tears of the kingdom typhlo ruins

Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins: How to Complete the Investigate the Typhlo Ruins Quest

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has a plethora of content for you to complete on your way to save Hyrule once again.

There is so much to see and do in this game that I wouldn’t be surprised if you completely missed one of the most substantial questlines in the entire adventure, even after dozens of hours of playing. That questline is exactly what I wish to cover in this Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins guide.

This massive ruins area in the northern part of Hyrule has more going on with it than meets the eye.

While you might want to hang out around the Lost Woods and spend a lot of time there, you would miss out on all of the side adventures you can go on just north of there in the Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins.

This massive location is filled with plenty to do, and I plan to help you out with all of it.

Bottom Line Up Front

Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins area is a massive location that is in the central northern part of Hyrule. Found just north of the Lost Woods, which is its own set of content for players to complete, there are many different quests and objectives for players to complete here.

First and foremost, the Typhlo Ruins is home to one of the many Skyview Towers in the game. If you wish to fill out the map for the world, you’ll need to unlock this tower. In addition to that, there is an entire quest that involves investigating these ruins and discovering their secrets.

tears of the kingdom typhlo ruins

Where to Find the Typhlo Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom

When it comes to how surprisingly deep and filled with content The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be, look no further than the Typhlo Ruins. This location is in the central northern sector of the map you can see it before you even unlock the entire area.

If you wish to find these ruins, you’ll want to head to the coordinates of around (0343, 3133, 0180). This massive area is surrounded by water, basically creating almost its island north of the unbelievably massive Lost Woods.

There is a single wooden bridge you can use on the western side of this island ruins of sorts to easily access it from the mainland. Otherwise, you’ll have to do what I did and glide/swim your way across the large river that surrounds the entire location.

The Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins is full of content for players to explore, beginning with the Skyview Tower that is in the middle of it. Thankfully, I have your back when it comes to completing all of this content and more.

How to Unlock the Typhlo Ruins Skyview Tower

First off, what you should do when you get here is unlock the tower that is in the middle of these ruins. Unfortunately, the tower here requires you to complete something before you can access it. When you arrive here, what you’ll notice is that the tower is blocked at the top with something.

The goal here is quite simple. Make it to the top of the tower and use the Ultrahand ability to move the item that is blocking the exit of the tower at its peak.

It is ultimately up to you how to get to the top and fix the problem, but it boils down to a couple of key ways that are the easiest and simplest methods.

How to Reach the Top of the Skyview Tower

reaching the top of the skyview tower

Here are some viable methods to scale this Skyview Tower:

  • The first method you can use is building your way up. This is where you want to get a little creative in your approach using the Ultrahand power, or even Zonai Devices. A tower, a bridge, a ramp. Whatever works.
  • Use a rocket shield to get some serious height and boost your way up. You’ll get almost all the way to the top, and then you can use floating platforms to get the rest of the way up.

Glide down to the surface again, and you should now be able to access this tower and unlock the map area around you. You’ll want to do this, too, if you want to complete the Typhlo Ruins’ side adventure storyline.

How to Start the Investigate the Typhlo Ruins Side Adventure

The other main attraction of the Typhlo Ruins is the side quest that will slowly progress as you work your way through the main story. So you’ll be returning here time and time again.

This side adventure has a core quest known as the ‘Investigate the Typhlo Ruins’ side adventure. This requires you to speak with the NPC Kazul, that is right in front of the Skyview Tower, to learn about the ruins.

He has located four monoliths that are tied to the ruins in some way. There is the overarching storyline of investigating the ruins and finding out more about them, but there are also four additional mini-side quests you must do, too.

But you won’t likely have access to all of these side quests immediately when you get here.

How to Make the Different Monolith Quests Appear

There are four different monoliths in the middle of the Typhlo Ruins. These four plaques aren’t immediately available to you when you first get there unless you have already completed certain main story elements.

Each of the four main story sections, ranging from Gerudo Town to Zora’s Domain, includes—spoiler alert—a themed temple dungeon for you to conquer. As you defeat each of the four temples, you’ll earn another Sage power that you can then use anywhere in the world.

The four monoliths are tied directly to the four Sage powers in this game. So if you only have the Sage of Wind power, you’ll only be able to do that portion, and then return later for more.

How to Complete the Owl Protected by Dragons

the owl protected by dragons

Let’s begin with The Owl Protected by Dragons and its location. You are looking mainly for a massive owl statue. The owl statue itself is found south of your current location if you are standing near the four monoliths.

Once you find this owl statue, the goal is to find the square slab you can stand on in front of it. Stand on the slab and then use Tulin’s Sage of Wind power. This will then shoot the gust of wind toward the owl statue.

When this happens, a chest will suddenly appear in front of the statue.

How to Complete the Corridor Between Two Dragons

The second quest, going in order from left to right (though you can complete them in whatever order you want), is The Corridor Between Two Dragons quest. For this one, you’re going to need Yunobo’s Sage of Firepower to use, so be sure to have completed the Temple of Fire in Death Mountain.

What you’ll want to do for this one is head to the far west side of this ruins island from where you currently are. This is west, well past the Skyview Tower, but not quite to the bridge just yet. Once you reach this central western area, you want to look for two dragon statues.

You want to stand directly in front of the gap between the dragons. At this point, you want to whip out your boy Yunobo and activate his Sage of Firepower.

Once you do this, you will once again receive a chest for your efforts.

How to Complete the Six Dragons

The third quest in the Typhlo Ruins storyline has to do with The Six Dragons and the Sage of Water power. For this one, make sure to head to Zora’s Domain and solve the issues that are going on there to complete the Water Temple and earn Sidon’s new power.

Once you are ready, I recommend doing this one directly after the previous one involving Yunobo’s power, if you can. That is mainly because these two quests are surprisingly pretty close to one another on the island.

If you are near the corridor from the previous quest, you only need to go slightly northwest, but almost directly north from where you are currently standing.

For those who aren’t in this area, you can find this quest in the almost northwestern corner of the ruins island. Head here, and you want to look for six dragon statues that are all in a circle in this area.

The problem is that his power only affects a wave-like area directly in front of Link, but there are six statues all around Link.

What you want to do is hold any one-handed melee weapon in your hand. At that point, activate Sidon’s Sage of Water power to put the water bubble around Link.

Then you want to hold down the attack button with your sword out, and Link will begin charging up his special attack. If you time it right and use the spinning attack while having Sidon’s bubble around you, you will hit all six statues.

How to Complete the Long Dragon

The fourth and final monolith asks you to complete a puzzle involving The Long Dragon. Look for this quest in the southeastern corner of the island ruins. It is right in front of the dark forest area that’s in this corner of the map.

This is a bit of a weird puzzle compared to the others, not because of its difficulty, but the more ambiguous nature.

You want to stand near the stone slab in the middle of the pillars and activate Riju’s Sage of Thunder power. Of course, this means you need to head to Gerudo Valley and complete the Thunder Temple there to unlock this fourth Sage power.

As you likely already know, Riju’s power creates a lightning field around the map. You can then shoot arrows wherever in the field, and it will damage enemies in the surrounding area around it. In this case, you want to shoot directly at the stone slab while the lightning is active to complete the puzzle.

Where to Find the Final Monolith

investigate the typhlo ruins

Completing all four of the core monoliths is not the end of the Investigate the Typhlo Ruins questline. There is still one more monolith that you have to find before you can finish this quest.

Once you have all four of the side adventures finished, go back to Kazul near the ruins’ Skyview Tower and speak with him.

At this point, you can see that there is a new area that has been unlocked near your current location. There is a small ruin slightly northeast of the tower. A doorway has appeared in this area. Head inside here and follow the path to find the fifth and final monolith.

All you need to do is read the monolith and then speak with Kazul to find out the final bit of information about these ruins. Before you leave these ruins, open up the nearby treasure chest, and you will complete the final monolith, and finish up this lengthy side adventure, Investigate the Typhlo Ruins.

All Investigate the Typhlo Ruins Rewards

There are quite a few rewards that you get from the Typhlo Ruins questline. However, you tend to get them as you complete the segments of this quest. If you are looking for some grand reward at the end of the line, you’ll find that there isn’t something super special waiting for you.

In terms of rewards that you get for this quest line, this is what’s on offer to the player, regardless of what order you complete these monolith quests:

  • The Owl Protected by Dragons: 3 Sapphire gems
  • The Corridor Between Two Dragons: 3 Rubies
  • The Six Dragons: 5 Opals
  • The Long Dragon: 3 Topaz gems

But there is one more reward awaiting you at the end of everything. Once you find the final monolith with Kazul, there is a chest nearby that contains a Dusk Claymore.

This is different from the other rewards that are focused on gems. It is a powerful two-handed weapon that was handed down through the ages and has a hefty 32 attack power, and that’s without attaching anything to it using Fuse.


Question: How Do You Unlock the Typhlo Ruins Tower TOTK?

Answer: To unlock the Typhlo Ruins tower in Tears of the Kingdom, you must remove the item that is blocking the top of it. As for how you get to the top, it is entirely up to you. You can build your way up there, fly up there, or use the nearby floating platforms to make your way to the top.

Question: How Do You Unlock the Monoliths Typhlo Ruins TOTK?

Answer: Four monoliths in the Typhlo Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom are part of the core side adventure here. You unlock each of the four monoliths for every main story dungeon temple that you complete and unlock the various powers from. Once you have all four Sage powers, you can complete every monolith quest.

Question: How Do You Find the Shrine in the Typhlo Ruins TOTK?

Answer: There is a shrine on the northern side of the Typhlo Ruins in Tears of the Kingdom that starts a quest known as the Shrouded Shrine. It is pitch black here so you’ll need to grab a torch or other light fixture to light the way through the maze.

There is a Hinox asleep near the center of the maze. Kill it and take its necklace to put on a pedestal in the middle of the maze to unlock the Ketoh Wawai shrine.

Tears of the Kingdom Typhlo Ruins: Find the Champion’s Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom

The Typhlo Ruins is one of the most detailed and comprehensive areas in the entire game. There is an unbelievable amount of content for players to explore and complete here that you could spend several hours just mindlessly exploring.

It starts with the tower that unlocks the map area, but it ends with the multi-quest storyline involving investigating the Typhlo Ruins. Hopefully, I was able to help you out so that you can complete all of this with no issues.

You could almost consider the Typhlo Ruins like endgame content in a way. Though you can do it without beating the final boss, it does require visiting the four regions in the world first.

So, it is unlikely that most players will see it through to its end early in the game. The same goes for another piece of content you can collect, which is the Champion’s Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom.

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