Linden Garcia

Linden Garcia is a video game journalist from the U.K. He’s covered everything from reviews, news, interviews, guides and editorials across a wide variety of websites and magazine publications. He’ll passionately defend the Dreamcast as the greatest thing to ever happen to gaming, and spends most of his time these days exploring the various iterations of Hyrule that Nintendo as blessed us with.

tetra zelda guide

Tetra Zelda Guide: One of Princess Zelda’s Most Unique Incarnations

When someone mentions Princess Zelda, most people familiar with the series will conjure the image of a beautiful young woman decorated in regal clothing — a majestic, stoic figure of great power and compassion. From time to time, however, the developers have toyed around with this convention. We saw Zelda depicted as a nieve young …

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goddess hylia

Goddess Hylia Guide

Even to fans of the series, Goddess Hylia may not be a name you’re too familiar with. This isn’t a character as recognizable as Link, Zelda, Impa, and other series mainstays. Nevertheless, she is one of the most important characters in the franchise’s history. In this article, you’ll learn who and what Hylia is, why …

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zelda rupees

Zelda Rupees Guide

In-game money has been a mainstay in video games since the beginning. Collecting coins for a high score in the original Donkey Kong or Super Mario Bros was added to embellish the game world and create satisfying challenges. As gaming moved on and game worlds became bigger and more complex, so did the importance of …

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