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Kass BOTW Guide

Breath of the Wild introduced so many colorful, interesting characters to the world of Zelda. Link encounters countless people on his journey to defeat Calamity (and has lost so many others), and the Rito bard, Kass, is prominent among them. As a fellow traveler, you meet Kass in numerous places across the Kingdom of Hyrule and come …

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Terrako Guide

The Legend of Zelda is home to hundreds of loveable and incredibly unforgettable characters who join us on our adventures through Hyrule. Of course, everyone has a favorite character, from personalities as prominent as Daruk to sizes as small as Makar. But some of these characters still slip through the cracks, despite their importance to …

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Best Zelda Themed Backpacks

Introduction From posters, clothing, and mugs to replica swords, wall clocks, and board games, it isn’t unsurprising that there’s a broad array of Zelda-themed back packs to choose from. As one of the largest video game franchises in the world, The Legend of Zelda has a positively booming merchandise market — and I’ve become somewhat …

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