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Tears of the Kingdom Hudson Construction Guide: How to Build Your Own House in Tears of the Kingdom

One of my favorite parts in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was owning your own home. This was quickly followed up by the questline that involved building Tarrey Town. Fortunately, Tears of the Kingdom follows up on both quite well by letting you put the two together, as you will see in this Tears of the Kingdom Hudson Construction guide.

If you want your own home in this game, you are in the right place. There is so much to building out your custom home this time around, that it almost might as well be its own game in a way.

There are so many rooms and options for you to choose from to make Link a proper humble abode in Tarrey Town. Here’s how to build your own house in this Tears of the Kingdom Hudson Construction guide.

Bottom Line Up Front

Hudson Construction is the new company in Tears of the Kingdom that was formed by Hudson, one of the main characters of the Tarrey Town questline in Breath of the Wild. As the town continues to expand, he offers you the chance to build your own house from start to finish with whatever you want.

But this is not the only Hudson Construction content you can complete in Tears of the Kingdom. There are also a few side quests involving the characters who make up this company and even Addison, who is a massive fan of President Hudson. You can help him out by planting his business signs across all of Hyrule.

Tears of the Kingdom Hudson Construction Overview

Hudson Construction is a brand new company that formed sometime between Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. As the kingdom begins to repair and expand, Hudson, from the Tarrey Town storyline in the previous game, has stepped up and created his own construction company.

That company is in charge of the repairs and fixes around the entire open world of Hyrule. The best part is that Link can get involved with everything that is happening with President Hudson and his people. There are a few side quests and adventures that involve the construction company, plus some other side content.

There is so much to do involving the Hudson Construction company that you could spend dozens of hours helping Addison, building your custom home, and saving up Rupees for the various rooms you can add to it at Tarrey Town. Here’s everything you need to know about this content and more.

Addison Explained

tears of the kingdom hudson construction

Addison is one of the first characters that I met after skydiving down to Hyrule following the Great Sky Island tutorial area. He is a young man who you’ll find throughout the various roads and byways of Hyrule, and he has a one-track mind: supporting President Hudson from Hudson Construction.

This guy seriously is Hudson’s number one fan, and there is no contest. To this point, he obsessively tries to put up signs around all of Hyrule in support of the construction company president to promote the business and show his love and support.

As for what he hopes to gain from doing all this. But what I do know is that Addison leads to some excellent side content that isn’t even part of a side quest or anything. You can ignore him and go about your day, or you can help him anytime you see him.

How to Help Addison With the Hudson Construction Signs

When you see Addison dozens of times throughout Hyrule, there is one thing in common: he is putting up a sign and clearly struggling to hold it in one place. The odd part about it is when you talk to him, you’ll only have the option to hear about what he’s doing and tell him to let the sign drop.

If you tell him to let the sign drop, it will fall to the ground, he’ll get angry, put it back up, and repeat the whole situation. The goal here is to help him keep the sign up so it doesn’t fall over. Most of the time, Addison is near a main road in Hyrule, so there are plenty of building materials nearby.

You’ll have logs, wheels, massive planks, and other options to use to keep the sign up. Your goal is to use Ultrahand to prop up the sign in place. In general, what I like to do, as seen in the screenshot above, is put a plank on every side of the sign to keep it up. This usually works 80-90% of the time when done right.

Every once in a while, you really have to get wild and put planks everywhere to keep it up. Once you think you’ve got it, talk to Addison and tell him to let the sign go. Once it stays for a few seconds, speak with him again, and he will be happy and put the sign up permanently.

After that, he will reward you with three rewards that change each time you do them. 20 Rupees are guaranteed, followed by two ever-changing rewards.

In general, it seems that he gives a material of some kind, such as a fish, followed by a food recipe that he made himself or a sleepover ticket that can be used at the stable for a free night of rest.

You’ll find that Addison is literally everywhere in Hyrule, with several dozen instances where you can help him. It is almost like a mini-Korok seed-style collectible content in a way. But each time you help him, the sign situation will be quite different and sometimes more complex than before.

I’ve seen signs where it is on a slope, so it is prone to slide down, even if you prop it up on all sides. There are other times when the sign is really high or really low, or two signs are stacked on top of one another. The goal here is to be flexible with your building to mold it to whatever the current Addison sign situation is.

Also, since this isn’t as structured as the other collectible content like visiting the wells, don’t feel too pressured here to complete every Addison sign.

How to Build Your Own House in Tarrey Town

build a house in tarrey town

But I know what you really came here for building your own house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I know that when I first started playing this game, I immediately wanted to know how to do this. It was the number one goal that I had right from the start of the game.

I love when games like this one give you a chance to own a house, and Tears of the Kingdom is no different. If anything, it expands upon the idea from Breath of the Wild by making it where you literally build the entire house from scratch with your own (Ultra)hands.

But to do that, you’re going to need to fulfill some prerequisites, first and foremost. These requirements will take some time but can theoretically be done as soon as you land in Hyrule. However, I recommend at least unlocking the ability to glide and unlock towers, at the very least.

Once you do so, it is now time to head to Tarrey Town, where there are a couple of quests you’ll need to complete first that will lead you to building your own house.

Mattison’s Independence Side Adventure Explained

mattison’s independence side adventure

Once you arrive in Tarrey Town, if this is your first time here, be sure to grab the nearby shrine that overlooks the town on a hill. It may seem rather far away, but there is a reason for its strange location. This will give you an instant fast-travel point to this spot whenever you need it.

When you get to the town proper, you’ll want to find Hudson and his wife Rhondson near the center of town. When you speak with him, he’ll note that his daughter, Mattison, is leaving the city to go live in Gerudo Town, and he won’t see her again, likely until she is an adult. But he wants to give her a proper sendoff.

This starts the quest. After speaking with Hudson, go upstairs into their house to talk with little Mattison. Follow her to the grandma in town and speak with them again. The correct answer to the quiz is “Vaba.” After that, follow Mattison again, and she wants to see her dad but needs help getting around the railcar man.

What you want to do is Ultrahand the nearby large plank and stand it up straight in front of him to cover his eyes (it may take a couple of tries). Speak with Mattison, and she will ride the railcar. Meet her down at the construction site, and Hudson will ask you to find 10 Sundelions to help dye his hot air balloon for his daughter.

Where to Find Sundelions

Sundelions are notoriously tricky to find in Hyrule, but there are a couple of places to check. You can find some on the surface world, but they are primarily in places like the ruins for the Impa quest. Most of the Sundelions are located on the sky islands.

There are a couple of ways to find 10 of them the easiest. First, you want to get the Sensor+ upgrade for the Purah Pad. Once you have this, take a picture of any Sundelion you find, and you can then track it to help you find more in the world.

Alternatively, you can use a duplication glitch once you find one to multiply them until you have the ten you need, which is the method I used. If you want to go this route, there is a duplication glitch walkthrough at the bottom of this guide to help you out.

Once you have the 10 Sundelions, return to Hudson and give them to him to see a sweet cutscene and complete this quest.

Hudson Construction Home on Arrange Side Quest Explained

Unfortunately, completing Mattison’s Independence quest isn’t the end of the story. There is now another quest to do. Speak with Rhondson and give her the 1500 Rupees you need to start your dream home.

This will begin the Home on Arrange side quest. Head to your plot of land and speak with Granteson to begin building your dream home.

At this point, you will finally have access to your home in the game. There is so much more to building out your home with the various rooms you can add to it, though, so don’t let it stop with the two basic rooms you get.

Default House Rooms Explained

When you first get your home, only two rooms come with it for the 1500 Rupees fee. The room you get on the left side of the house is a foyer entrance area, while the right space is a bedroom for Link to sleep and heal up in.

These decent starting rooms will help you get some use of your home. Unfortunately, you have to build everything yourself. You want to use Ultrahand to pick up each room and put it within the ropes of your plot of land. Set it up however you like here.

The key is to connect the two rooms together however you want while ensuring they are within the boundaries. When done, speak with Granteson again for him to inspect it. Rhondson will arrive to congratulate you and complete the side quest.

How to Add New Room Modules

zelda new room modules

Your home is far from done at this point, though. You only have an entrance and a bed to sleep on, but there are many better rooms you can for functionality, such as a place to store your weapons, an art gallery for your custom in-game screenshots, a cooking place, a Goddess statue, and so much more.

To add new rooms to your house, speak with Granteson to enter building mode. While in this mode, speak with him again, and you can buy room modules to add to your house. Each one costs a few hundred Rupees, so I hope you have some money on hand.

Once you buy a room, you can store it or bring it out and attach it to your existing house however you like. Build to your heart’s content to make your dream home, so long as it is within the boundaries provided to you, which is 15 rooms.

You can also preview rooms before you buy them to ensure you want that exact room in your house so you don’t waste money.

All Room Modules Explained

To better help you out, here are all the rooms you can add to your house in Tears of the Kingdom listed below. I’ll be sure to note how much they cost, what they come with, and what you can use them for.

  • Angled Room: 300 Rupees. There are 10 of these that you can buy in total to use. It is a triangular-style room with three walls to be a nice connector or corner piece for your house.
  • Furnished Angled Room: 400 Rupees. This also has 10 in stock. It is the same as the previous one, but the difference is that it comes with a few decorations so it isn’t so empty.
  • Square Room: 350 Rupees. 10 in stock. This is a basic empty square room that you can use to expand the size of your house.
  • Furnished Square Room: 450 Rupees. 10 in stock. This is the same as the last one but with a table and some decorations.
  • Weapon Stand Room: 600 Rupees. 3 in stock. This small room comes with three weapon stands to put your swords on display.
  • Bow Stand Room: 600 Rupees. 3 in stock. This comes with three bow stands in this small room.
  • Shield Stand Room: 600 Rupees. 3 in stock. This comes with three shield stands in this small room.
  • Gallery: 600 Rupees. 3 in stock. This small room has a single frame you can hang a painting on. You can speak with Granteson to turn your camera screenshots into paintings.
  • Bedroom: 400 Rupees. 4 in stock. This is a small room with a bed.
  • Kitchen: 400 Rupees. 5 in stock. This small kitchen room has a cooking pot to cook to your heart’s content.
  • Blessing Room: 400 Rupees. 5 in stock. This is a small room with a Goddess Statue you can pray to when you have Light of Blessings.
  • Paddock: 400 Rupees. 10 in stock. This is a small outdoor stable to keep one horse.
  • Foyer: 300 Rupees. 14 in stock. This is an entrance foyer area to act as an entrance or exit area to your home.
  • Study: 250 Rupees. 15 in stock. A single square unit that comes with a cozy space to spend time alone.
  • Indoor Stairs: 350 Rupees. 15 in stock. This is a stairs unit, necessary for building houses with multiple floors.
  • Outdoor Stairs: 300 Rupees. 15 in stock. This is a stairs unit for accessing multiple floors from the outside.
  • Garden Pond: 300 Rupees. 15 in stock. This is an L-shaped pond that is a beautiful decoration piece.
  • Flower Bed: 250 Rupees. 15 in stock. This is a small garden that you can install that comes with various floors. You can even put it on a roof to make a rooftop garden.

Tips for Making Rupees Fast

zelda making rupees fast

Let’s be honest here for a moment: it will cost you a lot of money to make your house from start to finish in Tears of the Kingdom. The 1500 Rupees to start with is already an unbelievable amount that is considerably hard to get, even if you are helping Addison out every time you see him.

As such, you will want to earn as many Rupees as you can, as fast as possible. Here are some general ways that you can make Rupees in this game fast so that you can get started with the 1500 Rupees down payment and also the money to buy every room module.

If you want to buy one of every room (you can buy more than one of each, if you want), you’re going to need a grand total of 7,250 Rupees. And that’s only for one staircase, room, etc. If you want multiple of each, you’ll need many, many thousands of Rupees to make the most luxurious maximum home possible in this game.

These tips are mainly here for the players who don’t want to use a glitch to make things easier:

  • Diamonds and other gems like sapphires are your best bet. They sell for a ton of cash at traders. You can usually find these in caves. Make sure to fuse a rock onto your weapons so you can break them and mine for gems.
  • It is possible to sell all of the various materials you randomly find in the world for money, but you may need them down the line to attach to your arrows for fights or to make food, so be careful with this.
  • The little blue, glowing bunnies found near caves can be shot multiple times with arrows, and they drop Rupees each time. I recommend launching Link into the air in slow motion so you can hit them several times
  • Addison is a solid way to guarantee some Rupees each time you help him out
  • Do the Lucky Clover Gazette storyline. It will lead you to stables to help them out with leads, and each one you complete usually gives you a fair bit of money

Finally, there is a super easy way to make a whole lot of money fast in Tears of the Kingdom. If you don’t mind using a duplication glitch, you can instantly have enough money to buy your house right from the start of the game pretty much and customize it however you like.

I don’t mind using this method, and I honestly did since it doesn’t do anything but ensure that it is easier to unlock content like this. It doesn’t necessarily make any of the fights any easier, so I don’t feel like it breaks the game all that much; it mainly helps with the annoying Rupee grinds.

What you want to do is find yourself a diamond. You can do this in caves or in some shrines that will reward you with a chest. Once you have a single diamond, it is time for the glitch. You want to follow these steps to a T. It will likely take some practice to get it all right:

  • Pull out your bow using the right trigger
  • Press up on the D-Pad to pull up the materials
  • Select the material you want to attach to your arrow (diamonds, etc.)
  • Then open up the main menu, go to your bows, and drop the equipped bow
  • Instantly equip another bow in its place
  • Press the start button for the menu twice rapidly (once to close it and another to open it quickly)
  • If done right, you should see the material attached to your second bow on the menu screen
  • Now drop the second bow and equip a third one
  • Close the menu and pick up both dropped bows
  • You should have two material items now if done right

Even if you mess up and aren’t fast enough with all these steps, you don’t lose your material, so you can practice as much as you want. There are other duplication methods, but I find this one to be one of the easiest to memorize and do without thinking.

Since diamonds are worth around 500 Rupees, duplicate this to around 20 at the minimum, and you already have 10,000 Rupees ready to go for building out most of your house to start with.

Whatever you do, though, always leave one or two diamonds in your inventory for whenever you want to duplicate again. You’ll need it, especially if you want to own every single room module possible for the Tarrey Town home.

Tears of the Kingdom Hudson Construction Guide: FAQs

Question: Can You Build a House in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Yes, you can build a house in Tears of the Kingdom. This is done near Tarrey Town after completing several side quests and paying a whole lot of Rupees to the Hudson Construction people. But if you do so, you can customize the house to the fullest by manually building the rooms yourself.

Question: Where is Hudson Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Hudson is now President Hudson of the Hudson Construction Company in Tears of the Kingdom. He is found in Tarrey Town, where he and his crew are busy expanding the town and checking out the ruins nearby. You’ll have to head here if you want to meet him and see what’s changed.

Question: What Happened to the House in Hateno Village from Breath of the Wild?

Answer: In Breath of the Wild, Link had a house in Hateno Village. That house, spoiler alert, still exists in Tears of the Kingdom. However, it seems that Link either gave the house over to Zelda for her to use it as the new owner sometime between the two games, or they suddenly started to shack up with one another. Regardless, Zelda is seemingly the primary owner, which is why you build a new house in this game.

Collect Energy Cells Next in Tears of the Kingdom

With this guide now completed, you are finally ready to build your own custom house in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I look forward to finding out what you did with your various rooms, the pool, the garden, and all of that. It is so exciting to see the layouts that everyone comes up with, so be sure to share them online.

Of course, building your own house in Tears of the Kingdom is only a single tiny sliver of the amount of content you can do in this game. There is still so much more for you to find out, including how energy cells play into the game.

After all, you have a new upgradeable gameplay element, similar to the stamina wheel and heart containers.

Energy cells can be pretty confusing on how you upgrade to have more battery segments for your valuable Zonai devices, but it is possible. Find out more about the energy cells in Tears of the Kingdom, so you don’t wander around with only the three default battery segments for your entire adventure.

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