Ghirahim Zelda Guide: How to Defeat The Boss in Skyward Sword

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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword departs from its traditional villain (Ganondorf) to introduce two other antagonists. Demise is the final enemy you face, but throughout Skyward Sword you encounter Ghirahim. While he’s not as powerful as Demise, he is still a force to be reckoned with.

His goal through Skyward Sword is to revive his master, Demise, who he calls The Demon King. Ghirahim plans to do this by taking and using Zelda’s spirit. He appears several times as the boss of multiple temples, including Skyview Temple and the Fire Sanctuary.

Want to know more about this challenging foe in Skyward Sword? Keep reading and we’ll tell you all you need to know!

Key Details Up Front

Ghirahim is the central antagonist in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. While he’s not the final boss, he does appear multiple times throughout the game to stop Link from saving Skyloft. As an authority figure, he believes he should be referred to by all as Lord Ghirahim and seeks to use Zelda’s spirit to resurrect his overlord, Demise.


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Though it’s thought of as a myth to those who live in Skyloft, there is a world of land below them. In that land, Ghirahim is the authority. He is a vain character and requires those around him to refer to him as Lord Ghirahim. His primary goal is to find Zelda so that he might use her spirit.

Ghirahim’s plan is to use the goddess spirit from Zelda as a means to resurrect Demise, his master. At first, Link is little more than a nuisance to Ghirahim. However, as the game progresses and Link shows himself to be a worthy adversary, Ghirahim begins to grow frustrated, resulting in erratic behavior on his part.

Character Behavior


Throughout Skyward Sword, Ghirahim is shown as a calm yet flamboyant opponent. He is overconfident in his skills, which are exceptional, and only wishes to use them to hunt and capture Zelda. His behavior is over the top. He is eloquent, flashy, and loves the theatrics involved with combat.

Ghirahim is very full of himself as well. He’s vain and conceited and prefers to flaunt his “pure,” “stunning,” and “exquisite” appearance when in the presence of others. Ghirahim believes himself to be so formal and polite that he claims to be “uncivil” when they first meet due to his lack of properly introducing himself.


Despite his conceitedness and vanity, Ghirahim has no qualms about calling others names and insulting them. He’s quick to mock anyone who doesn’t do what he says or disagrees with him. As he views himself as the superior being and says that he values honor above all else, he does not kill Link the first time they meet. He believes it to be unfair due to his advanced fighting capabilities.

Still. like a cat with a mouse, Ghirahim likes to toy with his prey, forcing them to suffer and hurt until he deems himself satisfied.

Even though he likes to wax poetic about civility and honor, Ghirahim is a hot mess when things don’t go the way he wants. If his plans begin to go off the rails, he is quick to become erratic and lose his temper. He may quickly lose his composure, focusing his violence on an innocent bystander in an effort to satisfy his desire for bloodshed.

The harsh reality when it comes to Ghirahi is that he’s uncontrollable and merciless. He is a lunatic who longs for the battle and desires nothing less than brutally destroying those who oppose him. This thirst for blood is evident at several points throughout the game.

For example, he states at one point that he will “beat Link to within an inch of his life.” He also swears to Link that his own screams will drive him to become deaf. At another point, he promises to “snuff out the flame of Link’s life” as he delivers the final, lethal blow.

If nothing else, it shows how disturbed Ghirahim truly is. Unfortunately, his blustering and posturing are in vain as he can never defeat Link. Throughout their encounters in Skyward Sword, Ghirahim becomes increasingly frustrated and aggravated at the thought that a simple human could repeatedly best him.

History of Link and Ghirahim

Link and Ghirahim come face to face several times throughout Skyward Sword. Each battle is more intense and difficult than the last.

Initial Confrontation

Ghirahim Zelda Guide: How to Defeat The Boss in Skyward Sword

Once Link is proclaimed the winner of the Wing Ceremony, Ghirahim is quick to conjure up a tornado. As Skyloft is dealing with the sudden downturn in the weather, Zelda is sucked up in the storm. Ghirahim uses this as an opportunity to attempt to snatch her.

These plans are thwarted by Impa, who intervenes to save Zelda. As both Link and Ghirahim follow Zelda, they meet in the confines of the Skyview Temple. It is here that Link discovers Ghirahim attempting to gain access to Skyview Spring. It is clear that he is angered by Impa’s intervention and chooses to take his aggravation out on Link.

He haughtily promises the young Link that he won’t kill him, as that wouldn’t be fair. Instead, he simply states that he will “beat him to within an inch of his life.” To Ghirahim’s surprise, Link is able to defeat him. However, Ghirahim is quick to point out that if it weren’t for the Goddess Sword the battle would have gone another way.

After the battle, the pair learn that Zelda is no longer present, which leads to Ghirahim’s departure. Before he leaves, he warns Link that if they cross paths again, he will kill the young hero.

Pursuing Zelda

Pursuing Zelda

Throughout Skyward Sword, Ghirahim works tirelessly to capture Zelda and comes close to catching her multiple times. For example, at one point, Zelda is abducted by Bokoblins loyal to Ghirahim. However, when he arrives, Ghirahim realizes that Impa has once again intervened and rescued Zelda.

He voices his disapproval to Link before summoning Scaldera (the boss of the Earth Temple) to destroy Link. Ghirahim doesn’t stick around to make sure the job is done, which gives Link the opportunity to defeat Scaldera and continue in his pursuit of Zelda.

Ghirahim again comes close to capturing Zelda in the Temple of Time, which is located near the edge of the Lanayr Desert. Link and Zelda have found one another when he rudely interrupts them. He conjures a barrier that keeps Link away from, then attempts to capture Zelda. His efforts are thwarted once again as Impa steps in, creating a barrier to protect Zelda.

Pursuing Zelda

Eventually, Ghirahim is able to work his way through Impa’s barrier and is ready to finally capture Zelda when Link steps in. With Ghirahim’s defenses gone, Link is able to attack him from behind. This distraction provides Impa and Zelda with the opening they need to use the Gate of Time as an escape route.

Impa destroys the gate to prevent Ghirahim from pursuing after them. Down, but not out, Ghirahim once again promises to thoroughly crush Link during their next encounter – should there be one.

Link and Ghirahim Again

Link and Ghirahim Again

The pair meet again at the Ancient Cistern, but this time Ghirahim awaits Link’s arrival. He expresses disdain for Link and voices aggravation that the young hero is always causing problems. Ghirahim uses dark energy to cause a statue to attack Link, which Link dispatches of quite easily.

When the two cross paths yet again at the Fire Sanctuary, things start to heat up. For starters, Ghirahim insists that he and Link are bound together through the “thread of fate,” which explains why they keep running into one another. He also boasts that he has discovered another Gate of Time, much to his relief and enjoyment.

Link and Ghirahim Again

Unfortunately for Ghirahim, he does not know the location of the second gate and attempts to cajole Link by telling him he will spare his life if he tells him where it is. However, Link remains steadfast and refuses to divulge the information, which results in Ghirahim taking on his second form.

As he preens and admires his body, Ghirahim informs Link that he has everything he could possibly need…except mercy. Once again, Link defeats the Demon Lord, who continues to lose to a human child. Humiliated, Ghirahim ends the battle and retreats, but not before reminding Link he will suffer enormously for what he has done.

The Resurrection of Demise

The Resurrection of Demise

In the present timeline, Link destroys Demise before Ghirahim has the chance to capture Zelda. However, with the destruction of Demise, Zelda awakens from her slumber, knowing the world is at peace. Unfortunately, Ghirahim uses it as an opportunity to grab Zelda, taking her to the past where Demise has yet to awaken.

Ghirahim sacrifices her to Demise, using her spirit to resurrect the creature. Link attempts to stop Ghirahim, but he quickly summons magic barriers and a swarm of enemies. Link is slowed down, which gives Ghirahim the time he needs to continue the ritual. Though Link is able to fight his way through, the Demon Lord is ready for him. Ghirahim shows his true self to be the sword of Demise and states that he was a fool for allowing Link to live as long as he has.

Even though Ghirahim is much stronger in his true form, Link once again defeats him. Unfortunately, during their fight, the ritual proceeded without Link’s knowledge. Demise has consumed Zelda’s soul and is now revived and ready to reclaim his sword. Ghirahim laughs maniacally as he transforms into Demise’s sword, resting comfortably in his master’s hand.

Of course, Ghirahim’s confidence is misplaced as Link dispatches Demise. When Link strikes his final, fatal blow, Ghirahim disappears. As Demise takes his final breaths, Zelda’s soul is restored.


Ghirahim is one of the most challenging villains Link faces in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. If you want to know more about him, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Question: What is Ghirahim’s Relation to Demise?

Answer: Ghirahim is the reincarnation of Demise’s sword.

Question: Why did Ghirahim try to resurrect Demise?

Answer: Ghirahim needed Demise’s power to revive him and take over the world.

Question: How do I Beat Ghirahim?

Answer: You can defeat Ghirahim by using your sword and shield to block his attacks and then countering with a strike of your own. Alternatively, you can use the Goddess Sword to reflect his attacks back at him. You can also use the bombs to stun him.

Question: What is Ghirahim’s Final Form?

Answer: Ghirahim takes on his final form when he realizes he cannot defeat Link. In this form, he is much stronger and uses magic to attack Link. He can also create barriers to protect himself.

Question: Is Ghirahim a Playable Character in Hyrule Warriors?

Answer: No, Ghirahim is not a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. However, he does appear as an enemy in the game.

A Worthy Adversary

Ghirahim is one of the most enigmatic and fascinating characters in Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He’s a powerful demon lord who is always one step ahead of Link, but his motives are never quite clear. Is he truly loyal to Demise, or does he have his own agenda?

No one knows for sure, but one thing is clear – Ghirahim is not someone to be taken lightly. He’s a skilled swordsman and can summon powerful creatures to do his bidding. He’s also quite arrogant, which often leads to his downfall.

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