Fierce Deity Mask Guide

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While exploring Termina and its many regions when playing Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Link will come across many different masks. Some transform Link into other creatures while others persuade people to divulge secrets and information.

But the most powerful mask you’ll find in Majora’s Mask is the Fierce Deity Mask. This mask turns Link into a mighty demi-god, giving him almost god-like strength and capabilities. While it’s not necessary to have this mask to complete Majora’s Mask, it makes things a lot easier.

So how do you go about finding the Fierce Deity Mask? Keep reading and we’ll fill you in.

Key Details Up Front

It takes a lot of effort to get the Fierce Deity Mask, but anyone who has accomplished this feat will tell you it’s worth it. Collecting the masks needed and completing the trials on the moon makes getting the mask very challenging. Once you have it though, Link is nearly unstoppable!

The Fierce Deity Mask

Fierce Deity Mask Guide

Link gathers and uses three different transformative masks as he attempts to save Termina in Majora’s Mask. The Deku Mask, Goron Mask, and Zora Mask all offer various attributes that aid Link as he makes his way through temples and dungeons to keep the moon from crashing into Clocktown.

The Fierce Deity Mask is an entirely different animal. With this mask, Link turns into a huge demi-god. This powerful entity is referred to as Fierce Deity and not only gives Link an enormous amount of strength but also allows him to shoot beams out of his sword.

However, Link can only wear this mask when fighting a boss. While the character is loosely based on adult Link from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, there are a few differences. For starters, Fierce Deity is much taller than Link. He also has various markings and a larger, two-handed sword.

Getting the Fierce Deity Mask

If you want to get your hands on the Fierce Deity Mask, it’s not going to be easy. There’s a lot of work involved. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through all the necessary steps. Follow these and before you know it, the powerful Fierce Deity Mask will be in your possession.

Obtain ALL the Masks

First on your list of things to do is earn all the masks in Majora’s Mask. There are 3 character masks (Deku, Goron, Zora), and 20 other masks. Of all the steps you have to take to get the Fierce Deity Mask, this one is the most time-consuming. This is because you have to get the 3 masks for the main characters AND complete the side quests necessary to get all the masks.

Here’s a rundown of the masks you’ll need and how to obtain them:

Deku Mask – Link is turned into a Deku to start the game. Once he completes the task for the Happy Salesman, he is given the Deku Mask.

Goron Mask – Follow the ghost of Darmani to his gravesite. Play the song of healing and you’ll get the Goron Mask

Zora Mask – Find Mikau floating in the Great Bay. Push him to shore and play the song of healing. You’ll get the Zora Mask in return.

Zora Mask

Great Fairy Mask – Locate the stray fairy in ClockTown, then take it back to the Great Fairy. Talk to her as Link and she’ll give you the Great Fairy Mask.

Romani’s Mask – Complete the side quests helping Romani Ranch protects its livestock and milk

Blast Mask – From 10 pm-12 am on the first day, help the old lady in north Clocktown who gets robbed. She’ll reward you with the Blast Mask.

Kafei’s Mask – Go to the Mayor’s office on the first day and speak with Madam Aroma. When she asks if you’ll help look for Kafei, say yes and she’ll give you the Kafei Mask.

Stone Mask – Travel to Ikana Canyon and use your Lens of Truth. You’ll find a soldier no one else can see. Listen to him, give him a healing potion, and get the Stone Mask in return.

Bremen Mask – Speak to the gentleman in the Laundry Pool. He’ll give you the Bremen Mask.

Bremen Mask

All Night Mask – If you have saved the old lady, go to the Curiosity Shop on the Final Day. For 500 Rupees you can buy the All Night Mask.

Don Gero’s Mask – In Goron Village, go to the shrine and light all the torches. When you do, you’ll get a Rock Sirloin. Take it to the freezing Goron standing on the ledge in Mountain Village. He’ll give you the Don Gero’s Mask.

Mask of Scents – After you save the princess from the Deku Temple, head to the Deku Shrine. The Deku Butler will be there. Race him and he’ll give you the Mask of Scents if you keep up with him.

Garo’s Mask – Win in a race against the Gorman Brothers and they’ll reward you with the Garo’s Mask.

Keaton Mask – If you’ve talked to Madam Aroma and received Kafei’s Mask, deliver a letter in his place. Then, visit the Curiosity Shop at 1 pm on the Final Day.

Bunny Hood – Use the Bremen Mask in the Romani Ranch chicken coop. Get all 10 chickens to follow you and you’ll receive the Bunny Hood Mask.

Captain’s Hat – Awaken and destroy Skull Keeta.

Captain's Hat

Circus Leader’s Mask – Use the main character masks to help Toto play music.

Couple’s Mask – Help reunite Kafei and Anju.

Mask of Truth – Defeat 30 Gold Skulltulas in the Swamp Spider House.

Gibdo Mask – Find Pamela and play the Song of Healing for her father.

Giant’s Mask – Destroy Eyegore.

Kamaro’s Mask – Speak with Kamaro at night.

Postman’s Hat – Aid the Postman as he flees on the Final Day.

That’s all there is to it! Have fun collecting all the masks!

On to the next step.

Call the Giants

This step is simple and straightforward. Wait until the final night when you can once again access the top of the clocktower. Confront the Skull Kid once again, then use your ocarina to call the giants by playing Ode to Order. The giants will hold up the moon, but can’t hold it for long.

You’ll discover the true enemy wasn’t the Skull Kid, but the actual mask. It will take a portal to the moon. Follow it.

Speak with the Moon Children

Speak with the Moon Children

This is where things get interesting. The moon is a peaceful, blissful place, filled with a huge field full of lush green grass. You’ll notice a large tree in the middle of the field. Feel free to explore if you wish, but the tree is where you need to go.

You’ll notice that there are five children running around in this area. Four of them are wearing the masks Link received when defeating the bosses of the temples. The fifth child is wearing – gasp! – Majora’s Mask! Speaking to that child will take you straight to the final boss, but you want the Fierce Deity Mask first, right?

Complete the Mini-Dungeons

Each of the other children will take you to a mini-dungeon. Each dungeon contains a piece of heart and completing all four will earn you the Fierce Deity Mask. In exchange, you’ll have to give them some of your regular masks. That’s why you need all 20 regular masks found throughout the game.

We’ll go through these in the order in which you fought the bosses in the game.

Odolwa Child

This child will ask for only a single mask. Give it to them to access the Odolwa Dungeon. Just like the Deku Temple, you’ll need to be in Deku form for this mini-dungeon.

Use the Deku Flowers spread throughout the room to get to the middle platforms. Your best bet is to fly to the platforms as they’re coming toward you. The next set of flowers spin in the opposite direction. These flowers will knock you off the platform if you don’t dive fast enough.

You want to get to the yellow flower. This flower will eject you higher so you can fly further. There’s a piece of heart waiting for you in the northeast corner of the room. Get that, then head back to the yellow flower. This time, glide over to the northwest corner and find the Odolwa Child.

The child will ask for another mask. Hand one over and wait to teleport back to the grassy field.

Goht Child

Goht Child

Next, speak with the child wearing the Goht mask. This child will want you to give them two masks. Once you do, you’ll find yourself in the Goht mini-dungeon. You’ll need your Goron mask here.

While the room looks confusing, all you have to do is follow the path. Stand between the jars, turn into a Goron, and roll forward. Bounce off the chests in the path (they’re situated so you turn exactly 90 degrees) and keep going. When the path ends, you have to turn or stop rolling. Make your way across the platforms and follow it to the end for another piece of heart.

To find the Goht Child, find the warp point located in the center of the room. From there, point yourself toward the platform you can see across the room. Roll that direction, clear the jump, then speak to the child once more.

Give the child two more masks and you’ll find yourself once more in the grassy field.

Gyorg Child

To get to the Gyorg mini-dungeon, speak to the child with the Gyorg mask and hand over three of your own. Fortunately, this mini-dungeon is fairly simple. You’ll need your Zora mask for this one.

Turn into a Zora and jump into the water. You’ll come to forks in the path. Choosing the wrong one will force you to start completely over. However, if you choose the right path, you’ll find the child. Before you do that though, there’s a piece of heart to find.

For the piece of heart you can choose any of the following paths:

  • Right, Left, Left, Left
  • Left, Right, Left, Left
  • Left, Left, Right, Left

When you’re ready to speak to the Gyorg Child, follow any of these paths:

  • Left, Right, Left, Right
  • Left, Left, Right, Right
  • Right, Left, Left, Right

Give the child three more masks to find yourself in the grassy field.

Twinmold Child

The last mini-dungeon belongs to the child wearing the Twinmold Child. This child will want four masks from you. Hand them over and you’ll find yourself in the Twinmold mini-dungeon. Unfortunately, this dungeon is ripe with mini-bosses, so you’ll have your hands full.

You’ll run into a Dinofols in the first room you enter. The Great Fairy’s Sword will kill it instantly if you don’t want to mess around. That or a Goron Pound will make quick work of this enemy.

The next enemy you’ll face is a Garo Master. Move to the right or left, then hit it once you get behind it. Keep doing damage to it, then give it a quick slash with the Great Fairy’s Sword. Remember that you can’t defend with this sword, so if you prefer to have a shield, don’t switch to it.

Next, you’ll encounter an Iron Knuckle. Keep stabbing it with the Great Fairy Sword until its armor falls off. Then switch swords, target it, and stab it some more. Be patient as Iron Knuckles are notoriously difficult enemies. Be sure to grab the Bombchus that are inside the chest that appears.

Use your newly acquired Bombchus to blow up the wall on your right. If you do so successfully, an eye switch will be revealed. Hit it with an arrow and a ladder will appear.

The next room has the fourth piece of heart in these mini-dungeons, so you should have an extra heart now. Look up and find the crack in the ceiling. Use a Bombchu to blow it up, then hit the eye switch with a fire arrow. Go through the door to speak with the Twinmold Child.

The child will request four more masks. Give them to the child and wait to teleport to the grassy field.

Get the Fierce Deity Mask

Fierce Deity Mask

The only thing left to do is speak with the child wearing Majora’s Mask. However, this child doesn’t want to play Hide-and-Seek as the other children did. Instead, they want to play Good Guys vs. Back Guys. Of course, you’re the bad guy in this scenario.

The conversation will continue and the child will realize that you don’t have any masks to play with. At this point, he’ll give you the Fierce Deity Mask, the most powerful mask you can use in Majora’s Mask. Once you receive it, the final battle will commence.


Now that you know how to get the Fierce Deity Mask, here are some commonly asked questions about it:

Question: Can I use the Fierce Deity Mask in the Final Battle Against Majora?

Answer: Yes, you can use it during the final battle.

Question: What Abilities Does the Fierce Deity Mask Give me?

Answer: The mask gives you enhanced strength, speed, and agility. It also allows you to shoot beams from your sword, which come in handy when fighting difficult enemies.

Question: Can I get the Fierce Deity Mask in a Different Way?

Answer: No, you can only get the mask by playing Hide-and-Seek with all of the children and giving them masks.

Let Out Your Inner Fierceness

With the Fierce Deity Mask, you can quickly dispatch of bosses in just a few hits. If you’re up for it, go back through the game and play each boss. You’ll discover just how little effort it takes when compared to fighting the bosses the first time through.

Plus, the mask just looks really cool. When you put it on, you feel like an unstoppable force, and that’s what makes it one of the best masks in the game. With its power, you can take on anything that comes your way.

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