunge downwards and stab the ground with his weapon, dealing damage to nearby enemies. If you activate Boundless Optimism at the right time while executing a strong midair attack, three water tornadoes will appear at a distance in front of him.

Sidon’s Sheikah Slate Runes in Age of Calamity

Sidon can use the four Sheikah Slate Runes to deal more damage to his enemies. Below is a detailed description of each rune and its effects.

Sheikah Slate Rune


Statis Sidon will time-freeze the enemies in front of him and attack them by spinning and moving forwards.
Cryonis Sidon will conjure an ice block in front of him. If you press X at the right time, Sidon will send the ice block forward, dealing damage to enemies along its way.
Magnesis Sidon will put a magnetic lure on a fishing rod that will attract enemies nearby and throws it. This move is followed by Sidon jumping to the air.
Remote Bomb Four bombs will appear and fly towards Sidon. He will use his weapon like a bat and if you hit the bombs at the right time by pressing Y, send the bombs flying towards the enemies.

Sidon’s Quests in Age of Calamity

Sidon can get stronger by extending combos and adding hearts by completing quests. Below is a list of quests involving this beloved Zora.

Quest Name

Materials Needed


Sidon’s Waterfall Workshop Lizalfos Trophy (x100);


Bokoblin Trophy (x200);

Rupees (x2000)

Sidon: Bonus Combo
Chasing Mipha Swift Violet (x10);


Fleet-Lotus Seeds (x10);

Bokoblin Trophy (x250);

Lizalfos Trophy (x50)

Scouting the Training Ground Stealthfin Trout (x10);


Silent Shroom (x10);

Blue Nightshade (x10);

Sneaky River Snail (x10);

Lynel Trophy (x2)

For the Future Hearty Bass (x5);


Hearty Salmon (x5);

Hearty Blueshell Snail (x5);

Wizzrobe Trophy (x10);

Chuchu Trophy (x20)

Training at Lulu Lake Fleet-Lotus Seeds (x15);


Swift Carrot (x15);

Lizalfos Tail (x20);

Octorok Tentacle (x5);

Lizalfos Trophy (x200)

A Gift from the Sky Heart Truffle (x10);


Staminoka Bass (x15);

Armored Carp (x15);

Bird Egg (x15);

Ethereal Stone (x5)

Sidon: Enhanced Ability
The Zora Researcher Ancient Screw (x5);


Ancient Spring (x5);

Guardian Trophy (x2);

Bokoblin Trophy (x200)

Sidon: +1 Bonus Hearts
A Thirst for the Desert Palm Fruit (x10);


Hydromelon (x10);

Lizalfos Trophy (x50);

Bokoblin Trophy (x150)

Lightning-Proof Luncheon Voltfruit (x15);


Zapshroom (x15);

Voltfin Trout (x15);

Electric Saffina (x15);

Chuchu Trophy (x35)

Sidon: +2 Bonus Hearts
All the Heartiest Seafood Hearty Salmon (x15);


Hearty Blueshell Snail (x15);

Hinox Trophy (x1);

Lynel Trophy (x1);

Stone Talus Trophy (x1)

Blessing of the Rains Bright-Eyed Crab (x15);


Tireless Frog (x15);

Razorclaw Crab (x15);

Lizalfos Trophy (x150);

Lynel Trophy (x1)

Sidon: Special-Attack Gauge +1
Feast or Fiction? Hearty Salmon (x20);


Hearty Blueshell Snail (x20);

Bokoblin Trophy (x200);

Lizalfos Trophy (x50);

Hinox Trophy (x2)

EX A Royal Gift for Sidon Report: Hidden Battles (x3);


Spicy Pepper (x25);

Big Hearty Truffle (x25);

Lizalfos Trophy (x500);

Report: Vicious Monsters (x2)

Obtain Gallant Hero’s Spear (DLC only)
EX Unstoppable Sidon Report: Hidden Battles (x1);


Thunderwing Butterfly (x20);

Electric Darner (x20);

Lizalfos Trophy (x300);

Lynel Trophy (x3)

Sidon: EX Enhanced Ability (DLC only)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How tall is Prince Sidon in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Sidon’s height is unclear as many sources conflict with each other. Some sources say that he is 6’9” (205.74 cm), while some measure him to reach 9’5” (287.02 cm). Some gamers at Reddit used objects in the real world to measure his height and concluded that he reaches 11’ (329.05 cm). However, one thing is for sure; he is significantly taller than Link.

Question: How old is Prince Sidon in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Sidon’s age may range between 118 to 135, as he is a young Zora adult. The Zora race has a much longer lifespan than Hylians, and Sidon was present when King Dorephan gave his permission to let Mipha control Vah Ruta. At the time, Sidon was still a small child. Thus, it is without a doubt that he is over a hundred years old.

Question: Is Sidon Mipha’s son in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: No, he is not. Sidon is Mipha’s younger brother in the games. Their father is King Dorephan, who rules over Zora’s Domain.

Question: Does Sidon like Link in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Sidon admires Link’s bravery and combat skills as he entrusted Link to appease Vah Ruta once and for all. He was eager to help Link in any way possible to solve the problems that plague Zora’s Domain. It is safe to assume that Sidon likes Link, although not romantically. However, it is up to the gamer if it is how they wish to perceive the relationship between these two characters.

Conclusion: Why do people love Sidon in Breath of the Wild?

Sidon is considered one of the four Future Champions, and he represents the Zora Kingdom that hosts the Divine Beast Vah Ruta. His older sister, Mipha, was a Champion who died while fighting against Waterblight Ganon as Calamity Ganon grew more powerful to conquer the Hyrule Kingdom. During the time, he was still a small child.

I think that Sidon is an excellent and fleshed-out character, and the people love him so much because of his charisma and design. He is eager to help Link out in any way he can, and that eagerness is something that I admire. He is always thankful to Link for helping out solve the issue in Zora’s Domain. He is royalty, but he does not make it affect his personality, and that indeed shows one’s colors and character.

In Age of Calamity, he is an excellent champion to use and fight against enemies. He has reliable, strong attacks, which can be strengthened using his unique action, Boundless Optimism. A good seal for Sidon to use would be a seal that boosts his strong attacks.

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