Tears of the Kingdom To The Kingdom of Hyrule Guide

Tears of the Kingdom To The Kingdom of Hyrule Guide

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So you’ve finally made the jump off the Sky Islands toward to vast expanse of Hyrule that lies below. And you’re probably wondering, where do I go next? The next stop for you would be to head to Lookout Landing, but there are a lot of other secrets to uncover and places to explore on the way there.

Making a beeline toward Lookout Landing would be an option for you if you’re short on time, but ultimately you would be doing yourself a disservice as you would just need to turn around later and backtrack to explore the things you missed out on, as I did. Trust me; it’s much easier to tick things off your list when you’re right beside them.

So in this guide, I will walk you through everything you need to know from the instant you land in Hyrule Field to when you reach Lookout Landing to meet with Purah and receive your next main mission. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The To The Kingdom of Hyrule Main Quest is given to you immediately after you complete the Sky Island introduction area. It is a reasonably straightforward quest and involves you making your way to Lookout Landing after touching down in Hyrule. There, you will speak to Purah and receive your next mission.

But while the quest may be on the shorter side, there are still plenty of secrets to uncover along the way that will give you a great head start on your adventure.

To Hyrule, And Beyond!

Depending on where you jump off the Sky Islands, you will most likely land in either Bottomless Pond or the smaller pond next to it.

And it is absolutely essential that you do, as well. Try not to get too distracted as you’re hurtling toward the Earth and stray from either of these bodies of water. Remember! You don’t have your glider yet, so if you miss the water, it will mean certain death.

Bottomless Pond is the one directly under your departure point from the Island, and it is also a lot larger, so will most likely be the pond you end up landing in. Once you exit the pond, the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower will be visible on the horizon but try to resist the urge to run off toward it too soon.

bottomless pond botw
Bottomless Pond Well Entrance

There is a secret well near Bottomless Pond, so it is well worth exploring while you’re already in the area. Not only because of the goodies you find inside wells in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom but also because you have to locate and visit every well in the game as part of a side adventure.

Bottomless Pond Well Location botw
Bottomless Pond Well Location

Once you drag yourself out of Bottomless Pond after your exhilarating fall, head around to the Southeast side to visit the well. Drop down to collect some Brightbloom Seeds, which will prove extremely useful later on in your adventure, Glowing Cave Fish, Bomb Flowers, Ore Deposits, and Rare Ore Deposits.

These items give you a great boost for the beginning of your adventure, particularly the Brightbloom Seeds and the Rare Ore Deposits.

So make sure you collect everything you can. There are also some Stalkoblins and a Stalmoblin in the well, so always be on your guard and be sure to collect their arms to use as weapons. They are some of the strongest weapons you can collect at this point in your adventure, albeit not too structurally sound.

Once you’ve thoroughly explored Bottomless Pond Well and equipped your stronger weapons, you are free to start heading Northwest toward Lookout Landing. Lookout Landing Skyview Tower should be visible in the distance, providing you with a great point of reference to keep you on the right track.

But if it’s dark, consider placing a marker in that general direction. It’s difficult to remain on the right track when you have no map information handy, so following a bright light is incredibly helpful.

You can place a marker by pressing down on the right joystick to open your scope and pressing A on the location you want to track. Alternatively, you can open your map by pressing the minus button and then press A on your location of choice.

Once you’re about halfway to Lookout Landing, you will find yourself in the middle of the Ranch Ruins. Make sure you stop to do a little sightseeing around here because the Ranch Ruins and neighboring Mabe Village Ruins are choc full of secrets and collectibles that are well worth discovering. And you’re already there, so what better time to do so than now?

living tree botw
Living tree

It is worth noting that there are several Living Trees that guard the border around both the Ranch Ruins and the Mabe Village Ruins. These are new enemies that weren’t around in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so this is likely the first time you would have encountered them.

Living Trees look exactly the same as normal trees until you get too close, and they rise up out of the ground and attack you.

Their main attack tactic is to throw their body, or trunk, into the ground to crush you. The Living Trees are very large, so this can be hard to avoid, especially since the leafy part of the tree will still squash you. The Living Trees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom have more or less the same weaknesses that regular trees do in the real world – axes and fire.

They are immune to all types of weapons other than slashing or cutting ones. So if you don’t have an axe, another slashing weapon or any Fire Fruit left over from the Sky Islands, it’s best to just run away from them as fast as you can. They don’t technically have legs, so outrunning them isn’t a challenge. Once you’ve successfully dispatched the Living Trees or outrun them, you will find yourself in the Ranch Ruins.

There isn’t much here in the way of buildings, but there is in terms of secret areas. The first of which you will come across as you approach the large rock-like formation in the center of the Ranch Ruins. On the Southwestern side of the rock face, you will find the mouth of a cave. Head in there to discover the Ranch Ruins Cave.

Ranch Ruins Cave Entrance
Ranch Ruins Cave Entrance

As soon as you enter the cave, you will be rudely introduced to another one of the new enemies in Tears of the Kingdom, a Horroblin.

These are Moblin-like creatures that scuttle about on the ceilings of caves and hurl large boulders at you from above. They are very unsettling due to their speed and the squealing noises they make, but hitting them off the roof with an arrow is the best way to take one down.

They get stunned by the arrows when they fall to the cave floor and sort of panic there for a while, which gives you the perfect opportunity to attack them.


Once you have made it past your first Horroblin, head further into the cave. The first secret area is a small hole to the left of the entrance.

You will have to crouch down to get in there, but inside the alcove, you will find five arrows, some Brightcap Mushrooms, Brightbloom Seeds, and a Travellers Bow. Head back out once you’ve collected your booty and turn left to reach a large opening in the cave.

Turn right and head behind the stone pillar to find a glowing frog-like creature. This is a Bubbulfrog. Make sure you kill it and collect the gem it drops, as you will need to collect these throughout the game for another Side Quest later on.

Collecting some and not others makes it incredibly difficult to keep track of your progress, so you are much better off making sure you pick up every single Bubbul Gem as you come across it.

bubbulfrog botw

After you’ve collected your Bubbule Gem, head out the back entrance and make your way toward the West. There is another small section of ruins called the Mabe Village Ruins that contain their own secrets. Next to the largest ruin in the area, you will find another well.

Drop down to collect some Glowing Cave Fish, Brightcaps, Sticky Lizards, a Tree Branch if you want it, although it’s not very useful, and some Ore Deposits.

mabe village well tear of the kingdom
Mabe village well

Use Ascend to climb back out of the well, and continue to follow your marker toward Lookout Landing, which is very close at this point.

There is a Boss Bokoblin that patrols the area between the Mabe Village Ruins and Lookout Landing, so depending on how brave your feeling at this point in your adventure, you could tackle it head-on or simply give it a wide berth and continue to make your way to the Village.

Lookout Landing

Lookout Landing tears of the kingdom
Lookout Landing

Lookout Landing is a new addition to the Tears of the Kingdom map and is a small settlement built upon the fountain ruins outside Hyrule Castle Town. You may recognize it from Breath of the Wild as the area called the Sacred Ground Ruins.

There is a lot to see and do in Lookout Landing. And depending on the amount of hearts you have left after your journey to the settlement, you may want to rest up before continuing on with the main quest.

Head into the center of the village, where you will find a large hole in the ground, guarded by a soldier. Drop down to find yourself in the Emergency Shelter. The Emergency Shelter has beds to recover your health, a Cooking Pot to cook up more health-recovering snacks, and a Goddess Statue where you can redeem four Shrine points to increase your Heart Containers or Stamina Guage.

There is also a well in Lookout Landing, so you may want to explore that either before or after you speak to Purah and complete the To The Kingdom of Hyrule Quest.

Lookout Landing Observatory
Lookout Landing Observatory

Once you’ve rested up, head back up to the town square and make your way to the large observatory to the right of Lookout Landing Skyview Tower.

Speak to Jarrah, who will fetch Purah for you. Purah is a returning character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and was one of the researchers that resided in the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Specifically, the one that accidentally de-aged herself, rendering her about the same age as a toddler.

Purah will greet you before giving you your next mission, Crisis at Hyrule Castle. She will also guide you toward the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, so you can activate it and download all the map data for North Hyrule Field.

Crisis at Hyrule Castle is a game-long quest, so activating the Tower is definitely the next thing you should have on your to-do list. The Lookout Landing Skyview Tower is right next to the Observatory, so head over there and interact with the Sheikah Pedestal to activate the first of many Skytowers around Hyrule.

Hyrule Is Your Oyster

Now that you’ve completed the To The Kingdom Of Hyrule Quest, you are pretty much free to explore Hyrule, the skies above, and the depths below at your leisure. You are subtly guided toward the Hebra region to begin the Regional Phenomena Quest, but you are under no pressure to do so. You can really go anywhere you want from this point in the game.

If you do head to Hebra to complete the mission, make sure you come back to Lookout Landing after you’re done as there will be even more Side Quests to complete in the area. But other than that, Hyrule is your oyster!


Question: Are There Any Shrines Around Lookout Landing?

Answer: Yes. There aren’t any directly on the path you take from your landing spot to Lookout Landing, however, if you explore the area surrounding the town in North Hyrule Field, you will find eight Shrines.

Question: How Many Caves and Wells are there in North Hyrule Field?

Answer there are a total of six wells and two caves to explore in North Hyrule Field.

Question: Where do I Unlock the Where are the Wells? Side Adventure?

Answer: Inside the Tabantha Bridge Stable Well, you will find an NPC named Fera. She will give you the mission to find and explore all 58 wells in Hyrule. Once you speak to her and receive your Side Adventure, you can find her in the Lookout Landing Well.

Question: Where do I Unlock The Hunt for Bubbul Gems Quest?

Answer: To trigger the Bubbul Gem quest, search around Pico Pond near Woodland Stable in the Elden Region to meet up with Kilton, a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He will be able to direct you to the person you need to meet to trigger The Hunt for Bubbul Gems Quest. And the more Gems you have upon triggering the quest, the closer you are to completing it before it even starts.

Tears of the Kingdom To The Kingdom of Hyrule Guide: What Do You Get For Completing The To The Kingdom Of Hyrule Quest?

If you followed along and found all the secrets on the way to Lookout Landing, you should have discovered two wells and collected their treasure, collected your first of many Bubbul Gems, explored your first cave, and received your next story mission in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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