tears of the kingdom rupee farming guide

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming Guide

You would think that Link, the multiple-time hero of Hyrule, whose face is known by a good portion of the population, would get some kind of hero discount, and things wouldn’t be so expensive in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

However, that just isn’t the case, and Link is subject to the same prices as everyone else (though everybody else isn’t buying five million arrows, unlike Link).

In the open-world and free-roam environment of Tears of the Kingdom, it’s easy to forget how much money you have, and it’s even easier to run out of it. Waiting for your wallet to fill back up is tedious, and almost nobody has time for that, so here are the best ways to make Rupees in ways that are either really profitable or very enjoyable.

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There are a lot of ways to make money in Tears of the Kingdom, though some aren’t always the most effective.

The best methods you can take require you to explore a decent chunk of Hyrule, get really good at combat, or spend a lot of time waiting around. However, if you want a lot of money and don’t want to worry about collecting and being broke later, consider the following methods:

  • Farming the Light Dragon
  • Feeding Dondon’s Luminous Stones (and collecting the gems later)
  • Selling Flint to Gomo the Goromand
  • Selling items, food, and clothing, you don’t want or need
  • Selling gems to Ramella in Goron City
  • Culling the local Talus population
  • Blupee hunting season

Adventuring in Hyrule Isn’t Cheap

As you wander through Hyrule, you’ll run into different merchants who are selling food, bugs, Armor, and the always-in-demand Arrows.

Buying armor sets can save you a lot of time and energy that you would otherwise spend making food and elixirs to combat extreme temperatures, and buying arrows saves you a lot of hassle in the future. Of course, you could probably make do without buying anything, but that’ll just make the game harder.

The only problem is that it can add up in price very quickly. Before you know it, Link is flat broke and only has a single piece of armor and a small bundle of arrows to his name. Fortunately, however, there are ways to remedy this situation and earn Rupees in a fairly reasonable amount of time.

If you follow this Rupee farming guide, you can still explore Hyrule without feeling like you’re slowly chipping away at what would otherwise be an incredibly tedious task.

Light Dragon Farming

light dragon Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

The Light Dragon is the only dragon you can easily ride on. The hardest part is just tracking it down and then getting on its head.

You can do this at any point during the game, though it’ll be easier if you do it during the quest to hunt for the Master Sword or afterward. The Light Dragon can drop parts every ten minutes of active playtime, signaled by the return of its glow.

If you just sit on its head and shoot at its mane, it’ll drop scales that you can easily pick up without moving. There are five different parts of the Light Dragon you can get, though the scales are by far the easiest.

  • Spike Shards, which sell for 30 Rupees a piece.
  • Scales, which sell for 150 Rupees a piece.
  • Talons, which sell for 180 Rupees a piece.
  • Fangs, which sell for 250 Rupees a piece.
  • Horns, which sell for 300 Rupees a piece.

This is the most time-consuming and tedious but easily the most profitable way to make a lot of Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom.

Selling Gems

selling gems Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

This might seem like a fairly obvious one – selling gems is certain to net you a fair amount of Rupees, especially if you have a lot of them. You can always sell to Beedle because he’s often fairly convenient, and you can always pinpoint his location at a stable (plus, getting to talk to him is always fun).

However, you can also sell them to Ramella, a gemstone merchant who will buy about ten gems at a time from you (though it could vary on what she’s looking for). She will generally buy ten gems for 200 Rupees more than you would otherwise get. She’s easily found in Goron City during the daytime.

Love the Dondons

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming dondons
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Although you might think these little guys are just around for show, the Dondons serve a very valuable purpose to Link! If you feed the Dondons some Luminous Stones and leave them alone for a little bit once you come back, they’ll have pooped out some Gemstones.

They’re free for you to pick up, and you can easily snag and sell to Beedle or the Gemstone Collector for some of those sweet, sweet Rupees. Other people might say that Dondons won’t drop anything, but that’s not true.

Every single time I’ve fed a Dondon (about 5 Luminous Stones each), I’ve returned about an hour or so later to a handful of Gemstones for me to pick up and sell. Dondons are found north of the Lakeside Stable at 1551, -3350, 0059.

Where to Get Luminous Stones

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming luminous stones
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

However, that leaves the question of where to farm up some Luminous Stones so you can feed these gentle giants. As a quick preface, unless you want to go through more weapons than you care to count while farming Luminous Stones, there are a few alternative strategies you can use:

  • Get through the Goron City Regional Phenomenon Questline. Once you do, you’ll be given the ability to blow up breakable rocks without sacrificing any of your weapons.
  • Get a handful of Zonai canons from a Device Dispenser. You can find one that drops cannons at a handful of locations, though if you plan to farm Luminous Stones afterward, the easiest one is at the North Necluda Sky Archipelago.
  • Invest in a lot of Bomb Flowers and get very good at throwing them from a distance rather than fusing them to arrows with Ultrahand.

Once you’ve picked your method (or methods), a really good spot to farm Luminous Stones is the North Neculda Sky Archipelago at 1928, -1060, 0961.

Potential Princess Sightings

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming potential princess sightings
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Although this one may take some time as you have to travel to almost every stable on the map, the Potential Princess Sightings is a great way to earn some cash in a relatively quick and fun manner. Plus, you get to earn the Froggy armor set, which comes in handy for those of us who are impatient and demand they be able to climb during rain storms.

You only need to drop by the Lucky Clover Gazette next to the Rito Village. There are 12 stables that you have to visit to start each sidequest, and by the end, you’ll have earned about 1,410 Rupees. As a quick tip, go to the lucky clover gazette to figure out where Penn is so you don’t go from stable to stable trying to find him.

Gomo the Goromand and Ripened Flint

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming gomo
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

A great way to make money quickly and something that will just naturally accumulate as you explore and break rocks is Flint. To the standard merchant, it won’t sell for much, and you really shouldn’t be selling it to the standard merchants.

They won’t appreciate it the way that Gomo the Goromand will, though you do have to give him a minimum of 20 Flint at a time.

However, you’re almost guaranteed to get 1,000 Rupees for every 20 you give him. Given how common Flint is (especially if you do a lot of cave diving around Hyrule), you’ll be making bank before you know it.

Gomo the Goromand is located at 1746, 1539, 0278, which is just south of Timawak Shrine and right next to Goronbi Lake on Death Mountain. Thankfully you won’t need any special gear to get to him because Death Mountain’s lava has cooled enough for Hyleans to wander into town for some of their own adventures easily.

Blupee Hunting

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming blupee hunting
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

They say if you see a Blupee run into a cave, it means that there’s something good in there (usually a Bubbulfrog), but it also means that you’ve got a chance to get some Rupees.

You won’t get a lot, mind you, but if you have the patience and you want to explore some of the new additions to the map of Hyrule, then Blupee hunting is a pretty decent option to take.

Plus, when you go cave diving during your hunt for Blupees, there’s a strong chance you’ll run into several mineral rocks that you can smash and get some gems, Flint, or rock salt out.

This method is going to take the longest, and you’re not guaranteed to make a lot of Rupees quickly, but at the very least, you can gather a lot of Bubbulgems to later trade to Kilton for some other goods.

Make Taluses an Endangered Species

You’re guaranteed to get a handful of very good and reasonably expensive drops from most Stone Taluses, whether they’re a Battle Talus or they’re on their own.

Although there are quite a few scattered throughout both the surface of Hyrule and in the Depths, there are three Stone Taluses that will drop expensive and rare gemstones that you should be aiming for before and after every Blood Moon.

You won’t be guaranteed to get the same rewards every time you beat one, but you should get something similar in value.

Deep Akkala

rare stone talus Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

For this Rare Stone Talus, the closest you can drop off is through the Jochi-iu Shrine, close to the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and the East Akkala Stable.

From there, you’ll want to make your way off the side of the cliff and to the shore below. Of course, if you already have the Rasiwak Shrine, which is on the surface below, you can just teleport there. I found this Rare Stone Talus at 4682, 3022, 0001. After beating this Talus, I picked up:

  • 1 Diamond
  • 1 Ruby
  • 1 Topaz
  • 3 Opals
  • 7 Amber

Gerudo Highlands

geurdo canyon skyview tower Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

If you drop by the Geurdo Canyon Skyview Tower, you should be able to launch off and go to the east, where a Stone Talus awaits you at about -2307, -2425, 0358. After defeating this Stone Talus, I managed to get a Rare Stone Talus heart, which I fused to one of my weapons and:

  • 7 Amber
  • 1 Opal
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 1 Topaz
  • A handful of Flint

Become a Professional Chef

cooking Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

If you really find that you’re hard-pressed for some Rupees and you have an excess of cooking materials or monster parts, you can definitely consider becoming a chef or alchemist temporarily.

Most Elixirs will sell for a decent price, ranging from six Rupees to about 18, and any meal cooked with meat will net you a tidy sum, especially if they’re meat-based (around 30-100 Rupees a piece).

However, you really shouldn’t be selling whatever meals you make unless you have to do it. Food is your lifeline in Tears of the Kingdom and can often be the deciding factor in a boss fight you ended up being underprepared for. Having a good stock of pre-made recipes is important, but, at the very least, you can get something for your efforts.

Just make sure you spend those Rupees on something worthwhile.

Sell Clothes You Don’t Want

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming clothes
Screenshot by Tallis Spalding

Call it blasphemy or whatever you’d like, but not everyone wants to pack around dozens of outfits that they’ll never wear, or they don’t like the look of, and several of the armor pieces you can pick up on your journey will sell for a hefty bag full of Rupees.

For example, something that may not prove exceptionally useful in the long run of the game, such as the Bokoblin Mask or the Cece Hat, sell for 600 Rupees a piece.

Of course, not all clothes sell for a lot of money – the Archaic Tunic and Legwear only sell for 15 Rupees a piece, but it’s still better than packing around items you’ll likely never touch again.

You might as well get something for them rather than the annoyance that comes when you’re searching for your Snowquill Tunic for the 500th time because you forgot to equip it when you teleported into one of the many snowy areas of Hyrule.

Question: What is the most valuable Rupee in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: The Silver Rupee is the most valuable, worth 200 standard Rupees. Much like silver monsters, it seems that silver is the epitome of what something can be in Tears of the Kingdom.

Question: How do you get Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: While you can rely on side quests and side adventures to pay you, they’re not always the most profitable ventures. Instead, the most consistent way to make a lot of Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom is to sell high-value items.

Question: Does the duplication glitch work in Tears of the Kingdom?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. After the 1.1.2 update, Nintendo patched out the Duplication glitch, which means that it’s no longer a viable way to make a lot of Rupees quickly.

Tears of the Kingdom Rupee Farming Guide: Conclusion

Although there are certainly more ways to make Rupees than what I’ve gone over, they’re not as effective, too dangerous, or kind of boring. For example, you could clear out the various Yiga outposts in Hyrule, but it won’t net you nearly as much money as the options I have listed will (though it’s certainly fun to fight the Yiga).

If you can farm up enough expensive material, you can sell so much in one go that you’ll have enough Rupees to last Link a lifetime (or at least through your entire playthrough). Between all of the listed methods, a few hours of playtime, and a lot of adventuring throughout Hyrule, I netted myself about 30,000 Rupees.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s enough to get me anything and everything I could ever want.

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