tears of the kingdom vehicle build ideas

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas

Tears of the Kingdom presented a challenge to players: become engineers and create some of the best vehicles Hyrule has ever seen. Sure, some things players have built are barely functional while others are so overengineered you need a full stack of batteries to handle it, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from innovating.

Who needs a horse when you can introduce every Bokoblin in your path to the wrong end of a tank? Of course, you need to work your way up there.

When you’re still getting a handle on the mechanics and don’t have access to every Zonai device in the book, it’s a good idea to start with beginner builds and gradually work your way up to the more advanced material.

Some of these ideas may look deceptively simple, yet they require a skillful and careful hand. Others, however, may need you to understand the in-game physics exceedingly well to make iret work. Regardless, you’re going to need to stock up on a fair amount of Zonaite and visit all your local Zonai Device Dispensers once you have the time.

It’s a bit of a shame if you avoid building some of these ideas just because they seem too hard because you’ll be missing out on a really fun aspect of the game. I probably went about 80 hours before finally experimenting with the different builds, and I really wish I had done it sooner.

Some of them improve the quality of life in the game, like the Hoverbike, and others, like the Advanced Tank, are just fun to drive into the middle of enemy camps and incite so much chaos with.

tears of the kingdom vehicles

Quickly Fusing Things Together

There are various levels of “difficulty” when it comes to building vehicles, with the more advanced vehicles relying on more Zonai devices and a wider range of those Zonai devices. As you progress through the game, you’ll gain access to more device dispensers and, therefore, more devices.

However, the more devices you use, the less power efficient they will be, so you will have to have more energy cells.

Beginner devices mostly rely on a single fan to move. Intermediate incorporates wheels and steering sticks to give more range and to move faster. Advanced builds mainly rely on Zonai devices and are usually focused on demolishing enemy encampments with ease or on getting the most amount of movement and range possible.


These beginner devices are easy to make and regularly build, with or without the use of autobuild. The hardest part of these is just finding where the proper zonai devices are located so you can take advantage of them.

They tend to be highly power efficient, though they’re best used to try and get around Hyrule rather than as weapons of war. These vehicles are best kept on the surface because they just aren’t going to be effective for navigating the depths or in fighting the monsters that lurk in the gloom.

This was some of the easiest stuff for me to get my hands on and start playing with when I first started the game. They’re made of material that’s scattered throughout Hyrule, or it’s easily pulled from the Zonai Device Dispensers with the relatively cheap materials you get from fighting the Constructs on the Sky Islands.

I recommend sacrificing the Construct Horns before you fork over your charges, however. Plus, your knowledge of how the game’s physics work can be nonexistent to understand how to build these devices.


Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas skateboard
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Shield
  • 1x Homing cart

Although you could fuse a cart to a shield and get a similar result using the homing cart means that you can continuously move across flat areas and up hills without getting stuck.

However, this fusion wreaks havoc on your shield while you can easily drive across various topography. If you have a low-durability shield, you’re probably going to break it before you can get very far on this simple vehicle.

As a note with this vehicle, however, you’ll go faster when you’re riding toward enemies though it may get a bit finicky and refuse to work if you’re trying to ride away from them. When you’re only at four hearts, that’s an incredibly dangerous game (but a fun one)!

Simple Car

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas simple car
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Cart
  • 1x Steering stick
  • 1x Fan

This is a simple and effective way to get across Hyrule quickly. The fan is the only thing that’s draining your battery, and it keeps you zipping across the landscape; just be careful you don’t go up or down anything too steep because you risk flipping with this design.

The biggest downside is that it can be a bit difficult to control when you’re attempting to move side-to-side, and if you hit an object head-on, then you’ll need to get off of your scooter-like car to move it out of the way. Reverse just isn’t an option when you’re riding this machine.

This is the first car I ever built, and I used it on the Tarrey Town racetrack and won! There are definitely ways to improve the design (like figuring out how to give it a reverse function), but it’s great when you don’t have that many battery charges.


raft Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Wood plank
  • 1x Fan
  • 1x Steering stick

This fan-powered raft is a fast way to navigate any body of water you come across. All you have to do is find a construction company supply store and attach a fan and a steering stick. If your fan is partially or fully submerged, you’re going to move faster, so keep that in mind when you’re building this.

You also have to be careful when navigating this raft because if you lean forward, you will just dive straight into the water. Pull back on the steering wheel to keep the front of your device afloat while you move to your desired destination at top speed.

It’s simple, efficient, and it will get you across the river. When you, like I, don’t really put that much stock into building up your stamina (though you really should get at least two full wheels), having a good device to navigate the ocean and the rivers is key to exploring Hyrule. I will say that leaning forward almost resulted in Link drowning, though, so you really should avoid doing that.

Hot Air Balloon

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas hot air balloon
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Balloon
  • 1x Flame emitter (or a torch)
  • 1x Base
  • 1x Fan

This flying device is fairly simple and will last as long as your fan and your balloon will. Although it will be the least amount of effort on your part if you use a flame emitter to keep your vehicle afloat in a pinch, you can use a lit torch or any wooden weapon that’s on fire.

Just make sure you turn on the fan before you take flight to ensure that you head in your desired direction rather than straight up. Taking off from a sky island will ensure you get the furthest possible (with some paragliding involved), but taking off from the ground is a viable option.

I really did try to find a torch for the photo of this primitive air balloon, but all the stable had was a wooden spoon. It worked, so I can’t really fault it for what it is. I don’t particularly recommend the wooden weapon or spoon method, though, because the chance it breaks before it gets to the height you want is very high.


Intermediate vehicle builds can look deceptively simple, but they rely on clever fusions and a better understanding of the game’s physics.

This is the level when autobuild can come in handy more often and where you have to understand better how the game’s physics work. The builds can get slightly more complicated, however; for most of them, you’ll need more energy cells to use them for an extended period. At this point, one full energy bar just doesn’t cut it.

For the most part, these are all devices of my own design (aside from the Hoverbike). Admittedly, they could be better, but they’re in the intermediate category for a reason.

They’re reasonable to build, generally won’t run you out of your battery charge very quickly, and they’re fun. The real MVP of this category is the Hoverbike, though… it’s just perfect in every way.


hoverbike Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 2x Fan
  • 1x Steering stick

This build is deceptively simple, and the key lies in very specific and careful fusions. Because you’re using two fans, this will drain your battery faster, so either make sure you have a few Zonai charges you can crush to refill your battery in a pinch or have more energy cells.

Just make sure you don’t turn too fast, or you risk flipping your Hoverbike and spiraling into the nearest surface. Fortunately, however, this Hoverbike can quickly navigate the sky of Hyrule and help you reach high places.

This build can and will take you to the height limit if you let it. If you’re struggling to reach the Light Dragon after grabbing an important item from atop its head, the Hoverbike is the way to go. Just remember to save it to your favorites in autobuild, otherwise, like me, you’ll rage every time you build it because you can’t remember how to place the fans.

A Simple Weapon of War

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Beam emitter
  • 1x Stake
  • 1x Stabilizer
  • 1x Steering Stick
  • 2x Big Wheel

Although this vehicle build isn’t the most energy-efficient of the bunch, it’s easy enough to build, using the stake as a platform that everything attaches to.

Thanks to the stabilizer keeping you upright, you can easily move throughout Hyrule without worrying about flipping. Plus, the beam emitter will damage enemies who stand in your way. Remember that you’re not protected with this design, and it is fairly easy to attack you if an enemy can get close enough or has good enough aim with their bow.

This is a fun, relatively fast build that requires a bit more understanding of the physics. The biggest downside is that I had a really hard time making consistent attacks with it since it would rather go forward than swivel. This is intermediate, though, and I don’t know how to make things swivel yet, so that’s not happening.

My First Tank

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas tank
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Large rectangular plank
  • 2x Square planks
  • 3x Small rectangular planks
  • 1x Wooden beam
  • 4x Small wheels
  • 1x Steering Stick
  • 1x Construct Head
  • 1x Cannon

This is probably similar to the first tank you’d try to make (it was my first tank, at least), and it requires some extensive building, access to more zonai parts, and at least three full energy bars to be useful. With this vehicle, you can zip around Hyrule and weave around enemy encampments while you let the zonai cannon do all the work.

Thanks to the construct head, it will automatically target your enemies, and you’ll be mostly protected from projectiles thanks to your safety box. Just remember that you need to crouch to get in and out quickly.

The biggest downside to this vehicle is that it’s primarily made of wood, and if the cannon fires too closely, it can set any grass around you on fire and, in turn, set you on fire.

Meaning that I was set on fire while trying to fight in this tank, and I couldn’t escape until everything disintegrated, so be careful when you’re driving this around. If you can, you should probably stick a stabilizer on it somewhere so you can avoid flipping it (though I, admittedly, didn’t have that issue… because it burned down before I could).

All Terrain Vehicle

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas all terrain vehicle
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Fan
  • 1x Steering stick
  • 1x Cart
  • 2x Small wheels

This device might look simple from the outset, but it combines both the Simple Car and Raft idea of the beginner tier. Unlike the Beginner Tier’s Simple Car, the All Terrain Vehicle is capable of reversing, traversing the landscape at high speeds, and climbing hills with relative ease (plus it changes direction much easier).

And unlike the Beginner Tier’s Raft, this vehicle is also functional on land, which means it doesn’t become fundamentally useless as soon as you cross the river. Plus, as it relies heavily on Zonai devices to function as intended, you’ll need more energy to make it work.

If only I had this in the Tarrey Town expert race track. I could have made record time and wouldn’t have had to hop off and restart the race because I kept getting stuck against a box or a tree.


The more advanced builds require more Zonai devices, the use of autobuild (more than likely), and as many Energy Cells as you can physically get in the game.

These vehicles are often power-intensive, and if you can put batteries on them, do it. The longer you can keep them going, the more effective and useful they are. While you could, realistically, build some of these in the early game, you won’t get much use out of them.

These are hard builds, and they take a lot of time to make. However, they are obscenely fun to drive around Hyrule (just make sure to save them in your autobuild). These are what I would readily consider weapons of war that Hyrule is absolutely not prepared for and they probably violate the Geneva Convention in one way or another.

Advanced Tank

advanced tank Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Cannon
  • 1x Steering stick
  • 1x Spring
  • 1x Stake
  • 2x Beam emitters
  • 2x Construct heads
  • 3x Sleds
  • 4x Carts
  • 6x Small wheels

This tank looks complicated to build, and you’d be right. It requires precise placements, lots of Zonai devices, and a lot of energy cells if you want it to run for an extended period. u/AlfredotheImpasta on Reddit made an excellent video demonstrating how to put this tank together, though the most genius thing in the video is using the stake to offer you more range and access while you’re building.

Just make sure the only thing that gets used to the stake is the tank’s base (the upside-down cart). The chances of you getting hit in this tank or setting it on fire are minimal, and your chances of demolishing your enemies are at their apex in this weaponized vehicle.

This was exceedingly fun to drive around and confront enemy encampments with, but I really do recommend that you have your energy cells maxed out so you can get full enjoyment out of it. I ran out of speed so quickly and ended up stuck while I waited for everything to recharge.

Combat Car

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas combat car
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 1x Stabilizer
  • 1x Steering stick
  • 1x Construct head
  • 1x Cart
  • 1x Cannon
  • 1x Stake (building on, not part of the final design)
  • 3x Sleds
  • 4x Big wheels

The Combat Car is a bit easier to build than the tank and is an excellent option for exploring the Depths, especially if you attach some lights to the front. Using a stake to build on, similar to the Advanced Tank, you attach four wheels to a sled as the base. Put a tilted sled in the front and use the cart to seal off the back (you’ll still be able to climb in from the side).

The stabilizer should attach to the back of the cart, specifically to the platform sled, to ensure you don’t flip. After that, just like the Advanced Tank, you can put the construct (with a sled on its head and attached canon) on the top.

This is slightly more energy efficient than the Advanced Tank, but you’re more exposed on the sides and have less weaponry attached.

This is my go-to Depths exploration vehicle. It’s fun, fast, and it’s hard to hit me (but not hard for me to get out). I do recommend throwing a Brightbloom or two on the front, though, because the Zonai lamps suck, and they drain your battery for more than they’re worth.

Self-Stabilizing Plane

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas self-stabilizing plane
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Parts needed:

  • 6x Fans
  • 2x Wooden wheels
  • 1x Steering stick
  • 1x Stabilizer

The self-stabilizing or “gimble plane” made by u/Private-Miller on Reddit is an absolute blast to fly, though it takes some incredibly careful fusion and placement. Thanks to the six fans on this flying device, it’s far from energy-efficient, but that matters very little in the late game.

If the fans are too close together or in the wrong spot, they easily flip themselves over, and if your steering stick is fused to the wrong spot, you won’t have proper control. Nonetheless, this is an impressive way to soar high into the skies of Hyrule, especially if you’re trying to reach the Light Dragon.

This is the biggest pain in the neck I have ever built, and I will never build it by hand again (thank you for that, autobuild). However, I absolutely recommend you build it purely so you can flex on all your friends as you easily and quickly maneuver throughout the skies of Hyrule.

Like the Advanced Tank, though, you should have maxed out Energy Cells so you don’t suddenly drop out of the sky in mid-air before you’ve gotten to where you need to be. I wouldn’t call this build better than the Hoverbike, but it’s certainly more fun once you get it to work.


Question: How do you get a steering stick in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: The steering stick is essential for most vehicle builds in Tears of the Kingdom, which means you’ll probably want a lot of them. Steering sticks are easily pulled from the Northern Hyrule Sky Archipelago device dispenser.

Question: Can you build vehicles in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Yes, you can quickly build vehicles in Tears of the Kingdom with the parts that are scattered throughout Hyrule, thanks to the Hudson Construction Company. If you want your vehicles to go faster and be under your control, however, you should consider using the Zonai devices you can get from the Zonai Device Dispensers.

Question: How do you use a Zonai Dispenser?

Answer: A Zonai Dispenser is activated whenever you put any Zonai-based items (such as construct horns or charges) in the offering bowl at the front. After that, it will dispense a number of items in accordance with the items you used.

Not every dispenser will carry the same thing, but fortunately, your map will mark what items each dispenser has after you pick it up from that dispenser. Generally, the more expensive that item is, or the harder it is to get, the more devices will be dispensed.

Tears of the Kingdom Vehicle Build Ideas: Running Out of Battery

tok big car

Although you can go through Tears of the Kingdom without taking advantage of Ultrahand and fusing together a few parts to make yourself a vehicle, you’d be missing out on a very fun aspect of the game. You don’t have to have an engineering degree to figure out how to make the most advanced vehicles possible, though it may initially seem very intimidating.

As long as you take the time to build and carefully test out your new vehicles to ensure they work properly, you can make some pretty cool things.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to fly through the sky and reach the Light Dragon once it starts flying to impossibly high heights or if you just want to drift through the grounds of Hyrule faster than a horse could take you and into areas where a horse would freak out.

Vehicles are a fun way to experience Hyrule in a new light and make your gameplay easier uniquely. Whatever you build will help to give you a view of a Hyrule that you may have otherwise never experienced and add a layer of fun and challenge.

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