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The Legend of Zelda isn’t well known for its character development. Link is a blank slate the player can project their personality into, while ultimately, Zelda serves as a bargaining chip or a rescue prop. Yes, I know that Ocarina of Time’s and Wind Waker’s Zelda’s have fleshed-out personalities, but they get captured the minute they reveal themselves as “Zelda.” 

My gripes with Zelda are for another article. The point is, the Zelda games aren’t character-driven, but sometimes a lack of information plays to a character’s strengths. 

Enter Fierce Deity Link, a character initially from Majora’s Mask surrounded by so much mystery that Zelda fans have theorized who he is and why he exists for years. 

While we know Link is the Hero, and Zelda is a Princess, we know so little about Fierce Deity that he might as well be anything. He’s probably a deity based on the mask’s name, but Majora is just as strong, if not stronger, than Fierce Deity, and there’s no confirmation Majora is non-human.

Whether Fierce Deity is an evil spirit like Majora or a fierce reincarnation of a warrior, the uncertainties and questions surrounding his character have fascinated Zelda players, including myself. This fascination is likely why he appears so frequently in other Zelda games.

While Fierce Deity seems to be a separate person, Fierce Deity Link is the form Young Link takes after the Fierce Deity possesses him. For Link to become the Fierce Deity, he must wear his mask. Like other transformation masks (Deku, Goron, Zora), Link assumes the form of the spirit possessing him, learns new attacks, special moves, and has access to specific items.

In this guide, I’ll examine a few theories about Fierce Deity and explain how to obtain the Fierce Deity form. I’ll also explore different ways to use him in Majora’s Mask and Hyrule Warriors.

Bottom Line Up Front

Fierce Deity Link is an obtainable form of Young Link that the player unlocks after finding all 23 masks in Majora’s Mask and exchanging them for the Fierce Deity’s Mask. He has several non-canon appearances as costumes, Stickers, Spirits, and playable characters, but his Majora’s Mask equivalent is story relevant.

When Link wears the Fierce Deity’s Mask, Fierce Deity possesses him. Fierce Deity Link assumes a similar attack position as Adult Link in Ocarina of Time when Adult Link equips the Goron Sword. Both are two-handed swords, but Fierce Deity’s Double Helix Sword can shoot targeted sword beams.

Fierce Deity Link is a mysterious character, but a few fan theories back up his canon appearance in Majora’s Mask.

Key Info Up Front (Majora’s Mask)

Fierce Deity Link Guide

The below information only covers Majora’s Mask and Majora’s Mask 3DS, as its Fierce Deity Link’s only canon appearance. For other appearances, see the “Other Appearances” section.

Character Location: In boss rooms, as long as Young Link obtains the Fierce Deity’s Mask to transform into Fierce Deity Link. 

Item Location: The Fierce Deity’s Mask required to transform into Fierce Deity Link is given to Link on The Moon after obtaining all 23 masks and beating the Moon Childrens’ dungeons.

Item Cost: Free for the Fierce Deity’s Mask itself, but you’ll need 500 Rupees to get the All-Night Mask, which you need to unlock the Fierce Deity’s Mask.

Key Features: Transforms Young Link into Fierce Deity Link and changes his appearance. After transforming, Young Link’s range and attack power increase. Fierce Deity also helps Link catch the Grand Swordfish (3DS).

Related Quests/Characters: All 23 mask quests and their characters. The Moon Children on the Moon gives Link the Fierce Deity’s Mask.

Item Weight: Light

Item Rarity: 10/10

Fierce Deity Link and his armor appear in 7 games and the Majora’s Mask Manga.

Other Fierce Deity Link Appearances

Fierce Deity Link, as a character, appears in 2 games (Majora’s Mask and Hyrule Warriors) and one manga (Majora’s Mask). In his five other appearances, he’s either a costume, item, or armor.

Since Fierce Deity is technically a character trapped in an item, these appearances count as Fierce Deity Link as long as the character wearing his clothing/armor is also Link. 

For this reason, a Fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate who equips the Fierce Deity Link Spirit isn’t Fierce Deity, but the Spirit item itself is. With that said, Link’s alternative costume in the same game counts as a Fierce Deity appearance, although his move set doesn’t change.

All Fierce Deity Link appearances in the following media are not canon.

  • Majora’s Mask Manga: Appears as the main character. Fierce Deity is a vengeful spirit residing in the Fierce Deity’s Mask. He’s Young Link’s “true personality.”
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Random Sticker drops from regular brawls, Spectator Mode, The Subspace Emissary, Coin Launcher, Sandbag, and Jirachi (Pokeball).
  • Hyrule Warriors (Character): Young Link can transform into Fierce Deity Link.
  • Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U: He appears as an alt costume for Link.
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Fierce Deity Link appears as a Spirit and alternative costume for Link.

Appearances where the Fierce Deity’s Mask or armor is present as an item:

  • Breath of the Wild: A Fierce Deity’s Mask, Armor, Boots, and Sword are available after using the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo. Each armor piece grants the Attack Up bonus, and once upgraded to Level 2 or higher, grants the Charge Attack Stamina Up set bonus, reducing stamina consumption for charged attacks. 
  • Hyrule Warriors (Item): The Fierce Deity’s Mask, Furious Deity’s Mask, and Vengeful Deity’s Mask are equipable items for Young Link. Two Fierce Deity’s Mask badges extend the player’s Special Attack meter for each badge equipped. 
  • Tri Force Heroes: The Fierce Deity Armor is an outfit you can obtain from beating the Den of Souls. When worn, the armor will double the power of Link’s Sword and allow it to shoot sword beams at full health. Sword beams will also appear during a spin attack, even after Link takes damage. Enemies can’t knock Link backward.

Fierce Deity armor is usually an end-game or exclusive item obtainable through DLC. 

All below information will discuss Fierce Deity Link’s appearance in Majora’s Mask unless stated otherwise.

Fierce Deity Link Overview

Fierce Delta

In Majora’s Mask, Fierce Deity Link is a physical transformation of Young Link that looks similar to Adult Link from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with noticeable exceptions. Young Link must use the Fierce Deity’s Mask, a hard-to-obtain item in the game, to become Fierce Deity. 

Although Fierce Deity Link is wearing Link’s signature tunic, tights, boots, and gauntlets, they’re color swapped. Fierce Deity Link’s long johns and undershirt are dark blue instead of white, his tunic and hat are white instead of green, and his gauntlets are silver instead of brown. His gauntlets no longer match his boots, and he’s missing his belt and sheath. 

Fierce Deity Link’s design adds silver plate armor with gold accents protecting his chest, pelvis, and forearms. The most striking difference between Fierce Deity Link and Young Link is his silver hair, blue and red face paint, and milky white eyes, suggesting he’s blind or “blinded” by rage.

Fierce Deity doesn’t have a distinct personality, but he has an aura of rage and aggression. Like Young Link, Fierce Deity can’t speak besides grunting. He sounds similar to Adult Link from Ocarina of Time.

Fierce Deity Link wields a two-handed sword called the “Fierce Deity Sword,” but it’s also called the “Double Helix Sword” by fans due to its appearance. In exchange for not being able to block or use items, Fierce Deity’s weapon provides an increase in attack and shoots beams.

While his appearance suggests he’s a warrior and a Hylian, there’s not enough in-game lore to determine for sure. Fierce Deity, the spirit that possesses the Fierce Deity’s Mask, plays no role in the game’s story, nor does he impact its lore. You don’t need to obtain the Fierce Deity’s Mask or use it in the battle with Majora to beat the game or unlock a secret ending. 

Despite this, Fierce Deity is a canon character in Majora’s Mask, leading to a lot of fan speculation as to who he is and how he fits in the Zelda Universe.

Fierce Deity Link’s Key Features and Moments

When Link wears the Fierce Deity’s Mask and becomes Fierce Deity Link, his stance is similar to Adult Link in Ocarina of Time when he equips the Goron Sword. 

Unlike other Zelda games, Fierce Deity Link can target enemies when shooting his sword beams. Fierce Deity Link can perform the sword beam attack even after taking damage.

Although Fierce Deity provides many benefits to the player and Young Link, the game doesn’t explore his backstory. The only thing players know for sure is that Fierce Deity represents the feelings of the population of Termina, the land where Majora’s Mask takes place. 

When Young Link appears on The Moon, he must trade his masks for the Fierce Deity’s Mask. Young Link acquires several of his masks from dead characters, which assumes that trapped souls are inside them.

Young Link is very literally handing over the souls of the people of Termina in exchange for the most powerful soul of all, Fierce Deity. 

The last boss, Majora, is notoriously hard, but Fierce Deity Link makes this final encounter effortless. This scenario plays into several fan theories that the soul that possesses the Fierce Deity’s Mask was “made” to fight Majora or that they’re mortal enemies. 

Still, there’s nothing more remarkable than destroying the final boss after struggling to defeat him.

Fierce Deity Link Theories (Non-Canon)


Since mystery is a significant aspect of Fierce Deity and Fierce Deity Link as characters, players have tried to put the pieces together. Here are a few theories that players are confident of:

  • Fierce Deity is likely an ancient hero and powerful Deity.
  • Fierce Deity is likely a Hylian or a Hylian deity. Since Young Link’s other transformation masks turn him into members of their respective race, the Fierce Deity’s Mask may do the same. Fierce Deity’s resemblance to Link implies they’re both the same race.
  • Since Majora gives Young Link the Fierce Deity’s Mask, Majora likely wants Young Link to transform into Fierce Deity so Majora can destroy him. At the very least, this story inclusion implies Majora and Fierce Deity are enemies.
  • Fierce Deity may be Link’s Terminan counterpart since Link is a reincarnated hero reborn when a “great evil” appears in the world. The Fierce Deity’s Mask is the only transformation mask with Link’s hat, even though all other transformation forms wear it. Young Link isn’t a Terminan native, making it likely that the Gods of Hyrule made Young Link stumble upon Termina to take care of Majora. Perhaps Majora killed the previous Link, but his soul remains within the mask

There are hundreds of other theories surrounding Fierce Deity and why Young Link has the mask, but in-game evidence backs the few I described in this article. 

Fierce Deity Link’s Related Quests 

As an end game item, the player must play through the entire game, sans boss fight, before obtaining the Fierce Deity’s Mask. Fierce Deity Link helps kill bosses quickly. In Majora’s Mask, killing a boss changes the scenery outside the temple, allowing Young Link to obtain certain collectibles.

Fierce Deity Link isn’t required to beat Majora, but it makes the boss fight easier.

Here’s Fierce Deity Link fighting Twinmold. Notice how quickly the player beats the boss.

Credit: ZorZelda on YouTube

Fierce Deity Link’s Perks & Special Abilities

Fierce Deity Link is a powerful character that unlocks special abilities and moves in Young Link. He’s also useful as an equipment item or separate form in some of his appearances.

  • Majora’s Mask: By becoming Fierce Deity Link, players can access different attacks and abilities, like a sword beam and a long two-handed sword. He’s a more powerful character with a better attack range. While using the Fierce Deity’s Mask (and the Goron Mask) in Majora’s Mask 3DS, players become strong enough to real in and catch the Grand Swordfish.
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Fierce Deity Link Sticker is only usable by Link, Toon Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf. Gives characters [Slash] – Attack +21.
  • Hyrule Warriors: When Young Link transforms into Fierce Deity Link, he increases his stats, adds a dark element to his attacks, and gains a sword beam along with the Fierce Deity Sword. When transforming back to Young Link, Fierce Deity Link unleashes a powerful finisher exclusive to this form. 
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: When equipped, the Fierce Deity Link Spirit offers Fighters like Link and Marth a slight increase to their sword-attack power. In total, this Spirit provides 2900 Strength, 1303 Defence, and 4623 Power. 

Although Fierce Deity appears in Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, Tri Force Heroes, and Hyrule Warriors as a separate item to the character, they aren’t the character themselves and can’t provide a benefit to the player as a physical entity.

As a costume in the Super Smash Bros. games, Fierce Deity Link offers no special perks or abilities to the player. As an armor set in Breath of the Wild and Tri Force Heroes, Fierce Deity Link technically adds special perks to the player but isn’t Fierce Deity himself.

How to Unlock Fierce Deity Link

How to unlock

Also See: Fierce Deity’s Mask Guide (Formatter’s Note: For when the article completes)

There are 23 quests the player must complete before obtaining the Fierce Deity’s Mask, which allows Young Link to play as Fierce Deity Link. Here’s a brief overview of the 23 quests:

Mask Mask Location Given by Day
Deku Scrub Mask Inside the Clock Tower Happy Mask Salesman 1
Great Fairy Mask Laundry Pool in East Clock Town Spray Fairy 1, 2, 3
Kafei’s Mask Mayor’s Residence in Clock Town Madame Aroma 1, 2
Keaton Mask Laundry Pool Hideout Kafei 1, 2
Postman’s Hat East Clock Town Postman 3
Couples Mask Stock Pot in East Clock Town Anju and Kafei 3
Bremen Mask Laundry Pool Guru-Guru 1, 2
Bunny Hood Chicken Coop in Romani Ranch Grog 1, 2, 3
Kamaro’s Mask North Termina Field Kamaro 1, 2
Blast Mask North Clock Town Bomb Shop Owner’s Mom 1
All-Night Mask Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town The Man from Curiosity Shop 3
Mask of Truth Southern Swamp Spider House Cursed Rich Man 1, 2, 3
Mask of Scents Deku Shrine Deku Butler 1, 2, 3
Goron Mask Goron Graveyard Darmani 1, 2, 3
Romani’s Mask Romani’s Ranch Cremia 2
Stone Mask Ikana Valley Invisible Soldier Shiro 1, 2, 3
Garo’s Mask Gorman Track in Milk Road Gorman Brothers 1, 2, 3
Captain’s Hat Ikana Graveyard Captain Keeta (Defeated) 1, 2
Don Gero’s Mask Mountain Village Goron on the Ledge 1, 2, 3
Zora Mask Great Bay Region Mikau 1, 2, 3
Troupe/Circus Leader’s Mask Milk Bar in East Clock Town Gorman 1, 2, 3
Gibdo Mask Ikana Canyon Music Box House Pamela’s Father 1, 2, 3
Giant’s Mask Stone Tower Temple Eyegore (Defeated) 1, 2, 3

The Bomber’s Notebook, given by Jim after completing their Hide-and-Seek test, keeps track of the characters’ schedules that need tasks performed by the player. By speaking to them, you unlock helpful entries that allow you to complete most of the mask quests in the game.

Check out my Fierce Deity Mask Guide if you want to read our own mask-specific Bomber’s Notebook. With my guide, you’ll fast-track your way to obtaining the Fierce Deity’s power.

Note: Completing the following steps will take you towards the end game.

After collecting every single mask:

  1. Wait until the Carnival of Time (Midnight) on the 3rd/Final Day.
  2. Climb up the sides of the clocktower and wait until the last 6 hours for the stairs to appear.
  3. Play the Oath of Order, watch a scene, and you’ll land on The Moon.
  4. Speak to the Odolwa Child, Goht Child, Gyorg Child, and Twinmold Child and complete each of their quests. Each child is wearing a mask corresponding to each boss you fought in the game.

Finally, speak to the last child wearing Majora’s Mask to receive the Fierce Deity’s Mask. You can now wear the mask in boss rooms to become Fierce Deity Link.

Fierce Deity Link’s Playstyle

Both Majora’s Mask and Hyrule Warriors allow you to experiment with different characters and playstyles. Whereas Majora’s Mask lets you choose from 5 characters, Hyrule Warriors has an extensive roster of 31 characters if you don’t count alternate forms or Focus Spirits/Special Attacks.

Majora’s Mask

mask force

Across all main-title Zelda games, Majora’s Mask gives you the most characters (or forms) to use besides Link. The Deku Scrub Mask, Goron Mask, Zora Mask, and Fierce Deity’s Mask allow Link to transform into different characters, each with varying move sets. 

Fierce Deity uses the same controls as Young Link to initiate his attacks, except you can’t block or use items. The Fierce Deity can only attack with his sword, which isn’t a detriment in any sense. 

Since Fierce Deity is much stronger than Young Link and has a sword beam attack, you gain range and attack power. Wearing the Fierce Deity’s Mask is like hitting the “win” button. All bosses become more manageable, and you don’t have to have a plan or strategy in place while wearing the mask.

Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors

Although Fierce Deity Link isn’t a playable character by himself, he is a playable form of Young Link. Young Link can activate his Fierce Deity form during his Focus Spirit and Special Attack.

Young Link fills his Focus Spirit differently than other Heroes. By hitting the Strong Attack button, he can transfer his filled Special Attack gauges into his Magic Meter. Three full bars can fill up his Magic Meter completely when transferred.

By activating Focus Spirit, Young Link transforms into Fierce Deity Link and can use the Fierce Deity Sword, which fires sword beams. This form significantly increases Young Link’s power, speed, reach, but you also receive the other bonuses given during Focus Spirit, like an increased item drop rate.

Since Young Link is much weaker than the other Warriors, you should activate Fierce Deity Link as quickly as possible. Here’s a great strategy I use to pop Fierce Deity Link ASAP:

  1. Equip two Fierce Deity Badges (to expand the Special Attack Meter by two).
  2. Equip the Vengeful Deity Mask with Strength IV, Strength V, Strength VI, Focus Spirit+, Special+, Darkness+, Legendary, and No Healing. Don’t equip Defenseless because it ruins his guard infinite. 
  3. Enter any map of your choice.
  4. In specific scenarios, a “Magic Jar Transport Troop” will appear in Adventure Mode or Challenge Mode when entering a map. When you kill them, they drop Big Magic Jars.
  5. If a Transport Troop doesn’t appear, keep spamming C6 (YYYYX) in large mobs. It’s an invisible attack that pulls crowds towards you and kills them. His range is vast, so your Special Attack Meter should be at max.
  6. Hit your Strong Attack (C1) to transfer your Special Attack Meter into your Magic Meter.
  7. Activate Fierce Deity.

Note: This strategy assumes you’ve levelled up Young Link to around level 100.

This process should take less than 20 seconds, but I’ve managed to pop Fierce Deity in 10. 

As Fierce Deity Link, your attacks now inflict darkness, and his attack gains the bonus of sending out darkness beams. His Strong Attacks gain this energy beam except for C2 strong, C4, and C6. C1 is similar and still allows you to play the Ocarina to transfer meters.

The trick with Fierce Deity Link is keeping him that way. With your slot loadout, you should be able to stay in the Fierce Deity form effortlessly as long as you continue to attack mobs. 

Use C3 and C5 to constantly do damage from a distance, and hit C6 when you need to fill up your Special Attack Meter quickly. Finally, keep an eye on your Magic Meter. Once it depletes, you turn back into Young Link, so you’ll need to hit C1 in intervals to prevent this.


To show infinite Fierce Deity Link is possible, take a look at this video by MrViperfang:

Credit: MrViperfang on YouTube

Fierce Deity Link’s Key Relationships & Quotes 

Fierce Deity Link doesn’t have any speaking lines and won’t interact with other characters beyond bosses. Although the Fierce Deity’s Mask intertwines with Young Link’s soul during the transformation, Fierce Deity doesn’t seem to have any opinion or relationship with him. 

It’s likely Fierce Deity isn’t consciously aware of his surroundings and may even be blind in canon because his eyes don’t have pupils, and he doesn’t have a will of his own.

In the non-canon Majora’s Mask manga, Fierce Deity Link is considered Young Link’s “true personality” and has speaking lines. The book confirms the blind theory, which causes Tatl (Young Link’s fairy companion in Majora’s Mask) to act as a seeing-eye fairy.

Although Fierce Deity Link and Young Link are the same entity in the manga, only the Happy Mask Salesman, Majora, Tatl, Skull Kid, The Four Giants, Kafei, and Anju interact with him. These interactions are brief, and most characters are afraid of him. Fierce Deity goes by “Ogre Deity,” “Fierce God,” and the “Ferocious God” by characters that speak around him.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is Fierce Deity Link the Strongest Link? 

Answer: Fierce Deity Link possesses the rawest power in the series. He makes bosses ridiculously simple in Majora’s Mask, and in Hyrule Warriors, he’s capable of cutting the moon in half. If Fierce Deity Link were available in other Zelda games, he’d make them easier to beat.

Question: Is the Fierce Deity Evil?

Answer: There’s not enough in-game evidence to confirm Fierce Deity is neither good nor evil. After handing over the Fierce Deity’s Mask mask, Majora calls Fierce Deity a “true bad guy,” but this translation isn’t in the original Japanese script and therefore isn’t canon dialog. 

Question: Is Fierce Deity Link a God

Answer: It’s very likely Fierce Deity is a God, as his name implies, but it’s also just as possible it’s a pseudonym. Since Fierce Deity possesses God-like powers, the people of Termina may refer to the Legendary Hero as the “Fierce Deity” due to his fierceness and unstoppable power. 
The title naming convention would fit with the rest of the series. For example, Link in Ocarina of Time is the “Hero of Time” because he can travel through time. 


Fierce Deity Link is a compelling character, not just because he looks interesting. His powerful, mysterious vibes are what makes him work as a character. His many appearances, along with his Double Helix Sword and special attacks, in other Zelda games prove he’s a series favorite. 

Fierce Deity Link is often seen as Young Link’s “final form,” making him difficult to unlock but worth the effort. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more of Fierce Deity Link in the future.

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