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Tears of the Kingdom Bubbel Gems Guide: How to Find Bubbel Gems Quickly

What you’ll find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is that there are so many different collectible items for you to find and acquire in this massive open-world game. One of the most popular collectibles you can grind for is the Bubbul Gems. Find out how to get them in the easiest way possible with this Tears of the Kingdom Bubbel Gems guide.

As you’ll see in this Tears of the Kingdom Bubbel Gems guide, these precious essential collectibles come from the Bubbulfrogs.

Bubbulfrogs are some of the most elusive monsters you’ll find throughout Hyrule, which makes it quite tough to get these gems, which are necessary for unlocking some of the most incredible rewards in the game. Thankfully, I’ve got your back with everything you need to know.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a massive game filled with various collectibles items for players to collect. Unlike some of the other items, you can pretty much go throughout the entire game without seeing a Bubbul Gem. This is because they only come from Bubbulfrogs.

Worse still, even finding a Bubbulfrog doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a gem. You have to take out the frog in order to get the gem, or else you’ll miss out on this item. But if you are able to collect enough Bubbul Gems, you’ll earn special rewards from an NPC trader known as Koltin.

Tears of the Kingdom Bubbul Gems Overview

The Tears of the Kingdom Bubbul Gems are arguably some of the most frustrating items in this game. I find that it is far more annoying trying to locate some Bubbulfrogs than it is to find a shrine and get a Light of Blessing or locate one of the seemingly endless Korok seeds.

That said, it doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the elusive Bubbul Gems. Like the other collectible items in the game, they have exceedingly valuable rewards that certainly make the effort worth it. You can get various rewards for collecting these gems, but my favorite is an armor set that can break the entire game.

To do that, you need to locate one of the blue, glowing frogs that are hard to find. Once you find one, the goal is to take it out using your bow and arrows. In general, the frog allows you to eliminate it, but you can easily waste arrows repeatedly trying to defeat it.

Once you hit it enough times, the frog will teleport away and leave behind a Bubbul Gem for you. But finding these frogs and enough gems to unlock the best rewards is tough. Thankfully, I’ve got your back.

How to Find Bubbul Gems and Bubbulfrogs Easily

bubbul gems and bubbulfrogs

First off, there is a general idea of how to find a Bubbulfrog. These frogs typically hide in caves throughout Hyrule. What you’ll find is that they aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be available in every cave throughout the world, but you usually have a strong chance of finding one in a cave.

One way to quickly locate caves in the game is to find a sakura (cherry blossom tree) in the game and offer up fruit in its basket, such as an apple. When you do this, the game will light up caves and other neat features near you for a considerable amount of time.

Otherwise, the other way to find caves is to look for wells. Not all wells house a cave underneath with a frog, but there is a chance you’ll find one here. Most of the time, you’re better off heading to a cave where you can usually find frogs.

As for taking out the frog, once you find it, they are pretty forgiving and hop around the cave walls until you hit it enough times.

That said, if you want to make it easier, either equip a powerful bow or find a way to hop up and use your glider so you can then aim with the left trigger and have a slowdown sequence. This lets you hit it multiple times in a row to guarantee defeating it essentially.

Infinite Bubbul Gems Glitch: How to Get Gems Quick

I’ll be honest with you: grinding for the Bubbul Gems is one of the most frustrating collectibles in the entire game. Or maybe it’s just me.

But I find that grinding shrines is exciting because I love the puzzles and combat training situations that you have in Tears of the Kingdom that are exciting. And helping Koroks to reach their buddies is always a grand time.

But the Bubbul Gems are annoying since they are difficult for you to find in the world, and they can be pretty time-consuming. You generally need a few of these (like 3-5 or even more) to even unlock a single reward from the trader that collects these gems, which only makes it worse.

However, there is a solution. Like almost everything else in Tears of the Kingdom, there is a glitch or exploit that makes the grind so much easier. Yes, there is a way to infinitely grind for Bubbul Gems in the same place as long as you want and essentially have everything you need in a matter of minutes.

This Bubbul Gems infinite glitch is courtesy of the awesome YouTuber Blaines, who came up with this idea. To pull off this glitch, you’ll want to progress through the main story of Tears of the Kingdom until you reach the point where you can visit the four regions and figure out their issues.

You have to have progressed through Zora’s Domain storyline to unlock this infinite glitch, unfortunately. As such, there are going to be some slight location spoilers for that particular part of the story. If you have already started or done the Zora’s Domain story, you need to reach the Waterworks area.

This is a massive underwater puzzle area that plays a significant role in Zora’s Domain story. You can return here anytime. Once you get here, the goal is to head up near the bridge that is near the top of where you solved this puzzle in the first place.

Over to the left of the bridge is a path that goes into one of the caves here. If you follow this path for a short way, you’ll come to a clearing in the cave where there is a Bubbulfrog right in front of you on the wall there for you to hit it with some arrows quickly.

At this point, I suggest saving the game, just to be safe, before you attack the frog. Before you shoot some arrows at it, pull out your Ascend ability and stand in the middle of the room, where you can see a blue, glowing mark above you, indicating that you can Ascend up there.

Once you find the exact spot where this works, don’t move from here. You should be able to hit the frog without an issue quickly; make sure to have the most potent bow you can use. Shoot the frog with your arrows and watch it fall like it is going to teleport away.

But before it ultimately leaves the area, immediately Ascend through the cave ceiling above you. Give it a few seconds, and then press the B button to reverse and return to where you came from. The goal here is to give it a couple of seconds but not too long before you end up finishing your Ascend.

When you return, you should see, like the screenshot above, two frogs in front of you now. The first frog will quickly disappear like usual, but now there is a new one that has appeared that you can now attack.

The goal is to rinse and repeat the procedure, take out the second frog, Ascend, before it leaves, and then immediately come back to spawn a third frog, and so on.

The Bubbul Gems will continuously drop below the frog for you to gather up together and collect whenever you’re ready later on. This is the best way to grind for Bubbul Gems in the easiest way possible without having to go all over Hyrule to find them. This makes earning the special rewards for these gems quite simple and less frustrating.

The Hunt for Bubbul Gems Side Quest

bubble gems totk

Before you can ever reach the NPC trader to trade your precious gems for amazing, exclusive rewards, you have a side quest you’ll need to complete first. You’ll need to find the NPC Koltin, who you may remember from his appearance in Breath of the Wild, to do this. Well, it turns out he has an older brother named Kilton.

To find Koltin and then be introduced to his brother, head over to Pico Pond, which is just east of the Woodland Stable. You can teleport to the shrine near this stable and then head slightly southeast to reach the pond. You’ll find Kilton hanging out right here near the cave entrance by the pond.

If you speak with him, a cutscene will appear with his older brother’s introduction and the return of Koltin in this game. It turns out he wants Bubbul Gems to turn into a Satori, the gorgeous glowing blue magical steed you’ll occasionally see around Hyrule.

To do that, he wants to consume these gems but has had no luck finding one. If you already have a gem, grand, hand it over to Koltin, and you’ll complete this quest. If not, the cave he came out of has a frog inside that you can get a gem from.

Once you hand over the gem, a cutscene will happen, the quest will end, and you’ll get your first reward in the Bokoblin Mask. After that, he will leave, and you’ll get a new quest in The Search for Koltin. Head on over to Tarrey Town and speak with Kilton.

He will reveal the location of his brother, which is just north of Tarrey Town near the sky view tower here. The problem is that you can only trade gems with him at night. I recommend sleeping at your house in Tarrey Town, if you’ve unlocked it yet, and then head over there.

In addition, Kilton has another side quest for you that has to do with collecting statues of monsters from the pictures you’ve made, but that is a story for another time.

Where to Find Koltin

tears of the kingdom koltin

Koltin is always found near the Skyview tower in the Akkala area, at the coordinates (3661, 2064, 0168). Keep in mind that you can only find him at night, so be sure to sleep in a bed to fast-forward time if you need to.

Once you locate him and give him the first set of gems he asks for, he will also offer to help you locate Bubbulfrogs from that point forward. This is another helpful way for you to find these frogs if you don’t want to use the infinite gems glitch.

In addition, there is also the chance that Koltin will switch locations. He has a few spots that he will switch between, including near Goron City and other locations throughout Hyrule. But if you collect enough gems at once, you’ll only need to find him once to get all the rewards you want.

If you ever struggle to find him, go to Tarrey Town again and speak with Kilton, and he should reveal to you the location of his brother so you can quickly find him at night.

All Bubbul Gems Rewards Explained

Once you locate Koltin at night, you can speak with him to trade your gems for various rewards. There are a lot of rewards you can get from collecting the Bubbul Gems, so here is the complete list if you don’t mind some spoilers. I will also note how many gems you’ll need to get each of them. Let’s get started:

  • Bokoblin Mask: 1 Bubbul Gem (the default reward and required even to unlock the ability to trade for gems in the first place)
  • Moblin Mask: 2 Bubbul Gems (the second overall reward but the first reward you get once you visit Koltin at his permanent trading location)
  • 3 Hinox Toenails: 2 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Robe: 3 Bubbul Gems (the first piece of the fantastic Mystic Armor set)
  • 8 Fire Keese Eyeballs: 3 Bubbul Gems
  • Lizalfos Mask: 3 Bubbul Gems
  • 8 Ice Breath Lizalfos Tails: 3 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Trousers: 4 Bubbul Gems
  • White-maned Lynel Mace Horn: 4 Bubbul Gems
  • Horriblin Mask: 4 Bubbul Gems
  • 2 Gleeok Wings: 4 Bubbul Gems
  • Lynel Mask: 4 Bubbul Gems
  • 3 Gleeok Thunder Horns: 4 Bubbul Gems
  • Mystic Headpiece: 5 Bubbul Gems

As you can see, there are 13 rewards in total that you can unlock through trading these Bubbul Gems. You’ll need a total of 46 gems if you wish to get all of the rewards that Koltin has for you. That’s not the worst in this game, but it can be tough to get, especially if you want that full Mystic Armor set.

Mystic Armor Explained: How to Make Yourself Invincible

tears of the kingdom mystic armor

Speaking of the Mystic Armor in Tears of the Kingdom, this is, overall, one of the best armor sets in the entire game. It is, by far, the reason you should be gathering together these gems in the first place. Sure, the masks you get are intriguing and fun to use against monsters.

But the real star here is the Mystic Armor set. It is one of the most beautiful and stunning armor sets in TOTK, letting players essentially look like they walked straight out of an anime movie like Princess Mononoke. The character has an ethereal appearance, making them look like a Satori with a blue, glowing mane and outfit.

It is stunning, and it helps, too, that some awesome armor set bonuses come with this collection. Here are the various stats for these three armor pieces, plus the amount that you can sell them for at NPCs for Rupees, which you should never do, by the way:

  • Mystic Headpiece: 11 defense stat (base stat), worth 600 Rupees if you were to sell it
  • Mystic Robe: 9 defense stat (base stat), worth 600 Rupees
  • Mystic Trousers: 11 defense stat (base stat), worth 600 Rupees

Of course, since that is the base defensive stat, which is already much higher than the other armor in the game, you can boost it even further by heading to one of the Great Fairies in Hyrule and upgrading it. This will make it even more robust and protect you even more.

But that might not even be necessary, as the Mystic Armor set allows you to essentially break the game and make Link invincible in a way. The reason behind this is the armor set bonus you get from these pieces, a passive boost known as Rupee Padding.

What this bonus does is grant Link the ability to no longer take damage to his hearts immediately. Instead, any damage he takes will take away from his Rupees collection, rather than hearts, while you have this armor equipped.

For those who don’t have a lot of Rupees in this game, that will be immensely frustrating since you risk losing all of your money. But if you are able to use something like one of the many duplication glitches that exist in the game, you could theoretically have hundreds of thousands of Rupees.

If this is the case, Link will basically be invincible since you will almost never run out of Rupees. Heck, you could even take on the final boss this way and basically save yourself the trouble of that fight being too hard, so long as you are a Rupee millionaire. This turns the game into easy mode for those who want it to be like that, so it is worth collecting.

Tears of the Kingdom Bubbel Gems Guide: FAQs

Question: What Do You Do with Bubbul Gems in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Once you find a Bubbul Gem in Tears of the Kingdom, you want to head to the Pico Pond area near the Woodland Stable. Speak with the brothers, Koltin and Kilton, to get a series of quests that will lead to you being able to trade gems with Kilton for fantastic rewards like masks and armor.

Question: How many Bubble Gems are there?

Answer: There is essentially an infinite number of Bubble gems for you to find in Tears of the Kingdom. You can keep looking for gems long after you get the necessary amount for the rewards. That said, if you wish to get enough gems for the various rewards that are available from Koltin, you’ll need a grand total of 46 gems.

Question: What Happens when You Get All the Bubbul Gems TOTK?

Answer: There are 46 Bubbul Gems that you can trade to Koltin in TOTK for rewards. When you get all 46, you’ll not only complete the main storyline for the NPC character, but you will also get the final reward, which is the Mystic Headpiece. With this, you’ll complete the Mystic Armor set.

Where to Get Energy Cells Next in Tears of the Kingdom

The Bubbul Gems are some of the most annoying collectibles for you to find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Though they are fun to collect at times, it can be pretty tough to find the Bubbulfrogs that drop these gems and even to take them out so you can get their gems.

Thankfully, there is a way to infinitely glitch the system to get gems over and over, so you don’t have to look for gems in 46 caves and the frogs inside of them all over Hyrule. If you are able to get all 46 gems, though, it is absolutely worth it for the fantastic and one-of-a-kind Mystic Armor set.

But, at the end of the day, there is so much more to collect in Tears of the Kingdom beyond the Bubbul Gems. There are also other collectible items like energy cells you can find that will expand your energy capability. If you want to know how to get more energy cells in Tears of the Kingdom, you’re in the right place.

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