Kay Noh Shrine Guide

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Of the 120 shrines strewn across Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, some of the more challenging ones include electricity. This is primarily because Link can easily get shocked, costing him several hearts and the loss of metal shields, bows, or weapons in the process.

That’s not to suggest that the Kay Noh Shrine is particularly difficult. Your chances of getting electrocuted are slim, especially if you follow our guide.

Key Details Up Front

Kay Noh shrine is located in the Wasteland Region of Hyrule. This shrine is one of many you’ll find as you explore Breath of the Wild. This trial, titled Power of Electricity, is designed so that Link has to use spheres of electricity to open doors. These orbs allow Link to successfully navigate through the shrine.

Kay Noh Location

Kay Noh Location

If you’ve found the Wasteland Tower or the Gerudo Canyon Stable, you’re not too far from Kay Noh Shrine. The shrine is northwest of the Wasteland Tower. You should be able to glide down to it. You might run into a few Moblins on the way, so be on the lookout.

From the Gerudo Canyon Stable, just head to the south. You’ll have to climb up the side of the cliff to get there or use Revali’s Gale. Either way, it’s waiting for you when you get to the top.

There aren’t any puzzles you have to solve or mini-quests you have to complete to access the Kay Noh shrine. Just walk up, activate it with your Sheikah Slate, and get started!

Power of Electricity

The first thing you’ll need to do when you enter the shrine is pick up the electric glowing ball. Don’t worry, it’s not going to shock you. Place the orb on the platform on the right. When you do, the first door will open.

Go through the door and you’ll see two options in the next room. There’s a locked door in front of you, but you can head to the right or the left. Go right and take out the Guardian Scout waiting for you. Don’t worry, it’s a low-level enemy, so it won’t take much to destroy it.

Nearby is an orb. Cut it down using one of your weapons or shoot it with an arrow. Pick it up and carry it back the way you came. Put the sphere into the platform on the left and it will open up the path in front of you. Inside is a room with a chest. Open the chest and you’ll be rewarded with a small key, which opens the locked door.

On the other side of the door is a mid-tier Guardian Scout. Get your weapons ready for combat and take care of it. I like to freeze them with ice arrows, then jump attack. They’ll be destroyed in a few hits.

Look around the next room and you’ll see two pools of water. Both pools are electrified, so don’t go wandering into them. Pay attention to the pool on the right. There are cubes in the bottom that will conduct electricity once they’re close together. Use your Magnesis Rune to move them. Once they create a current, the door to the exit will open.

Before you leave this room, climb up the steps and turn around, back toward the way you came in. You should be able to see a treasure chest up on a ledge. Use Magnesis once again, open the chest, and add a Gerudo Scimitar to your weapon collection.

That’s all there is to the Kay Noh Shrine. Talk to the monk, get your hearts refilled, and grab another spirit orb. One more shrine checked off the list!

Nearby Shrines

While you’re in the area, you can check a few more shrines off your list. To the northwest of the Kay Noh Shrine is the Dako Tah. To get to this shrine you’ll have to navigate through a sandstorm. Use the Sheikah Slate and turn on the shrine locator. You can follow the signal to find the Dako Tah Shrine.

Also nearby is the Korsh O’hu Shrine. This shrine is almost directly south of Kay Noh, but it’s not visible until you complete the Seven Heroines trial. Place the orbs in front of the correct Heroine to get the shrine to appear.


The Kay Noh Shrine is one of over 100 shrines you can discover throughout Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Kay Noh Shrine:

Question: How do I get to the Kay Noh Shrine?

Answer: The shrine is located northwest of Wasteland Tower or southwest of the Gerudo Canyon Stable. You can either use Revali’s Gale ability to glide down to it or climb up the cliff.

Question: What is the Puzzle in the Kay Noh Shrine?

Answer: The shrine’s puzzle is based on electricity. You’ll need to use the Magnesis Rune to move metal objects and create a current.

Question: What is the Reward for Completing the Kay Noh Shrine?

Answer: You’ll receive a Spirit Orb as your reward. You can also find a Gerudo Scimitar by opening the treasure chest in the room with the electrified water.

Question: Where Can I Get a Gerudo Sword?

Answer: There are Gerudo Scimitars in many places throughout Hyrule. One such place is Gerudo Town. They are also used by Electric Lizalfos, which reside in the Gerudo Desert.

Question: Where can you Find the Gerudo Canyon Stable in Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Stables are scattered throughout Hyrule and are safe spaces for Link to rest or purchase equipment from Beedle. You can find the Gerudo Canyon Stable in the Wasteland Region of Hyrule. Kay Noh Shrine is direct to the south of this stable.
If you speak to the owner of the stable, you can register your horse. That means if you ever need to visit the Gerudo Canyon Stable again, you’ll have access to your horse.

Question: Can Your Horse go Into the Gerudo Desert?

Answer: You can take your horse as far as the Gerudo Canyon Stable. Unfortunately, this is as far as your horse can go. Once you get to the end of the canyon that enters the desert, you’ll have to leave your horse.

Not Too Shocking

The Kay Noh Shrine is a relatively easy shrine to complete. The puzzle is simple and the combat is manageable. If you’re having trouble with the Guardian Scout, try using your bow and arrows. Use the ice arrows to freeze it, then jump attack for an easy kill.

You can also find a Gerudo Scimitar in the shrine’s treasure chest. This weapon is great for taking out Electric Lizalfos, which can be found in the Gerudo Desert. Be sure to add it to your collection! Talk to the monk and grab the spirit orb. Now it’s time to continue exploring Hyrule!

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