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From posters, clothing, and mugs to replica swords, wall clocks, and board games, it isn’t unsurprising that there’s a broad array of Zelda-themed back packs to choose from. As one of the largest video game franchises in the world, The Legend of Zelda has a positively booming merchandise market — and I’ve become somewhat of Conasaur.

Since I was a kid, I’ve always loved decorating my walls, desks, and bedside cabinets with Zelda-themed art works and trinkets; and when I went to school, I’m certain I was the only one carrying my books around in a bag with Link’s battle face plastered over the front. 

I’ve seen a lot of cool gear over the year over the years, and in this list, I’ve trawled the web to select the best Zelda related travel companions you can purchase today.

Bottom Line Up Front

Some of the ten bags featured on this list are similar, but others are very different, so use the ‘Important aspects to consider’ section below to help define your needs before making your decision.

If you’re in a rush, here are my best picks for three types of customers:

  • For the student: If you’re looking for a bag for school or college, my choices would be either number the Zelda-themed backpack, pencil case, and lunchbox set or the Triforce backpack. The former offers an array of unique designs as well as a pencil case and lunch box, and the latter is a basic option that gels well with a more studious setting.
  • For the super fan: For fans that are particularly familiar with each game in the series, you can’t go wrong with the A Link to the Past map print backpack. Any hardcore Zelda fan will fondly remember A Link to the Past’s 16-big rendition of Hyrule, and this novel design adheres to the latest trend of pixel art-inspired aesthetics. 
  • For someone who likes the understated: Not everyone wants to loudly showcase their love for a particular brand with their apparel — many want to show their appreciation with more minimalist design. For those people, I think the Triforce backpack fits the bill best. It’s unmistakably Zelda, but functions as an elegant design in its own right. 

My Top 3 Picks

While I loved every bag that I chose for this list, there were some that stood out especially. Here are my top three in no particular order:

  1. Green forest unisex backpack: There was just something special about this design that popped. I’ve always enjoyed tributes to the franchises lush, magical landscapes, and this was the only bag I found which satisfied that love.
  2. Top loader backpack: With it’s unusual design and non-conformist functionality, It won’t be for everyone, but I couldn’t get enough of the look of this bag. There’s nothing else like it on the market, that’s for sure.
  3. Plumb and cream mini backpack: While it’s not something I’d wear myself, I appreciate the attention to detail and delicate design this mini backpack offers. It’s perfect for those that shy away from the traditional rugged styling of the series and wish for something prettier.

Important Aspects to Consider When Buying a Backpack

Before we begin, let’s hone in on what you should be considering when buying a backpack.

  • CapacityTop of your list of considerations should undoubtably be how much stuff you need to store. This list will feature both bags of a standard size and those more akin to the size of a handbag — make sure you keep in mind what your bag will be used for before buying! Each link includes item dimensions in the page’s description.
  • Durability: Every day backpacks — such as those used for school, college, or work — are quite different from those that are taken camping or for sports. Generally, this list will be focussed on the former category. In my opinion, you’re better off going with sports and camping brands for the latter, as their designs are bespoke to their functionality.
  • Clothing: If you’re particularly fashion conscious, you’ll likely be interested in how a bag matches your wardrobe. With this in mind, you’ll be better off with bags that are more minimalist and understated in their designs — those without too many patters, bright colours, or emblems. This way, the bag has the best chance of matching whatever you’re wearing.

1. Breath of he Wild Inspired Luminous Backpack

First up on the list is this simple yet effective Breath of the Wild backpack. The bag features a minimalist and understated geometric design, and it’s inscribed with the game’s instantly recognisable typography.

What particularly stands out is the fact that the lettering glows in the dark. Under dim light, the words illuminate with magical neon blue hue we remember from the game. This bag is perfect for someone wanting a simple, smarter design, but it also adds a touch of fun thanks to it’s unique feature.

2. Green Forest Unisex Backpack

This next design stood out as particularly classy. Its pastel green forest colouring is reminiscent of some of the pieces I chose for our Zelda fan art article.

Expressing that feeling on the small surface area of a backpack is undoubtably a difficult feat, but this bag nails it. It’s also tastefully accented with with a badged logo in the bottom corner and a gold triforce in the centre, and the polyurethane texture adds further character and authenticity.

3. A Link to the Past Map Print Backpack

If you’re anything like me, you probably the map from A Link to the Past deeply etched into your memory. Where many Zelda-themed bags are plastered with the games logo or images of Link, this bag’s surface is printed with a snap shot from that famous 16-bit rendition of Hyrule.

The fact that it’s devoid of any logo makes it an ideal choice for those wanting to hat-tip the franchise without it being obvious. This one will assuredly appeal to a series super fan.

4. Navi Mini Backpack

So far, this list has featured designs that have been relatively understated. Lets switch things up a little with this Navi-themed mini backpack.

With it’s protruding wings and smaller capacity, this is certainly a statement piece as opposed to focusing on functionality. The series has tapped into many different styles over the years, but this bag focuses on all that’s cute about the Legend of Zelda.

Along with the tastefully positioned badged logo, the duck egg blue, leather-style finish finishes this bag off nicely. It’s perfect as a Zelda-themed alternative to a handbag!

5. Storm and Lightning Breath of the Wild Backpack

This school backpack features a particularly striking aesthetic with it’s electrical storm background. While the design features the triforce in the center as other bags have, I like how it’s split half and half between its traditional gold presentation and that of its twilight counterpart.

The series can getter pretty dark in a contextual sense, and this is one of the only designs I’ve found to reference this side of Nintendo’s beloved franchise. Besides, what kid wouldn’t jump at the chance to have a backpack covered in lightning?

While I think the option pictured above is the best, you can also pick from several different Zelda-themed emblems to go in the center.

6. Triforce Backpack

Sometimes, the simpilest choice is best, and this backpack embodies that sentiment. This satchel-style backpack is a stylish nod to the series without being too in your face. It features a forest green fabric design with the triforce in the center, and I love the way the way the design has been encircled by vines with cartoon shading.

It’s a simple addition, but the minimalist appearance sets it apart from others of the same ilk.
This particular bag is also perfect for school or college. The front pouch is an accessible stationary hold, whilst the main compartment is designed to carry your books and notepads.

7. Top Loader  Backpack

Due to its cylindrical shape and top loading functionality, I think this pick earns the spot for the most unique design. It looks like it could have come straight out of Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess.

The design mixes a canvas green body with leather-style brown buckle straps; I particularly like how the triforce emblem is slightly off center. As is stated in the item description, the bag has been crafted to best resemble something Link might actually wear in the games — perfect for someone wanting a bag with an extra layer of series authenticity!

8. Plum and Cream Mini Backpack

Another mini backpack that caught my eye was this delicately crafted bag from
Aside from the interesting colour choice of plum purple and cream, every aspect of this bag features a meticulous attention for detail.

A metallic Triforce force sits atop an embossed pleather crest, and this textured print continues on to the base of the bag. The satchel modality of access offers both an appealing aesthetic quality as well as an easily accessible main compartment, and the mixture of chains and a leather-style straps give an authentic, rustic feel which juxtaposes the more glam characteristics.

9. Zelda-themed Backpack, Pencil Case, and Lunchbox Set

NiQiShangMao‘s store on Amazon offer an array of designs to choose from, and their bag is the only feature on this list to bundle other goodies with it. There are 12 artworks to choose from — each of which will decorate the front of the bag, pencil case and lunch box.

I was especially fond of the artwork in the image above as it’s the most amount of detail I found on any bag. Not to mention, Ocarina of Time artwork is always a stunning choice.

10. Hylian Shield Backpack

The Hylian shield is a staple of The Legend of Zelda franchise, but you don’t see it depicted on many bags.

This design, however, features the iconic weapon front and center. Devoid of the traditional trend of having the triforce as the center piece, this bag instead opts for an embossed letter ‘Z’ in its place. The focal point is the large, detailed, authentically coloured shield below that attaches to the buckle.

Everything about this bag is tastefully placed, and the muted colour pallet allows its central elements to pop. It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a classy, bespoke nod to the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I’ve Been Inspired by Some of the Designs I’ve Seen on Etsy — is it Feasible to Make your Own Custom Backpacks?

Answer: Of course! Etsy is a haven for the most creative crafts on the internet, so it’s understandable to feel inspired when viewing other people’s creations. Of course, there’s a broad scope for what you consider ‘customisation’. Some people design on top of pre-made bags, while others make the entire bag themselves. It goes without saying to start first with the former. Here’s an informative video I found which might help you get started.

Question: I am Looking for a Bag for my Son or Daughter to Use at School. Which of These Would be Best Suited?

Answer: My top pick for a school bag is easily number 9. With a whole array of custom designs to pick from and an included lunch box and pencil case, there’s nothing else on the market so far as bang for buck that fits the bill better. Be sure to find out your son or daughter’s favorite game in the series to make sure you select the artwork they would like best!

Question: I’m Looking to Purchase a Bag for my Zelda-mad Friend. Are There Any in Particular I Should Pick/avoid?

Answer: Buying a piece of franchise themed merchandise for a friend can be challenging — especially when you’re not too familiar with the nuances of the brand. In this instance, I’d say it’s always better to air on the side of caution and pick one of the more basic designs. I love the 2D map design of number 3, but you can’t be sure your friend is familiar with that particular game. As such, I’d go for the more basic bags featuring the triforce as their central component.


Whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend, or one of your children, I hope this list has provided you with some great insight. For more on Zelda merchandise, check out some of our other articles such as Interesting Zelda Shirt Ideas or Ultimate Guide to Zelda Toys.

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