Dawn of the Final Day Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a beautiful and complex game experience, providing a stand-out title even in such a fantastic franchise. You might point to the mask mechanics expanded upon from its predecessor or the interesting characters and world you explore as the contributing reasons to the game’s brilliance. However, I argue that most of the game’s depth comes from its most notable game mechanic: the clock.

The moon will crash into Clock Town in three days, and you have to repeatedly play through those same three days to stop that from happening. This gives the game an ever-present tension and looming anxiety as you’re always racing against the clock to complete your quests. However, it also allowed the writers to include a deep and interconnected series of events for each day. This makes the world feel alive and like you’re fighting for something worth saving.

Unfortunately, this complexity often translates into plain confusion for first-time players. So today, I will walk you through some of the many things you can do on the final day of this three-day cycle.

I should quickly point out that while the game was initially released on the N64, I played through the 3DS remake to write this guide. Where the two games differ, I have been sure to note it so that this guide can be helpful to everyone.

Let’s get straight to the point: What happens on the final day?

The following is a list of quests accomplishable only on the final day, as well as what rewards you reap from them:

  • Anju’s Anguish – The couple’s vow (Couples Mask)
  • A Testament of Love – The thief’s hideout, A couple’s vow (Couple’s Mask)
  • Madame Aroma’s Search – Kafei’s leftovers, Make a special delivery (Chateau Romani)
  • The Postman’s Peril – The final delivery (Postman’s Hat)
  • Curiosity Shop Rarity – A rare mask (All-Night Mask)
  • Three Days of Gaming – Target Shooting, Clear all three games (Piece of Heart)
  • Lucky Numbers – Win the lotto on the final day! (50 rupees)
  • Deku Flower Power – Break the final day’s record!, Masker Deku Flower jumping (Piece of Heart)
  • Buried Treasure – Explore the graveyard on the final day (Piece of Heart (3DS)/Empty Bottle (N64), Big Poe)

As you can see, there’s a lot to do on the final day. I will point out that many other quests could be completed on the final day, but they can also be completed on any other day. So, I won’t be covering those in this guide.

Final Day Quests

‘Anju’s Anguish’ and ‘A Testament of Love’

Dawn of the Final Day Guide

Obtained Items: Special Delivery to Mama, Keaton Mask, Couple’s Mask

The Anju and Kafei quest is the longest and most complicated quest in the game (barring the main storyline). It requires a lot of clock-watching and takes place over the entire three-day cycle. This quest is so big it also includes the next two quests I’ll be discussing. I can’t go into detail about everything leading up to the final day, but here’s a basic idea of what’s going on:

Madame Aroma, the mayor’s wife and the postmistress, tasks you with looking for her missing son, Kafei. By teaming up with Kafei’s fiancé, Anju, you manage to find him. However, you learn that Skull Kid has turned him into a child! You arrange for the lovers to meet on the final night to get married, but first, Kafei must retrieve the Sun’s Mask that’s been stolen by the thief Sakon.

All caught up? Great!

The Thief’s Hideout

On the final morning, go to Ikana Canyon to find Kafei. If you use the ‘Song of Soaring’ to reach Ikana Canyon, just jump to the other side of the river and follow the path upstream to find Kafei hiding behind some rocks. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he found Sakon’s hideout and is waiting for him to return.

Come back at 6 pm (or use the song of double time) and wait with Kafei until Sakon shows up around 7 pm. If you let Sakon see you, you’ll scare him off and instantly fail the quest. When Sakon enters his hideout, Kafei will follow him, and you can then follow Kafei.

Inside, Kafei finds the Sun’s Mask sitting in a glass case. He rushes forward and accidentally stands on a trap that sends the mask down a conveyor belt that drops into a pit. You will alternate between controlling Kafei and Link to save the mask, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies before it is lost forever. Failing to do these puzzles will result in an automatic quest fail, and you’ll have to start again. As such, it’s a wise idea to save as you enter Ikana Canyon.

I think these are fun puzzles to figure out on your own, but if you need them, here are the solutions:

  1. As Kafei, push any block onto the blue switch. Don’t make my mistake of trying to stand on it yourself.
  2. As Link, you defeat the Deku Baba to open the next door.
  3. Back to Kafei. This room’s a little weird. Yellow switches will slow the conveyor belt, and red ones will speed it up. Take the path around all the switches to stand on the blue one.
  4. As Link, you defeat two more Deku Babas.
  5. Final Kafei room. There are a lot of blocks in this room, and you need to push the right ones. First, push the block above the red switch AWAY from the final door into the middle of the room. Standing temporarily on the red switch, move the middle block onto the yellow switch. This finally lets you push a block onto the blue switch.
  6. Final Link room, you defeat the Wolfos.
  7. If you did step 5 right, you can now push the block out of the way of the door and stand on the blue switch. You can then move Link to do the same and save the mask.

Kafei will leave to meet Anju, and you are free to leave. When you get out of Sakon’s hideout, it will be midnight. You can now complete ‘Madame Aroma’s Search’ or ‘The Postman’s Peril’ before finishing this questline.

The Couple’s Vow

The Couple’s Vow

Assuming you’ve done everything correctly, go to the staff-only room in the Stock Pot Inn, and you’ll find Anju waiting faithfully for her fiancé. Then, around 4:30, Kafei will arrive. Even though he’s a child now, Anju will recognize him, and you will watch them get married, combining the sun and moon masks into the Couple’s Mask. As a witness to their love, they gift you this mask and say that now they are wed, they will wait until morning to die together, happy.

And so, you’ve now finished ‘Anju’s Anguish’ and ‘A Testament to Love.’ You may also be very sad, but that’s not a strange thing to feel while playing Majora’s Mask.

Madame Aroma’s Search

Obtained Items: Empty Bottle

Kafei’s Leftovers

On the morning of the final day, go to the house behind the Curiosity Shop where Kafei was hiding. Inside you will find the shopkeeper, who will tell you that Kafei has followed Sakon to his hideout in Ikana Canyon. He will also give you two things: ‘Special Delivery to Mama’ and the Keaton Mask. The Keaton Mask is a yellow fox mask used to obtain a Piece of Heart.

This is listed under this questline in the Bombers Notebook. However, if you’re playing the game for the first time, this is how you learn where Kafei has gone, so you may have done this event already.

Make a Special Delivery

After 10 pm, you can go to the Latte Milk Bar in East Clock Town and find Madame Aroma sitting at the bar. To gain entry to the bar, you will first need Romani’s Mask. You’ll need to wear the Kafei mask to talk to her, which you will already have if you’ve reached this point of the quest, and she will ask if you have found Kafei yet. You will then be prompted to give her the ‘Special Delivery to Mama.’

She will thank you for bringing it to her and give you a bottle of ‘Chateau Romani,’ apologizing that she can’t give you more than that. But, to be fair to her, the world will end in a few hours.

Chateau Romani is an excellent item in Majora’s mask, completely replenishing your health and magic and giving you infinite magic for an entire three-day cycle. However, at this point, it’s a little useless. In reality, what she’s gifting you isn’t the milk but the bottle it comes in, which is one of only five in the game. Very nice!

The Postman’s Peril

The Postman’s Peril

Obtained Items: Postman’s Hat, Piece of Heart

There are, in fact, two ways to use the ‘Special Delivery to Mama’ (three if you count giving it to ???, the hand in the Stock Pot Inn’s toilet). Instead of bringing the letter to Madame Aroma yourself, you can go to the post office and have the Postman deliver it. This does mean that you can’t do both events within the same three-day cycle, and if you want to get both rewards, you have to do the quest twice. However, you don’t have to help Kafei out in Ikana Canyon to complete this or the previous quest.

Enter the post office in West Clock Town after 3 pm, and you’ll find the Postman curled up on the floor. He’s confused about what he should do, claiming that “fleeing is not written on the schedule.” Obviously, this guy needs some help. That’s where we come in.

Give him the letter. Noting that it’s the highest priority mail, he says he must deliver it immediately, and to the postmistress herself, no less! Follow him to the Latte Milk Bar and wait for him to enter. Interestingly, once you’ve handed over the letter, you can enter the Milk Bar regardless of whether or not you have Romani’s Mask. You can also do it earlier than when the bar opens at 10 pm. At least that’s what I found in my copy of the 3DS remake.

If you enter the bar, you can watch the conversation between the Postman and Madame Aroma. She’s surprised that he hasn’t evacuated yet but is thrilled to receive a letter from her son. She then orders the Postman to flee. Watching the conversation in the bar is entirely optional, and you can wait for the Postman outside if you prefer.

Once he’s delivered the letter, he’ll run back out and wait beside the east gate for a moment in which you can talk to him. He’ll recount to you what the postmistress told him and that, from now on, he writes his own schedule. The Postman is free! Now that he doesn’t need it anymore, he gives you the Postman’s Hat, which counts as a mask. He then literally bounds out of town, a skip in his step.

The Postman’s Hat will let Link look inside the numerous post-boxes found around Clock Town. The first time you do, you will find a Piece of Heart!

Curiosity Shop Rarity

Obtained Items: All-Night Mask

If you complete the quest ‘Thief, begone!’, the Curiosity Shop will be selling the All-Night mask for 500 rupees on the final night. The curiosity shop opens after 10 pm each night and will be selling the big bomb bag if you don’t complete the other quest. Also, you will need to have the biggest wallet to carry 500 rupees at once.

The All-Night Mask is a creepy mask that forces the wearer to stay awake and is required for completing the quests’ History of the Carnival’ and ‘Termina Mythology.’ Both of these will net you a Piece of Heart.

Minigames on the Final Day

A couple of the quests in Majora’s Mask are more like minigames and require you to do a different task each day. Here I will go over these quests and how to do the third game for each.

Three Days of Gaming

Three Days of Gaming

Obtained Items: Piece of Heart

In East Clock Town, you will find ‘Honey & Darling’s Shop: A Gaming Center.’ The door looks like a face, so it’s easy to spot. The shop is dimly lit with blue walls, hearts on the ceiling, and a raised wooden platform in the middle. I’m pretty sure it’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to Japanese love hotels. Either way, inside are Honey and Darling, the couple that owns the place. If you talk to them, you can play whatever minigame they run that day. Each play is 10 rupees.

These minigames can be pretty challenging, but thankfully, the game on the final day is the easiest. In the third game, Target Shooting, you have to shoot all the targets around the room with your bow before the timer runs out. If you fall off the platform, you’re disqualified. This game is a piece of cake if you’re playing on the 3DS like I was, but I understand it’s more challenging if you’re playing on the N64.

Beat the game, and you’ll get a prize! If you haven’t won the other games, you’ll receive a Fishing Hole pass, and if you have, you’ll be awarded a Piece of Heart. You may have also caused Honey and Darling to doubt their love for each other, but details, details.

Lucky Numbers

Obtained Items: 50 Rupees

When you think of time travel, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you didn’t think of cheating the lottery, you’re a better person than I. Also, apparently, the Majora’s Mask developers because that’s what this quest is all about.

There is a Lottery Shop in West Clock Town. There, you can buy a ticket with three chosen numbers on it for 10 rupees. Buy the ticket during the day and return to the Lottery shop after 6 pm that night to learn the winning numbers. Unless you’re very lucky, it’s unlikely you’ll get the numbers right on your first try. Never fear; we’re time travelers. The winning numbers will be recorded in your Bombers Notebook. You can then come back on another cycle to cheat the system and claim your 50 rupees. And you can do this three times, once every day, hence it showing up on this guide.

Majora’s Mask randomizes its numbers in every playthrough, so I can’t provide the answers for you here. Instead, you’ll have to go and find them on your own.

Deku Flower Power

Deku Flower Power

Obtained Items: Piece of Heart

This quest will require you to use the Deku Mask.

In North Clock Town, you’ll find a stray Deku Flower, which can be used to access the fenced-off area next to the Great Fairy Fountain. Drop into the hole, and you’ll find the Deku Scrub Playground. Like with ‘Three Days of Gaming,’ there are three games to be played here, a different one each day. Unlike Honey & Darling’s shop, though, this game is the same premise each time, and the most challenging game is the one on the final day.

The game is simple: Use the Deku Flowers to jump between moving platforms and collect rupees. To win, collect all the rupees within the time limit. Run out of time or hit the ground, and you’re out. On the first day, the platforms move vertically; on the second, they move horizontally; and on the third, they do both.

It can be pretty tricky, so don’t feel bad if it takes you a while to get the hang of it. I, for one, am abysmal at this game. I do have a couple of tips for the third game if you need them:

  • Start with the left Deku Flower, then jump to the closest vertically moving platform. From the left flower, you will always be able to land on the platform. I had a problem getting started without falling to the ground and being instantly disqualified, so you can use this trick to avoid that.
  • Be careful when launching from a vertically moving platform. You won’t go as high into the air if you launch from a lower height. It seems obvious when you spell it out like this, but it surprises me every time. However, if you’re good at it, this could be used to your advantage, taking the guesswork out of landing on your next platform.
  • Be patient. On the final day, you have a time limit of 1 minute and 16 seconds, and it sounds very short. However, in practice, it is longer than you think. There’s no need to rush to a platform you aren’t sure you’ll land if you have the time to wait. Rushing was easily my biggest issue while playing.

Again, just like with Honey & Darling’s Shop, you’ll be rewarded a Fishing Hole Pass if you haven’t played the games from the previous days, and if you have, you’ll win a Piece of Heart. The Deku Scrubs running the game also won’t allow you to play anymore (until you reset the clock).

Buried Treasure

Buried Treasure

Obtained Items: Piece of Heart OR Empty Bottle, Big Poe

This quest is a part of the main story. It’s how you learn the Song of Storms, which is my favorite piece of music the Legend of Zelda franchise has ever produced. We aren’t here to talk about that, though.

This questline takes place underneath Ikana Graveyard. While you can’t access Ikana Canyon until after acquiring the Hookshot, you can access Ikana Graveyard as soon as you’ve learned Epona’s Song. Behind the graveyard, you can chase down the skeletal Captain Keeta and earn the ‘Captain’s Hat.’

Stalchildren roam the graveyard at night and will mistake you for Keeta if you wear the Captain’s Hat. Each night they guard a different headstone and, when ordered to, will open the way to an underground chamber.

On the final night, this will be a large room containing six mounds of dirt. You will also find Dampe, the gravedigger you might have met during the day. Apparently, he’s decided to do a bit of treasure hunting, but his torch just went out. However, he can see by the light of Tatl, your fairy, and will share his treasure with you if you help him. Sounds good!

You must lead Dampe to the dirt patches so he can dig up three blue flames. To do this, target him with Tatl and lead him around the room. If you go too far, he won’t be able to see and will start walking off in a random direction. This doesn’t sound too bad, but boy, is it tedious. Dampe walks at a turtle’s pace, and two of the dirt patches aren’t even on the ground. These require you to move Dampe onto two moving platforms, and they don’t move when you’re standing on them. Oh well.

The locations of the three blue flames are random every time you play the minigame, so again, I can’t just give you the answers. But once you’ve found all three, they’ll combine into a Big Poe. Dampe will run in fear, and a fight will start.

The Big Poe isn’t tough. Pelt it with arrows, which you can pick up from the jars lying around the area, and you’ll be golden. A chest will appear once you’ve defeated it, and a purple haze will be where the Big Poe was. This is the Big Poe, and you can catch it in an empty bottle to sell at the Curiosity Shop later for 200 rupees. The chest contains an Empty Bottle in the N64 game or a Piece of Heart in the remake.

BONUS! Cucco Shack’s Cute Chicks and the Bunny Hood

Okay, so this isn’t a quest that can be done only on the final day, but it’s well worth mentioning in this guide. Doing this quest on the final day nets you an excellent item at the start of the game!

On the first two days, a giant boulder will block the path to Romani Ranch. You can remove this once you’re permitted to use Powder Kegs. However, if you wait until the final day, it will be removed by a local workman. This is too late to get Epona or partake in the dog races, but you can visit the Cucco Shack!

You’ll find it on the far west of Romani Ranch, next to the dog racetrack. Inside, you’ll meet Grog, who has an awesome mohawk. He’s sad that since the end is nigh, he won’t be able to see his cucco chicks grow up into magnificent roosters.

Using the Bremen mask (which can be picked up in Clock Town on the first or second night), start a marching line, gathering chicks into your march until you have picked up all ten. Then, when you do, they’ll magically grow up into roosters! Talk to Grog again, and he’ll marvel at his cuccos, saying that seeing their bright red combs is more than enough. To thank you for this, he gives you the Bunny Hood.

The Bunny Hood is easily my favorite mask and the one I use the most when I play. It lets Link run faster and jump farther (as far as a rolling jump). I am a very impatient person, so this mask is a godsend. Since you can get this mask as soon as you’ve learned the Song of Healing, it’s something you potentially have access to throughout the whole game.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a game chock-a-block with content, as I hope this guide has demonstrated. While I’ve only taken you through a handful of the many things to be done in Majora’s Mask, I hope this guide has been able to lend you a helping hand. With constant time limits and the moon always watching over your shoulder, this game can be a stressful one to complete. However, now that you’re armed with all this knowledge, perhaps it won’t be so daunting.


Question: How long is an hour/day/three days in Majora’s Mask?

Answer: An hour is 45 seconds, a day lasts 18 minutes, and a whole cycle is 54 minutes. This can be slowed down by playing the Inverted Song of Time so that an hour will last 2.5 minutes, a day 1 hour, and a cycle 3 hours.

Question: How do you get the Couple’s Mask?

Answer: The Couple’s Mask is the reward for finishing the quests ‘Anju’s Anguish’ and ‘A Testament to Love.’ The quest is very long and complicated, but you need to go to the Mayor’s Official Residence in Clock Town to get started. There, speak to Madame Aroma to receive the Kafei Mask.

Question: How do you get Dampe up the ladder?

Answer: To lead Dampe to the higher digging spots, you have to make him stand on one of two moving platforms. He’ll stop walking once he’s stood on one, and the platform will slowly rise after you step off. You must then reach the digging spot yourself by either climbing the ladder or up the blocks.

Question: How much does a Big Poe sell for?

Answer: You can sell Big Poes to the Curiosity Shop in Clock Town for 200 rupees.

Question: Do you need the Bunny Hood?

Answer: No. The Bunny Hood is not required to finish the story of Majora’s Mask. However, you do need every mask to 100% complete the game. It’s also a very useful mask as it allows you to move faster.

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