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Tears of the Kingdom Wingsuit Guide: How to Unlock No Fall Damage

The advent of the sky islands in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brought many changes to the gameplay in this sequel, including the ability to dive at any point. Giving Link some Fortnite vibes, skydiving lets you reach a location much faster than paragliding, but at the risk of an impactful death if you miss the timing.

Diving can be a bit tough to accomplish in Tears of the Kingdom, but there is a way to make the controls better with this Tears of the Kingdom wingsuit guide.

The wingsuit is a piece of armor you can find in the world that will not only make diving easier but also put you on the path to eliminating all fall damage. Here’s how to do so in our Tears of the Kingdom wingsuit guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

The wingsuit is only available through the Glider Shirt, one of the chest armor pieces you can unlock in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. To get it, players must head to a particular island in the sky and complete a diving challenge to prove their worth to earn the item.

In addition, two more pieces of the wingsuit set elevate Link’s ability to skydive in the game even more. But there is a far better bonus in this set you can unlock optionally, and that is to negate fall damage entirely. This means that whenever you wear the group, you won’t encounter any fall damage.

Tears of the Kingdom Wingsuit Overview

The wingsuit is one of the most incredible hidden features in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It doesn’t radically change how the skydiving gameplay works in the title, but it gives the player a bit more control over Link’s movement that, makes it worth using, in my opinion.

I use the wingsuit quite often in the game, mainly when I shoot out of one of the towers and head to the sky islands for some adventures. It gives far more control over the character and ensures that stuff like diving toward a dragon is a bit easier than usual.

Interestingly enough, there are actually three pieces to the wingsuit. The wingsuit itself is the chest piece of the glider armor set, but there are two more parts to it. You’ll want to collect all three if you want the maximum possible assistance when diving in this game. It helps, too, that they are some of the most fun armor pieces to get.

How to Unlock the Wingsuit Armor

tears of the kingdom unlock the wingsuit armor

The wingsuit in Tears of the Kingdom is officially known as the Glider Shirt. This armor piece can be found in a single place in the game: Courage Island. This is one of the sky islands that you can reach relatively early in your adventure in Hyrule if you head to the right spot.

What you’ll find is that it is a similar situation for all three pieces of the glider armor set. You’ll want to head to a particular island in the game, complete a diving challenge that’s available there, and then you’ll get the wingsuit piece as a reward. Here’s what you need to do for the chest piece, in particular.

How to Get to Courage Island

First off, you need to locate Courage Island. I suggest going for this one early in your playthrough, as it will make the latter parts of the game when you’re skydiving much easier to accomplish. The best part is that Courage Island is quite close to where you land when you first arrive in Hyrule.

The Lindor’s Brow tower is your best bet for easily finding this island in the sky. Thankfully, this is potentially one of the first towers you unlock in the game, especially if you follow the path the game wants you to by investigating Rito Village first.

You want to launch yourself out of this tower and then turn immediately southwest and head towards one of the nearest sky islands to where you are. It is a bit tricky to get the landing right since the island is a bit high up, and you can quickly get too low, but there is also a spiral island below it.

If you happen to miss the landing directly on Courage Island, there is no problem whatsoever. You can land on the spiral island below and then Ascend your way to the top. Once you get to Courage Island proper, you’ll see this glowing ring at the end of the island that you can interact with.

How to Complete the Gliding Challenge

Interacting with the glowing ring at the end of Courage Island will activate a skydiving challenge right then. There is no timer here, so don’t worry about that. What you want to do is dive off the side of the island and glide your way through all of the rings that are here.

You don’t want to miss a single ring, or else you’ll end up failing the challenge completely and needing to restart it. That would be tough in itself since you would have to venture all the way back up to Courage Island once again. Take your time with this initial skydiving challenge and try to familiarize yourself with the rings.

This will be necessary for what’s to come in a bit. The game will eventually direct you to land in some water on an island far below the Courage Island area. This place is essentially at the bottom of the spiral island you likely saw on your way to Courage Island (-2400, 0824, 0615).

Once you land in the water, this little island has a couple of features on it, including a shrine. I recommend grabbing this shrine so you can fast-travel here anytime you need to. In addition, there will be a friendly Construct you can chat with who will introduce you to the ancient skydiving challenges the Zonai had.

The rings you just went through were part of the ancient skydiving challenge, and it offers for you to do it again. If you happen to pass the test by completing the challenge in the time necessary for it, you’ll earn a special reward, which happens to be the wingsuit.

Unfortunately, this test isn’t free to take. You’ll have to spend a single Zonai charge item to take the test each time. If you fail the first time, that means you’d have to spend another Zonai charge to do it again. This is why you want to make the most of the practice you had earlier not to waste your precious charges.

When you’re ready, give the Zonai charge to the Construct and begin the challenge. You must complete the same skydiving course you did earlier, but this time you must do it in under 30 seconds.

This is definitely doable, but I suggest diving fast between rings, then stopping after a ring, repositioning Link, and then speeding up your diving once again. If you complete the challenge without missing any rings within 30 seconds, you’ll earn yourself the Glider Shirt, which is the wingsuit and first part of this armor set.

How to Get the Glide Tights

tears of the kingdom getting the glide tights

If you want even more mobility in the sky, you won’t want to stop with the Glider Shirt. There is also another piece known as the Glide Tights. This is a pants piece of the set that goes on Link’s legs and also increases the mobility you have while you are diving.

As with all three pieces of this set, they all follow the same general formula: head to sky island, complete a trial run, and then do it for reals within a timer. The same goes for the pants, so you only really have to worry about reaching the island where it is located.

To do that, you need to head to Bravery Island (0176, 1988, 0758). This particular island is in the Northern Hyrule Sky Archipelago. Your best bet for reaching this one is to head to the Typhlo Ruins sky tower, which is the northernmost tower in the central part of the map, just north of Hyrule Castle.

It is pretty easy to reach if you go around the problematic Lost Woods, but there is an issue with this tower that you’ll have to fix, which is a story for another time. Once you unlock that tower, head up it and let it send you into the sky.

From where you are after using the tower, head directly south, and you’ll see yet another spiral set of islands that lead up to a main one on top. There is a pretty far distance between the tower and this chain of islands, so it is unlikely that you’ll reach the top.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll end up on one of the spiral islands and need to Ascend your way back to the main one. Once you get up here, it is the same story: interact with the glowing ring, try out the test run of the skydiving challenge, and then do it again for reals with the Construct at the bottom.

Once again, it will cost you a Zonai charge to do each challenge, and you’ll need to complete it within 30 seconds again. Like before, if you can pull this off, though, you’ll earn yourself the Glide Tights, which are the second part of this set and will offer to you even better movement control in the skies.

How to Get the Glide Mask

tears of the kingdom getting the glide mask

Last but not least, the final piece of the glider armor set is the Glide Mask, which is arguably the most complex piece to get not necessarily because of the actual trouble that the skydiving challenge gives you. However, it is ever so slightly tougher than the other ones, but honestly from the trek to reach this point.

Ironically, The Glide Mask was the one that I reached long before the Glide Tights and was purely by accident. I suggest not trying this one until you get a certain point in the main story that brings you directly to where this piece of armor is located on Valor Island (4459, -821, 1114).

To get there the easiest, I recommend launching yourself from the Mount Lanaryu tower and then heading northeast from there.

This will make your job a bit easier, but you will still likely have to Ascend your way through the spiral islands that are near here. And, trust me, they are super annoying to get through, so feel free to use Zonai devices to get to Valor Island.

Once you reach Valor Island, it is the same rinse-and-repeat situation that you have done several times already at this point. This time around, you need to interact with the glowing ring, do the test run (seriously, pay attention to this one), and then pay a Zonai charge to do it again for reals.

The one tip I have for you with this one is to use your speed-up move during diving carefully. It is straightforward to hit a wall, or island, or miss a ring with this one.

But you can’t go too slow, either, or else you’ll end up failing the challenge. Do it within 30 seconds, and you’ll earn yourself the Glide Mask, which is quite remarkable and disturbing at the same time.

General Tips for Completing the Glide Challenges

I get that completing these skydiving challenges can be a bit tough to accomplish. Thankfully, there are a couple of general tips I have for all three parts that can, hopefully, make this a lot easier for you. Here are a couple of tips that I have learned during my time unlocking the wingsuit and its other pieces:

  • Equip the pieces you have unlocked when trying to do the skydiving challenges. While it is possible to do these without any of them, using the pieces you do have will make everything a whole lot easier.
  • Save before you do each skydiving challenge to earn the reward. This way, if you mess up, you can reload your save and only ever spend a single Zonai charge per test. This way, you only need to waste three charges, rather than possibly dozens as you try to master the tests.
  • Don’t bother with the hard mode skydiving challenges after completing each test the first time. You can rechallenge them for an even more formidable second challenge to earn a second reward, but it isn’t usually worth the effort. It’s usually something like a large Zonai charge or the like.
  • This armor set has some of the worst defensive stats in the entire game, but upgrading using the Great Fairies can help with this problem some.
  • Given that the defensive stats are so bad, I suggest wearing other armor most of the time and then instantly switching to this set mid-air, which you can still do in the main menu.

How to Unlock No Fall Damage in Tears of the Kingdom

tears of the kingdom unlocking no fall damage

Now, you finally have all three pieces of the Glide Armor and can fully control your movement during skydiving. Congratulations! But there is still one other surprise here that you should know about. There is one final twist the game is hiding from you and doesn’t let you know about regarding this armor set.

You can upgrade the Glide Armor just like any other armor set in Tears of the Kingdom. Doing this generally grants you better defensive stats and sometimes other bonus benefits. The former is absolutely necessary since this armor set is severely underwhelming in terms of defense.

But there is another reason you want to upgrade this armor set, and that is to unlock the extra set bonus. If you upgrade all three pieces two times each (six upgrades in total), you will unlock this armor set’s hidden passive ability in addition to the skydiving mobility boost.

Worse still, this is possibly the best overall passive armor upgrade that exists in all of the Tears of the Kingdom. Doing this will unlock the ability to negate all fall damage in the entire game. That is, of course, so long as you are wearing this armor set with all three pieces at the same time.

Fall damage is one of the most annoying parts of this game and arguably the way that I’ve died the most in this game and Breath of the Wild, too. Sure, there are some helpful ways to survive in this game compared to its predecessor like the ability to glide one more time, even after losing all stamina, when falling.

But the timing can be off, and it is easy to die still. Thankfully, if you upgrade all three armor pieces twice each, fall damage will no longer be a problem for you. You can jump off the highest point in the game, fall straight to the bottom of Hyrule, and still survive that fall.

But the key here is that you must be wearing this armor (all three pieces) for this bonus to work. To upgrade all three parts, you’ll need these items:

  • Initial upgrade: 3 Keese wings (plus some Rupees, of course)
  • Second upgrade: 5 Keese wings and 6 Aerocuda eyeballs (plus some Rupees for the Great Fairies)

You’ll need both of those upgrades for every single piece in this Glider Armor set. That means you need a grand total of 24 Keese wings and 18 Aerocuda eyeballs to get this job done from start to finish. Those are quite a lot of materials that you’ll need just for this particular upgrade for this armor set.

I suggest using glitches like the various duplication glitches in the game to speed up the process of grinding for these materials. After all, no fall damage is something that will make everything in this game so much less stressful.


Question: How Do You Get the Glide Suit in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: You can get the glide suit in Tears of the Kingdom by heading to Courage Island northwest of the central part of Hyrule. Take on the skydiving challenge there and win it to earn the Glide Shirt, which is the wingsuit that expands whenever Link is diving.

Question: How Do You Use Wings in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: The wingsuit gives you wings to look at, but they don’t function like legitimate wings. Now, if you want to know how to use the wing Zonai device in Tears of the Kingdom, they work like a massive glider.

To best use them, I suggest putting a fan or rocket and then a controller on them to let you use them like a proper flying vehicle.

Question: Do You Get a Glider in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Yes, you can get a glider in Tears of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, you don’t have it when you first complete the tutorial. To unlock it, head to Lookout Landing near where you start on Hyrule, and continue the main story until you unlock the glider, which is given to you by Purah.

How to Get the Champion’s Tunic from Breath of the Wild

The wingsuit in Tears of the Kingdom is one of the most astonishing armor pieces you can get in this massive Legend of Zelda game. It is entirely optional, but it will make your life so much easier as you traverse the game’s signature sky islands that cover throughout the entirety of Hyrule.

You’ll likely be skydiving quite a bit in this game, so having more ability to control your movements while you do so will make your life so much easier and more manageable in this game. That said, the wingsuit and its other armor pieces are far from the only sweet armor that you should consider getting.

In addition to that, it is possible to get the Champion’s Tunic, the classic Link armor from Breath of the Wild, in this game. But, unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to accomplish. Thankfully, we have your back on also how to get the Champion’s Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom.

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