Shae Loya Shrine Guide: Where to Find the Shrine

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The Legend of Zelda development team really changed things up on Zelda fans when it released Breath of the Wild. Gone were the traditional temples that required hours of gameplay and puzzle-solving skills. In their place were quicker, smaller shrines that require the same skills, but don’t take near as long as temples.

However, where traditional Zelda games offer roughly half a dozen temples, Breath of the Wild boasts 120 shrines. One such shrine is the Shae Loya Shrine. If you’ve come across this shrine and haven’t figured out how to complete it, we’re here to help.

Key Details Up Front

Solving the Shae Loya shrine isn’t really all that difficult. What you need to know is what to look for and how to complete the necessary steps to move throughout the shrine. Once you have that information, you’ll be collecting your spirit orb in no time!

Location, Location, Location

Shae Loya Shrine Guide

Before you can beat the Shae Loya Shrine, you have to know where it’s located. Finding the shrine isn’t all that difficult. It’s behind the Tabantha Stable in the Ridgeland Tower Region. If you’ve unlocked the Ridgeland Tower, follow the path to the south and then continue on to the west where it forks.

The path will curve back around and head north, which will put you right in front of the Tabantha Stable. Behind the stable is an outcropping of rocks. Climb up them and you’ll find the shrine. If you have your shrine finder turned on in your Sheikah Slate, it will guide you right to it. 

Be careful not to wander too far, as there’s a Lynel not too far from the stable. Unless that’s what you want, of course.

Aim for the Moment

Once you’re inside the shrine, look behind you for the first treasure chest. It’s high up, so you can’t get to it. If you move around a little, you’ll notice that the chest sits on a wooden platform.

Two ropes hold the platform in place. Shoot the ropes with regular arrows, then hit the shelf with a fire arrow to burn it up, sending the chest to the ground. Open it and you’ll be rewarded with a Falcon Bow.

Move back to the original platform and look straight ahead of the point you started. You should see a large ball being shot into the air repeatedly.

The goal here is to get that ball off its platform so that it falls down below into the bowl. Bust out your Statis rune, line up the ball, then freeze it. Once that’s done, pull out your bow and arrows and hit it a few times so that it’s pushed off its platform when it lands. 

If you really want to challenge yourself, you can try using bomb arrows to move the ball from its trajectory. But if you’re going for simplicity and just want to follow the path of least resistance, lock it in place with the Stasis Rune, hit it with a few arrows, and watch it make its way to the bowl.

Wait for the ball to fall down into the bowl, then you’ll see the platform down below start to glow. That means the platform is active and will regularly raise up. If Link stands on it, he’ll shoot high into the air.

The first thing to do is wait until you’re shot up, then use the glider to drift over to the ball. If you walk up the ramp, you’ll find a treasure chest behind the platform where the ball was previously.

The chest contains a Topaz, so be sure you grab it. These come in handy when you’re ready to perform upgrades to certain armor sets. Or you can sell them to Beedle for a pretty penny if you’re saving up for something fancy.

Bullet-time Bullseye


Once you have your Topaz, head back up to the platform. Now we have to figure out how to finish the shrine and get another spirit orb. Hop up on the platform that launched you into the air.

However, instead of facing toward the ball, look to the wall on the left. When you reach the peak of your trajectory, you should be a hidden ledge with a hidden crystal switch. This is what we need to hit to move to the next room.

Wait for the platform to launch you upward, then engage bullet-time, and shoot an arrow at the switch. The crystal will change from orange to blue, unlocking the door below. Shooting in bullet-time looks intimidating, but with some practice, you’ll have no trouble making the shot.

Drop down, head through the door, then talk to the monk. You’ll be rewarded with your hearts being refilled and a spirit orb.

That’s all there is to it! Congrats, you’ve completed the Shae Loya Shrine!

What’s in the Box?

There are two treasure chests in the Shae Loya Shrine, containing items you’ll for sure want to grab. The first treasure chest contains a Falcon Bow, which is an excellent bow to add to your collection. It allows Link to rapidly release arrows as he’s fighting his enemies. It’s a great bow to have if you’re using bullet-time.

The second chest includes a topaz gem. With this gem, Link can upgrade certain pieces of armor, making him more formidable in combat. If you don’t want to use it for armor upgrades, you can always sell your topaz and other gems for a considerable sum to Beedle at any of the stables throughout Hyrule.


If you want to learn more about the Shae Loya Shrine, check out some of the most frequently asked questions below:

Question: Where Can I Find Shae Loya Shrine?

Answer: Once you’ve unlocked the Tabantha Tower, you can locate the Shae Loya shrine’s location. It’s in the Ridgeland Region, just behind the Tabantha Stable.
To get to the shrine, follow the path from the tower to the west until you arrive at the stable. You won’t be able to see the shrine, as it’s just out of your view. Climb the outcropping of rocks behind the stable to find the Shae Loya Shrine.

Question: Where are Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Arrows come in very handy as you make your way through Hyrule. If you find yourself running low, you can always purchase more arrows at a variety of locations. This includes:
Kakariko Village
Hateno Village
Rito Village
Gerudo Town
Goron Village
Tarrey Town (one the From the Ground Up side quest is completed)
From Beedle at Stables scattered through Hyrule

Question: How Many Shrines are there in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: As you play through Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll have to find and finish 120 shrines if you want to complete all of them.

Question: What Happens if I Beat All the Shrines?

Answer: When you’ve collected the spirit orbs from completing all 120 shrines, you’ll have access to the Green Tunic of the Wild. This armor set looks a lot like the green clothes Link typically wears throughout his adventures, wherever he may be.

Question: Is the Falcon Bow a Good Weapon?

Answer: The Falcon Bow Link gets in the Shae Loya Shrine is a bow crafted by only the best Rito makers. It can quickly fire off arrows, which makes it ideal for aerial combat.
This is why most Rito warriors favor the Falcon Bow over any others. You’ll find them throughout the Hebra Mountain range, either in the hands of your enemies or in various treasure chests. There is also a Falcon Bow at the Flight Range.

Question: How Many Hearts are Required for Link to Get the Master Sword in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: One of the staples of The Legend of Zelda is the Master Sword. This sword that seals the darkness is used more often than not to put away Ganon.
However, in Breath of the Wild, Link won’t be able to pull the sword from its pedestal until he has at least 13 hearts. Keep in mind that temporary hears won’t get the job done. You have to have a minimum of 13 permanent hearts.

Get that Spirit Orb

One of the most satisfying moments in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is earning a spirit orb after completing a shrine. While there are plenty of shrines in Hyrule that are more difficult to finish than Shae Loya, it doesn’t make it any less gratifying to see the monk award Link with one.

With Shae Loya, it’s simply a matter of knowing where to look and what to do. It’s nothing complicated. The most challenging part may be hitting the switch with bullet time, but even that will become second nature after a bit of practice. So get in there and get that spirit orb!

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