Satori Mountain Guide

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There are many places to visit as you explore the massive world of Hyrule in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can climb to the top of a snowy peak, traverse the scorching desert, and even check out an island that makes you fight in your undergarments.

One area that many Breath of the Wild players overlook is Satori Mountain. Sure, they’ll take the time to complete the shrine that resides on the mountain, but there’s more to see and do. Keep reading our Satori Mountain guide and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this unique location.

Key Details Up Front

Satori Mountain is a location in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild chock full of things to discover. You can tame the Lord of the Mountain, unlock a shrine, find food, weapons, and much more.

How to Get There

It’s not too tough to find Satori Mountain, but we’ll tell you how to get there nonetheless. If you need a starting point, you can either head to Central Tower or Outskirt Stable.

If you want to start from Central Tower, Satori Mountain is due west. Make your way across the Regencia River and Nima Plain. You’ll see a large hill directly in front of you. That’s it. It’s tough to miss.

Similarly, you can visit Outskirt Stable and follow the path north. Follow it as it winds around to the west and then heads back north. Once you’ve made your way to the Sanidin Park Ruins, look to your left and you’ll see Satori Mountain. That’s all there is to it.

Lord of the Mountain

Satori Mountain Guide

One of the coolest things about Satori Mountain is the Lord of the Mountain. This mount isn’t a horse, but rather a noble and mystical creature called Satori that roams about the mountain.

While it’s not hard to find the Lord of the Mountain, the challenge is getting to it when it spawns, which doesn’t happen very often. If you do manage to mount and tame the Lord of the Mountain, you’ll have a very fast mount with infinite stamina.

While there’s no actual quest that kicks off finding the Lord of the Mountain, you can speak with Botrick, who you’ll near Outskirt Stable. He’ll speak of Satori Mountain and about the mysterious glow that shows up every once in a while.

Practice Patience

Knowing what to look for and actually seeing it are two different things. The Lord of the Mountain spawns at a random time, so you never know when to look for it. However, you’ll know it’s there when you see a greenish glow coming from Satori Mountain. You’ll get the best view from Central Tower. Just look to the west once you get there.

Even though the Satori will often appear at night, the best thing to do is fast travel to Central Tower a few times at night. Or sit and keep an eye on the mountain. Regardless, you might have to wait a few days of game play before you see the green glow letting you know the Lord of the Mountain has chosen to grace you with its presence.

Stealth and Stamina

Since the Lord of the Mountain doesn’t spawn very often, you want to make sure you’re fully prepared when the opportunity presents itself.

You tame it just like all the other mounts in Breath of the Wild – stealthily approach it, hop on, and soothe it. However, the Lord of the Mountain is more difficult to sneak up on than other mounts.

As a result, you’ll want to make sure you have the stealth armor. If you don’t have it yet, you can find it in Kakariko Village. If you don’t have enough Rupees to buy the armor set, you can always create some dishes or a stealth elixir that keeps your steps quiet as you approach the creature.

In addition to stealth, you’re going to need stamina and lots of it. It takes almost two and a half wheels of stamina to calm the Lord of the Mountain.

Unless you’ve unlocked a lot of shrines, you probably haven’t redeemed enough orbs to have that much stamina. Fortunately, you can make some food that will give you the stamina you need to take the wild beast.

Tame Way… Unique Up on it

Legend of Zelda Satori Mountain

You have your stealth armor (or elixir) and your stamina is as full as you can make it. Now you’re ready to tame the beast. Follow the green glowing on the mountain. On the north side of the mountain is an opening with a small pond and a cherry tree. If the Satori is there or going to be there, you’ll see Blupees everywhere.

Now all you have to do is tame it. Hop on and hold on for dear life. If you’re not able to tame it before getting thrown off, don’t worry. Hide in the bushes near the pond and the Lord of the Mountain will appear again before long.

Keep in mind that you’re not able to register the Lord of the Mountain at a stable, so once you do manage to tame it, stay on for as long as possible. Plus, if you hop off, the Lord of the Mountain will hang out for a bit, but eventually will simply disappear.

Mogg Latan Shrine

If you’re planning on taming the Lord of the Mountain, it helps to have a quick way to get to Satori Mountain. Fortunately, there’s a shrine located nearby, so you can fast travel to the mountain if you see the green glow that indicated the Lord of the Mountain is present.

To get to the Mogg Latan Shrine, head to Satori Mountain. It’s located on the south side, near the peak of the mountain. If you’re having trouble finding it, turn on the shrine locator on your Sheikah Slate. It will get you there.

Solving the Shrine

Mogg Latan Shrine

Once you’ve unlocked the fast travel point, head down into the shrine. The first thing you’ll do upon entering the shrine is use your Magnesis Rune to rock the moving platforms back and forth. Hop on them and make your way to the next set of stationary platforms.

Look up ahead and you’ll see a bridge secured in place by a few ropes. Use your bow and shoots a few arrows at the ropes to drop the bridge. Make your way across and continue. Next, use Magnesis again to wrap the spiked balls around the beams above them. Make sure they’re secure or they could fall back down and knock you off the platform.

Walk to the end of the path and you’ll see a treasure chest. Open it up to get a Forest Dwellers Bow. Turn around and head up the steps.

Here, you’ll use Magnesis once again to create a staircase out of the platforms attached to the rails. At the end of the platforms, you’ll see a treasure chest. Paraglide down to get a Gold Rupee (300 Rupees).

Move the platforms back where you want them using Magnesis, then make your way up to the solid platform. Here you can burn the foliage in one of two ways.

You can either use a fire arrow to set it on fire or hit the switch and shoot the ropes that hold the lanterns that drop down. Either way, the foliage will burn up revealing the path forward.

Head up to the top of the ramp and open the doors using Magnesis one last time. Speak with Mogg Latan and add another spirit orb to your collection.


Satori Mountain Apples

With Mogg Latan activated, you can use fast travel any time you want to return to Satori Mountain. One reason you might do that is that there are plenty of resources that you can frequently harvest as most items respawn in a few days. Here are a few of the food items you’ll find while exploring Satori Mountain.


If you’re looking for Endura Carrots, Satori Mountain is a great place to stock up. If you fast travel to the Mogg Latan shrine, you’ll find an area just below it with four or five carrots under the trees. Endura Carrots are great for increasing your endurance, or you can sell them to Beedle for a pretty Rupee.

There are also several carrots around the cherry tree and pond where the Lord of the Mountain Spawns. Grab these and you’ll have everything you need to create recipes that bolster your endurance.


Near the first spot where you find the Endura Carrots, look to the east and you’ll see a small copse of trees. In these threes are some Hearty Durians, which are great for temporarily increasing the number of hearts you have.

Cook these with a few other items and you’ll not only completely restore your health when you consume them, but your hearts will overflow by four or five. These are great meals to have if you plan on fighting difficult enemies like Lynels or Hynox.

Additional Foods

If you continue to explore Satori Mountain, you’ll find plenty of other foods as well. There are also plenty of mushrooms and apples. Plus, there are animals that occasionally roam about the mountain, so grab your bow and arrow to get some meat as well.


Forked Lizal Spear

There are also a few weapons on Satori Mountain if you find yourself running low. Remember that these only come back after the blood moon, so if you can’t find them, that might be why.

Forked Lizal Spear

At the bottom of the mountain on the southwest side, you’ll see Rutile Lake. Located at the end of the lake you’ll find a tree stop with a Forked Lizal Spear embedded in the top of it. Use your Magnesis Rune to pull it out of the stump and over to dry land.

Golden Claymore

Heat to the shrine again and look to the east. You should be able to spot a large skeleton on the ground during the day. At night, the skeleton will come alive, so be ready to battle if the sun is down. Head over to the bones and use your Magnesis Rune to find the Golden Claymore hidden among the bones.


There’s lots to find as you explore Satori Mountain. Here are some frequently asked questions that might help you as you travel.

Question: Is There a Korok Seed on Satori Mountain?

Answer: Yes, there is one Korok Seed located on Satori Mountain. From the Mogg Latan shrine, travel northeast and you’ll see a small platform in the distance. Magnesis will allow you to move it so that it’s within jumping reach. Climb the platform and you’ll find a Korok Flower that gives you one seed.

Question: Is There a Hidden Treasure Chest on Satori Mountain?

Answer: Yes, there is a hidden treasure chest in Satori Mountain. To find it, look for the cherry tree near the Mogg Latan shrine. Behind that, there’s a ledge with trees growing out of it. Look closely and you’ll spot the treasure chest buried in the ground.

Question: How Can I Get Endura Carrots on Satori Mountain?

Answer: To get Endura Carrots on Satori Mountain, look for the location where you first found the shrine at the bottom of the mountain. Several carrots respawn here frequently. You can also find them around the cherry tree and pond where the Lord of the Mountain spawns.

Question: How Can I Find Hearty Durians on Satori Mountain?

Answer: To find Hearty Durians on Satori Mountain, look for the small copse of trees in the northeast. This is a great place to stock up on Hearty Durians and other foods.

Question: What are Some Good Recipes to Cook with Satori Mountain Ingredients?

Answer: Some great recipes to cook with ingredients from Satori Mountain include dishes that boost your strength and defense, such as Shieldshrooms, Endura Carrots, and Hearty Durians.

Lots to Do on Satori Mountain

With food, weapons, and other interesting items to find, there’s lots to do on Satori Mountain. Whether you’re looking for more Hearty Durians or Endura Carrots or just need a few more weapons, you’ll find what you’re looking for as you explore the mountain.

Plus, you can check another shrine off your list and tame the Lord of the Mountain while you’re there. It’s safe to say Satori Mountain is a location in Breath of the Wild worth exploring.

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