tears of the kingdom laurelin village guide

Tears of the Kingdom Lurelin Village Guide

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In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I spent much time relaxing in Lurelin Village. I loved going there to fish, relax, and beachcombing for crabs and other goodies. It was a quaint, pleasant area that was largely safe and fun to explore.

The villagers are friendly, the beach vibes are perfect, and I loved climbing the palm trees. In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, all that peace and relaxation has been replaced with an overrun and destroyed beach town.

In my opinion, one of Tears of the Kingdom’s greatest strengths has been its ability to make familiar locations feel new. Tons of changes have been made to the map and towns I spent hundreds of hours in. From the removal of Guardians to changes in leadership, this game provides a fresh experience despite its familiar locales.

While defeating Ganon should’ve meant prosperous years ahead for Hyrule, some areas have fallen to ruin. This is the case of Lurelin Village, one of the areas in Hyrule that has suffered the most. Thanks to pesky – and tough to defeat – invaders, players have quite the to-do list to return the beach resort to its former glory.

Bottom Line Up Front

Lurelin Village is located in East Necluda. On the map, this would be the bottom right corner and is one of the southernmost areas of land on the eastern half of the kingdom.

Putting Lurelin back together is no easy feat, and it consists of three major tasks: defeating many enemies, gathering materials, and completing a few simple restoration tasks.

Afterward, the village will come in handy along players’ journeys, but getting to that point can be quite the undertaking. After gathering a stash of powerful weapons, this task could be done rather easily later in the game.

However, I chose a stealth method after completing one of the Regional Phenomena main quests to use its broader benefits for a longer period in my preliminary playthrough.

What Happened to Lurelin Village & What Threats Lie Ahead?

Lurelin Village was attacked by “pirates,” which is really just a nice way of saying a bunch of monsters overran the place. A horde of monsters overtook the coastal village, ruining most of the major buildings. The residents of Lurelin have since fled and scattered around Hyrule.

One such resident can be found early in the game, running a shop at Lookout Landing. Starting out at Lookout Landing, talk to the people at the merchant’s tent who are engaged in conversation. This will activate the “Village Attacked By Pirates” quest, which requires you to investigate the goings on at Lurelin Village.

Going down the main road leading to Lurelin Village, players will see signs warning about the dangers ahead. Continuing passed them will lead to a shrine on the left atop a hill.

Beside the shrine are Bolson and the village elder, Rozel – two familiar faces from Breath of the Wild. Activating the shrine provides the perfect jumping-off point for the mission. Talking to Rozel and Bolson activates the “Clearing Out Lurelin Village” mission.

Inside the village, various monsters are gathered in a few different areas. My favorite method of fighting high-level monsters is stealth. I love not having to stock up on too many weapons while being dealt low damage despite completing the mission effectively.

It can take a bit more time than other methods, like rushing in combat-ready, but I get a lot of joy out of scoping out good vantage spots. It always makes me laugh when an enemy can’t reach me with their weapons, given how hard they try to.

tears of the kingdom lurelin village

Enemies in Lurelin Village

  • Blue Bokoblins
  • Black Bokoblins
  • Black Lizalfos
  • Black Boss Bokoblin

There are twelve monsters in the eastern and central areas of Lurelin. There are four camped out on the western side of the village. Seven are on the ship in the bay, and the last – a Black Bokoblin – can be found hiding in the village’s well.

This makes for twenty-four monsters that must be eliminated for Lurelin Village to have freedom. However, these are higher-level enemies since the makeup is a Black Boss Bokoblin, several Black Bokoblins, and a couple of Black Lizalfos.

There are also a couple of Blue Bokoblins amongst the monsters’ ranks, which are less difficult to fight overall.

My Method for Completing “Clearing Out Lurelin Village”

My Method Required:

  • Stealth
  • Full stash of Low-level bows (5 spots)
  • Lots of arrows (~150+)
  • Lots of elemental items to improve arrow damage
  • Tulin Sage companion

Beneficial Elemental Items:

  • Shock fruit
  • Dazzle fruit
  • Ice fruit
  • Fire fruit
  • Bomb flowers
  • Puffshroom
  • Yellow Chuchu jelly
  • White Chuchu jelly

Since I wanted faster access to the area, I used stealth with low-level weapons. This works best with a large stock of arrows and a mix of elemental damage-causing items in your inventory. I used shock fruit, dazzle fruit, ice fruit, fire fruit, bomb flowers, yellow Chuchu jelly, and white Chuchu jelly.

Other similar items can also cause more damage from a distance and make attacks more effective. Puffshrooms can be used to enable sneak attacks since they let off a cloud of gas, hiding Link from enemies. I highly recommend playing with elemental items and power boosts to see which ones you enjoy using most.

completing clearing out lurelin village

During my run, I ran out of arrows, but luckily most of the crates around the village contain more. After clearing out camps, I could break them and replenish my stock without leaving the area. I went through several low-power bows, including Spiked Boko Bows, Construct Bows, and Wooden Bows.

Having higher-level versions likely would’ve made the task go faster. The Spiked Boko Bows I picked up after taking down the eastern monster camps since the Bokoblins dropped a couple.

I recommend having well over 100 arrows, particularly if using lower-end bows. They aren’t ideal, but I picked up several while completing the Tulin of Rito Village quest at the Wind Temple. Having the Sage companion abilities is really helpful for completing this quest.

I only had Tulin at this point, but it helped that he attacked enemies between my attacks. It allowed for a broader assault without having to have higher weapons handy.

I would recommend having at least one if possible, though it could be done without one as long as you come prepared with other supplies to assist in dealing damage to opponents.

Alternate Methods for Completing Lurelin Village

  • Brute force with high weapons
  • Well-timed combat skills

If you have the right weapons taking back Lurelin Village with a direct assault is possible. However, this can involve a bit of weapon farming to gain a high-level arsenal.

In terms of time, this might not be the ideal method for every player who wants to unlock some of Lurelin Village’s major benefits early on. It is an effective method, but like most things in the game, it isn’t the only method.

Players who can time their combat skills well can work through the village camp by camp. Doing so will require timing Flurry Rushes and dealing solid damage with each encounter. Being able to time shield deflections perfectly is also highly beneficial for getting in more hits than you take.

If at a slightly lower level regarding hearts and hours played, load up on cooked dishes to restore health to take hits without being defeated too quickly. Dying while fighting in this mission results in starting it all over again – no matter how many enemies were beaten during the attempt.

What Places to Use for a Stealth Run in Lurelin Village

  • Palm Trees
  • Building Ruins

When choosing locations to attack enemies, it always helps to be higher up. Lurelin Village is a great spot for high-elevation fighting since there are many trees and cliffs to maneuver from. After gliding down from the shrine, I spent most of my attack standing atop palm trees.

It is also easy to climb various palms while hiding from the next monster camp. I started on the east portion of the village since there were more Bokoblins and fewer Lizalfos to handle. Bokoblins tend to deal less damage than Lizalfos and are much slower.

They also have a shorter attack range since they often throw rocks while Lizalfos spit water. Either way, a good thing to do is to keep out of range of the attacks. Then it becomes a leisurely task to shoot at each foe with a bomb flower or shock fruit attached to an arrow since they can’t reach you.

tears of the kingdom lurelin village quest

It is also possible to attack from the ruins of the buildings, such as Armes’ destroyed house and the Inn. These areas provide a nice vantage point for eliminating foes without being too close. After eliminating the foes on the beaches and main areas of Lurelin, I tackled the ship of monsters.

There are seven here, and one is a Black Boss Bokoblin who hurls rocks. I found that gliding down to the ship from the laddered lookout and getting right in between some of the back areas of the vessel kept me shielded from the majority of attacks.

lurelin village tears of the kingdom

This included the large rocks being thrown. Without being touched, I could clear out most enemies and only face one Black Lizalfo head-on. This gave me much better odds than facing a whole group at one time with low weapons and just 7 hearts.

lurelin village tears of the kingdom

What Happens After the Pirates Are Cleared Out?

Once all the monsters have been eliminated, it is time to begin rebuilding. Defeating all monsters and talking to Bolson will activate the first part of the “Lurelin Village Restoration Project” mission. To begin rebuilding Lurelin Village, Bolson requires 15 logs and 20 Hylian Rice.

The road leading into and out of town is bordered on the side by a couple of small hills with trees atop them. Chopping down the logs here provides the majority of the logs needed. Attaching them to each other with the Fuse ability allows for an efficient delivery method without going too far or using too many extra tools.

Having a horse with a wagon attached already handy also works if that’s how you traveled here. A couple of logs are also inside Lurelin, which can help finish the log gathering. Palm logs are unacceptable, so don’t bother with them just yet.

Be aware that Evermeans are hiding out among the trees – though they will also provide you with logs for your task. Evermeans are walking trees that attack Link, which are scattered throughout Hyrule. Honestly, I never call them Evermeans, preferring to stick with a Tolkien state of mind by calling them “very angry Ents.” I also joke that if they had apples, they would fit in well in the land of Oz.

Collecting Hylian Rice is a task I completed just by traveling around and buying up as much as I could. It’s one of the fastest methods if you don’t have enough handy from previous adventuring throughout Hyrule. Beedle sometimes has some handy, though his offering location is random. For guaranteed sales, go to any of the following places – even if you have to make a couple of trips to get as much as is needed:

  • Lookout Landing General Store
  • Hateno Village General Store
  • Gerudo Town Store (post-Regional Phenomen completion)
  • Korok Forest General Store
  • Zora’s Domain General Store

It is possible to harvest some Hylian Rice, particularly around Hateno Village, but I prefer the guaranteed method of buying it. I often sell a few pricier gems or monster parts if I’m out of rare materials for more Rupees.

Continuing the Restoration with Bolson

After giving Bolson all of the requested materials, he can fix up the foundations for the buildings in the village. This then leads to the next stage of restoration. In total, 5 buildings require fixing, divided into Establishments and Homes:

  • Armes’ House
  • Chief’s House
  • The Inn
  • The Lucky Treasure Shop
  • The Restaurant

The tasks to rebuild these buildings are all rather easy, which four requiring a straight palm tree log as a core piece at the center. Other tasks involve removing items out of the way using the Fuse ability.

lurelin village tears of the kingdom

Armes’ House

To rebuild Armes’ House, simply cut down a straight palm tree log and place it in the middle of the hole where the roof should be. Setting it in the center of the circle on the bottom will complete the task, resulting in a brief automatic fade-to-black scene for Bolson to finish the rest. Completing this rebuild rewards players with a purple Rupee and a chest.

Chief’s House

Rebuilding Chief’s House similarly requires a straight palm tree log. However, a crate blocks the circle on top of the structure. Once that crate is removed, the palm tree should be aligned from the top circle to the bottom circle. This restoration provides a reward of 3 Armored Porgy.

The Inn

lurelin village tears of the kingdom the inn

Rebuilding the Inn requires the removal of debris from inside the structure. Players should climb up the side and drop onto one of the flat wooden platforms. Hidden in the water below are two wooden beams.

Taking these out will allow players to remove the obvious platform and log debris from the water. After doing so, Bolson will take over and rebuild it. This rewards Link with 5 Voltfruit.

The Lucky Treasure Shop

The shop’s restoration is similar to rebuilding the homes but with one distinct difference. Instead of placing a straight palm log between two standard circular objects, it must be placed into the pot atop the second floor.

Begin by chopping down the log and setting the log atop the second floor with the Fuse ability. Then, climb atop the sides of the circular hole to place the log through it and into the pot just below. Completing this task provides a reward of 5 bomb flowers.

The Restaurant

The final establishment – and structure in Lurelin Village – to be rebuilt is just like the previous tasks. Remove all the crates from the building space and place a straight palm log into the aligned circles. The reward for restoring this structure is a plate of Tough Seafood and Fried Rice.

Benefits of Saving & Restoring Lurelin Village

tears of the kingdom saving & restoring lurelin village

After rebuilding the village, a cut scene will show the villagers thanking Link and a few village children doing a brief dance with Bolson. While some players might be fine with simply being good samaritans in Hyrule, there are actually a few awesome benefits after completing this sequence of quests.

Once all the buildings are restored, Link gets lifetime perks at the businesses here. More specifically, that means free stays at the inn, free food at the restaurant, and access to a mini-game involving treasure chests.

Since I like hanging out in Lurelin Village, I enjoy being able to come back for my free stays at the inn when I need a heal without using my food stores. It also checks quests off the box for those wanting to complete them all. Saving Lurelin Village also opens up a couple of new side quests, though nothing too major.

Tears of the Kingdom Lurelin Village Guide: FAQs

Question: Where is Lurelin Village?

Answer: Lurelin Village is in the southwest corner of Hyrule, in the Necluda region.

Question: What Happened to Lurelin Village after The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Answer: Monsters overran the town and destroyed all the buildings, forcing the villagers to leave.

Question: What is there to Do in Lurelin Village?

Answer: After restoring the town, visitors to Lurelin Village can sleep for free at the Inn, eat free at the Restaurant, play a treasure chest minigame, and go fishing in the oceans of Hyrule.


Saving Lurelin Village is one of many quests that can be done in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. The villagers are grateful, and new establishments are accessible with a few good perks. The combat portion is the hardest aspect but can result in a cool run depending on players’ preferred attacking style.

Since I like to hang out in Lurelin Village to have some low-key beach resort vibes, I was happy to save the village. For me, it’s nice to have a quiet spot to fish, rest, and explore the coasts of Hyrule in this section of the map.

While it’d be fun to have seen some actual pirates in this game instead of just the usual monsters, knocking out several high-level enemies was a good time.

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